Nikon Z6II / Z7II external video recorder limitations, e.g. Ninja V

Nikon Z6II / Z7II external video recorder limitations, e.g. Ninja V – Photography Stack Exchange

How to access auto focus Nikon D5100

I just bought a Nikon D5100 and when I go to the info menu the MF (focus mode) is grey and it won’t let me change out of Manual focus. I really need help thanks.

nikon – Some photos are darker than other consecutive photos

I have a 6 years old Nikon D750 and Sigma 105mm 2.8 lens.

Recently when I take several photos of an object with exactly the same settings the first photo (and sometimes one or two more) is darker that the next ones (that have correct exposure).

Is there a problem with the camera or the lens?

cropping – How can I make a zoomed in copy of a photo and save it on my Nikon SLR?

With the current firmware of the D3200 you can’t crop the image arbitrarily, you can however trim to the aspects (3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9 and 1:1). This can only be done to sizes in certain steps only. You can access this function through the retouch menu and then jump to the function “Trim”.

I would strongly advise against using this method to crop the photo. You have very limited control in what you do compared to performing the operation in the computer later on. If you want to use Nikon’s own tools, you can use ViewNX 2 that comes bundled with the camera to perform this operation.

Nikon has more information about the Retouch menu and the trim function here.

jpeg – How can modified images be displayed on a Nikon camera?

It is likely the structure of the data in the JPEG file and not related to metadata or EXIF information.

I’m not fimiliar with lightroom specifically, but when you save JPEGs there are options for things like ‘optimization’, ‘huffman encoding’, ‘progressive’, etc. Try disabling all of those. Your camera probably only knows how to deal with a specific set of parameters for the JPEG. Lightroom will have used a JPEG formatting parameter that isn’t compatible with your camera.

In Photoshop the ‘optimization’ option has to do with how it arranges the huffman codes. A non-standard set of optimized huffman codes can make the file smaller, but won’t be compatible with some proprietary devices.

The only way to tell for sure is to experiment by saving various JPEGs to the card with different settings. Good luck.

snapbridge – Nikon D5600 Photos come out blurry when zoomed

I am a beginner at photography and recently got a camera (Nikon D5600). I watched a few videos on how to use it but I am still finding it difficult to operate. I have several questions but the main one is how to make pictures sharper?

I have an iPhone X which takes better pictures, when I zoom in I can see the image clearly, however when I zoom in on a photo with my camera, everything is kind of blurry. The photos I’m using as comparison are the ones from SnapBridge app. I will also give my usual settings if needed.

Does anyone have any tips on how to learn the best way to take pictures or how to at least make my pictures a higher resolution?
Picture from iPhone

Picture from Nikon D5600

lens – How do I fix my Tamron 18-200’s autofocus issues with my Nikon D3100?

I’m using a Nikon D3100 with a Tamron 18-200. I purchased this lens from eBay, it is brand new. The owner says he never used it and kept if for almost 2 years without using it.

At 18mm the lens won’t focus, the image is blurry. The centre and right focus points have the same problem; the image is not in focus. When I try to focus from the left focus points it is fine. Using manual focus resolves the issue. And at other focal lengths, the focus seems to be sharp.

My 18-55mm kit lens works fine with my camera.

I have tried,

  • Turning the camera off, removing the battery and restarting.
  • Removing any filters from the lens.
  • Checked the lens’s front and back elements are crystal clean.
  • Removed and remounted the lens to make sure it’s properly seated.
  • Turned auto/manual focus on/off.
  • Resetting the camera settings.
  • Cleaned AF contact points, both on body and lens.

What do you think is the issue here? Can a lens calibration be done? Is my camera body not working with the lens?

lens – Tamron 18-200 autofocus issue on Nikon D3100 body?

At 18mm the lens wont focus, the image is blurry.

My body is Nikon D3100.

Centre focus point and right focus points have the same problem the image is not in focus, when I try to focus from left focus points it is fine.

At other focal range focus seems to be sharp.

My 18-55mm lens works fine with my camera.

Trying manual focus solves the issue.

I tried,

Turning camera off, remove battery and start again.

Removed any filters from the lens.

Lens front and back glass is already crystal clean.

Removed lens and tried clicking it properly.

Turned auto/manual focus on/off.

