[APP] [FREE] Wolf Online 2

Following Wolf Online, a popular mobile pet game with more than 10 million downloads, Wolf Online 2 is a real-time online game.
Players can become a wolf and hunt animals living in various areas such as deserts, jungles, meadows and glaciers, compete with other wolves and survive fights with more powerful predators in the desert governed by the law of the jungle".
(Game Features)

1. Hunting and strategic battles
· Players can not only run, bite and attack other animals, but also jump on them to bite and hang, make a surprise attack by hiding behind rocks or bushes and rushing into the prey to make them fall. They can also hunt animals using the characteristics of the terrain.

· First and foremost, players can call their colleagues or locate them using the "Summon" or "Find a Friend" feature. Players can also find the type, location and direction of prey by smelling them and approaching them secretly while crawling.

· Depending on the nature and type of prey, you will have to change the way you hunt and collaborate with other wolves. Know how to handle different types of animals that run fast, can attack with force, or move in herds or packs.

2. Improved graphics and artificial intelligence
· You can practice hunting in natural areas that have become more realistic thanks to background effects and realistic 3D graphics, adapted to the characteristics of each region, such as deserts, swamps, meadows, forests and icy areas.

· Animals respond intellectually to a variety of environmental conditions such as strength, player behavior, and herds and packs.

3. Create your own unique character!
· You can choose not only the sex, but also the characteristics of a wolf that meets your inclinations among 3 species of wolves (Mountain, Snow and Wild).

· Customize the color of your face, body, legs, tail, and skin to create your own wolf character!

4. realistic animal simulator
· You can play various actions of daily life such as drinking water if you are thirsty, sitting down and resting if you are stressed, digging the soil and unloading waste if you are full.

· Herbivores move in herds and baby animals never leave their mother. Predators are ferocious and ferocious when they are hungry, but usually are not hungry even if you pass right by them.

5. Guild / Ranking and Cloud Storage System
· Enjoy battles by creating and joining a guild that matches your goal. A guild may have its own guild brand.

Download link:

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legal – Myself and a few others publish a free online game with donation buttons. Do we have to pay taxes if we do not prevent money?

Some friends and I publish a free online game. As the title indicates, do we have to pay taxes? We would not prevent money. All the money we earn will be documented and used for server maintenance.

I do not really want to worry about doing a nonprofit (the game can be considered an educational game) and we certainly do not do it for profit.

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How to efficiently download SAP Business Object Reports in the SharePoint Online Document Library

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Do I need an additional license to control access to Sharepoint Online from unmanaged devices?

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import – Is it possible to export GIFI from QuickBooks Online?

I use QuickBooks Online for my business transactions. Now I have to file a corporation tax return and I want to use UFileT2 for that.

I therefore need to import data into Ufile. To import, I need a GIFI file.

I found this regarding GIFI in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

But I can not find GIFI in QuickBooks Online.

Is it possible to export GIFI from QuickBooks Online?

sharepoint online – Authenticate a C # / WPF application with the help of CSOM and the client ID / client secret

I have developed a desktop application that accesses the SharePoint Online site of our company in order to use multiple lists. Currently, this application uses user name / password credentials to obtain an AuthCookie, which is then used for each subsequent access. This AuthCookie will expire only when the user changes password, which will prompt him to reenter his new password and get the new AuthCookie.

Now, the company's IT department has decided to disapprove of this "legacy authentication" and move to "modern authentication". This, as a result, will prevent my application from accessing our site as username / password credentials are no longer accepted.

I am now reviewing modern methods of authentication with our SharePoint Online site and this leads me to use the assigned applications. Client ID and Client Secret.

First, how can I (if possible) authenticate my application with the help of ClientID/ClientSecret? I would really appreciate a snippet of code that (if possible) is not based on anything but MSOC. I've already learned SharePointPnPOnlineCore package and confirmed that it works, but it depends on a lot of other packages that I would like to avoid having to distribute with my application. In addition, once authenticated, any operation performed by this application on a list must be registered as being in the context of the user running the application (CreatedBy/ModifiedBy the columns must have the actual user running the application).

Secondly, if this is not possible with CSOM, I also started to explore the use of MSAL.NET (which now seems to be the recommended method) but nothing that I have found up to now has led me to solve the problem explained above. Again, I would really appreciate a code snippet that presents the complete process of this type of authentication.

Finally, if using ClientID / ClientSecret is not the best choice, I would like to know the other options I have for my WPF application to authenticate correctly and use CSOM.

authentication – How to read SharePoint Online list data from an external HTML page

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Make changes or edit Photoshop quickly

PHOTOSHOP Editing, editing, and removing the background

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