office365 – How to trigger events in Azure from the O365 connection?

I have to trigger a series of actions in real time, once a user authenticates with his O365 account. Since there are currently no Azure AD triggers for logical applications, I explored the event grid and the event hub.

I have created an event grid subscription which successfully triggers a logical application when changes are made to Azure components, but I could not find an event source for them O365 connections. Am I forgetting something obvious?

office365 – Unable to remove delegate calendar access via PowerShell in o365

I have read the documentation from Microsoft and this is supposed to be the command:

set-mailboxfolderpermission -user -accessrights editor -sharingpermissionflags none

userA is administrator, PowerShell is connected to the exchange administrator with userAcount of. userACalendar permissions from: userA-owner; userB-editor-delegate.

I'm not getting any errors and get Always displays the delegate indicator. I also deleted the user and added again, but the flag is still there.

I am the exchange administrator using an "admin" account (according to goDaddy). The host is not Microsoft but the o365 abomination of GoDaddy.

Am I doing something wrong?

How to find Office applications (Excel, Word, OneNote, Planner) in O365?

I understand that usage reports are available in the O365 Reports section. These reports provide use for SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive only.
Is there a way to track usage of apps like Word, Excel, OneNote, Planner, etc.?
We are trying to find the adoption rate of these apps across the organization. I checked PnP PowerShell, Graph API but I found nothing.

Microsoft Office 365 – For an O365 room calendar, do PublishingEditor permissions override Delegate permission settings?

Office 365 Exchange Online has folder permissions, such as "PublishingEditor", which grant a user read / write permission to a folder / calendar. It also has Delegate authorization settings, so users must request authorization from a delegate in order to book a meeting on a calendar.

Am I right to think that folder permissions prevail over delegate permissions? So, for example, could a publisher unilaterally delete a calendar meeting without the permission of a delegate?

sharepoint online – Designation of a new O365 group site problem

I want to create an O365 group with the same name as a classic Sharepoint site which has now been deleted.

The old site was called http: // site name / marketing
This site has been deleted.

I then create an Office 365 group but the resulting site is called http: // sitename / marketing1. It should be marketing!

Why is this and how can I get this URL (I don't mind deleting this O365 group and recreating it if necessary).

Thank you – What happens to my emails and OneDrive if I go from O365 business to O365 home?

Originally, I bought an O365 Business Premium subscription because I wanted email, billing, and customer management. I have found that the latter two are only available to subscribers in the United States.

I paid three times the price for almost no value.
I now want to switch from my premium subscription to a home subscription. My question is, can I switch from Exchange to Outlook online? Will I be able to keep existing emails? Will I be able to use my custom domain for email?
If I switch, will I be able to keep my files in OneDrive without downloading them first, and then re-download them? I notice that OneDrive for Business has a SharePoint URL unlike OneDrive for consumers.

SharePoint O365 backup

I want to back up an O365 site via PowerShell, but I have not found the corresponding command on the Internet.

Email Encryption Recommendations (Egress, O365, and Forcepoint)

Could anyone point out some advantages / disadvantages of email encryption methods for the three mentioned platforms? I have studied this question in depth, however, I am aware that a large number of reading reports present some element of bias in their conclusions (for example, most of the information seems to come from 39, one of the companies mentioned). I am very interested to hear the opinions of users on this site.

office 365 – Sharepoint Online (O365) – Search only in title and document name

If I search for a document name in the document library, it returns a list of files containing the searched word, but not the document with the correct title.

I want to change the search in Sharepoint so that only titles and document names are searched.

I've already found the properties managed -> Content and the field "Mappings in properties scanned" (hopefully I've translated correctly)

properties analyzed

Now, someone mentioned here is also looking for "Basic: 10 (Text)" Previous

I only need a search to find document titles

What do I need to change here without breaking everything?

I hope you can help me a little 🙂