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My Notes Keeper is the first note / finish calculation application for Windows. It allows you to store all your notes and information in an easy-to-use plan, where you can quickly find what you need. My Notes Keeper is a PIM & # 39; swiss-army-knife & # 39; program, powerful and easy to use … With My Notes Keeper, create your own free form database and organize it could only to be simpler.
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Why My Notes Keeper?
Many people usually have questions like this:

• How can I organize a large number of notes and documents in my research?
• How can I safely manage random personal information in my way?
• How can I effortlessly create a personal or business knowledge base?
• How can I distribute stand-alone, royalty-free knowledge bases?
• How can I write a book with a plan much more effective than a standard word processor?
• MyNotesKeeper is a PIM & # 39; swiss-army-knife & # 39; program, powerful and easy to use …
• With MyNotesKeeper, creating your own free form database and getting organized could not be easier …

Ideas for using My Notes Keeper
Knowledge Base, eBook, To Do List, Customer Data Management, Contact Manager, Note Manager, Document Manager, Address Book, Phone Book, Password Keeper, Photo Album, Journal, Calendar, URL Organizer, File Organizer, Content Management, Word Processing, PIM, Outlining Tool, Standalone EXE Database, etc …

So easy to use …
MyNotesKeeper has an extremely easy-to-use interface that requires no technical knowledge. The installation takes less than 10 seconds and even a non-technical novice can get MyNotesKeeper up and running in minutes.

Make your work effective …
Convenient form of representation of notes in tabs + tree. Locate the necessary information in seconds, using the easy-to-navigate tree structure of MyNoteskeeper. Unlimited number of notes and number of notes in the notebook.

Powerful text editor …
Powerful text editor has all the standard text and paragraph editing functions of MS Word (font, color, size, background color, tables, images, symbols, etc.).

Completely compatible with MSOffice …
Fully compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), as well as import and export (or paste from and paste to) from * .txt, * .wri, * .rtf, * .doc, * .html and more …

Data security …
High reliability, repair file in case of hardware failure or operating system error caused by another application. Advanced file encryption and password protection.

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Satisfiability – Help me, please, with Exercise 6.3.3 by László Lovász Lecture notes on Computer Computability

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A Java program that accepts notes and prints the distribution of notes

I'm doing the Java MOOC course, here's the problem:

This is a link to the problem in detail if you prefer, CTRL + F "distribution"

The entry of the program is a set of exam results of a course. Each score is an integer. When -1 is entered, the program stops asking for another entry.

After reading the notes, the program prints the distribution of the notes and the percentage of acceptance of the course.

The distribution of the notes is formed as follows:

  • Each examination note is mapped to a note using the same formula as in Exercise 18. If the note is not in the range 0-60, it is not taken into account.

  • The number of notes is printed as stars, for example. if there are 2 grades corresponding to grade 5, line 5: ** is printed. If no result matches a particular note, the printed line is 4:

All notes, except for zeros, are accepted. As a result, 7 out of 8 participants were accepted. The acceptance percentage is calculated with the formula 100 * accepted / all scores.

The formula for Exercise 18 is as follows (run the extract below, I do not think SE allows you to format a table directly):

Points Quality
0-29 Failed
30-34 1
35-39 2
40-44 3
45-49 4
50-60 5

I have written a code that seems to work well according to my tests, no compilation error, no runtime error (except in cases where you enter a string instead of a number or a ridiculously large number).

I tested it using the data from the table above, that is to say that I entered the numbers (0, 29, 30, 34, 35, 39, 40, 44, 45, 49, 50, 60) and two stars were printed in each grade. range, as expected. I also tested it with numbers between ranges and numbers outside of [0, 60]. I did not find any logical mistakes.

I found the names I had used too repetitive, GradeDistribution class, 3 tables called gradeRanges, gradeDistributionList, gradeList.

Other problems: The logic of calculation of gradeDistribution seems too nested, should I have used switch-case? Should I have used static methods instead of a class? Should I have combined the methods calculerGradeDistribution and printGradeDistribution in one? Do I worry too much about little things?

