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Veeble offers versatile web services, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers, remote desktop solutions, and web hosting. In addition, we are building a narrower and more reliable Web with complementary services to the fastest technology. We offer affordable 24×7 managed services that promise trouble-free hosting.

Presentation VPS Reseller, the ultimate VPS package for you.

»Create and delete VPS at any time
You can deploy Linux and Windows VPS at any time from the Control Panel using the available resources. You can also delete the SMV without hassle.

»Assign VPS to users you create
You can create user accounts and assign the deployed VPS to these accounts. Users can connect and manage the VPS via a separate control panel.

»Control panel with white label
You will be able to provide a control panel with a white label to your users. All you need is a domain name and we will help you with the blank configuration.

»Linux and Windows operating systems
You can deploy VPS with the Linux and Windows operating systems readily available in the Control Panel. There are no separate license fees for Windows operating systems.

»Free connectivity at 1 Gbps
You can benefit from a free 1 Gbps bandwidth on all deployed VPS.

»Multiple locations
Create VPS in the United Kingdom and the United States.

VPS Reseller Packages

»Number of VPS: 4 and more
Total number of processor cores: 8 and over
»Total RAM: 4 GB and more
»Total disk: 40 GB and more
»Number of IPs: 4 and over
Total bandwidth: 4TB and more per month in a 1Gbps port
»US & UK Locations

Starting at only $ 25/month

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Regular VPS packages

Openvz VPS – http://veeble.org/vps/openvz
Xen VPS – http://veeble.org/vps/xen
Windows RDP VPS – http://veeble.org/vps/windows
Managed VPS – http://veeble.org/vps/managed

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How to display the number of custom publications in the archive page

I want to display the number of customized taxonomy publications in the archive page. Not all statements of recognized personalities of the taxonomy, I simply want to display personalized videos. because taxonomies have two types of custom messages. videos and trailers

magento 2.3 search number

Based on product reference and product name search not working properly if sku is composed of
special character like (space, point, etc.) it follows do not give the exact result.

Is there a solution for this? Please give your valid comments please …

Turing machines – Is the TM number function that ends on an empty word computable?

Let f: N → N be a function where f (n) = number of Turing machines on the entered alphabet {0, 1}, indicates: {0, 1, ..., n} and the {_ (empty) work alphabet, 0, 1, ... n}, which ends on an empty word.

is F calculable?

Let's call a TM that solves this problem K.

It is felt that this problem is not calculable. If we can not even determine if a particular MT is stopping on an empty word (stopping problem reducing the problem of stopping the blank tape), then intuitively finding an MT number with this property should be even more difficult. But I can not think of any reduction since this problem does not use any particular MT input, its input is only a number (in the question I linked above – BLANKHALT, TM takes a machine as input so that we can provide a specific machine – everything we want – for example, machine from an instance of the HALT problem, but this is not the case in this problem).

At first I wanted to reduce the problem of BLANKHALT: I wanted to measure its number of states, alphabet, launch the K TM with the number of states that the BLANKHALT instance has and while counting the number of TMs completed on an empty word, check whether it is the BLANKHALT machine that I just request. BUT I can not do that because I can not assume K even lists TMs, right? Yes K existed, it could have a magic way to solve the issue, without checking all possible TMs one by one, right?

Number of comparisons in the table where each item appears $ n / k $ times

Given a table of $ n $ elements with $ k distinct elements, each appearing $ n / k $ time, how can I show that the number of comparisons to sort the chart in the worst case is in $ Omega (n log k) $?

architecture – Reduces the number of duplicates in the send box model in event systems

Try to implement the send box template for an event driven system. The sending box template in a word is a way to ensure that system events are sent to the event / queue / bus log at least one time (using the term event bus freely):

a separate process that periodically checks the contents of the sending box and processes the messages. After processing each message, the message must be marked as processed to avoid forwarding.

enter the description of the image here

My concern is to reduce the risk of duplication for the following reasons:

it is possible that we can not mark the message as being processed due to a communication error with the sending box.

In this case, when the connection with the sending box is reestablished, the same message will be sent again.

The proposed solution is an idempotence that suits me, but does it make sense to at least improve the message relay and reduce the risk of duplicates? Are there models for improving message relay? If none, I think of the following:

Use 2 tables:

  • Shipping box (stores the messages you want to send to the bus of the event)
  • PublisherTable (stores messages already sent to the event bus)

Pseudocode for the worker who reads OutboxTable 24/7:

loop each message ...

if the item is being processed (by other workers)
- jump

if the item is marked as "published" in PublisherTable (which means that a previous worker could publish the event but not "confirm" it in OutboxTable for any reason)
- mark the item as "published" in OutboxTable
- jump

if the item has never been processed or has not been published
- mark the item as "being processed" in PublisherTable (so that other workers can skip it)
- publish / send an item to the bus of the event
- mark the item as "published" in PublisherTable
- mark the item as "published" in OutboxTable

(Each running process has a defined expiration time that other workers use to ignore or process the item).

What I understand here is that I basically created my own queue for the mini-messages just to get there. But since there is no way to do an atomic transaction between a database and a real message queue, this approach makes sense.

So my question is: are there similar models to those I'm trying to do?

Arlo Technical Support Number – Everything Else

Arlo Customer Support Number

The unsuccessful connection to the Arlo account has several reasons, and even after several attempts, you still face the same dilemma. It is recommended to apply the given troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem or contact the Arlo customer service number.

ü The first thing to check is if your device through which you are connecting has Internet access.

ü Then you can update the browser settings. Delete cache and cookies from the Internet and browser

ü Just reboot the system and log in to the account from the default browser.

ü Provide correct login entries

ü If you have forgotten your password, reset it by following the steps after clicking on the "Forgot Password" link.

Read more:- Arlo technical support phone number

USA – Why can a driver's license number be required for a flight?

My manager is booking airline tickets for an upcoming conference in another state and he asked me for the following three things:

  • my full name as it appears on my driver's license
  • my birth date
  • my driver's license #

The first two seem pretty reasonable but the last element seems … fishy. I do not think that I've ever asked for a driver's license number in flight. I was asked for a passport number during an international trip, but not a driver's license number.

I mean, it seems to me that a driver's license should not even be required to fly. You could be 40 years old and not have a driver's license and you could move exclusively using taxis, buses and public transportation.

I know that a driver's license can be used to verify your identity with the TSA, but the documents you provide to TSA do not need to be pre-registered or anything that is …

7 – Change the column class of the view grid according to the number of elements on a specific field

I have a grid listing a type of content that allows the user to add up to 3 videos using a specific field. What I want is to change the configuration of the grid, if it has 1 video, I want to use the class col-md-6 if he has more than one video, I want to use the class col-md-12 to integrate the videos. My grid layout goal is like this

| |
| ¯¯ | ¯¯ |
| __ | __ |

I was able to do this by analyzing the generated HTML code, looking for a specific class existence, which is of course a terrible implementation, like this:


<div id = "views-bootstrap-grid-"class ="">
$ column):?> <div class = "">
$ count):?> <div class = "clearfix visible--bloc ">
<div class = "">