performance – Generate a random number from a binomial distribution

In my Monte Carlo simulation application, the key is to generate a random number from a binomial distribution with the parameters n = size and p = 0.5. Here is my current implementation


int64_t rbinom (size int64_t) {
if (! size) {
returns 0;

int64_t result = 0;
while (size> = 64) {
uint64_t random64;
while (! _rdrand64_step (& random64)) {
fprintf (stderr, "HW_RND_GEN not ready  n");
result + = _popcnt64 (random64);
size - = 64;

uint64_t random64;
while (! _rdrand64_step (& random64)) {
fprintf (stderr, "HW_RND_GEN not ready  n");
result + = _popcnt64 (random64 & ~ (UINT64_MAX << size));

return the result;

However, the result of the comparative analysis terrifies me:

enter the description of the image here

I spend 99.68% of the run time on this function! How can I optimize it?

The result does not need to be cryptographically secure, as long as it is sufficient for Monte Carlo simulations.

seo – Change one of the route with the same number of parameters

I have the following two routes:

get: / products / {id} / {slug}
get: / products / {category} / {subcategory}

Of course they stick together. What would you do? I do not want to change neither one nor the other.

I first thought to use

    get: / products / {id} / {slug} / {product_code}

But the product code is id, so it would be redundant.

Later I thought about

get: / products / {category} / {subcategory} / c

Using a "c" without any purpose, only to differentiate the two roads so that my life can continue.

Increase the number of characters in the description field of results promoted in SharePoint searches

When creating a promoted result, you have the option to provide a full name, a URL and its description, which will then appear as a marked result on the search results page. It turned out that this description field had a limit of 500 characters. I have found below article increasing the character limit when displaying the promoted result on the results page, but not when it was created.

Does anyone have any idea of ​​how to increase this character limit of the description box?

Number Theory – If $ S $ is book, then $ S_0 subset S $ is book.

Define "countable" as follows:

$ S $ is said accountant if $ S $ is finished OR $ | mathbb {N} | = | S | $.

So, my textbook proves the theorem by considering two cases.

Case 1: $ S $ is finished. Then any subset $ S_0 $ is clearly finished too. So by definition $ S_0 $ is countable.

Case 2: $ S $ is infinite. Then the evidence advances …

I do not understand why we are looking at these two cases, which is why do we consider $ S $ is finished or infinite …?

We have the hypothesis that $ S $ is countable MEANING $ S $ is finished or $ | mathbb {N} | = | S | $. In particular, we have this $ S $ is over, why do we consider these two seemingly strange cases?

As we do not try to show $ S_0 $ is countable, that is, do not we try to show that $ S_0 $ is it over or its cardinality is the same as the natural numbers?

Display multiple tables with a variable number of columns

Assuming you are correct in saying that all information must be shown to the user as a result of the analysis, every effort should be made to help your users search / retrieve, search and filter. No matter what to help them identify what is important.

Allow search.

There must be a significant way in which users will search for relevant information. At the very least, allow a search field, ideally providing advanced filters to reduce the information.

enter the description of the image here


Instead of providing ALL information in one pane, you can categorize them and place them in tabs or in an organizational manner.

enter the description of the image here

Layout Issues: You will still have to deal with larger tables than the display window in many cases.

Regarding your question about table layout, my opinion (yes, only an opinion) is to keep the tables of a specific width and to allow an appropriate table layout for tables with more columns than supports from the window.

In this way, you will not have to deal with each individual table and its specific data; if it's only 3 columns, you can have it wider without having to worry about truncation. If it's 15 columns, you'll still have to deal with spatial limitations.

enter the description of the image here

magento2 – Increase the number of related products presented in the administration (Magento 2)

When you edit a product in the Magento Administration, the number of items listed in the Related Products, Complementary Sales, and Cross-sells list is limited to 20. There is also no way to change this, such as in all other grids.

I've tried to solve this problem programmatically by creating an observer that sets the default limit to 50. The observer is called correctly (when adminhtml_block_html_before is fired) but nothing changes.

Any ideas on this?

Mobile Web – Why is an increasing number of websites no longer supporting the "desktop application site"?

Recently, I have more and more often access to websites via my mobile phone, just to realize a certain functionality no longer (more) of assistance on the mobile version of this site. So I ask the office site. But even then, as soon as I click on a link, the URL becomes something like m.URL.TD or having somewhere in the URL a .TD / XXX / mobile / .... My impression is therefore that site providers are actively refusing access to desktop sites from mobile devices. Why is it so? Especially that most of the time, access to specific features that I intend to pursue in this way is denied. And this way, I often feel very disappointed with the user experience, even if sometimes I get angry again at this logic, because I do not see why a site does not allow the user experience. access from a desktop to a user, where the user actively supports a button representing "Hey, I know my experience using this site as a desktop version, even if I'm on a mobile device, can be a bad experience for me. " Thus, the refusal to receive this explicitly requested office site is even worse (at least for me).

Ideas that I have proposed, why this could be done:

  • The site has an application and wants to force the user to use the application instead.

    • But all the sites I've noticed recently have even an application.
    • Also, I wonder, is it as important, that their application is used to risk that users stop using their service?
  • That is to say. my bank denies it. But as soon as you request a desktop site, you get information that they do not support desktop maintenance from a mobile device because of security risks. But you can simply ignore this information and stay on the desktop site. I am very good with that.

So, considering the above points, I really do not see that this justifies removing the user agency.

While I miss it? Or what other reasons are there for me to notice this behavior recently more and more often?

How to add a number on applications

I know what the number is then use win + # to access this application.

number on applications

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google sheets – vlookup sum to calculate the total number of hours allocated next to dates

I'm trying to calculate a total number of hours based on entering 2 different dates. Each day between dates has assigned "hours worked".

I'm trying to use SUMPRODUCT or Table Formula and sumif, do not have a chance with either for the moment … Any help appreciated 🙂

sum of the consultation table


As far as I'm concerned, select 2 dates and add them together. Not everything in between