lightning network – I’ve been reading about “loop in” and it seems to be like a one-way offline channel, is that correct?

I would not recommend the notion of a one way offline channel. Historically one way channels could have been build for a long time by offering new signatures for spending an output of a 2-2 wallet to the 2nd party in which more and more btc of the consumed input are given to the 2nd party. The second party naturally has an incentive to publish the latest of such tx.

Loop is more like a submarine swap. With loop in you request to get some balance on a payment channel to your side.

Let us assume you have a payment channel with 0.1 btc capacity but all the money is on your partners side. However you would like to add some funds to your side without rebalancing your channels or opening a new channel.

In order to achieve that you could create an invoice with a payment hash. A person might be willing to pay that invoice on lightning if you reimburse that person on chain. The question that loop solves is to make this process trustless.

You make an onchain btc tx to that person but encumber a second output which goes back to you with a timelock. The output that can be claimed by that person can only be claimed if the preimage of your payment hash is presented. This works directly before the timelock expires.

Now there are two cases. Either the person pays your invoice and receives a preimage and can be sure to get reimbursed. Or if the person does not pay the invoice you can reclaim your btc after the timelock. Noone needs to trust the other side.

What I don’t know is if trezor allows to sign such a timelocked / special transaction and how the trezor api works. However I don’t see any reason why it would not support signing such a transaction.

vue.js – ¿Cómo descargar SPA websites para uso offline?

Acostumbro descargar sitios con la aplicación Httrack para uso offline puesto que no dispongo buena conexion a internet,necesito bajar toda la documentación de pero el Httrack la ve vacía como a otros tantos sitios SPA que he intentado descargar. ¿Hay alguna forma o programa que sea capaz de procesar estos sitios?

WordPress wp_safe_remote_get() in offline – Stack Overflow

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sharepoint online – Offline SP365 aspx page

User is on a mobile device and needs to access a JavaScript application when the device loses internet connection (elevator, basement, etc).

I’m using service workers to cache my files, and plan on handling data with local storage. When the connection is reestablished the app checks local storage and updates accordingly.

Question is when I turn off the internet the .aspx page doesn’t load the cached version. Is this achievable with service workers and a local storage, or is there a more sharepoint way of doing this?

I don’t have access to powershell.

data compression – What are some good resources out there to help me build an online and offline file converter?

I’m hoping to build both an online and offline file converter (upload a file, convert it to some other specified format, download the new format) as a project. Are there any resources that experienced programmers/hackers/computer scientists recommend? Much appreciated.

Offline Windows XP registry editor that can delete branches

I'm having trouble removing HKLM System CurrentControlSetXYZ branches from an offline Windows XP 32-bit registry. The tools I have tried are either a required installation (which I'm not sure is possible when using a BartPE CD – I honestly haven't tried it, now that i think), or they just refuse the capacity / access (like reg. exe did).

Anyone know of a tool that meets these criteria?

unity – How do mobile games steadfastly implement time gates? Is this possible in offline games?

I'm thinking of wearing my game on google play, and he would be free to play with time gates which can be disabled if you watch an ad.

What are the ways to implement a uncontrollable shutdown time?

  • it is possible without internet connection? If yes, how?

  • If not, is there a way to implement it without personalized backend, using Google Play services?

Where should I care about all this? Because…

  • he does not affect other players

  • Most of the public couldn't do it either way, and if the game stays small, the hacks couldn't really spread.

  • So maybe I should just let them hack these time gates, it's a marginal loss of income.

What do you think

Drupal 8 – Mobile application to download the magazine and make it offline

First of all, this is not completely related to Drupal but is actually looking for the best possible option.

I'm in the process of creating a Drupal 8 website that will contain magazines (for example, Economist). The website will have iOS and Android apps using the REST API provided by Drupal 8.
The magazines will be listed in the mobile apps and users will be able to read the magazines.
A magazine will contain several pages such as a table of contents, articles, poems, etc.

So the problem I am facing is that the app should be able to download a magazine and use it offline without the internet. I thought about rendering the magazines in web view in the app. Does this allow you to download the entire magazine (List of HTML files) and provide offline reading?

Is there a better way to do this? Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? If more details are needed, please mention.

Strato VPS mainly offline since April 16, need urgent help

Strato VPS mainly offline since April 16, needs urgent help | Web Talk Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; droite & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Strato VPS mainly offline since April 16, need urgent help

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to contact Strato in case of an emergency? I send them an email through website and try to contact in Facebook chat. But no answer.
    Since the planned maintenance of Strato on April 16, my VPS is generally always offline. I feel sad to see my customers leave and I cannot explain how long and why their online store and their mail do not work I feel very sad and I need urgent support to at least secure my data. In addition, my backups on Strato are not accessible. Any help or suggestion is therefore welcome. Thank you!

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sql server – How to install the powershell sqlserver module on an offline machine?

This is how I did it, I got information from several articles online, like this, and this

I am very grateful for the people who made these items available.

So, looking on another computer (which has Internet access), make sure that the NuGet package is installed and explore this folder, we can see:

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

So if we copy this DLL to the machine without Internet access and store it in the same folder structure, make sure to close and reopen your Powershell ISE program.

If now you try again install-module -name sqlserver you will always receive a message on a necessary repository

enter description of image here

then the error message below

enter description of image here

So it is better to manually download the sqlserver module package currently from here.

To download manually, click Download raw nupkg file. A copy of
the package is copied to the download folder of your browser with the
name ..nupkg.

there are some instructions here:

  1. Download the module on a system that has Internet access from here
  2. This will download a file in .nupkg format. Rename the folder to a .zip extension.
  3. Copy the zip folder to any location on the target server (in my case c:sql_install and unzip it to a folder – rename the folder to sqlserver
  4. go to powershell and run the following script:

    $ env: PSModulePath

enter description of image here

  1. from the above result you can see my way, and based on that, I copied the sqlserver file – of 2 at the following locations:

C: Program Files WindowsPowerShell Modules;

C: Windows system32 WindowsPowerShell v1.0 Modules;

C: Program Files> (x86) Microsoft SQL Server 130 Tools PowerShell Modules

  1. Close and reopen ish PowerShell (still as administrator)

  2. check in the PowerShell -> Modules – if sqlserver is there:

enter description of image here

  1. If this is not the case – then something went wrong – otherwise you should now be able to execute

    Import-Module sqlserver

  2. and as I test in PowerShell:

    Get-SqlAgent -ServerInstance my_server_name

enter description of image here

if it worked well, you're ready to go.

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