Adding individual users to a chat channel in Odoo

I use Odoo 14.0 .

I created a chat channel for all my Odoo users.

Still, not all user can see this channel, and I do not find an add user button in the channel administration.

says that with some SQL magic I could solve this but I do not have access to the database. And at all, this should be an easy thing to manage the users of a channel.

How can I do this in Odoo?

Pantalla de Ajustes en Odoo 14

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Estoy tocando por primera vez odoo(version odoo 14), investigando las distintas opciones y módulos que tiene y en algún momento se me cambió la pantalla de ajustes que venía por defecto y no se como volver a ella, actuamente tengo la pantalla de ajustes de la foto

orm – model not found in odoo

hay, i have model odoo 12 called hr.expense.advances.approval, this is my code for function

def action_submit(self):
    for adj in self:
        approval = self.env("hr.expense.advances.approval").search((('level', '=', 1)))
        if approval:
            adj.write({'state': 'to_approve', 'requested_user': approval(0), 'level_approval': 1, })
            body = _("Expense Advance Submitted")
            subject = _("Expense Advance")
            self.message_post(body=body, subject=subject, message_type="notification", subtype="mail.mt_comment", )
            raise ValidationError(_("Routing approval not found, please create approval routing or contact admin"))

this is my code for class models:

class HrExpenseAdvancesApproval(models.Model):
_name = "hr.expense.advances.approval"
_description = "HR Expense Approval"

name = fields.Char(string="Description")
level = fields.Integer(string="Level", required=True)
approval_id = fields.Many2one("res.users", string="Approval", required=True)
department_id = fields.Many2one('hr.department', string="Department Name")

Models hr.expense.advances.approval is registered on application like this

enter code here

but when i upgarded module , error like this

enter image description here

python – Error al instalar Odoo desde el código fuente en Windows 10

Es mi primera pregunta y soy bastante nuevo en esto, por eso mis disculpas de antemano.
Estoy instalando Odoo desde el código fuente (no con el instalador) en Windows10. Ya tengo todo configurado, pero al ejecutarlo y crear la base de datos me aparece el siguiente error.

Error al crear la base de datos que se ve en el navegador

Ahora bien, al dirigirme a la consola desde donde lo he ejecutado me aparecen los siguientes errores:

2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: Odoo version 12.0-20200401 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: Using configuration file at C:odoosrcodoo_dev_12setupodoo.conf 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: addons paths: ('c:\users\usuario\appdata\local\openerp s.a\odoo\addons\12.0', 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons', 'c:\odoosrc\odoo_dev_12\odoo\addons', 'C:\odoosrc\odoo_dev_12\odoo\addons') 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,411 10144 INFO ? odoo: database: odoo@localhost:5432 
2021-01-15 13:05:35,627 10144 INFO ? odoo.addons.base.models.ir_actions_report: You need Wkhtmltopdf to print a pdf version of the reports. 
2021-01-15 13:05:36,675 10144 INFO ? odoo.service.server: HTTP service (werkzeug) running on CHRISTIAN-PC1:8069 
2021-01-15 13:06:06,404 10144 INFO ? odoo.http: Generating nondb routing 
2021-01-15 13:06:06,574 10144 INFO None odoo.service.db: Create database `ut4`. 
2021-01-15 13:06:08,366 10144 ERROR None odoo.service.db: CREATE DATABASE failed: 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 58, in _initialize_db
  File "", line 34, in initialize
    for i in odoo.modules.get_modules():
  File "", line 408, in get_modules
  File "", line 401, in listdir
    for it in os.listdir(dir)
FileNotFoundError: (WinError 3) El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada: 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons'
2021-01-15 13:06:08,387 10144 ERROR None odoo.modules.loading: Database ut4 not initialized, you can force it with `-i base` 
2021-01-15 13:06:08,641 10144 INFO ut4 werkzeug: - - (15/Jan/2021 13:06:08) "POST /web/database/create HTTP/1.1" 200 - 13 1.673 0.614
2021-01-15 13:06:35,858 10144 ERROR ut4 odoo.sql_db: bad query: SELECT latest_version FROM ir_module_module WHERE name='base'
ERROR: no existe la relación «ir_module_module»
LINE 1: SELECT latest_version FROM ir_module_module WHERE name='base...

