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Do you have too many ideas and things to remember? My Notes Keeper helps you keep them in one place and find them quickly and easily.
MyNotesKeeper has an extremely easy-to-use interface that requires no technical knowledge.

Do you have too many ideas and things to remember? My Notes Keeper helps you keep them in one place and find them quickly and easily. Store all your well-ordered and protected information securely by password, ready for quick access and quick search with My Notes Keeper!
Many uses
Knowledge Base, eBook Creator, Customer Data Management, Contact Manager, Note Manager, Document Manager, Address Book, Phone Book, Password Manager, Photo Album, and more!
Easy to use
MyNotesKeeper has an extremely easy-to-use interface that requires no technical knowledge. The installation takes less than 10 seconds, and even a non-technical novice can get MyNotesKeeper up and running in minutes.
Fully compatible with MSOffice
Fully compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), such as import and export (or paste from and paste to) of * .txt, * .wri, * .rtf, * .doc, * .html and more.
Increase efficiency
Convenient form of representation of notes in tabs + tree. Locate the necessary information in seconds, using the easy-to-navigate tree structure of MyNoteskeeper. Unlimited number of notes and number of notes in the notebook.
Powerful text editor
Powerful text editor has all the standard text and paragraph editing functions of MS Word (font, color, size, background color, tables, images, symbols, etc.).
Protect your data
High reliability, repair file in case of hardware failure or operating system error caused by another application. Advanced file encryption and password protection.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


usability – Release notes after an update for users

Stakeholders wish to post the release notes after the publication of a system update. And they want to show it once after the user has logged on. They want to put the information in a modal mode so that the user can close it after scrolling.

What do you think?

There are about 1000 users of this system.

I accidentally deleted my application of color notes, how can I restore

I accidentally removed the color note from my Android, can I recover everything?

c – Someone might help you If some of the notes are the same, print them in alphabetical order!

typedef struct {
Character name[50];
double note;
} Type of student;

void ordenavetor_nota (type Student * ptr, int size);
void ordenavetor_name (type Student * ptr, int size);

/ * strcmp
returns = 0 if a = b
returns> 0, if a> b
returns <0, if a <b
* /

void ordenavetor_name (type Student * ptr, int size) {
int i, j;
Type Aux Match;
for (i = 0; i0) && (strcmp (, ptr[j-1].nome) <0); j–) {
ptr[j] = ptr[j-1];
ptr[j] = to;


void ordenavetor_nota (type Student * ptr, int size) {
int i, fezTroca;
Type Aux Match;
make {
fezTroca = 0;
for (i = 0; i

                                                aux.nota = ptr[i].nota;
strcpy (, ptr[i].name);

ptr[i].nota = ptr[i+1].nota;
strcpy (ptr[i].name, ptr[i+1].name);

ptr[i+1].nota = auxiliary note;
strcpy (ptr[i+1].name,;

didTroca = 1;
} while (didTroca);


int main () {

TypeAlumni students[10000];
int N, i, qtAprovados = 0, j;

scanf ("% d", & N);

for (i = 0; i= 5)
qtActivated ++;

kinds of letters (students, N);

printf ("Number of Approved:% d  n", qtAprovated);

host name (students, N);

for (i = 0; i= 5)
printf ("Name:% s || Note:% .2lf  n", students[i].name, students[i].nota);

returns 0;


macos – How to change the font color of notes taken on Preview?

enter the description of the image here

You can add notes to a pdf file with the macOS Preview application by doing the following:

Tools> Annotate> Note

Or usinng shortcut ctrl + cmd + n.

The note is surrounded by a colored box and it is possible to change its color (background) by clicking on it with the right mouse button.

When editing / composing the note, the text color is black.

But (the problem is) the notes appearing on the left panel by:

See> Highlights and notes

Or by using a shortcut opt + cmd + 4.

They appear with a white font color and it is almost impossible to read them because the color contrast between the font and the background is not good.

Main question: How can I change the color of the font?

Additional question: Can I apply an identical font color on the left panel and the note that appears on a page of the pdf file?

SharePoint 2010 Scoreboard – Notes Appeared Only by Level of Authorization

My problem is that users can only see comments from other users within the limits of their permission level. For example, UserA and UserC have Contribute access and can only see comments. However, they can not see the comments of UserB who has full control and vice versa.



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c – I have to insert 3 notes, average with 3 notes, dps with the highest and 2nd highest, dps with the highest and the lowest

int environment (int a, int b, int c)
if (a> b && a <c)
return one;
d & # 39; other
returns b, c;
minor int (int a, int b, int c)
if a b & e a> c)
return one;
d & # 39; other
returns b, c;
main ()
float M, MDM;
int n1, n2, n3;
printf (" n first note:");
scanf ("% d", & n1);
printf (" n second note:");
scanf ("% d", & n2);
printf (" n third note:");
scanf ("% d", & n3);
printf (" n Highest rating =% d", largest (n1, n2, n3));
printf (" n Minor note =% d", minor (n1, n2, n3));
printf (" n Second highest note =% d", middle (n1, n2, n3));
M = (n1 + n2 + n3) / 3;
printf (" n media:% .2f", M);

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Migrating Notes Databases to Sharepoint

We use the tool Quest. Identification issues in Notes include attaching and migrating attachments with other attributes.