malware – Is it possible to achieve persistence in Windows through using WinLogon without touching userinit, notify, or shell keys?

I am interested in finding out if it is possible to achieve persistence through winlogon without using one of those 3 mentioned keys. I am trying to determine if it’s safe to ignore registry key entries made into Winlogon parent directory. I’ve never seen an instance of malware achieving persistence through winlogon without using any of those keys, does anyone know of any techniques?

python – Open Notify simple console application

I made this code in python using Open Notify API, there is something that I could improve?
Im new to coding and I’m almost 4 hours understanding and coding this program that let you interact by some inputs and it can give you information about how many people are in space now, where is the ISS now and when it will go through a given coordinate.

import requests, json, os, datetime

clear = lambda: os.system('cls')
clear ()
def peopleInSpace():
    responseAstros = requests.get("")
    astros = responseAstros.json()
    people = astros('people')

    peopleInSpa = ()
    for d in people:
    print('There are', astros('number'), 'people in space, and their names are:', (', '.join(peopleInSpa)))

def issNowF():
    responseIssNow = requests.get('')
    issNow = responseIssNow.json()

    issNowLat = issNow('iss_position')('latitude')
    issNowLon = issNow('iss_position')('longitude')
    issNowTime = issNow('timestamp')
    print('The International Space Station is right now (', datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(issNowTime), ' GMT -3) on these approximately coordinates:', issNowLat, issNowLon)

def issNextTime():
    lat = input("What is the latitude?")
    lon = input('What is the longitude?')
    parameters = {"lat":lat, "lon":lon }
    responseIssNextTime = requests.get('', params=parameters)
    issNextTime = responseIssNextTime.json()('response')
    risetimes = ()
    for d in issNextTime:
        time = d('risetime')
    times = ()

    print("The next 5 times ISS is going to go through the given coordinates is:")
    for rt in risetimes:
        time = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(rt)

print('Press 1 to see how many people are in space right now')
print('Press 2 for getting the coordinates of the ISS right now')
print('Press 3 for seeing when the ISS will go through certain coordinates')
r = input('')

if r == '1':
elif r == '2':
elif r == '3':
    print('Please open the program again and press only 1, 2 or 3')

dns – Setting up an email box for newsletter to notify Amazon SES of delivery notification failures

I’m using two providers:

  • regular hosting provider for my emails
  • amazon SES for sending emails in bulk, like a newsletter

What bothers me is that if I send a newsletter, the Delivery Status Notification (Failure) messages come back to my inbox instead of just notifying amazon and my newsletter system. It looks like follows:

enter image description here

Below is my dream scenario:

enter image description here

I’m pretty sure I could do it by setting a MX record for a subdomain, like and route the traffic to amazon. But then the sending email would look like It is not a big deal but I am curious if there is another way.

Is there a way to achieve this with and email that looks like this: With all other emails in this domain working on a separate provider.

How will i notify everyone that I posted something new on facebook?

I got 1217 friends and only a few sees it. They wanted to see it but they recquire to visit my profile. What will I do??

wallet notify – Bitcoind walletnotify runs only when transaction get it’s first confirmation

I’ve successfully configured bitcoind and walletnotify to run on every deposit transaction in testnet. The problem is walletnotify hits only when a transaction gets its first confirmation and nothing happens when the transaction has been just created and has 0 confirmations.

Here is my bitcoin.conf

walletnotify=/home/ubuntu/ %s

And this is content of

D=`date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"`
echo ${D} - ${1} >> ${F}

which simply writes DateTime and txid of each transaction in wallet_transaction_log


20201111135218 - d0cafe97f46ae3f8fb0bda6234a5c7a54ecb7053da10d9c393e261e0f6ab8295
20201111135921 - dfdd50db6e4508a4221ab144d8b33d77620d324d2a4667b64882e0a608b2bf80

is there something I’m missing?

Notify anthor user on admin dashboard if a user edit a node with draft status in drupal 8

I am looking for a way to notify a user if user edit a node and save it as Draft. another user can get notification on his drupal admin dashboard that user name edit this node please review his changes or so on

design – Can graphDB notify application layer?

Application component 1(ap1) record/insert/update a new state in graph database.

For every new state change in the database, application component 2(ap2) needs to be informed/notified about state change(in graphDB). ap2 would not like to poll database and track/find for state change in graphDB.

enter image description here

ap2 should not know the existence of ap1

Both application components will be written in GoLang

OS Environment is Linux

I came across this article on notification:

Application layer(ap1 & ap2) is written in GoLang. I came across dgraph, here.

Can you suggest a GraphDB that provide functionality of notifying application layer(ap2) about database updates? because in our scenario, ap2 cannot poll the database, to retrieve state changes…

notification – Using whatsapp messaging to notify users when their order is ready

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Notify search engines on 404 pages

How to pro-actively notify search engines (Google and others) of removed pages 404s that are still indexed?

php – Notify the user by e-mail after the creation of a post

There’s wp_schedule_single_event:

$in_ten_minutes = time() + 10 * 60;
$post_id = get_the_ID();
wp_schedule_single_event( $in_ten_minutes, 'notify_post_event', array( $post_id ) );

or similar – I’ve no idea if it’s just the post ID you need, or whether get_the_ID() is the right way to find it when you’re handling this action. Depending on where the button is and how you want to handle the button press (AJAX? POST back to the page?) this may need to go in an AJAX handler somewhere, and have the post ID and any other values passed in.

And you’ll need a handler function too, e.g.

function notify_post_event_handler( $post_id ) {
    $the_post = get_post( $post_id );
    $author_email = get_the_author_meta( 'user_email', $the_post-post_author );

    wp_mail( $author_email,
        'Here is your ten minute reminder',
        'Post: ' . get_post_permalink( $post_id ) );
add_action( 'notify_post_event', 'notify_post_event_handler', 10, 1 );

and this will be triggered after ten minutes by the wp_cron processing, so you’ll need to make sure you have something set up to regularly trigger wp_cron jobs if you don’t have enough constant volume of visitors to trigger it automatically after ten minutes.