Tried resetting camera settings.

Cleaned AF contact points both on body and lens.

I purchased this lens from eBay, it is brand new. The owner says he never used it and kept if for almost 2 years without using it.

What do you think is the issue here? Can a lens calibration be done? Is my camera body not working with the lens?

dslr – Can I do anything about a Nikon d750 taking 5 minutes to power on after taking saltwater damage?

Can I do anything about a Nikon… (with) saltwater damage?

Since Nikon does not sell internal repair parts to other service centers or to end users, and does not repair water damaged cameras themselves, your options are very limited. Beyond a simple disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly from a third party repair service there’s not much of anything you can do. Perhaps if a part needs to be replaced you might find a shop with a parted out camera that contains the part your camera needs.

Some might cite this 2013 Petapixel article as evidence that Nikon will service saltwater damaged cameras and lenses. However, the “Nikon Service Center in Taiwan” that did the repair shown in the article is not an actual Nikon authorized service center. As the home page of their website clearly states at the bottom of the page (retrieved on 6 March, 2018) :

NRC CO., LTD. ©2015 All Rights Reserved.about me
We are not an official service provider for Nikon Corporation

Further, since 2012 Nikon has stopped selling replacement internal parts to non-affiliated service centers or end users. They did start selling external parts only, such as grip covers and battery doors, again in 2013.

Unless the shop still has a part in inventory it already had in 2012, if such a repair were attempted today the necessary ‘new’ parts would need to be cannibalized from another copy of the same lens, possibly only from one from the same production revision and running the exact same version of the lens’ firmware.

According to Roger Cicala, the founder and overall technical guru at lensrentals.com¹, saltwater damage is more devastating to cameras and their internals than just about anything the gear his company rents encounters on a regular basis. He covers it in depth in this blog entry, but he has also mentioned it in many others.

¹ Probably no one in the world oversees a larger inventory of cameras and lenses that are used to take photos, rather than being stored in a warehouse as inventory to be sold, than they do.

At Roger’s company, they don’t even part out unrepairable cameras with salt water damage due to the concern that there may hidden corrosion in those parts. Normally, those guys part out just about everything – even some full frame cameras with a single scratch on the sensor get parted out to repair other cameras in their vast inventory:

Lensrentals insider joke: What do you call a D800 with a scratched sensor?
… Parts. Because at $1,800 for a sensor replacement . . .

But in the case of salt water damage:

But the amount of salt and corrosion here and on the bottom means we wouldn’t trust anything in this camera, ever again. It can’t even be a parts donor — the chance that those parts will eventually corrode and fail is too high. That’s why many service centers won’t repair water damaged cameras; they have to give a warranty after the repair and chances are very high something they didn’t replace is going to fail during the warranty period.

I would be surprised if Nikon factory service would even repair a camera with internal saltwater damage, since they’d then be on the hook for additional repairs within the guarantee period as other internal components subsequently fail.

From the same Lens Rentals Blog entry cited twice above:

Most service centers won’t work on a water damaged camera, even if you pay them. Some won’t even open it up to look inside if they see evidence on the outside.

repair – Nikon D4 possible water damage

I took my D4 out for a walk yesterday. Out of nowhere it started to rain heavily. Of course I did not have any cover or whatsoever with me. I walked about 20 minutes with it through the rain back to the car. I was not worried too much since I had used other Nikon DSLRs in heavy rain multiple times in the past and they never let me down. Back in the car I turned on the camera to check if everything is okay and the camera did turn on. I did not take a picture, I just checked the upper display. I let the camera dry over night. This morning I wanted to use the camera and she did not turn on. The upper display was indicating the battery was empty so I took out the battery to charge it. In this moment I realized, that the battery was a little bit wet. I immediately got a hairdryer to get possible moisture out of the battery compartment.

A few hours later the battery was fully charged and I placed it back in the camera but the camera wont turn on. When I put in the battery the upper display shows an empty battery symbol. I also tested a second battery which wasnt in the rain with me yesterday. When I turn on the camera the green LED on the back lights up for a second as normal and also the backlight of the buttons and display work fine but I cant use the camera.

Of course when nothing helps I will have to get the D4 to a dealer but maybe you have some suggestions for me. Please let me know.

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