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Welcome to my GIG

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It's my obsession, on the off chance that you ask me:

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Competitive analysis for any niche and keyword for $ 5

competitive analysis for any niche and keyword

Hello sir
if you want to win, you must search for your competitor. you must find their strong point, their weak point and follow them. I can help you here. being an affiliate marketer, I always have to follow my competitor and I know how to analyze it. I will provide you with a full report of your top ten competitors

  • their URL
  • their DA, PA
  • their total link
  • their main keyword
  • words per article
  • age of the site

Besides if you need other information, let me know. and I will do it.
Thank you


Generate targeted web traffic per niche on your website for 1 month for $ 10

Generate targeted niche web traffic on your website for 1 month

Your website will be displayed on thousands of constantly different domains corresponding to your target audience.

I will drive 100% TARGETED NICHE Visitors to your website. This is effective for your website / blog or page link promotions. I'll be sending out keyword-targeted organic visitors each day with a long visit time and a very low BOUNCE rate for 30 days.


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  • Fully traceable in Google Analytics.
  • Customs followed provided.
  • Extensive 27/7 customer support.

NOTE: YouTube, and seoclerks links are not accepted.

You may receive sales or opt-ins but they CAN NOT be guaranteed, as well as the specific bounce rate time spent and ranking. We can not control the actions of visitors.



SEO Guest Blogging VOYAGE Niche DA30 PA40 Backlink Building for $ 5

SEO Guest Blogging TRAVEL Niche DA30 PA40 Backlink Building


Do you need high quality services?

If so, we are professional guest bloggers who will give you the opportunity to give you Dofollow Guest Post backlinks.

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– Auto / Automobile / Cars

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– Health / Medicine / Fitness / Dental Care / Diet

– Home / Renovations / Real Estate

– Hotel / Travel / Resorts /

– Law & Legal

– Sports / Fitness …

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,


40 relevant niche manual blog comments for $ 3

40 Relevant niche manual blog comments

Hello! I am Alishaahmed
40 Niche Relevant Blog Comments in $ 3

Classifying your site on Google is not easy if you do not apply the exact method.

If you're looking for someone to rank your site on Google, you're in the right place!

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Any question not to hesitate to contact me.
Thank you.

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PERIPHERAL – [Journey #3] Amazon affiliate niche site | Goal: 300 € per month | NewProxyLists

Overall view

My first trip was a failure, but I learned a lot from that:

My second trip was a success for a good side income:

  • Leisure site (March 3, 2018 – 2019+),
  • 1 Affiliate site (April 5, 2018 – 2019+).

With the experience that I have drawn from these projects, I am embarking on another journey.

  • 2nd Affiliate site (June 7, 2019).


This affiliate site will be monetized with Amazon; outdoor sports.A flawless stay

This will be the 1st affiliate niche site in my ambitious construction plan of an affiliate niche site EMPIRE to guarantee a financially more stable future. One where I would not have to worry about money (I'm not an idiot type of person and I can live serenely if I knew that I could always use my money in case of trouble.). One where I let the robots do the unsatisfactory work myself or something like that.

(In the ultimate scale, I hope that climate change will not become too big a problem, nor that a comet or a super-glow will hit Earth during my lifetime – imagine the chaos if one or the other. other has been; I would need a backup plan involving to settle somewhere like the Kingdom of Bhutan in this case, if they welcomed me well, that is, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^)

I'm going to build this niche site following the layout pillar of this empire niche site: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; except that I will not use such a global content plan or link such sites together, because I believe that Google's algorithm will eventually be caught with this shady tactic sooner or later. I am for the long term benefits.

the GOAL is that the site starts to generate about 300 € per month, which is not too much to ask, I learned to know. The most important plan is to have several sites each generating more than € 100 each month. If I get enough money with these sites, I will have the capital to invest it also in other baskets so as not to have all the eggs in one (because if something happened to … idk, at Amazon, I'd be grilled).

The only problem is that I work at no turtle … It's a problem that I sort of need to overcome, I guess.

the field is bought via Namecheap for 1 year. His hosted per guest Goala premium shared hosting ($ 20 per year, starting from the next billing cycle, it will be $ 26 per year due to Cpanel's price increase). I've set up https for this site and it uses a relatively optimized simple free theme (Roseta).

I like simplicity, the minimalist sense of things. Fewer distractions, more concentrated mind …

(this quote is not directly related to what I said above)A flawless stay

Compared to the niche of my first affiliate site, the niche of this second site is a little more complicated to work around the problem. As for the niche site of the first affiliate, the competition for this one is also relatively small – although this time there is less room to break the intact keywords due to the nature of this niche, I I'm sure I can break some if I do my research. completely.

the SEO on the affiliate site page will follow the same principle as on my first affiliate website:

  • keyword research is finished;
  • 1500-4000 + word articles with images, short paragraphs, useful content, etc. are provided;
  • interconnection to useful and relevant sources within the site itself with ultimate pillar content for each more important keyword is the method;
  • (friendly – useful again simple and pleasant general feeling of the site (s)

the out of page referencing It's not something that worries me excessively. I feel that it is not necessary to do it in the facts. I'm pretty sure that simply having better content will do the trick with time. This site is also seasonal, so I hope not to feel the desperate need to push my content with fraudulent backlinks because they will not have any effect anyway outside of the season anyway.

