http – How to properly notify a client from the server side in Golang (broadcasting)?

http – How to properly notify a client from the server side in Golang (broadcasting)? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

sockets – How does Trello notify clients when updates are available?

sockets – How does Trello notify clients when updates are available? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

How to notify Web Browser clients of DB changes

We have a MYSQL database, with quite a few tables that are being constantly updated by many users.
We have rows of data that are presented to users through a web page.
Currently, the page data is refreshed every minute via AJAX. If someone makes a change on the web page, it is posted back to the server through AJAX. With the information being time critical, this is obviously not the best option, as we really need the information to update in near real-time.

What are the best options for performing this task?

input fields – Notify error in forms. Should element moves? Best practice

When designing a form, should I design with enough space between the elements for potential errors?

So that when displaying error messages, the inputs under the error do not move because between them there was space for that messages.

Visual examples:
input movement on forms when error message


Does a reply to a wordPress comment notify the commenter when comment approved?

function comment($comment_reply_id) 
    $comment = get_comment($comment_reply_id);
    $status = wp_get_comment_status($comment_reply_id );
    echo $status; die;
    if($comment->comment_parent != 0) 
        $old_comment = get_comment($comment->comment_parent);
        if($old_comment->user_id == 0 && $status=='approved')
            $email = $old_comment->comment_author_email;
            $name = $comment->comment_author;
            $content = $comment->comment_content;
            $post = get_post($comment->comment_post_ID);
            $title = $post->post_title;
            $link = get_permalink($comment->comment_post_ID);
            $blogname = wp_specialchars_decode(get_option('blogname'), ENT_QUOTES);
            $subject = sprintf('Comment reply: "%2$s" at %1$s', $blogname, $title );
            $notify_message  = sprintf('Someone replied to a comment you left on: %s', $title ) . "rn";
            $notify_message .= sprintf( 'Reply by: %1$s ', $name ) . "rn";
            $notify_message .= 'Comment: ' . "rn" . $content . "rnrn";
            $notify_message .= 'You can reply to the comment here: ' . "rn";
            $notify_message .= $link . "#commentsrnrn";
            $message_headers = "Content-Type: text/plain; charset="" . get_option('blog_charset') . ""n";
            wp_mail( $email, $subject, $notify_message, $message_headers );

notifications – Apple Watch doesn’t notify me of SMS messages

Whenever I get an SMS message from someone not in my contacts, my watch does not vibrate. I have my watch set to Mirror my iPhone’s messages settings, and switching it to custom doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t matter if the sender is in my contacts or not (though I do have the “filter unknown senders” setting off).

This has been going on for a while, but I’ve gotten tired of having to manually pull up 2FA codes every time I need to login somewhere, since I can’t just look down and my wrist and see the message pop up.

functions – Woocommerce: Allow backorders on entire catalogue and notify customer with specific message

I want to enable backorders on my entire catalogue in woocommerce and notify customer with a message like “Shipment of this product could be delayed”. I find this code:

// Change all products stock statuses to 'instock'
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_get_stock_status', 'filter_get_stock_status_callback', 10, 2 );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_variation_get_stock_status', 'filter_get_stock_status_callback', 10, 2 );
function filter_get_stock_status_callback( $stock_status, $product ){
    return is_admin() ? $stock_status : 'instock';

// Enable backorders on all products
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_get_backorders', 'filter_get_backorders_callback', 10, 2 );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_variation_get_backorders', 'filter_get_backorders_callback', 10, 2 );
function filter_get_backorders_callback( $backorders_status, $product ){
    return 'yes'; // Enable withouttifications

// Remove the stock quantity from displayed stock status
add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_availability_text', 'filter_get_availability_text_callback', 10, 2 );
function filter_get_availability_text_callback( $availability_text, $product ){
    return __( 'In stock', 'woocommerce');

but makes all products as normally in stock and no custom message for zero stock products.

sharepoint online – How to automate incoming emails with Power Platform to notify and visualize tabular information with PowerApps?

I am trying to automate the incoming mail with Power Automate so when a mail arrives with a specific subject I extract the data and save it in an excel file. Power Apps would have this excel as a data source and would show the changes in table format.

The body of the email would look something like this:

ETA: 02/03 06:00 (CET),


Location: xxx

Identification: xxx

Service: xxx


ETA: 02/03 16:00 (CET)

Other information

Concept: xxx

Errors: xxx

I have this flow: (forgive me for the Spanish of the settings I couldn’t changed)

With this details:
flow details

On the excel where the data is saved, I transformed the body column with power query to structure the categories by columns:
power query

I saved this excel in SharePoint and I did the power query in the desktop to upload it again in SharePoint.

The problem I have is that it seems that the query is not updated when new data is entered and the following error message appears when I open the excel online:


And when I try to update manually from excel online in the queries section:

It is possible that I am working badly with power query because it’s not prepared for this type of automation but I would like to work in this environment.

Later, my idea would be that power apps notify the user with the application when a new email has come (with power automate, it notifies the user in desktop or mobile OUT of the application) and reflects the changes internally in a table or something similar (with a pop up INSIDE the application).

I am thankful for any kind of help!

Should you notify the broker if they sent you more coin than you paid for?

in other words what if I didn’t tell them?

notifications – Notify when getting “no signal” on the LG Q6

For several days now, the LG Q6 has made me angry when it suddenly stops detecting the SIM card. (once or twice a day)

I don’t want to discuss the cause and possible solution. (Restart always helps)

The worst part is that the outage cannot be predicted.

Therefore, I want to ask if there is any way that would alert me to this. Either in the absence of a SIM card or on the loss of connection (of course, when the airplane mode is not activated).

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