magento2 – Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty Magento 2.4

I’m creating basic Module call CustomApplication also I’ve create a table call vendor_application. When I try to submit my form I get this error Warning.

Illegal offset type in isset or empty in
C:xampphtdocsmagento_newvendormagentoframeworkDataObject.php on
line 191

Here’s my codes :


namespace MKFCustomApplicationControllerIndex;

use MagentoFrameworkAppActionContext;
use MagentoFrameworkViewResultPageFactory;
use MKFCustomApplicationModelFormModel;
use MagentoFrameworkControllerResultFactory;
use MagentoFrameworkAppActionAction;

class Submit extends Action
    protected $resultPageFactory;
    protected $FormModel;

    public function __construct(
        Context $context,
        PageFactory $resultPageFactory,
        FormModel $FormModel
        $this->resultPageFactory = $resultPageFactory;
        $this->FormModel = $FormModel;

    public function execute()

        // print_r($this->getRequest()->getPost());

        // exit();

        try {
            $data = (array)$this->getRequest()->getPost();

            //print_r($data); exit();

            if ($data) {
                $model = $this->_FormModel->create();
                $this->messageManager->addSuccessMessage(__("Data Saved Successfully."));
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            $this->messageManager->addErrorMessage($e, __("We can't submit your request, Please try again."));
        $resultRedirect = $this->resultFactory->create(ResultFactory::TYPE_REDIRECT);
        return $resultRedirect;



namespace MKFCustomApplicationModel;

use MagentoFrameworkModelAbstractModel;
use MagentoFrameworkModelResourceModelDbAbstractDb;
class FormModel extends AbstractModel
    protected function _construct()


namespace MKFCustomApplicationModelResourceModel;

use MagentoFrameworkModelResourceModelDbAbstractDb;

class VendorApplication extends AbstractDb
    protected function _construct()
        $this->_init('vendor_application', 'id');


namespace MKFCustomApplicationModelResourceModelVendorApplicationController;

use MagentoFrameworkModelResourceModelDbCollectionAbstractCollection;

class Collection extends AbstractCollection
    protected function _construct()
        $this->_init('MKFCustomApplicationModelFormModel', 'MKFCustomApplicationModelResourceModelVendorApplication');

Folder Structure

    |-- Index
    |---|-- Index.php
    |---|-- Submit.php
    |-- ResourceModel
    |---|-- VendorApplicationController
    |-------|-- Collection.php
    |---|-- VendorApplication.php
    |-- FormModel.php

Thanks in advance.

How to determine offset bits when addressing CPU cache?

I know that the offset is based off of the line size for a cache. I have seen the example: "32-btye line size would use the last 5-bits (i.e. 25) off the address as the offset into the line" but I do not understand the process used to determine this.

views – Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in Errors.php

  • When I visit my site, it looks just fine.
  • After I enter the valid credentials and click login, I get a blank page but URL shows Even though, I get a blank page, I assume I logged in.
  • I can access admin panel and able to click all the buttons (structure, config, report, etc.)
  • While logged in, I click the home link to go to home page but I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in
…/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Utility/Error.php on line 122

Notice: Undefined index: file in …/core/includes/ on line

Notice: Undefined index: line in …/core/includes/ on line

I can send you Error.php and files if you would like to see it.

I was working in views contextual filter which caused the above issue. In views contextual filter, I had “Provide a default value” selected and I changed it to “display all results…”. Then my site got broken.

enter image description here

How can I fix the above errors?

magento2.4.2 – Exception #0 : Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in ../Calendar.php PHP 7.4

I did a new installation of Magento 2.4.2 (PHP 7.4.3). There were no errors during the installation.
The ShopURL is running.
The backend login also works.
After I switched the backend to German, the following error message occurs:

"Exception #0 (Exception): Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /myPath2project/shop/vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/Html/Calendar.php on line 114"

Where could I start to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance
Greetings heiko

(1/1) ErrorException Undefined offset: 0

when I want to show a record from my database I get the error

when I want to show a record from my database I get the error and I don’t know why:

it says this:

(1/1) ErrorException
Undefined offset: 0

this is my controller

this is my controller

Find offset and page number given paged virtual memory address

I ran into this question in class:
Assume a machine that is 64-bit and has 8GB memory. They use a paged virtual memory where the page size is 4KB. You run the following program:

int main() {
   int *ptr = malloc(16);
   printf("%pn", ptr);
   return 0;

and get output:

We’re to find the virtual page number of the address and the offset.