This time I've paid only 1 year in advance. This is in case the niche proves more difficult to categorize than it seems there. I'm pretty sure it's safe to make at least a little money now that I know that it is something possible. Just need content and time …

This time I have a small budget monthly revenue from the first affiliate site for the content source of this second affiliate niche site, BUT I will try to create the content myself, at least in the beginning, in order to better know this niche and become trustworthy to the readers. (I personally hate obvious affiliate sites that provide no real value).


  • 1 domain: $ 9.06 (June 2019 – June 2020)
  • accommodation: $ 20 (June 2019 – June 2020)
  • total: $ 29.06





Have I missed something? I hope I do not have …

On a sidenote …
My first niche site for current affiliates can lose its profitability overnight.
I am well aware that this Empire niche site project can easily fail as well.
These are just some of the reasons that have motivated the creation of sufficient sources of income to mitigate the potential disadvantages of life in general.

To protect myself mentally from a possible failure.
Nobody really knows what they are really doing, even if they seem to have understood everything.
A flawless stay

Ensuring continued national domination in an emerging niche market (rollerblading!)

My wife and I operate, an online roller skate store + brick and mortar (roller skates and non-aligned) in Canada. We have been in business since 2003 and are the largest retailer of roller skates in Canada (except Amazon). The recreational rollerblading market is booming. Roller skates are back in fashion. We are looking for ways to capture this emerging market without being left behind by the imminent emergence of large new competitors.

We currently work online (delivery mainly to Canada, but we also have an American and international clientele) and from our store located in a large commercial area of ​​Vancouver. Our Canadian competitors are much smaller and look primarily at their regional markets such as local roller skate shops. Our biggest competitor online is Amazon.

We are very well positioned for our keywords on Google and enjoy a very good reputation online and by word of mouth in the markets of leisure, roller derby and roller skate.

We envisioned the franchise, the opening of lifestyle satellite stores in key Canadian cities. But, if we understand, we should first open a satellite store ourselves, then encapsulate the resale model, which may be a bit too slow and costly for our purposes.

Where else should we look?


High Quality Wiki Links Ranking of Youtube Videos and Niche Sites for $ 17

Links High Quality Wiki Youtube Ranking Videos & Niche Sites

HUNDREDS OF Social Hyperlinks And Wiki Developed For You

Send pretty much any URL for submission

High quality Backlinks and social syndication system tested on your site, niche site, videos, sites, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, ideal for the creation of your Youtube channel. Fully optimize your channel with high quality links to access the first page of Bing, Yahoo, Google.

That's the missing secret for long-term rankings, web traffic and sales!

Generate real customer traffic to any type of website in just a few clicks without any paid advertising.

Access the ability of buyers to access your video clip in less than two days to your site, Amazon niche sites, EBay, Blogger adsense, WordPress blogs, Youtube videos, just about any quality webpage, an ecommerce shop, EVERYTHING! Done-For-You so ZERO job is required on your component once you have submitted your keywords as well as your URL. You can tell us how you want us to accurately plan the speed or slowness with which you want your links to be sent. do and control how much website traffic that people want.

Get in less than 48 hours of web traffic on your site, a video clip, a niche website, an Amazon page, an ecommerce shop, whatever! It is 100% done for you, so no work is called concerning you as soon as you send your key phrases and your URL. You can define exactly how FAST or how much our customers want your syndication to be done and also control the traffic you want on the website.

You can provide your own material if you prefer (this is 100% optional) and use it when submitting.

Submit your keyword phrases as well as links.

Drip more than 10 days. Let us know when the order is complete.

  • Indexed links choice for a higher indexing rate than BONUS!

Send any URL. It can be a video, a special niche website, an page, an ecommerce shop, EVERYTHING!

Web content can be provided if someone like (it's 100% optional).

We can plan how quickly or SLOWLY you want your links to be sent to networks, private sites.

Each order is for 25 links. Submit as many URLs and keywords.

Order up to 300 links at a time. Will be spread over more than 15 days.

Reports are also available if you decide that you want to provide clinics.

We prefer to focus on 15 to 20 keywords per link. To maximize the results.
You always have the option to send as many links and keywords.

We like to make 25 links 25 keywords to not go on optimized on niche sites, brand, local business.

Let our services create superior web content backlinks for your campaigns. FOR YOU, COMPANIES AND CUSTOMERS

The most convenient system for obtaining web rankings.

  1. Keywords Training Bonus Videos if necessary.

  • Would anyone ever want to rank faster with regard to searches on Google's Page 1?
  • Would our customers like to get even more FREE web traffic?
  • Would individuals develop a longer email list for their funnel?
  • Would your place place more of these power links for your own products?
  • Or create even more associated payments from niche sites?
  • Or have more customers who request your services?

Once the links are placed on the sites and the network. All sales are final and no exchange.

  • All questions simply send us a message.
  • No porn sites. Ask for other sites.

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Sale – Great Star Niche Start Site

Why are you selling this site?
Do not have the time or motivation to continue the site. The website is currently out of Google's "sandbox" and quickly ranks on tons of keywords related to different pets.

How is it monetized?
It is monetized with Amazon and banners and links.

Would make an excellent Adsense or CPM site

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?
It depends … I log in twice a week to make sure everything is working. But to develop the site, you should probably write at least 3 to 5 publications a week.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
No major challenge … It is essential to add unique content each week and properly monetize the website.

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What you get
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