How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting the "control" of your new is not really possible, because of social networks. Whether you are in dialogue or not, people will talk about you on the Web, there is also no way to "restrict" exactly what they say. However, what you can do is combine these conversations, but also influence them as part of them. Because of the negative reviews about Twitter customer complaints about Yelp, the best way to influence your viewer's understanding of your company is to take part in discussions …

How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

SP Online: "Search and Offline Availability" setting missing under Site Settings

This is a very strange problem, I had the habit of having the option of & # 39; Offline Search & Availability & # 39; under Site Settings, but suddenly, it disappeared.

enter the description of the image here


Site: SharePoint online

Authorization: Site Collection Administrator and Site Owner

A reason for this behavior?

sharepoint online – The default value in the required column does not show up

I created a type of content in a library. Made a model of the library because it has to produce hundreds of other libraries. There is a field in the content type that is required and library by library, it will have to change its default value.

In words, the property panel on the side of the document does not display this default value, while it clicks "File" (rear view of the document). In fact, the document is saved even if it is not in the front properties panel.

This disturbs me for weeks now because I've already checked the column inside the content type in the library and this shows the default value. I've checked the "default column settings" and they're there, and I'm even adding them to be 200% sure.

I can not put the default value in the original content type (site column) because it will change from library to library and will be set when the library is created.
I've even checked the default template Word Template.dotx in forms and this template carries the default.

There is no problem with Excel and PowerPoint because these do not have the property panel on the side, but they lead you to the view "file", where is the default .

Is there anything else I can try?

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SP Online: search and offline availability not visible under Site Settings [I am Site Admin]

This is a very strange problem, I had the habit of having the option of & # 39; Offline Search & Availability & # 39; under Site Settings, but suddenly, it disappeared.

enter the description of the image here


Site: SharePoint online

Authorization: Site Collection Administrator and Site Owner

A reason for this behavior?

sharepoint online – How to display a list item and its linked items in the easiest way?

In SharePoint 2013 and earlier, you could have used a URL parameter to filter the Web Part of the Project List based on the client ID, but at the present time, Modern SharePoint does not have Web Parts or the functionality to do so.

However, you can use an integrated PowerApp. Use the client as a data source, use a drop-down menu to select the client, and then use the projects as another data source, filter based on the selected client ID, and view the results in a gallery.

magento2 – Free online payment extension for SPS Tunisia

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sharepoint online – error "The object is used in a context different from that associated with the object." when assigning permissions to an element of the subsite

I am currently working on assigning permission groups to the list item that is at the subsite level.

the same code works correctly for the top-level site, but errors occur at the subsites level.

SetPermissionsToDocSet function
param ($ context, $ docSetobject, $ groupName, $ role)


    $roleDefBinding=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection($context)

    #Assign permissions 



    Write-Host $_.Exception.Message



The above code works fine if $ context is root site context.getting the error above if $ context is under context.unable site to add a group to the sub-level list item. site.
Please provide a solution as soon as possible.

Restore the site collection in SharePoint Online give an error

I want to restore a root site collection from the recycle bin in SharePoint Online, here is an error:

I've tried using the command below SharePoint online management shell shell

 Restore-SPODeletedSite -Identity

I have tried to use the interface, it has not worked either and gives the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong
There is no site in the current site subscription matching the HiddenSiteSelection control's value.

GET – Brian Clark – Build Your Online Training Business Smarter | NewProxyLists

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Brian Clark – Build Your Online Training Business Smarter


How to create a profitable online training business
Using proven principles step by step

If you want to get to the bottom of things and start selling your knowledge online in the most intelligent way possible, this course may be exactly what you've been looking for.

Because you currently have the opportunity to discover the proven principles and techniques that have been used to generate tens of millions of dollars and create dozens of successful online trainings.

And just like thousands of others, you can use these strategies to create a profitable training company. Without hype, without high-pressure sales tactics and unscrupulous activities.

In fact, if it sounds appealing to you, you can even morally start building an empire online while remaining completely behind the scenes.


It all comes down to an understanding of principles at the crossroads of instructional design and digital marketing. In short, it's about creating a business, not just creating a course.

In this case, you are both an entrepreneur and a teacher.

When you change your state of mind and you fulfill the role of a teacher who helps learners to access the benefits of the knowledge they want and need, every element of your business gets done. naturally puts in place.

