Rename Word Doc in Office 365

How to rename a document in Word (Office 365). Accidentally named a file in Word as "xxxxx 2018" Need to rename it to "xxxx 2019". I've tried RC on the doc but the dropdown does not show the function rename. Have tried Google and found where it says to hover over your mouse, but it does not work. Another also said to look for ellipses (3 points) but it is not there.

ms office – End-of-line and newline issues in an Excel CSV file between 2 Macs

My colleague and I use Macbook Pros on the latest Mac OS.

It exports CSV files from MS Excel for Mac and sends them to me, but when I receive them, I open them in a text editor. There are blank lines on all other lines.

Oddly though when he opens the same file on his machine in the same text editor, he does not see empty lines. Which makes me wonder if there is a setting on his machine.

I know that Windows and Mac handle line ends differently, but we are both on a Mac. And Sublime should be identical on both machines.

When I upload them to our linux server, linux agrees with me (our scripts see empty lines in CSV and should be ignored).

It creates CSV files in UTF-8 format.

office dev pnp – Best way to setup at the site level

I do not know if it will be a duplicate or not – I did a search and I can not find it.

My problem is that I need to add a configuration / custom properties to the sites when they are put into service. This is for example a project reference in which the site is used as a project, as well as a project level indicating whether it is simple. standard or complex (and the latter may change during the project). Many other things on the site, on multiple pages, depend on what has been set in these properties, suggesting leaving them in PropertyBag and writing JS to get them and display them. The examples I've seen use OfficeDevPNP Provisioning to set PropertyBag entries and then map them to page columns, but that means that the values ​​are page-specific and that I need them to be at the page. level of the site. Other pages must have access to the same. values. So I think maybe a list but I can not find any way to fill a list from OfficeDevPNP.

Has anyone had a similar problem? All usable solutions or even just talking points would be useful!

Thank you

sharepoint online – The Office UI Framework Responds to the Commandbar Level 3 Menu Render Problem

I use the Office UI framework reacts in Office 365 – SharePoint to display navigation on 3 levels. It displays the first level, and then click on it. The user can see the second level and onmouseovercof the second level, the third level is filled. I encounter the problem when I add href to the 2nd level, then the 3rd level is not filled and if I delete the href value, the 3rd level menu is filled. Is there a way to overcome this problem or other parameters we can apply to Commandbar?

Multiple Azure AD and Office 365 domains

I have two Active Directory domains ( and in separate cities not located in the same forest. and are synchronized to create separate Azure subscriptions with the help of Azure AD Connect. I'm using the domain for user authentication in this Azure subscription and for website addresses.

I have a single Exchange Server in that accepts's email as an alias for users. ( has a secondary email address of There are also some "e-mail only" domains (no AD) used as aliases. It works well and has for many years.

I now want to migrate my Exchange server to Office 365 E3. I logged in to the Office365 portal and I added my site to my account using the txt registry for a trouble free verification. I've also added the mail domains only. I have not changed the MX records yet.

When I add the domain, the following message is displayed: "We have confirmed that you have, but we can not add it to this hosted client. already added to another Office 365 tenant: "

All I need is the ability to route email to Office365 from I do not really care about AD users in Office365. I've seen this article, but I'm not sure it's getting what I want. Because the client production workload runs on both domains in Azure, I need to understand the implications of any changes made before starting to reconfigure the items.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

[MilesWeb] Microsoft Office 365 Plans | Starting from $ 3.77 / month | Protect your junk mail

An effective tool for your business, digital technologies are changing the way we work. Office 365 is one of them. The era of investing hundreds of dollars on a CD-ROM for installing the Microsoft Office application is over. Cloud-based associations certainly benefit businesses to achieve the goals of the digital workplace in 2018. Office 365 has a suite of fully cloud-based structures. This gives you a head start by offering you many ways to improve the way you and your organization work.

What does Microsoft Office 365 offer you?

  • All applications on the move
  • Online storage
  • Easy to install
  • Shared online calendars
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  • Always up to date
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You will find below the list of Office 365 plans offered by MilesWeb:

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  • Microsoft 24/7 Hotline

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Business Essentials Plan

  • Office online
  • 1TB Cloud Storage (OneDrive for Business)
  • Email, calendar (exchange)
  • Online Meetings, Instant Messaging (Lync)
  • Team sites, internal portals (SharePoint)
  • Social Enterprise (Yammer)
  • 50 GB per size of mailbox
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Skype for businesses
  • Microsoft 24/7 Hotline

