I suddenly lost all my Gmail notes on my iMac Pro

I suddenly lost all my Gmail notes on my iMac Pro. By lost, I mean that I open the Apple Notes application and that I do not see any element.

  • I lost them on my iPhone last week and I can not find a good, documented process to solve the problem – so the notes are not synchronized with my iPhone today.
  • I could always see them on my iMac Pro.

I decided to go send them to iCloud Note to stop losing them, [Here is the process I used to “forward them – please describe what you did or better – link to an online article explaining what process you followed]

They are usually found in my email files (mail.app? A screen capture can help us help you here) and also appear in the Notes application.

How to recover my critical Gmail notes?

python – Chain type work column with accents in the notes

I work with a csv file and one of its columns is of string type and has accents. The problem is that I want to show a series of graphs using marine (graphic library based on matplotlib) and it shows me the following error.

The codec & # 39; ascii & # 39; can not decode byte 0xc3 at position 21: the ordinal is not in the range (128)

How can you convert a column into utf-8? That is, for a chain, what I do is put it in front of it you to convert to unicode but for a data frame, I do not know how to do it.

crash – How can I extract my MacBook Pro Notes files so that the data becomes "normal" again after the file system crash of my computer?

My MacBook Pro from 2011 to 2013 or something like a "crash" – the computer's file system was crumbling – when I made a forced manual shutdown because the Notes application did not answer. When I reactivated it repeatedly, it was in MacOS recovery mode and I sent it to a computer expert who examined it. It has been able to save / restore many documents – documents Pages, audio files, images and videos, etc. – and also says that the data is not gone, it's as if they were scrambled or arranged differently now or something of the sort. However, he does not know how to extract the files from my Notes application, which are my most important documents. He says that there could be several ways to proceed but he's not an expert on the Mac file system or the model / operating system in question. How to extract Notes files and recover my data as legible Notes files?

System of notes (NS2) – French translation by SyTry

AnimeHaxor submitted a new resource:

System of notes (NS2) – French translation by SyTry – French translation

Installation tutorial:

  • Log in to your AdminCP: Appearance.
  • Import a language: select the translation.
  • Overwrite: English (FR).
  • Click Import.

System of notes (NS2) – French translation by SyTry

Adding notes / tasks that do not work in Google Assistant

When I say "note to myself" or "add a note" (or "note to myself to buy milk"), Google should direct this order to one of the applications accepting orders of note, including Todoist, Any.do, Keep, Gmail, etc.

However, on my main personal account, orders are never directed anywhere other than what looks like a minimal built-in notes service, and there is no way to change the default application.

Here is a video of the expected behavior (using Google Assistant with a different account than my main personal account). Note that just "note to oneself" gives an answer that displays an application icon that you can click to change the default note application, as described elsewhere on the Web.

The expected behavior is also what other people I asked the question on my phone / for their own account, and that is corroborated by discussions conducted elsewhere on the web.

Here is a video of the problematic behavior, when I use Google Assistant on my main personal account.

I've already tried a number of things, comprising:

  • Remove all local data associated with the Google application and reset
    Google Assistant.

  • Reset my default applications in the phone settings.

  • Delete and add my Google Account to my phone entirely.

I suspect it may have something to do with Google Home, because this minimum score service seems to be associated with Google Home when I search for information on the web. This is not even listed as an available application in this first video.

An idea of ​​how to fix that? Thank you so much in advance!

(I'm also aware that, at least for Todoist, you can switch to "talk to Todoist" mode in Google Assistant, which I do not ask here, I just want to be able to trigger reminders in one command only, as well as applications other than Todoist.)

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prototyping – Is there a plug-in that allows me to ask my teammates to place compliant notes on my HTML prototypes?

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Notes from the administrator

Rapid submitted a new resource:

Notes from the Administrator – Notes from the Administrator

The description:

Adds a note area in the administrator's control panel.

(Example of administrator notes)

Notes from the administrator

notes.app – merging distinct Notes configurations into iCloud

I have a question about the Notes application and its interactions with iCloud. I own both an iPhone and a Mac and I use iCloud on both with the same account.

As far as I know, many things like Photos seem perfectly synchronized between these two sites and iCloud.com.

However, on my iPhone in iCloud settings, Notes is always off. On my Mac in the iCloud settings, it is enabled. As a result, Notes is exactly the same between my Mac and iCloud.com, but on my iPhone, it's different.

Notes on my iPhone: "On my iPhone", as well as several additional folders for several email accounts (Gmail and Yahoo, for example). All folders contain different notes.

What will happen if, on my iPhone, I activate Notes in the iCloud settings? How can I consolidate that? I think that what I would ideally like is to merge everything into one file, but I do not want to lose notes in the process. I could just merge the folder "On my iPhone" with what I have on my Mac if this is possible (the Mac / iCloud.com notes are all in one folder).

Thanks in advance.