It's main:

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class Main {
public static void main (String[] args) {
Scanner reader = new scanner (;
ArrayList grades = new ArrayList();
int number = 0;
System.out.println ("Type the notes of the exam, -1 at the end");
number = Integer.parseInt (reader.nextLine ());
if (number! = -1) {
grades.add (number);
} while (number! = -1);

GradeDistribution syrianGradeDistribution = new GradeDistribution ();
syrianGradeDistribution.calculateGradeDistribution (grades);
syrianGradeDistribution.printGradeDistribution ();
System.out.println (syrianGradeDistribution.acceptancePercentage ());

This is the GradeDistribution class:

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Collections;

Public class GradeDistribution {
Private list of paintings rankRanges = new ArrayList <> ();
Private list of paintings gradeDistributionList = new ArrayList <> ();

public GradeDistribution () {
Collections.addAll (RankRanges, 0, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 61);
Collections.addAll (rankDistributionList, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);

public void calculatesGradeDistribution (ArrayList gradeList) {
for (int grade: gradeList) {
if (note < 0 || grade > 60) {// invalid grades
Carry on;
for (int i = 0; i < gradeRanges.size() -1 ; i++){
                 if(grade >= gradeRanges.get (i) && grade <gradeRanges.get (i + 1)) {
gradeDistributionList.set (i, gradeDistributionList.get (i) + 1);

public void printGradeDistribution () {
for (int i = 0; i <gradeDistributionList.size (); i ++) {
System.out.print (i + ":");
for (int j = 0; j <gradeDistributionList.get (i); j ++) {
System.out.print ("*");
System.out.println ();

public double acceptPercentage () {
int allScores = 0;
for (int number: gradeDistributionList) {
allScores + = number;
int sharedScores = allScores - gradeDistributionList.get (0);
double receptionPercentage = 100.0 * allowedScores / allScores;
return acceptancePercentage;

The code above is compiled without error under Windows 10, Java 11.0.2

It's a very simple program, but yet, I still have a lot of questions about the choices I've made. How can I trust my choices and know what is acceptable and what is not?

Why do all my domain notes have the same sender [on hold]

Whenever I look at a loan. Each loan has the same information about the sender, it becomes frustrating. I do not have any options, so I ask for help, help me please.

How to easily download all my Facebook notes?

How to easily download all my Facebook notes? I've already used Facebook's built-in "Upload your info" feature and Notes are not provided. I have written many tedious essays and I really need to download local copies to back them up.

A way to automatically convert all notes into a single document?

I could copy and paste, but I have hundreds of notes.

Is there an application or a PLC process that can convert all my notes into one document? Maybe a boring shortcut?

sharepoint online – Formatting lines in the list with the column of notes

I have a SharePoint Online list that contains standard functionality such as style evaluations. I'm trying to format a line view for this list, I can make everything work except the rank column (I can not display anything). Some ideas on how I can format the JSON of the list view to display the information contained in the column of the logs and allow the ready-to-use functionality to work (like, delete, display, display the number of likes on the line)? Screenshots of the list and corresponding section of JSON are shown below.

Unformatted list:
Unformatted list

Formatted list line (try showing it at the bottom right):
Formatted list

"elmType": "div",
"Children": [
            "elmType": "span",
            "attributes": {
              "class": ""
            "txtContent": "Number of Likes: "
            "elmType": "span",
            "style": {
              "display": "inline-block",
              "text-transform": "capitalize"
            "txtContent": "[$Number_x0020_of_x0020_Ratings]"

Create a Lotus Notes view that shows documents from the last five years?

How to create a view showing the documents created in a form over a period of five years? I have a date field with the dateline name and the user will insert the date and the view will show all the datelines of the last five years. You will find below the selection formula (?) That I applied but that still does not work.

SELECT data line> @just (@Now; -5; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0)

Am I missing something? I guess the first field is for the year, I could be wrong!

I suddenly lost all my Gmail notes on my iMac Pro

I suddenly lost all my Gmail notes on my iMac Pro. By lost, I mean that I open the Apple Notes application and that I do not see any element.

  • I lost them on my iPhone last week and I can not find a good, documented process to solve the problem – so the notes are not synchronized with my iPhone today.
  • I could always see them on my iMac Pro.

I decided to go send them to iCloud Note to stop losing them, [Here is the process I used to “forward them – please describe what you did or better – link to an online article explaining what process you followed]

They are usually found in my email files ( A screen capture can help us help you here) and also appear in the Notes application.

How to recover my critical Gmail notes?

python – Chain type work column with accents in the notes

I work with a csv file and one of its columns is of string type and has accents. The problem is that I want to show a series of graphs using marine (graphic library based on matplotlib) and it shows me the following error.

The codec & # 39; ascii & # 39; can not decode byte 0xc3 at position 21: the ordinal is not in the range (128)

How can you convert a column into utf-8? That is, for a chain, what I do is put it in front of it you to convert to unicode but for a data frame, I do not know how to do it.