gambling – How to deal with bitcoin/crypto volatility as an online casino?

Let’s say an online casino has btc as a deposit and withdrawal method.
Assuming A player deposits 1 btc, plays and does neither win nor lose much and then cashes out the balance, which happens to be exactly 1 btc. I am using simple values to focus on the main issue.

However, the btc price was 15% volatile since the deposit was made.

Technically, the player has neither won nor lost based on game play, but he would get a free 15% in value just due to the btc price increase.

The opposite applies if btc loses 15% of value.

Of course it is a nice thing for the casino if the btc price plummets, but potentially disastrous if the price goes up, assuming an average 4% house edge for the casino.

What would be a fair solution for both parties?

sharepoint online – Power Apps custom form question on formatting

I’ve designed a custom input form for a Sharepoint list in Power Apps, and I had two questions on formatting:

  1. My formatting in preview mode looks fine, however once published in the Sharepoint list itself the field heights, text positioning, etc. is changed. Any idea how I can ensure that the formatting of the form remains consistent from Power Apps to Sharepoint? For reference, the formatting is shown below.

  2. Upon opening the form in Sharepoint, certain fields (see Issue Type, Priority, Status in the images below) in the form are highlighted/selected without any action on my end – any thoughts on how to remove this?

Custom form in Power Apps previewer:

enter image description here

Custom form in Sharepoint:

enter image description here

Thanks in advance!

sharepoint online – Wrap text on title and hyperlink columns

I’m trying to import a list from Sharepoint On-Premise to Sharepoint Online. In the old list, the text was wrapped for both the title and the hyperlink column which gave the list an organized and clean look. After the import to Sharepoint Online, the title and hyperlink column are no longer wrapped and it doesn’t seem like I’m able to change it in the column settings. I was trying to use the JSON formatting to fix it but I wasn’t able to get it to work. Is there any way to do this?

Pictures below to show the difference:
enter image description here

enter image description here

sharepoint online – Site Design that can run Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate?

Trying to setup easy process for client to rollout Sharepoint sites using GUI ‘Site Designs’ feature. General task I am trying to accomplish is this: Want to make custom Site Design where sitescripts can apply branding, HUB association, Theme, etc. Then want the custom site design to apply a PnP Provisioning Template (which would be an already uploaded .pnp file), which would build out the footer links, create a templated home page, and even upload some image assets.

I have created a ton of custom site designs and also have a good process for creating and then applying the .pnp file. Separately, these work fine. The issue, however, is to create the ‘content’ side of this ‘2 part’ rollout site. The site design portion is very user friendly and would give the client an easy (infallible) way to quickly make a new communications site with everything they want. In order to include the pre-configured home page or the footer links they want standardized, though, I need to run a PowerShell command to ‘apply-pnpprovisioningtemplate’, and I would like to be able to ‘run this command’ automatically with the site design.

I am not a PowerShell expert, but have some ideas that I am literally pulling out of thin air that I wanted to see if had any merit?

Through an additional sitescript in the site design, is there a way to run PnP cmdlets (similar to a .ps1 file) where it could run the ‘Connect-PnPOnline’ cmd & ‘Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate’?

We have no Azure hosting plan so can’t use that, but could something be done with PowerAutomate?

4 questions for my new online store

Hi there!

I’m planning to start an online store. For now, I’m researching different aspects, and one of them concerns ads. I have some questions and would be grateful if you help me to get answers.

This is the link to the short questionnaire which contains 4 short questions:

Thank you in advance for your help!


sharepoint online – How to sort by name with the Highlighted Content Web Part

The Highlighted Content Web Part built in SharePoint Online allows for us to set a custom query and several sort options below it.

enter image description here

So far that is working for me, but I noticed that none of the bottom sorting options allow us to sort results by their name (i.e. document library titles).

Is there a way we can enforce sorting by name, in either ascending or descending order) within the Query text box?

sharepoint online – How can I get parent guid of an item?

I have a list with items in SharePoint Online. There many items and their structure look like a tree.


How can I get a guid of the itemBa by REST or GraphAPI? (for example)

sharepoint online – Navigation link in CSV file for termstore

If you want to directly make the terms of the term set in .csv file become navigation links after importing, I think it is impossible.

You have to import the .csv file to term store firstly and then take turns to set the navigation link for each term set here.
enter image description here

sharepoint online – Using date commands in calculated fields

I am following this article:
Examples of common formulas in lists

A simple sample is this:


However when I save the column I get following error:

Sorry, something went wrong The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.

If I just do this it works:


However I need to calculate hours and days between two dates so I need some of the commands.

Any pointer what I am doing wrong?