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Remove notification options – Removes notification options in account preferences.


Removes notification options in account preferences.

This add-on greatly simplifies the account preferences page.

(Example of notification options which are removed)


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notification – Handling long ‘important’ alerts on mobile

We’re challenged on how to handle multiple long alerts for mobile. In some instances they can be so long the rest of the actual content gets pushed down. the content of these alerts are related to various travel restrictions due to covid.

we’ve tried a few approaches to solutioning this, but either way the user will have to read all of these (since they are important) which isn’t a pleasant UX to be honest.

Is there any other way we could approach this solution?

enter image description here

java – This code can run to send email & sms notification to customer. Need to make some changes, to ensure no emails sent if email in the object is null

I’m stuck to make some changes on this coding, to ensure no emails sent via bpaNotificationService if email in orderContacts object is null, so it doesn’t throw error logs? And also to include an info logger to say that “not sending email because no email is given”.

This is only if it’s email notification only, which is checking whether email notification key is not null.

@EEAction(value = "customer.sendNotification")
public class SendNotificationAction extends EEWorkflowAction {
    private final NotificationService novusNotificationService;
    private final bpaNotificationService;
    public SendNotificationAction(NotificationService novusNotificationService, bpaNotificationService) {
        this.novusNotificationService = novusNotificationService;
        this.bpaNotificationService = bpaNotificationService;
    public EEActionResponse executeEEAction(EEActionRequest actionRequest, CustomerOrder customerOrder) {"Sending Notification for {} with notification type: {}",
                OrderAttributeKey.BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID.getValue(customerOrder), actionRequest.getProcessVariable(ProcessVariable.NOTIFICATION_TYPE));
        if (MailTemplate.doesNotificationExist(actionRequest.getProcessVariable(ProcessVariable.NOTIFICATION_TYPE)) ||
                SmsTemplate.doesNotificationExist(actionRequest.getProcessVariable(ProcessVariable.NOTIFICATION_TYPE))) {
            bpaNotificationService.sendNotification(actionRequest, customerOrder);
        } else {
            novusNotificationService.sendNotification(actionRequest, customerOrder);
        return createResponse();

Google sheets email notification – Web Applications Stack Exchange

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magento2.3 – Backorder notification not showing if saleable qty 0 and actual qty is 1 because order hasn’t been shipped

Backorder notification isn’t showing in the cart if saleable qty= 0 and the actual qty= 1 when the order has been shipped with that item it will then show the correct notification in cart. “We don’t have as many quantity as you requested, but we’ll back order the remaining 1.” (See image)

The problem is customers can purchase a product thinking that it is in stock when it actually isn’t until the order containing the item is shipped.Backorder Alert

CloudLinux LVE Resource Notification Limits

So CloudLinux has an option to notify customers if they’re hitting LVE resource limits which is great. Still, some customers are aware of it… | Read the rest of

What app is this notification for? [closed]

This was on my son’s phone and I can’t figure out what app it is. Want to make sure it’s legit for his age!

enter image description here

8 – Name completion using @xyz and email notification in comment form

Many web based applications now allow using @xyz to trigger an email notification to existing user. This is nice UX pattern to trigger notification which does not require explicit subscription to an item, provided such notification are enabled by user at site level.

Parsing the @NAME from comment and trigger email is relatively straightforward. However I am wondering how to go about implementing autocompletion when user types @xyz in CKEditor for comments.

We have implemented autocompletion on dedicated text field that are for inputing usernames, but it’s unclear how to implement this when a user adds free text via CKEditor on comment form. The user can include @name anywhere and multiple times.

Is there any reference module that does this or other ideas?

Does swiping down on a Facebook Messenger notification on iPhone show that you’ve read it?

On the Messenger app, you get notifications of what others say in a chat that appear on the top bar of your iPhone. However, when you swipe down on one, it displays options like “Reply”, “Like”, which makes it seem as if you’ve read it. Will that show on the actual chat?

sharepoint online – Need a help to figure out if there is a way to prevent MS Flow “Custom Responses – Wait for all responses” from sending notification to MS Teams

We have the following “Custom Responses – Wait for all responses” action inside MS Flow:-

enter image description here

Where we are attaching a file to the response email >> now the email which will be sent will contain the attachment which is fine >> but the notification which will be shown inside the MS Teams will not contain the attachment…

so i have the following 2 questions:-

  1. how we can attach the attachment to the notification which will be sent to MS Team?

  2. if point-1 can not be achieved >> then can we prevent the above “Custom Responses – Wait for all responses” from sending notification to MS Teams and only send a normal notification by email?