Me he fijado que uno de los errores dice:

FileNotFoundError: (WinError 3) El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada: 'c:\odoosrc\odo_dev_12\odoo\addons'

Y no entiendo porqué me muestra las rutas con doble barra en vez de con una sola barra. ¿Qué tendría que hacer? Me parece que está ahí el error y por eso no me puede crear la base de datos, pero no consigo solucionarlo y que la ruta correcta aparezca con tan solo una barra.

Paso también mi archivo de configuración de Odoo (odoo.conf) por si es útil.

admin_passwd = (contraseña)
db_host = localhost
db_port = 5432
db_user = (usuario)
db_password = (contraseña)
db_name = False
dbfilter = odoo12
log_db = False
log_db_level = warnings
log_handler = :INFO
addons_path = c:odoosrcodo_dev_12odooaddons
list_db = True
log_level = info
#logfile = C:odoosrcodoo_dev_12setupodoo.log

¡Gracias por adelantado!

python – How to add a tree view/ form view symbol next to its header in Odoo V13

I’m migrating the code from V7 to V13, i see the symbol present in V7 is not shown in V13 while migrating. Is this by default or we need to add it from the custom widget.
For eg.,

Image From V7

As per the image in the right corner i see there is a list view and form view symbol.

How can we see the same in V13? I have seen few documents but couldn’t figure it out.

odoo – Postfix: allow unlisted sender only for a specific IP/Application

To avoid backscatter emails, on Postfix I set:

smtpd_reject_unlisted_sender = true

But this prevents the Odoo from sending some particular emails, since it uses some custom aliases as sender:

SMTPRecipientsRefused: {'': (550, b'5.1.0 <>: Sender address rejected:')}

How can I whitelist the Odoo server/app?

LinuxFox VPS Review – 1 year, 4 VPSs, managed Odoo and CWP Pro

Hey everyone! If you are looking for VPS hosting, look no further than LinuxFox. I have already been a customer for a year with 4 VPS accounts with them and I just have to say after being with two others, they deserve this great review for the following reasons :

The Customer Service – Aside from the excellent turn around time even during the pandemic, you can really feel that they care about your issue by going the extra mile and walking you through the solution after fixing it and making sure that you are not left hanging figuring things out by yourself. I remember my last VPS provider that sent me a 12-Page Documentation instead of just fixing the problem with a simple bash command. That there is GOLD. Especially if you are catering to clients like me. You feel confident with your clients knowing they are around.

The CWP Pro Managed VPS and VPS Performance – After a year of being a CWP Pro VPS customer of theirs, I was surprised with the simplicity and flexibility of their CWP Pro VPS. I can safely say that this is the right way to go than cPanel which feels cluttered and expensive compared to CWP Pro. I am also on the other side of the planet where their servers are and so are my clients but their VPS is at par or even little better than my previous VPS and one of them is a NYSE Listed company.

Personal Touch – This is whats important especially for me that sell IT services to my clients. It brings confidence. They value you as a client and make sure that you are satisfied and everything is working. Ofcourse no provider is perfect but the way they handle their client relationship is just excellent.


Albert Diaz

Skylabs | CloudTec Corporation

magento2 – I want to connect odoo 12 to magento 2.3.4

I am a beginner and I need advice [End of studies project]

I want to connect audio 12 to Magento 2.3.4 using the old magenta connector.
It’s possible !!
is it possible with the old Magento connector?

And I found in the documentation a few points that ask me questions for example:

1] Compatible with the latest version of Odoo 8.0 and the latest versions of Magento.

2] I cannot find this path "In the administration panel of Magento, go to System> Web Services> SOAP / XML-RPC – Roles."

Please, if you have an idea, guide me

How to translate fields linked to odoo custom modules? (fields of the model ir.module.module: name, description, summary, …)

I am a module developer of the odoo v10-11-12-13 community and I don't know how to translate the module information from the manifest file which is written in English.
I can see that some base and summary module names are translated in the application list when a language is added, but these translations are written to the base / i18n / … folder.

  • Do I need to modify the base module files to add translations of my custom modules? Or is there another way?
  • How to send these translations with the code base of my module? (aka how can my modules write lines to base / i18n / xx.po files?)

Thank you

How to hide the option Export products in Odoo 13?

I wish to hide the export option of the Sales module and the icon to export everything, section Quote, thanks.