firewalls – Discussion of architecture options for offline update of Linux machines in a vertically separated network

My colleague and I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of two potential architectural options, and I would like to hear comments on the best options and why.

First, a description of the environment: We have a network segmented vertically into several levels. Level A corresponds to our level of Internet access, with a firewall controlling access limits of level A to the Internet and vice versa. We then have level B which is separated with a firewall controlling access to level A. Then we have level C which is separated with a firewall controlling access to level B. Therefore , level C is more reliable than level B, which is more reliable than level A.

In order to reduce the volume of firewall traffic and tighten the firewall rules associated with what can communicate between levels, we decided to set up a ubuntu mirror at each level, from which machines at this level will be updated (for example, Update Machine B from Level B Repository, Update Level C Machine from Level C Repository, etc.)

Now the options:

Option 1: Create a mirror on Level A that mirrors mirror from, then create a mirror on level B that reflects in the A-level mirror, and then create a mirror on level B that matches the mirror of level B.

Option 2: Create a mirror on Level B, which reflects Mirror from, and then create a mirror on levels A and C, both of which are updated from the B-level mirror.

We have both discussed the pros and cons of these methods, as well as our justifications for both options, but I do not wish to introduce bias. I will not publish our justifications for one or the other of these two options.

Thank you very much.

installing the compiler c on an offline machine

I am new to Ubuntu. I program for years physics and rendering logic for PC games in c, c ++ and opengl windows. I can not use Windows anymore and I try Linux. I want to continue the development using linux. I'm learning about Ubuntu Studio (the latest version), but my PCs working on development are completely offline machines. always. I need to install a c compiler and a linker to compile from sources, but I can not find an install program or an offline package for gcc or any other solution. I can not use "software center" or "sudo apt get …" because it is only an offline machine. I need to get some sort of offline package or installer and transfer it between machines via USB stick to install it on my offline workstation. I came to Ubuntu to free myself from Windows OS and the imposed design paradigm online, but all the advice I find is to use "sudo apt get …". Ubuntu seems to be more and more dependent on the Internet than Windows. I am here to stay and learn though.
Does anyone know any installation solutions? if not, would it be possible to create a basic c99 compiler from scratch using terminal commands? because then I could compile another official compiler c or c ++ and create tools to resume work officially. Thank you for your time. I appreciate you all.

Offline mobile data or wait time while hotspot is running

How can I solve the following situation:

  • during mobile data, my phone is often overrun or the status of Chrome is disconnected
  • while my laptop connected via hotspot has no problem

My phone indicates complete connectivity and the presence of 4G.

This leads to my assumption that a malicious configuration or application would flood the local network stack on my phone.

Is there a way to diagnose this more? I really want to find my mobile data connectivity!

Phone: Lenovo P2.
OS: Android 7.

Guide Me to Easily Solve the Problem of Offline Brother Printers – Everything Else

In order to keep my Brother printer working and under the right conditions, I want to solve it. Brother printer offline problem. I'm looking for a reliable support that can guide me to eliminate this error easily. Someone, help me please find this service provider who can provide me the results that I want the most.

offline transactions – Bitcoin Core signing with the help of signrawtransactionwithkey returns null

I'm trying to sign a transaction to spend funds from a multisig address 3 out of 7.

signrawtransactionwithkey 0200000001df84bf87bee6e5ef37252bee0aefffff01570400000000000017a914ab7810c333815366e268a8e21cdd516a73e353348700000000 "(   "L19iWVPKJLUm316JUSwuKanZ1aUNk",
    "txid": "a9d4599e15b53f3eb56bda871e8b34f2f430c",
    "vout": 0,
    "scriptPubKey": "a9142371a0f091d72061f52b3a87",
    "redeemScript": "53210386c5bb843616d7e504997778707701b5245904a48d0e2e7b64e0fe346bee975d321023bd5cef26304c25450933da1dd50d6d39625ae8154319e14884c76b0300336a22102ed48db7649ae65433f6c46bbdbf143927411c9c12878f85b64815183a458b5ea210379371734a424889ded7f8de018d7e4c6f1ce7196980c80e9d6f3bb748668415d2102051d068ac8dee4aa46af230ea46d96a860c4c65f000831e748b866ffdfb74f3d21029c7cc1f53494ae3ce3f44adbdf9bee34ce5f8e70cb099b9c72ba31f71cf1617c57ae",
    "amount": "0.00001234"

I've redacted some of the private keys, etc. – although there are only a few sats, so if someone guessed that he is taking advantage of it, enjoy it.

