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Which niches correspond to a dark theme?

I know the game is good, but what about the others? Which niches could become clear or dark? I'm confused.

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Build an email list / social media for expensive niches | Promotion Forum

The niche of accommodation would certainly be profitable. However, building a list for this must cost at least 50 cents per lead. In fact, it must cost more than 19 cents per lead (which I spent for a musical niche) and certainly more than 11 cents per lead – which has been reduced recently.

Whatever the case may be, the sacrifice might be worth it – expensive niches such as lodging or insurance could pay a lot. I mean, imagine having a black book of tracks like this?

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Best niches for writers?

Hey guys,

What is your experience to get more customers for a particular niche? What I mean, is what niche has a great reach in writing articles and blogs in general?

Niches who can not be on social media – but on the forums | Promotion Forum

With software / web development / etc, I think forums are more beneficial than social media.
There are so many very specific topics in these niches that justice is not given on social networks. Social media can bring many different answers and perspectives, but responses are often not of the same caliber as a well-written discussion or forum response.

In addition, I think forums provide more "permanent space" for content, while social media content is very rarely immortalized in search engines. Of course, a page may appear in lists, but it is very rare to see a message posted on social media (even if it's an article) in Google compared to a Well written article on a blog or forum. I think forums are always interesting for technical topics, and that's why there are still so many forums around.

Especially with open source, it is very important to have a structured environment for comments, requests and discussions. You can not really get that on social media with the "wall" of pages or profiles. You really need separate sections and tags to apply to different types of responses. Even Reddit is disorganized about it and they have custom tags for their content.

So, to answer your question, I think that technical support, specific technical discussions and development are all better off on a structured forum than on a social network. I do not mean general technical forums … these are better on social media. But for the SPECIFIC technology (for a specific software, a programming language, etc.), I think the forums always win.

Guest post on all niches available for $ 5

  • Guest post on all available niches
  • Guest post on all available niches


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