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dnd 5th – Would it be possible to assign a dragon to CR27 using only official material and variants (Dragon of Shadow / Dracolich, innate spell casting, etc.)?

The ancient gold dragons and the old red dragons have a CR of 24. This means that if you were to have such an dragon of the innate variety of spell-casting dragons (MM, 86), they could know the spells up to # 39, at the 8th level. I wonder if it would be possible to get a dragon up to CR27 (to give him access to level 9 spells) using only official hardware and variant rules.

According to my calculations, a former golden dragon has a defensive CR of 25 and an offensive CR of 22 or 23, which gives him an average CR of 24. To get an average CR of 27, the easiest route would be the easiest. probably by increasing its OCR because it has room for improvement. To get it in CR27, its OCR should be at least 28. The Old Gold Dragon enjoys a +2 bonus to its OCR because of its exceptionally high attack bonus , which means that its damage must be equivalent to that of CR26. , which corresponds to 231-248 damage per round on average during the first three rounds of combat.

As far as I know, making dragon a Dragon-Shadow or Dracolich does not significantly increase its damage. The weapon of the breath of a shadow dragon is more lethal because it kills instantly after leaving a character at 0, but I do not know how to quantify it.

Is there a selection of level 1 to 8 spells that can be assigned to a dragon to get its OCR up to 28? Or is there another way to get a CR27 dragon that I forget?

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Hello Lennon

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Yes, you have a lot of choices when it comes to your shoe stores. You can even visit major local outlets such as Wal-Mart or Target. However, it is important to understand that while these types of places offer some affordable shoe solutions, they are usually not of high quality and tend to fall apart quickly and easily.

If you are looking for reliable, comfortable and even affordable shoes, you have to find the right shoe store. This can be a relatively easy task. However, this can also be difficult, depending on the type of shoes you are looking for. If you have special needs in shoes, it will be a little more difficult. For example, if you have foot problems or if you can not find a regular shoe store, you will need to find a specialty shoe store.

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The ANTA brand was established in 1991, while ANTA Sports Products Limited, a leading sportswear company in China, was listed on the HKEx board of directors in 2007 (stock code: 2020.HK) . For many years, ANTA Sports has been mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of the ANTA sportswear series in order to supply the mass market in China with professional sports products, including footwear, clothes and accessories.