Jenkins How to allocate an entire node to a specific job

I am new to Jenkins.

I have a specific job and nodes with a different number of executors in each.

I need to allocate for the specific work node whole calculation.
I mean that when my specific job builds in one node, another runner stops or something locks up. Only one performer works for a specific job.

Maybe I can build parallel on executors of whole nodes in an instant?
But how can that be done?

Or maybe it's a way of locating all the memory of the nodes or something else?

How can I get it?
I have more problems to stop Jenkins and install new plugins.
Ideally to do without plugins.

Thank you for your time

Website Node Package Manager (NPM), how can I bookmark a package?

Is there a way to bookmark a package on npm.js via the web interface or the command line interface? I want to save a list of packages that I like very much, so that they are easy to memorize.

Read a list of XPUB transactions to Python using my own node

Anyone familiar with a Python library that can get a list of all transactions under XPUB but by connecting to a Bitcoin node via RPC?

How to attach a media item created when migrating to a media field in node 7 -> 8

I'm migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
There is an audio field that I am migrating to the media through a custom process during the migration.

When I get the ID of the new media created, I can not get it attached to my new media reference field in the created node as well.

Can any one tell me what's wrong with the import below?

plugin: sub_process
source: field_audio_fileinfo
plugin: migration_lookup
method: process
source: fid
migration: upgrade_d7_file
plugin: my_custom_process
destination: field_media_audio

In my custom process, I can register the support and obtain its identifier via:

$ media_id = $ audio_media-> id ();
$ arr[] = table (
& # 39; target_id & # 39; => $ media_id,
& # 39; display & # 39; => NULL,
& # 39; description & # 39; => NULL
return $ arr;

But that does not seem to fill the destination field.

This is also the case if I simply return the ID directly from the process.

8 – How to add an additional link in the node link table by program?

I would like to add an additional link in the list of links of my teaser-display (where the links how, read more are located).

In addition, I would like to spend a few chips (the token module is installed) and parameters to pre-fill some fields (the pre-filled module is also installed). In addition, it would be nice to display the linked content in a window / modal box.

There is also a post here for Drupal 6 and 7 but not for Drupal 8: How to programmatically add links to the links variable

I understood that I could modify the existing links via a function mytheme_node_preprocess_function (modify the links "Read more" and "Add a comment" in the teaser and the expenses of the last two days on, but exists there a way and / or a function to simply add a link node / my-content-type / add with some additional parameters to pre-fill fields and display it in a window / modal box?

Thank you in advance for any tips / code snippets.

Regards Phil

System requirements to run a Bitcoin Core node on testnet

What is the minimum system requirements to run a complete Bitcoin Core node on testnet?

java – How to get the key value of the firebase node from the recyclerview position?

I use OnScrollListener for recyclerview to get the position of the current visible element on the screen

Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
setContentView (R.layout.activity_main);

postList = (RecyclerView) findViewById (;
final LinearLayoutManager linearLayoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager (this);
postList.setLayoutManager (linearLayoutManager);

postList.addOnScrollListener (new RecyclerView.OnScrollListener () {
public void onScrollStateChanged (@NoNull RecyclerView recycleView, int newState) {
super.onScrollStateChanged (recyclerView, newState);

switch (newState) {
case RecyclerView.SCROLL_STATE_IDLE:
System.out.println ("The RecyclerView does not scroll");
LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = (((LinearLayoutManager) postList.getLayoutManager ());

firstVisiblePosition = layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition ();

Toast.makeText (MainActivity.this, String.valueOf (firstVisiblePosition), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT) .show (); ** // Here is the position // **
System.out.println ("Scrolling now");
System.out.println ("Scroll Settling");

public void onScrolled (@NoNull RecyclerView recycleView, int dx, int dy) {
super.onScrolled (recyclerView, dx, dy);

Query sortPost = PostRef
FirebaseRecyclerOptions options = new FirebaseRecyclerOptions.Builder() .setQuery (sortPost, Post.class) .build ();
FirebaseRecyclerAdapter firebaseRecyclerAdapter = new FirebaseRecyclerAdapter(Options)
onBindViewHolder protected void (@ PostsViewHolder final @NonNull holder, final final position, final post template @NonNull)

final String PostKey = getRef (position) .getKey ();

in the onBindViewHolder method, I get the postkey of the getRef () method.

But now, I also want to recover the recyclerview post-key.
Means whenever SCROLL_STATE_IDLE I want to retrieve the post-key from the visible position of recyclerview (firstVisiblePosition).

8 – How to display the number of comments of a node as part of a "content" view with fields

I created a content view in D8, which shows me fields of one type of content. Basically it works.

I would now like the total number of comments per node of the list to be also displayed as the display field.

There is a "Number of Comments" field in the "Comment Statistics" category.

When I include this field in the view, all the results are hidden, without comment for the moment, instead of displaying a text of type "0 comments" or "No comments yet". The option for "Behavior if no result" for this field is simply ignored.

I would like to avoid using the teaser view mode for my view for theming reasons and use fields only in view, if that is possible.

Does anyone have any idea of ​​how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance, Phil


Use of an author relationship and a user ID as a contextual filter. But nodes without comments disappear when the comment count field is activated.

I have also tried with a new view without relation or context filter. Unfortunately, the problem still exists.

Here is another problem that I found:

8 – How can I make comment URLs include the URL of the node on which they are displayed?

The default URL for comments is how / 1 # how-1. I would like it to be [node URL]# how-1 or [node URL] is the URL of the node on which the comment is displayed.

I've tried using the pathauto module and token to achieve it. I had to patch the token module to add a dynamic token current page: object & # 39; in order to access the node's URL as a token and use it in a pathauto template for comments. It does not work.

Ideally, I would like comments to work the same way as on, for example at the address, ld. URL of each comment including increments of 1 and being added to the URL of the page.

Is there a way to get this behavior?

import export – export of node being downloaded as a .sh file and impossible to import

In my Drupal 7 project, I have content from one type of custom content (page) that I need to import into another environment.

When I go to this instance of content, I select on Node export, which then gives me the option to download the file. When I download the file, it is downloaded as In my other environment where I want to import this content using a Node Export Import, it says that this file is not allowed ..

How is it possible that you can not use a Node export for a Node Export Import??? This is absolutely nonsense.