macos – How can I backup my Icloud synced notes locally?

I have both a macbook running 11.1 Big Sur and iPhone running iOS 14.

I have lots of notes that I’d like to locally backup just in case. Ideally I can export them to a folder so I’m sure they are backed up clearly.

Is this possible without third party apps? – MacOS misbehavior with Fonts in the Notes app

I can’t figure out if I’m in a certain mode or if there’s a bug in the app but whenever I try to increase or decrease the font of text in the Notes app the direction is always to go Bigger

Format -> Font -> Bigger
Format -> Font -> Smaller

Is there any explanation for that? Is the Notes app buggy when pasting in formatted text from webpages and html in general? I can’t make heads or tails of this behavior.

Notes -> Format -> Font

Facebook erased notes after saying they wouldn’t do that

Here is an official announcement from Facebook from about the beginning of October:

Creating and editing Facebook notes will be unavailable after October 31, 2020. Any published notes will stay published on Facebook profiles. However, any unpublished drafts will be deleted.

Note in particular this:

Any published notes will stay published on Facebook profiles.

But that is false. They’re gone.

Is there any way to find Facebook notes published before October 31, 2020, or have all of them been permanently destroyed?

sharepoint online – Hyperlink not accepting Lotus Notes URL

I am not sure have they sorted it but it has been an issue for a while.

Check this:

I think what you can do is to use the text column instead of the Hyperlink and play with the formatting to display it as a link.

Ok I have tested the json formating and it looks like it will not resolve your issue. I tried simple example baesed on hyperlink example here

Http/https works ok, but as soon as the protocol changes to the notes:// nothing is displayed. Maybe you will have more luck.

samsung galaxy s 9 – How to disable hard coded notes that pop up periodically

An example of grey and white note that I mean is, like when you copy something, a small grey background and white lettered bubble appears for a few moments saying ‘ copied to clipboard ‘. My phone has some sort of malfunction where it dispays that prompt for several minutes at a time. Very annoying.

garageband – How does one edit high-octave notes in the score editor?

I shifted some notes several octaves up using the Piano Roll view (after finding no way to do it in the Score Editor), but as a result of doing this, it is now impossible to edit the notes from the Score Editor, since they go past the top of the window, as shown in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

There is no way to scroll up to bring these notes back into view.

Is there some way to perhaps set the octave represented by the Score view so that the notes appear within the staff instead of above it? I cannot edit this music like this, and it’s too difficult to get the timing right using the Piano Roll view.

What are some methods of storing personal notes alongside code?

When exploring a new codebase, what would be some methods of storing personal notes or annotations alongside the code? If I were the only maintainer, I might consider added an actual code comment into the code, but doing so in a team would just pollute the code and the git logs.

Ideally there might be something that is not editor-specific, but I’m open to editor-specific suggestions. I personally code in VIM 50% and JetBrains IDEs (With IdeaVIM) 50% of the time. Jetbrains has a Code Notes plugin, but unfortunately that plugin does not work with the current version of the IDE.

Example notes and annotations:

foo = get_foo(bar, boom); // Actually returns a proto-foo, not a foo
foo += 1 // Alice says this is to avoid the lochness bug
if ( !flashing ) brake_light = 1;  // Bob insists on checking flashing in new code even though that feature has been deprecated for 17 years. – All notes mysteriously disappeared across all synced devices. Can I recover?

All of my notes that are synced through iCloud have just disappeared across all of my synced devices. I use this application every day and would really like to get these notes back, but I can’t explain how they disappeared.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I went to my notes app earlier today on my laptop
  2. The notes app took a while to sync with iCloud
  3. When it finished syncing, all my notes disappeared and there is no Recently Deleted section.
  4. I went to my iPhone and had the same behaviour.
  5. When I went to my iCloud account in my browser to check my notes, it was empty, too.
  6. I went to my old laptop, disconntected it from the internet and made a backup of all the files in ~/Library/Containers/ This laptop has my notes up to early April of this year.
  7. When I reconnected the laptop to the internet, it synced as well, and I lost everything (thought I still have the backup).

Several questions:

  1. What could have happened here such that all notes were deleted?
  2. How can I prevent this from happening in the future?
  3. Is there any way of recovering these notes now? (For example, might they be in my iPhone backup?)

I do use Carbonite to back up my laptop files, but ~/Library/Containers/ is not one of the folders being backed up.

Working floating notes app on MIUI 11

is there app which is always visible over other apps on screen and can be opened with tap on it? Something like 1sec note – unfortunately after trying reopening it I see just system’s toast: "after pressing the home button, android delays showing the same window for 5 seconds… (if you touch outside the window to float it, this will not happen)"

Trying to get PHP code to recognize musical notes

I am trying to use functions like substr_count and strpos to find the number and location of musical notes in text, specifically the musical note that looks like this … ♪ …which I believe is an eighth note. I can’t get this to work consistently in my PHP code. For example:

In some of my PHP scripts, the following line will tell me how many musical notes are in $myText…
…yet in other of my PHP scripts, the same line does not work for me.

I think I need to be declaring a decoding type to get this to work correctly, but I haven’t identified what that is. I thought the secret was the meta tag I’ve pasted below, but I’ve added it to the beginning of my latest PHP script and the above code still does not work. Any suggestions on how I can get PHP to always recognize musical notes as musical notes? (Right now it’s recognizing the note as a hashtag, judging by the ord value that it returns for the note character.)

<meta http-equiv=”Content-type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />