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GET – James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Master Class | NewProxyLists

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James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Masterclass


– What really happens if you choose the wrong niche? Some people say it doesn't matter as long as you are a hard worker, while others suggest you make sure you get it right before you start taking action.

– In this episode, we called on James Wedmore, founder of Business By Design, to explain how to nail your niche from the start.

Resources mentioned
Nail your niche organized by James Wedmore
The Big 3!
Better to choose the wrong niche than no niche at all
Failure does NOT exist
The 3 mega markets
Timestamp of the episode
Click on one of the timestamps below to listen to this section of the episode:
[1:00] How do you see your niche at the start?
[2:08] THE BIGGEST song most people miss
[3:10] Choosing an action is better than doing nothing at all
[4:58] What people “don't get” as an entrepreneur
[6:35] How to "fight" is just preparation for what's going to happen
[7:42] The difference between easy and simple
[9:52] Why being in business today is easier than ever
[10:50] Failure does NOT exist
[12:20] The importance of noticing the lesson and not failure
[14:27] How James used the Leap Frog effect at first
[3:30 p.m.] The first step people can take to find their niche
[16:30] The 3 mega markets where people are still spending money
[23:50] How to specialize in something can set you apart from others
[25:45] The real reason why you think everyone teaches is to make money online


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Good morning all.

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amateur – How specific should you be with niche photography

Due to recent events, I thought this might be the perfect time to start using my camera for basic photography for home and garden.

To be clear, I don't want to advertise myself as a photographer, but I would love to have a small place where I can share my photographic journey over the next few weeks (Twitter or a FaceBook page), and I would like to brand my job like Garden Nature Photography, for example.

It seems to be a good specific type of photography that I can focus on fully and hopefully attract an audience of people interested in the same thing.

But if all goes well, I would like to extend beyond the garden – Maybe even divide things up ground level nature, and specifically birds.

Anyway, my question is, even if it seems like a good idea to focus on a very specific subject (the nature of the garden), is it recommended when you are able to see yourself (possibly) cover other areas of the niche?

On the one hand, I really like the idea of ​​being extremely specific, because it gives me more concentration and the possibility to explore different areas that I might not think of not if I were to focus only on the wider niche of "Nature", yet, at the same time, I feel that I may be too specific to have a wider audience.

That said, I know the notes / numbers are not the key point.

Do you have any ideas on how to narrow a niche, but not be so specific that it can be difficult to move into other areas?

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