9.0 Pie – Are there any shortcuts to adjust the brightness unintentionally on a Huawei Nova 3i (Android 9)

I try to help a visually impaired older person with his phone. She found that when the automatic brightness setting is turned on, the screen is too dark for her to see.

Without the automatic brightness enabled, it somehow manages to reduce the brightness by mistake. I wonder if there is a shortcut that reduces the brightness.

Nova launcher shortcut to Google location accuracy

Is there a way to create a shortcut so you can access it directly without a shortcut to a location and press Google location accuracy and the Flipper switch?

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How to recover secure file data in Huawei Nova 3E?

Please, any one of you, see this message please help me. I forgot my password for Huawei Safe files and I also do not remember the security issue. How can I recover my encrypted data in a secure file application? Please, anybody can help! Please leave a comment or send me an email. Thank you.

Where is this belvedere in Nova Scotia?

Also on this page from Tourism Nova Scotia, the image appears to be taken on Franey Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The Parks Canada site describes the trail as a "difficult" loop of 7.4 km accessible only on foot:

You go up and your reward is at the top! Large flat rocks offer a nice place to sit and enjoy the 360 ​​° view of the entire Clyburn Brook canyon and the Atlantic coast from Cape Smokey to Ingonish. Admire the mountains, the rocky face of Mount Franey or the river that meanders through the valley, 425 m below. Keep an eye out for wildlife – moose love this habitat too.

I also assume that the picture was taken with a drone. Your view from the ground will probably not be as beautiful.

My Huawei P Smart Plus (Nova 3i) does not get the Android 9 update, but my friend with the same smartphone had it last week

I do not know why, my friend has received the notification of the last update of SO EMUI with Android 9 and has it updated in front of me. When I saw it, I was thinking about when I would receive the notification. One week has passed and I have not received the notification and almost every day I manually check without updating. All he says is that it is on the date.

We are both from Spain

8.1 oreo – An application has made my bar masked and transparent automatically. How to repair? (Nova, system interface)

What I've tried: uninstall the application (Black Pocket) and restart.

Also tried: Google. All search results m indicate how to hide the status bar, which is not what I want.

Obviously, like most users, I want to see all the battery and connectivity icons when I press the power button and then the Home button.

Using Nova and the system user interface on Android 8.1.0 on a Nexus 6P – as if it were for something, when I saw the status bar become transparent and hide automatically when installing the application …

powered by the apocalypse – How does the Nova Burn Power level 7-9?

In Masks, The novas have the power of burning:


When you load your powers, get + the conditions you have currently marked. On one stroke, hold 3 burn. On a 7-9, mark a condition. In case of absence, hold 2 burns and mark three conditions.

Pass your burn on your flares. You lose all burns at the end of the scene.

Choose four flares.

It is a power that owns Novas, a basic class. They can get this resource and use it to do fun things, like picking up buildings,

How does this power on the 7-9 segment work? Do you also hold 2 burns? Do you hold 3 burns, since if it's a blow you're holding 3? Do not you have a burn for segment 7-9? I really do not know what is the experience envisaged for Novas.

8.0 oreo – The main application icons are superimposed in the Nova Prime widgets

I've been using Nova Prime for about 5 years, which involves performing at least 10 to 20 backup and restore settings on various devices.

Today, I created myself (on my Motorola Moto Z2 Play / Android 8.0 Oreo) and, to my great surprise, I noticed that all my (restored) contact widgets are covered by the same. a nasty "main" icon (for example, Contacts). Photo.

Analysis up to now:

  • the problem only concerns contacts; the other widgets (Wikipedia and Fancy Widgets in my case) have no overlay of "main" icons in the application,
  • happens on both widgets restored from the Nova Prime backup and freshly added,
  • occurs only on Motorola Moto Z2 (ie does not occur on Motorola One),
  • only happens on Motorola Moto Z2 this time (from this backup restore) because I had not had this problem for a year and a half before sending this phone for repair.


  • Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • what is its source: is it caused by the recent change of Contacts or Nova Prime?
  • Is there a workaround or a way to get rid of this nasty little thing?

I use Motorola Moto Z2 Play (XT-1710-09) with Nova Prime 6.0 on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Bit Nova Core – bitnovacore.com

Name: Bit Nova Core
Plan: 1.5% to 3% per hour for 100 hours
Duration of plan: 100 hours
Reference levels: 7% – 3%
Minimum investment: $ 1
Minimum withdrawal: $ 0.03
Beginning date: 21/02/2019

How can I remove a glued film from a Praktica Nova I?

I recently used a Praktica Nova I for the first time, took the 36 pictures and realized that I loaded the movie incorrectly. As you can see in the screenshots of the manual, we are supposed to insert the film into the receiving coil (22). Instead, I inserted the film at transport pinion (21).

Praktica Nova I in front and high

Praktica Nova I back and bottom - colorful parts

When I tried to unload the movie I could not rewind using the rewind button (3). I also tried to help him manually in the dark room, which did not succeed. We have the impression that the film is wrapped around the transport pinion (21). I can not move it in any direction.

Looking at the manual, I wonder if by unscrewing the support piece (23) lets me go out transport pinion (21) with the movie ?!

I want to try to save the film from being destroyed. The last resort is to open the camera in broad daylight and cut the film transport pinion (21).

After studying xiotathe description of I managed to release the movie in the dark with a combination to pull the arming leverpressing rewind release button and manually pulling the film from the transport pinion using a little bit of Obligate.
I do not know at all how the film survived this torture. I will try to develop it. The camera has not been damaged as far as I can judge.
Here are two close-ups for anyone with a similar problem. I still suspect that unscrewing the support piece could bring out the transport pinion – However, I did not try that.

Praktica Nova I: open: transport pinion and take-up reel

Praktica Nova I: open: transport pinion and support piece