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Premium Business Plan

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher
  • iPad, Windows RT and smartphone apps.
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  • Email, calendar (exchange)
  • Online Meetings, Instant Messaging (Lync)
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Windows App – Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 15.0.5101.1002 January 2019 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Operating system and system | Original installation file | x64x86 | 2.62 GB / 2.34 GB
Languages: English | Updated: January 2019

A new version of Microsoft Office 2013 has received an updated interface, which has become more social. It is optimized to work with touch and gestures, stylus, mouse and keyboard. It therefore supports all new Windows-based devices, including tablets. OneNote and Lync are the first applications for Office, like Windows 8, they are perfectly adapted to work on tablets, at your fingertips. By the way, it is claimed that it largely supports Windows 8, including Windows RT.
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Office 2013, which includes new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications, will be installed on devices with ARM-Windows 8, including Microsoft Surface. One of the main features of Office is a close integration with the cloud SkyDrive faylohranilischem. Documents and all settings are stored by default, making it easy to access from any device connected to the network. The content will be available offline and synchronized when reconnecting to the network. Among the social opportunities in the first place, it is worth mentioning the integration with Skype. Skype contacts are built into Lync, allowing you to call or send instant messages. Another function, People Card, allows you to view Facebook and LinkedIn network contact information, including status updates, photos, contact information, and more. extra fly: the new Microsoft Office works with Windows 7 and Windows 8, so the software giant has decided to exclude support for operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. The release of the new Microsoft Office is scheduled for early 2013.

List of Known Changes in Office 15:
• The new interface, which is closer to Metro's concept, flat menu buttons by analogy with Office 15 (or Office 2013 – is the name of the market, is supposed to be in the new package);
• Ability to see comments while reading;
• New possibilities to increase / decrease the font size, alignment, line width and page width, as well as controlling the spacing between paragraphs;
• New "layout" menu on the panel in edit mode.
• Office 2013 does not support working with operating systems from previous generations, with the exception of Windows 7.
• According to the developer's employees, the new version of the office software will support iPad work. The special version will provide users with a tablet "apple" to work in special editions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (remember that OneNote for iPad is already there).
• On ARM plates, Office 15 will be an integral part of Windows RT (a special Winodws 8 assembly for PCs running ARM processors).
• Predictably, an office suite that will integrate with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Hotmail and SkyDrive.
• You can also say that the software publisher is preparing an online platform for third-party Office Marketplace programs.
• In the Office 15 version, Starter Edition was removed, which in practice was not very popular among users. Instead of this edition, it was decided to distribute a 60-day "trial" version of the normal set of Microsoft Office.

Programs included in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013:
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft InfoPath
• Microsoft Lync
• Microsoft OneNote
• Microsoft Outlook
• Microsoft Powerpoint
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft SkyDrive Pro
• Microsoft Visio Viewer
• Microsoft Word
• Shared office functions
• Office tools


Update for Office 2013: January 8, 2019 (KB3172522)
Update for Office 2013: January 8, 2019 (KB4461537)
Update for Outlook 2013: January 8, 2019 (KB4461595)
Update for the 2013 project (KB4461560)
Update for Skype for Business 2015 (Lync 2013) (KB4461557)
Update for Word 2013: January 8, 2019 (KB4461594)

Required configuration:
Computer and Processor: x86 / x64 Processor of 1 GHz or More with SSE2 Instruction Set
Memory: 1 GB of RAM (32 bits) / 2 GB of RAM (64 bits)
Hard Disk: 3.5 GB available hard disk space
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10 graphics card.


Download from UploadGig

Download from Rapidgator

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office 365 – How can I create a direct link to a slide in a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint Online 365?

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document library – SharePoint 2010: Solution for MS Office Protocol URL Schema?

One of my clients is still running SharePoint 2010 on site, so opening documents from an MS Office applications library only works with IE and ActiveX controls embedded in it. SP2010.

As SharePoint 2013 and later have a backup mechanism that allows non-IE browsers to use MS Office URI schemas (ms-word :, ms-excel: etc.), I wondered if there was a possibility (is there an SP solution like?) to have that in SharePoint 2010 too.

office 365 – Unable to disconnect from O365 after "Keep me connected"

Maybe not really a SharePoint issue, but maybe someone has been confronted with that …
Log in to SharePoint Online from O365 with an MS (X-Forms Authentication) account with the "Leave me disconnected" flag from a native C ++ application (Internet Explorer WinInet).
Now, any request to SharePoint is made without asking for authentication. Nothing helped:

  1. Sending GET at
  2. Send GET to
  3. erase WinInet cookies with InternetSetOptionW (nullptr,
  4. search for credentials stored in Credential Manager

Does anyone know what request to send to log out?