Thinking about your role in this way also leads to long-term customers who trust you and will come back to buy you again and again.

In addition, ignoring this simple concept will probably lead you to bang your head against a wall, trying to understand why others succeed as long as you stay stuck.

Here's how to master the essential skills you need to start your own online training business

Now, you might think that you need to get a university degree to master this unique form of instructional design that incorporates marketing into the very course. It certainly seems intimidating.

But as you'll see, you can quickly and easily understand the fundamentals and use them to position yourself as an influencer and create a profitable training business, no matter which market you decide to enter.

In fact, here is a small list of different markets that you could enter with this system:

Legal advice
Online Marketing
Training for writers
Dog training
Health and Fitness
Relationships and love
Professional Education

And much more…

Almost every market you can imagine will respond positively to a well-positioned company, focused on the benefits of knowledge, rather than a boring set of lessons.

Looks interesting? Well, that's the exact system that Brian Clark has been teaching for a decade. And the many successes over the years prove that it works.

Here's how the course will work for you:

When you join, you will have access to a series of 6 modules designed to give you everything you need to create your training business.

These modules include videos, transcripts, worksheets and a comment section to ask questions and interact with your peers.

Here is a brief overview of these 6 modules:

MODULE 1: 5 key concepts for online entrepreneurs
In this module, you will build the mental foundation to create your business smarter.

First of all, you will find out exactly which traits must have a market for it to be considered a "good opportunity" (so you do not get shot in the foot before you even start.)

You will then understand the idea that "excellent teaching is excellent marketing".

Now, know that only a few courses teach you to think of marketing this way. (In fact, this could be the only one.)

Many courses focus on the use of quick tactics to quickly obtain cash instead of strategies leading to a profitable, viable and sustainable business.

These mental foundations are powerful because finding new clients is expensive. (Especially as the online training space is expanding.)

Thus, when you establish a real and ongoing relationship with your market, you automatically stand out from the crowd as a reliable and knowledgeable source of valuable knowledge.

This means that you can spend more to acquire a customer because they will stay longer. You will also build an incredible reputation over time and create a loyal tribe that respects and appreciates the work you do.

All of this means that you will ultimately create the freedom of life and flexibility you want.

MODULE 2: Design your course
This is where rubber hits the road.

Module 2 will show you how to use these key concepts in Module 1 and begin to formulate a concrete plan and strategy.

Here is a small overview of what you will discover in Module 2:

How to use your own knowledge and integrate them into a product for sale online
How to use the knowledge of other subject matter experts in your courses
A way to create a product without creating it yourself
How to find unmet needs in markets that fascinate you
Why more competition is a good thing and can make your success easier
Why "junk mail" could be one of the most useful and useful information you can use
How surveys can provide useful data (and why do most people prepare for failure and frustration when they use surveys)
Three questions to ask that reveal the benefits of your course
6 ways to position your course to be desirable and different
Why DO NOT you focus on creating online courses if you want to create a profitable online training business
Principles of Instructional Design and How They Link Marketing and Education
How to use the process of "empathy mapping" to meet the basic needs of clients
Have you fallen for the "myth of andragogy"? This could prevent you from being an effective teacher unless you reprogram it.
The 5 Critical Principles for Creating Effective Learning Environments (Ignoring Them at Your Peril)
Why you must always sell, even after you have made the sale
How to find the benefits of your features
The four most powerful "ultimate benefits" that you can always count on to build a deep and powerful connection with your audience
Specific benefits: Most adult learners will not bother to learn unless they show them exactly what they will learn and how it will benefit them
And more …
Once you understand how to research your market and position your course, it's time to decide how you will be paid.

MODULE 3: Business Models
Module 3 explains 10 potential business models, with examples.

