Office 365 – (PnP Powershell) Note type fields appear to be empty when version control is enabled

First of all, if you really get nothing when you examine $SourceListItems(0)("Diagnosi"), you may have to say Get-PnPListItem to retrieve this column for you. Depending on the number of columns in the list, Get-PnPListItem may not bring back all the fields you want, so it's safer to just specify the fields you need, for example: $SourceListItems = Get-PnPListItem -List $SourceListName -Fields "Diagnosi".
See also example # 7 on the documentation for Get-PnPListItem.

Second, and probably the biggest problem, when "Add changes to existing text" is set to a multiline text field, SharePoint does not add anything to the text field, it always overwrites and saves the value as ; usual. The user interface just makes a behind-the-scenes trick to go through the version history of this element and display the different iterations of this field on the page.

So you will basically have to do the same thing in your code:

$appendedTextValue = ""
foreach($ver in $SourceListItems(0).Versions)
    #Print the user who modified the version.
    $author = $ver("Editor")
    $authorObj = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldUserValue($web, $author)
    $authorDisplayName = $authorObj.User.DisplayName
    if ($ver("Diagnosi") -ne $null) {
        $appendedTextValue += $authorDisplayName +"(" + $ver("Created") + ")" + "`n" + $fld.GetFieldValueAsText($ver($col)) + "`n`n"

Office 365 – Find a Microsoft team link connected to a SharePoint site

The only way I found using the user interface in the SharePoint site was to click on the site title, then scroll through the pop-up that appears and under "Applications", click on "Teams" to get a link to navigate to the actual team.

I tinkered and bit and found that you can link using the F12 development tools which can get you the same link as above.

Use the console tab, paste it and hit enter. Copy the returned link into a new browser tab and you will find the link in the property called MicrosoftTeams.TeamHomeURL.

_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/SP.Directory.DirectorySession/Group('" + _spPageContextInfo.groupId + "')?$select=teamsResources";

MS Office 365 Word creates excess blocks in RTF

I create and edit 2 RTF files. In each of them, I write the word "test", then I make the font in bold (first "te", then "st" in two steps)

  1. Open office

rtf blocks result:

    babrtlch ltrchlochlang1033 test

size: 2 KiB

text: test

  1. MS Office 365 Word

rtf blocks result:

    rtlchfcs1 af31507 ltrchfcs0
    hichaf31506dbchaf31505lochf31506 te
    hichaf31506dbchaf31505lochf31506 st

size: 42 KiB

text: test

(it duplicates the section " hich af31506 dbch af31505 loch f31506" with the same format. WHY ???)

Tell me, what is the reason for such redundancy in MS Word?
Is it possible to optimally export an RTF file via Word?

MS Word software for Mac (Office 365)

How can I change the text in the hyperlinks to make it the default blue text underlined that it was?

keyboard – Mac Air 2015 with MS office for Mac

Today, I updated MS Office on my Mac Air. 5 updates. I went to use Word and I had to repeat a single letter for a few lines on my new document. Could not do it, I had to type the same letter one by one. A pin. On my Windows laptop, I can hold any letter key and it will stay forever. There is a setting somewhere that I cannot find that allows you to repeat the key for as long as you want on the document. Cannot find this parameter. Please help … thank you.

remote office services – RDP conditional transmission

Can anyone help me with this scenario?

I have some external clients who need to access a remote desktop session, but these servers are not directly exposed to the Internet. They are connected to an OpenVPN server, which will connect to the appropriate server based on the host name provided by the client.

For example:
Let's talk about "client001".
It will put the appropriate host name, such as in the RDP client, and the server will process this information, and to the server, i.e. the correct server owned by client001 Corp.

What solution / structure should I use on this server to receive and forward connections to the appropriate server?

Here is an image illustrating this scenario:
RDP port forwarding scenario

Office 365 – Aspx page does not open in modern SharePoint Online team site

We have an aspx page uploaded to the document library with basic html tags (including html and body tag). when we try to open the aspx page, it redirects to the page /_layouts/15/download.aspx

we also tried the setting – use default server (open in browser) / open in browser in advanced library settings and tried to download aspx page using download option instead of dragging & Drop.

Isn't it pointless to remove Trump when he is not removed from office?

Yeahhhhhhhh, in the same way that it was useless to remove Clinton, when you knew damn well that you did not have the votes to withdraw him ……… but that did you -he stops?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ………………… I remember that all these noble speeches about you MUST do your constitutional duty anyway.

Do you remember all this? You can even find many of the PATRIOTIC speeches from the same sleazebags that refuse to indict Trump 10 times more.

God, when it comes to hypocrisy …….. the greatest hypocrites on the PLANET are Republicans.

How to fix Microsoft Office installer error 1324? – SEO help (general chat)

You may receive the following errors when installing Microsoft Office XP, 2002 or 2003.

"Error 1324. The folder path‘ UserName / All Users' contains an invalid character. "
"Error 1324. The folder path" FullFolderPath "contains an invalid character."

Errors like these appear when we don't have valid characters in the Windows registry.

These error messages are generated if there are incorrect entries in the Windows Registry. The Windows registry is an essential component of the operating system. This is the reason why you should be very careful when modifying the registry of your computer. Always create a folder before modifying your registry.

Correction of Microsoft Office 1324 installation error
To fix error 1324 in the registry, you need to locate all instances of the invalid character reported in the message and replace it with a correct character. More details below

a] Start >> Run >> type regedit and press Enter
b] Now, in the Registry Editor, click on the Edit menu and select Search
c] Type here the invalid character indicated in the Search box and click on the Next search button
d] You can now detect an invalid string, change it to correct one and press F3 to continue searching the registry
e] Here, use the Find command to replace all instances of invalid characters with the correct character in the registry
f] Exit the registry editor
g] Restart your system
h] Install the office

As mentioned above, the Windows registry is a very sensitive part of the operating system. If you make direct changes to your registry you should be very careful because if you made a bad entry it would ruin your entire system

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