sharepoint online – Increment the column and reset to 1 every day

  1. Create a new list with the Date column, a single line of text field (reuse the title field as a counter).
  2. Set the SharePoint Designer workflow to the updated item.
  3. In the workflow, set the step on condition –

if current counter == 1 && Date == Today

add a new element with Date = today's date + 1, counter = 1

4. While you are creating a new item in your existing ticketing app, check out this newly created list (in step 1) to check the date and get the item ID.

  1. You can continue to update the item ID to get the value of the next counter.

I hope this will help develop your required solution.

sharepoint online – Retrieving items from a video library using PowerShell

I want to get all the elements of a video library on SharePoint and get the list of owners / Created by and all that did not allow to target only videos.

I can extract all the document libraries:
enter the description of the image here

How can I extract items only from the video library?
enter the description of the image here

Here is what I currently have:

# Add a SharePoint snap-in to PowerShell
if ((Get-PSSnapin | Where {$ _. Name -eq "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell"}) -eq $ null) {
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
$ web = Get-SPWeb ""
$ Data = foreach ($ list in $ web.Lists) {
if ($ list.BaseType -eq "Document Library") {
foreach ($ item in $ list.Items) {
foreach ($ version in $ item.Versions) {
$ data = @ {
"Version" = $ version.VersionLabel
"Name of the list" = $ list.Title
"Created by" = $ item["Author"]
                        "Creation date" = $ item["Created"]
                        "Modified by" = $ item["Editor"]
                        "Date of modification" = $ item["Modified"]
                        "Element Name" = $ item.File.Name
"URL" = $ web.Site.MakeFullUrl ("$ ($ web.ServerRelativeUrl.TrimEnd (& # 39;)) / $ ($ item.Url)");
New-Object PSObject -Property $ data | Select "List Name", "Item Name", "Version", "Created By", "Date Created", "Changed By", "Date Modified", "URL"
$ web.Dispose ();
$ Data | Export-Csv C:  Users  ptadmin  Desktop  process7.csv -NoTypeInformation

excel online – TEXTJOIN on several sheets and if

I'm trying to use TEXTJOIN on multiple sheets, IF one cell is the same, I'd like to return the value of another cell in all the sheets associated with it.

In this example, I try to find the value in Sheet1 and Sheet2 for code in $ B $ 4: $ 7 B 22155… and to recover the associated $ D $ 4: $ D $ 7 AAA and or BBB and TEXTJOIN the "-".

I've tried TEXTJOIN by combining the SI and the VLOOKUP, but my brain just does not seem to understand. This will be along with a larger range of sheets and 100+ CODES in each sheet.

Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated.

enter the description of the image here

sharepoint online – How to export a list of service providers with a view called "MyView" with PnPPowershell?

Hi I have this code that works very well. But now, I want to export the list in a view that I created. How can I do that?

$ hashTable = @ ()
$ items = Get-PnpListItem -List "MySchedule"
foreach ($ item in $ items)
$ HashTable + = psobject New-Object -Property @ {
& # 39; Datum & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues.Datum.ToLocalTime (). ToString ("dd.MM.yyyy");
& # 39; 00: 00 - 07:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0030_0_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; 08: 00 - 16:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0030_8_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; 17: 00 - 23:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0031_7_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; Opmerkingen & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues.Opmerkingen;
$ hashTable | Select Datum, '00: 00 - 07:59', & # 39; 08:00 - 16:59, & # 39; 17:00 - 23: 59,, Details |
epcsv "c:  temp  myschedule.csv" -NoT

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sharepoint online – Change disabled user permissions in the ribbon

On this particular site, I can not edit the group permissions. As you can see, the buttons are disabled in the ribbon.

enter the description of the image here

Why are these people disabled if I have total control and am a global administrator? Are the other sites not deactivated, is it the model used?

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