The answer I get is "null" instead of the expected output of signrawtransaction (including the signed transaction).

is offline navigation bad for SEO?

I know that "how many times people visit a page have a positive effect on SEO", so what about PWA with offline browsing?

Suppose we have an article about our PWA. If a user uses the cached article multiple times on different days, it can not be tracked because it is offline. So, what about SEO that has a factor of how many people have visited this page? and how long do they spend in this page?

Portfolio – If I send a BTC to an offline cold storage, does the transaction in the blockchain appear when I send it or when I receive it or not at all?

It seems that you misunderstand how Bitcoin transactions work.

Transactions are not things that are sent directly to the recipient. The recipient does not have to be online to receive Bitcoin because it has nothing to do to acknowledge receipt of a transaction. Instead, when you Bitcoin someone, the transaction you create is transmitted to the entire Bitcoin network. That the recipient receives the transaction is irrelevant.

Once the transaction is broadcast on the Bitcoin network, a minor must include it in a block and become part of the blockchain. Being included in a block means that the transaction has been "confirmed". Although it is not in a block, it is "unconfirmed".

If the recipient is offline when the transaction is served and the transaction confirms (that is, it is included in a block) when it is offline, it will see the transaction in the blockchain during synchronization.

So, in your example, the transaction will be broadcast on the network and a minor will include your transaction in a block. It does not appear in the blockchain when you send it, but it will appear there shortly thereafter. Whether your cold storage portfolio is offline or online does not matter, because the recipient has nothing to do to receive Bitcoin.

Blocked browsers usually listen to the Bitcoin network for unconfirmed transactions. So, as soon as they receive your unconfirmed transaction, they will make it searchable. If they do not see it, once it is in a block and they receive the block containing it, they will also display it.

repository – unable to extract updated packages from a local mirror of ubuntu offline repo

I am trying to create an offline package repo for Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
I have a repo served on a small web service, and my sources.list updated to use my local copy. my sources.list contains the following

deb xenial main universe multiverse restricted
deb xenial-updates main universe multiverse restricted
deb xenial-security main universe multiverse restricted

For example, I try to update the version of perl installed locally. The currently installed version is 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 and the version of the Packages and Repository file is 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.6.
apt update manages to find the Package.gz file containing this package, but when I make a list of apt –upgradeable or apt perl upgrade, I am told that the latest version is installed.
What do I miss?

Are newspaper inserts a great way to offline marketing?

With the decline in newspaper sales, I would suggest you contact other people with inserts and ask them what their return on investment is. You can also find out if they get a good return on their investment if they continue to place the flyers! I'm not sure what a "limited auto insurance license" is, but consider creating a newsletter with good tips that will help your target customers and ALWAYS be sure to include your contact information and the reasons for which you can help them. Send them to everyone you know! Also think of other creative ways to get your name. Think differently and you will stand out. After receiving a few clients, it is time to work so much in their favor to make them happy that word of mouth advertising begins. Good luck getting those customers!

Offline method with ringtones | Money maker talk

Create a special ringtone card that looks smooth, trendy, sexy, trendy, modern and appealing to the youngest. Make it look great, but of course, you will have to put your ringing domain on the ringing special card. If you give this look an ugly and unorganized appearance, it will not work as well.

Okay, do you have the design? When you format it, make sure to get 8 to 10 cards per page. Fine, print these fuckers at printers in your city, I'm sure there are many. Now you will have them laminated. After that, cut them one by one with precision.

Try to find high school students and high school students (maybe someone who plays in the football team, or the cheerleaders or the school president) and ask them to circulate this information in all schools.

This can work with these cushion offers as teens really like them now, of course, on your ringing domain. Make sure you use it well and give it free air. This will really increase and the conversions, of course, on the map

Now, alternatively, you can do what I currently do, namely buy ads in schools, it will be a lot cheaper and give a few dollars for it to be posted on the newsletter the link your so-called incredibly cool ringtone club free.