SP Online: "Search and Offline Availability" setting missing under Site Settings

This is a very strange problem, I had the habit of having the option of & # 39; Offline Search & Availability & # 39; under Site Settings, but suddenly, it disappeared.

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Site: SharePoint online

Authorization: Site Collection Administrator and Site Owner

A reason for this behavior?

Why is Apple sending a check to an offline iPad?

I was trying to reset my Apple ID password on PC. Apple sent a check on my iPad, which is disconnected from iCLoud and iTunes. Why is that? I thought that after disconnecting my iPad, Apple should send him no verification.

SP Online: search and offline availability not visible under Site Settings [I am Site Admin]

This is a very strange problem, I had the habit of having the option of & # 39; Offline Search & Availability & # 39; under Site Settings, but suddenly, it disappeared.

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Site: SharePoint online

Authorization: Site Collection Administrator and Site Owner

A reason for this behavior?

How can I perform an offline update of a new Windows 2012 R2 server?

Start with KB2919442, the March 2014 Maintenance Stack Update for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Then you need to install KB2919355, the update of April 2014, which is a package consisting of six separate updates and an update tool. These must be installed in the following order:

  • clearcompressionflag.exe
  • KB2919355
  • KB2932046
  • KB2959977
  • KB2937592
  • KB2938439
  • KB2934018

You can then install the latest update of the maintenance stack, as shown in ADV990001.

Finally, install the latest monthly update rollup, as shown in KB4009470 – check the list of updates in the left margin; the last total should be at the top of the list.

[FREE] WSO 851769 [OFFLINE] NEW! KEY LETTERS FROM POWER DOLLARS – October 4 Launch | NewProxyLists

Sales page:


Direct download page:

Hidden content:

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ssms – "Unable to open the default user database. The connection failed" after changing the MDF and LDF locations and bringing the database offline

I was trying to move my database to a separate hard drive from the server. I therefore ran the following commands in the following order (I was following the following question: How to change the location of the SQL Server 2012 database already configured with a merge replication):

use master;
MODIFY FILE (NAME = db_name, 
     FILENAME = 'E:Datadb_name.mdf');
MODIFY FILE (NAME = db_name_log, 
     FILENAME = 'E:Datadb_name_log.ldf');

Here is where my error occurred: I made one of the following errors or both:

  • I may have entered the wrong Name parameter above (would the mdf / ldf files be deleted in this case?)

… and or …

  • I also did not do step 2 of the answer mentioned above (Stop log reader agent, distribution and merge agent (if they are running).

Then I put the database offline:

alter database db_name set offline

Now, when I try to connect to the database server, I get the error described in this question.
How can I remedy this? Do I need the login sa? Or is there anything else I can do?

Thank you.

Other users can not connect to the database either and get the same error. Have I really corrupted the master db one way or another?

I've researched the causes of this error and they all seem to indicate the need to restore access by using its connection or something similar.

my imperfect offline strategy!

I've tried doing it a little differently ..
my offline approach was this ..
I've built a site and ranked it based on some key words that interest the local market. but none of these service sites ranked ..

I told myself that instead of offering SEO to existing businesses, it would be better if I could rank for this and start earning money for advertising on my site. I thought it would be a longer solution. lol

Unfortunately, I came across a roadblock when I was able to find advertisers for the most wanted ads …

my imperfect offline strategy!

Offline leads to online customers – ideas?

I'm trying to find ways to contact business owners who are not present on the web. The offer is a B2B service. At this stage of development, it must only cost time. It will only take 8 to 10 sales to make the paid advertising possible.

Now, search yellow pages lists online, check that the company does not have a website, and then call them is a method to my knowledge. However, it is often difficult to reach the current owner, and the best is to convince him to spend his precious time listening to your presentation.

Thus, companies calling cold is an available method. The truth is, I find it hard to imagine asking my mother to do it. She will work on generating leads from her home while I work … well, everything else including product delivery, SEO, market research, analytics, social media marketing … well, you get the picture.

As a business, free ads in Classified Shopper papers are not an option to my knowledge. Anyone I have seen is free only for people trying to sell an item or two. Are there free print ads somewhere? Free online ads will not be seen by business owners without a website.

Locally, mom, as a representative of the company, could introduce themselves, introduce themselves and present the company, give printed materials (it costs money but supplies are available for 200 small packages of information) and encourage the owner to visit the site. site, write to me, call me if she has questions, etc. This could generate specific tracks. People in my parent's generation tend to prefer face-to-face communication and personal attention. However, I would like to establish a commercial history before becoming local. I live in an urban area more than an hour's drive from a real city. The reputation sticks here like feathers on the tar.

These are the only two free offline cash marketing methods I know. I looked for related information but I arrived empty.

So, I turn to you. Someone has ideas or experience?

Let me say that I've read Dr. P's message on how he attracts people to generate leads for his offline activities. This method is great! I plan to use this idea after a few months of operation. My company is not mature yet. There is a lack of maturity at this stage.

I am interested in learning about other offline marketing strategies. I will also have to consider, research and plan paid advertising. As I said, it will not take a lot of sales to open the budget to low cost marketing.

This is an internet marketing setup that will work best by attracting customers off the street, so to speak.

I would love this forum section to be busy and full of activity. I can hope, anyway.

Thank you.

Yeah! Another good offline method!




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how to develop mobile applications with python and javascript that work entirely offline?

The idea is even simpler than the question itself: use the application logic in python and use a web view to create the layout. reason? all i know, is django, html, css and bootstrap, besides having all the logic ready and functional with the python modules. Other than that, I do not have internet all the time to use api at ease. thanks in advance for your help, thanks: 3