node – Converts content types to forum topic types and displays them in forum tables

I want to migrate a site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. All right, perfect import. However, on the Drupal 7 site, I've powered some forums via RSS using the Feeds module. But the transfer from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 removes them from the forum tables, because it was not really forum topics, but other types of content that I had posted in the forum entries. I found them under other types of content on the Drupal 8 site and
Then I used to turn these other types of content into forum topic types with attached forum fields, so almost all rights, but they do not are not visible in the forum tables. However, if I check the taxonomy term of a specific forum, they are listed together.

My question is: how to visualize the types of content converted in the forum topics in the forum tables?

Is it possible to run two Lightning Network nodes over a single Bitcoin Core node?

I want to simultaneously run the LND and Eclair nodes over a Bitcind Core Bitcoin Core C node – is it possible? I have not been able to remove it yet.

If possible, how to configure ZMQ and listen-tcp?

node.js – Convert S3 video files to audio files using Node js (Lambda function)

I'm trying to convert an S3 video file to an audio file via the Lambda function. Whenever video files are uploaded to an S3 bucket, I need to generate an audio file and save it to the S3 bucket by triggering the AWS Lambda function. I can convert the video file to audio locally. (Convert a video to an audio file with FFMPEG). But I'm wondering how to do this conversion in the Lambda function every time the video file is loaded into an S3 bucket. I do not know how to do this AWS Lambda function. Please share your suggestions.

thank you,

security – Can a complete node provide a false bloomfilter filter to a Neutrino node?

When a thin client using BIP157 / BIP158 (Neutrino) requests the block filter for the last block, would it be possible for the complete node serving this request to attack the Neutrino node by providing a false block filter omitting certain transactions?

Do block filters include a mechanism that allows the thin client to verify that it is an exact representation of the contents of the corresponding block? Would it be possible to build block filters so that lying becomes impossible when the thin client is already aware of the correct last block header?

lightning network – Connecting to a node and opening a channel

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javascript – Get the absolute path of the relative on the node

I am having a problem reading files in a code that reads as follows:

src / race.js

import {readFileSync} from "fs";
import {solve} from "path";

export function readFile (path) {
const absolutePath = resolver (__ dirname, path);
const content = readFileSync (absolutePath, "utf8");

return the content;

Well, when I use it in a file inside the folder itself src it works:

src / index.js

readFile ("./")
// /home/pliavi/Projects/Kart/src/

but I'm using the function in a folder test and when I use this function, he continues to point to the src instead of test:

test / race.test

readFile ("./")
// /home/pliavi/Projects/Kart/src/
// File not found because it is in the test, not in the src

How not to import the folder I am in, the path comes from the current script folder?

bitcoind – What are the network requirements for running a bitcoin node?

I have hosted my bitcion node in a simple configuration of Kuberenetes (without istio). I have recently learned the existence of istio and I wish to use it to host my bitcoin node.

However, I am not sure which output values ​​to configure for the bitcoin node to detect and communicate with other peers. What is the right way to istio output configuration for bitcoind?
Specifically, which hosts should I allow bitcoind to communicate with?

Centos vs. Ubuntu That Best For Node Developers

Now I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. It takes a lot of memory so I changed the operating system. which Linux distribution is best as a developer. I want a minimal bone.

8 – {"message": "The parameter u0022node has not been converted for the path u0022 / node / {node} (name of the route: u0022rest.entity.node. GET u0022) "}



Using Post when I implements the GET query, I get the error above

{"message": "The parameter  u0022node has not been converted to the path  u0022  / node  / {node}  (name of the route:  u0022rest.entity.node.GET  u0022) "}

enter the description of the image here
I have enabled Content & Content Type Resource and the settings are as shown in the screen capture above.

bitcoinabc – Import / Export Portfolio vi bitcoin-cli. Bitcoin abc node

I would like to move my bitcoin money wallet from one server to the other with the help of the cli.

Server 1: bitcoin abc: 0.17.2.
Server 2: bitcoin abc: 0.18.0

I did the following:

  1. ran the command: backupwwallet "myfile.dat" on server 1 successfully.
  2. copy the "myfile.dat" on the server 2.
  3. Enter the command: importwallet "myfile.dat".

The following error message is displayed when I try to import the wallet:

error code: -8
Error message:
Can not open the dump file of the wallet.

I've also tried replacing the stop node on server 2 and copy the wallet.dat file to the other server and then restarting the wallet on server 2.
I get the following error in the logs:

CDBEnv :: Open: LogDir = /home/cryptodaemon/ .bitcoincash / database ErrorFile = / home / cryptodaemon / .bitcoincash / db.log
2018-09-09 07:48:21 Failed to change the name of wallet.dat to wallet.dat.1536479301.bak.

How can I move the portfolio from one server to another?
Could someone give me some guidance in this regard?