In the "End Of Days" business model, you will discover the trait that your target market must have for a business model of recurring revenue to work for you.
With the business model Affiliate Marketing Squared, you will know how to sell a large number of products without ever creating one. (In fact, if you choose to create a product, this business model can allow you to give 100% of the purchase price to your affiliates while allowing you to earn money.)
The "Ghost Teaching" business model will allow you to sell expert advice in a niche that you almost do not know (in a totally ethical and smart way).
Do you want to get paid for your advice? The "Generation A" business model gives you the enhanced authority you need to create a lucrative business based on coaching, consulting and workshops.
And if you could receive a significant bonus in advance for creating a product? The "Take The Summer Off" business model is a very simple way to do this: animate a live class, record it, and then sell it later.
If you decide to use the "Steer a Horse" strategy, you can leave the lion's share of the job to someone else and get a sponsorship fee simply to allow other professionals to "drink from your current".
Many times you can create greater impact (and more revenue) by organizing live events. If you do it right, you can even give online training only to generate leads for your live events. The "business model formerly known as Prince" will explain this strategy in depth.
Do you want to make money by going on vacation to a tropical place? The business model "Velvet Rope" will allow you to do this by forming a group of brains at a high price.
The "Free Prize Inside" business model creates a differentiation in the mind of your market because you associate education with a "main product" and the two work together to create a more engaging customer experience (it works even when selling primary products at extremely advantageous prices). sensitive "unmarked" markets).
Finally, you can combine the best of both worlds with a live online event that promotes a recurring course or membership. The "virtual reality strategy" is probably the fastest way to catapult yourself to have a "sectarian sequel" and instantly establish yourself as a worthy influencer. (On the profit side, it's a lot of fun to organize and execute!)
If we offer you 10 different and unique business models, it's because they are all effective.

At different times in the construction of your business, you will want to use different models. So, instead of having to buy a new course or browse online for advice, you'll have a guide on how to develop each different model in one place. This means you can save time and money later, which means you will have a better chance of succeeding.

Of course, you will have to start by focusing on one of them and, after taking this module, you will have a clear idea of ​​the business model that suits you best.

Once you understand this, you can create and test your Minimum Viable product.

What, of course, is what our next module teaches you to do.

MODULE 4: Test your MVP course
This module teaches you the best way to avoid failures.

In fact, 90% of people who fail to create an online training business do so because they do not understand how to test the viability of a course before creating it.

(If you have ever tried to create an online course before and are stuck en route … or started for crickets … then you probably have never learned this simple concept.What's good as long as you get now.)

Of course, you want to make sure that your course will produce profits before investing a ton of time in creating the content.

This module will show you how to do that.

You will discover how the information on the information establishes the demand for the product itself.

Once you have established the demand, you can test your viable minimum path and eventually create something big while being paid to do it.

Of course, you are probably wondering how to attract your first group of learners. We will show you three ways, free or inexpensive, to find your first customers.

The first method works if you have already worked and created your own audience.

The second method explains how you could potentially spend $ 1 and earn $ 10. This will also build your list and help start your audience.

The third method is to connect with other people with access to your audience. (Note: This method will only work if you define your course in a specific way, otherwise influencers will be reluctant to associate with you.)

Finally, you will also learn how to properly price your course for the MVP stadium. As you will see, you choose the price completely differently from what you would do for the actual launch.

Once you have started your MVP, you can proceed to Module 5.

MODULE 5: Develop Content
Once you have money in your preselection pocket, it's time to create the content.

The good news is that you have already done most of the research in Module 2, so it will not take you long at all.

However, you want to make sure you integrate this part of the experience with your customers. Because that's the essence of instructional design. When you actually educate people (and engage all their brains in the process), you build lasting trust, which means you get more back-end and subscription revenue.

That's why we put a lot of knowledge into this module. It includes a 47-minute presentation entirely devoted to the art of instructional presentation. (This will also help you to be a better speaker and teacher in all aspects of your life.)

After this module, you will have confidence in your ability to provide exceptional training to all those who purchase your courses.

Then all you need to do is find a group of buyers.

That's what you learn in Module 6.

MODULE 6: Launch and Marketing
You now have a proven product and it's time to start marketing and scaling up.

Again, we will let your customers needs and desires determine your launch and marketing strategy.

Obviously, there are dozens of ways to start an online course.

But learning them all would be a huge mistake and a waste of time.

Instead, this module will give you the simple and effective steps you need to take. The videos will help you create a truly irresistible offer that will give your learners the feeling of getting the most out of the transaction while inspiring them to take action now.

(Do not forget that at this point, you have already validated the idea with the MVP so that you can begin to evolve and generate significant revenue.)

You will also learn the keys to effective writing, which will allow you to write more convincingly and engage more readers.

Finally, you will discover how to create and operate relationships with other marketers so you can tap into their lists and grow your business without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. (This is probably the fastest way to evolve a business on the planet and you'll see how easy it can be to approach it with the right foundation and the right mindset.)