What I’m thinking is that I first convert that to binary, figure out how many bits and which bits represent the address/offset.

But I’m not sure how to figure out the latter. How can I determine which bits in the address correspond to which?

I’d really love some guidance

google sheets – ReferenceError: OFFSET is not defined

When running the function:

function updateCells() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var spreadsheetSummary = ss.getSheetByName('Summary');
  const range = spreadsheetSummary.getDataRange()
  const values = range.getDisplayValues()
  const transposeCheck = values(0).map((_, iCol) => => row(iCol)).some(cell => cell))
  var countBoolean = transposeCheck.filter(Boolean).length + 1
  var spreadsheetCommunityGroups = ss.getSheetByName('Community Groups');
  var cellValueCommunityGroups = spreadsheetCommunityGroups.getRange('A12').getValue();
  var summaryCommunityGroups = OFFSET('B'+countBoolean, 0, 1);

I receive the error ReferenceError: OFFSET is not defined.

windows – The image on my HP envy notebook is now offset on the display.. How do I fix that?

My 5 year old HP Envy notebook, running windows 10, has suddenly developed a fault in that the image is now offset on the screen. The image has shifted 2.5cm to the right, and dropped by 5cm. Trying to drag the image back into place by clicking on the edge does not work. Also, because the image has shifted to the right means that the ‘maximise image’ icon (top right corner on display) is no longer visible, so I can’t use that. The fact that I am a technophobe is also not helping.

regex – Grabbing resolution and offset from xrandr

(using GNU sed)

I want to grab some output from xrandr and leave out everything but the resolution and offset.


eDP1 connected 1366x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 290mm x 160mm
   1366x768      60.02*+
   1280x720      59.74  
   640x360       59.84    59.32    60.00  
HDMI1 connected primary 2560x1440+1366+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 610mm x 350mm
   3840x2160     30.00 +  25.00    24.00    29.97    23.98  
   2560x1440     59.95* 
   720x400       70.08

Desired output:


This is my current command:

xrandr | sed -e '/^ /d' -e 's/.*(<.*x(0-9)*+(0-9)*+(0-9)*).*/1/'

The first expression deletes all the lines that begin with spaces, leaving

eDP1 connected 1366x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 290mm x 160mm
HDMI1 connected primary 2560x1440+1366+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 610mm x 350mm

Then the second expression find the resolution/offset and throws away everything else.

How could I make the regex cleaner?

wp search-replace on database returns PHP fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

So I need to setup a client website locally for improvements. I’m trying to search and replace any instances of the live site’s name/url and replace it with a development one.

When I run the command:

wp search-replace '' '' --all-tables --precise --verbose

I get the following error:

PHP Fatal error:  Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /path_to_project/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/common.php on line 4181
PHP Stack trace:
PHP   1. {main}() /usr/local/bin/wp:0
PHP   2. include() /usr/local/bin/wp:4
PHP   3. include() phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/php/boot-phar.php:11
PHP   4. WP_CLIbootstrap() phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/wp-cli.php:27
PHP   5. WP_CLIBootstrapLaunchRunner->process($state = class WP_CLIBootstrapBootstrapState { private $state = () }) phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/bootstrap.php:74
PHP   6. WP_CLIRunner->start() phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/WP_CLI/Bootstrap/LaunchRunner.php:23
PHP   7. WP_CLIRunner->load_wordpress() phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/WP_CLI/Runner.php:1158
PHP   8. require() phar:///usr/local/bin/wp/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/WP_CLI/Runner.php:1237
PHP   9. include_once() /path_to_project/wp-settings.php:371
Error: There has been a critical error on your website.Learn more about debugging in WordPress. There has been a critical error on your website.

I get that as the error says, curly braces are deprecated and need to be replaces with square braces. If I go to the file specified and change them over the search and replace progresses until it runs into the issue again. Obviously manually changing every occurrence of this error isn’t really an option however as it would take days.

Is there a fix to this that I haven’t spotted?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been on the desk for awhile!