Target budget of 5,000 keywords – Off-site SEO for $ 165

Target budget of 5,000 keywords – Offsite SEO

Ste-B-B2B – Rooted in B2B, Ecommerce, SEO and Digital Marketing since 2008

5,000 Targeted Keywords – SEO Campaign Plus Budget

For Just $ 165/month Ste B-B2B would target a very grand total 5, 000 Keywords with our Powerful and Well proven Budget – Offsite SEO Plan only.

If your website should also require Importance of Site SEO SEO Optimization Configuration please see our other services.

Our on-site SEO services are billed from single payments from just $ 25

We are also able to provide a lot of SEO beneficial FREE BONUS with our Budget – Offsite SEO Plan only.

See our Top 10 free bonuses directly below, which allows us to provide you with a Guaranteed global price promise.


  1. 5,000 Longtail Research Keywords = = £ 65
  2. 5 million hypertext links and ultra secure SEO = = value of £ 105
  3. 40 – 80 optimized daily SEO SEO links on several levels = = 25 € / month
  4. 100,000 – Target organic organic web visitors = = £ 65 / val
  5. Index of networks / SMM bookmarks = = £ 30 / mo value
  6. Search engines: submissions = = £ 10 / week
  7. Submission Directories = = £ 10 / week
  8. Forum posts = = £ 10 / week
  9. Ads on websites = = £ 10 / value wk
  10. Articles on blogs = = £ 10 / week

Ste B-B2B are able to provide as much Free bonuses for you because we provide our own resources, which puts us far ahead of any competing technology agency Buzz light years

PLEASE NOTE: With our * Top 10 free bonuses – Some very unscrupulous customers would ideally abuse it and cancel their account prematurely after the first payment.

For this very reason and our undue expenses, Free bonuses will be issued 2 months following the first payment.

In addition, this service is mainly adapted for Keywords. We can not guarantee Keywords trends to reach the first page of the search engines.

We would search your longtail keywords for free. However, the results may be limited with yourself then responsible for providing keywords corresponding to your Budget – Offsite SEO Plan.

It's very rare that we can not meet each other Longtail Keywords Research Quantities. However, the results are specific to a niche with no webmaster aware of every niche market.

Our budget – SEO plan off site is very very strictly as monthly subscription service.

thank you very much, to open our SEOClerks Exclusive SEO Service and reading the content.

Blessed be ~ TRIGGAHAPPY


On-page optimization techniques? | NewProxyLists

  1. Kajes

    April 3, 2014
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    Below are some basic onpage optimization tips
    1. Content – Unique and well-written content
    2. Meta Tags
    3. Internal links
    4. Website loading time
    What are the factors that I must look at?

  2. brave knight
    New member

    December 29, 2014
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    your right with these 4 points but you let the important this "the title with meta keyword" the target

  3. Optimized mobile is very important nowadays.

  4. EmmeD
    New member

    May 26, 2015
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    Here are some others:
    – keep your URL short
    – use a keyword in the headers
    – add long tail keywords
    – use images with a keyword in the alt tag

  5. hangar
    New member

    December 3, 2015
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    I've recently learned a few others:

    • Use two back links for every 500 words
    • sprinkle LSI keywords throughout the article
    • Use your main keyword at least three times (title, opening paragraph, and closing paragraph).
    • Use the main keyword NO more than once
  6. Great part everyone!

  7. saisaanvi
    New member

    June 13, 2019
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    The sex MAN or WOMAN:

    Here are the best optimization techniques on the page
    1. Keyword research and optimization
    2. Content optimization
    3.Site map
    5. Internal links
    6. Optimizing images and alternative tags

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do onpage SEO optimization, meta description, speed optimization and sitemap xml for $ 40

do SEO optimization on site, meta-description, speed optimization and sitemap xml

SEO optimization on the page is the process of optimizing each web page of your site to better appear in the pages of search engine results (SERPS). This White Hat SEO optimization service can increase the SEO of your website or blog in Google by 90% or more.

Our on-site optimization services include:

  • Free: Website verification report
  • Long tail, LSI & Optimization of targeted keywords
  • The competitors analysis of backlinks
  • Install and configure WordPress yoast SEO plugin
  • Irresistible Meta description, Title and effective tags
  • Title tags (H₁, H₂, H₃) optimization
  • Images Alt tags and speed optimization
  • XML Sitemap / Robots txt file creation and submission
  • Google Webmaster Tools verification
  • Check for broken links and redirect broken links to the homepage or parent page
  • Meta social media tags, Optimization of hypertext links and anchor text
  • Index all pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • User-friendly engines for search engines, URLs and website structure

Why us?

  • 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee.
  • WordPress, Wix, Shopify and Amazon Specialists

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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I can create an article submission of 80 billion pbn on my Web 2.0 blog at $ 20

I can create an article submission of 80 pbn on my Web 2.0 blog

About Gig:
Web 2.0 PBN is a fast and easy way to categorize your websites and is perfect for linking strategy.

I will create permanent 80 pbn posted on a unique high quality site, all are 2.0 Pbn Web sites top ranking in google. I will manually create these links. This is one of the most effective ways to start advertising your website. I will create 80 permanent messages in a single high quality site, all hosted on Web 2.0

Maximum your links are dofollow.

all domains are indexed on google.




** platforms etc.

Domain Authority —————-

WordPress = PA: 88, DA: 93

Weebly = PA: 83, DA: 93

Bloger = PA: 100, DA: 99

Tumbir = PA: 100, DA: 88

100% gauranted index.

Gig feature:

  • All articles are unique and high level.
  • Incredible and permanent PBN on high confidence flow domains.
  • Quick and solid ranking on the first page of Google
  • Web 2.0 blogs with very high DA
  • Full report with login information.


WordPress SEO optimization onpage with Yoast for $ 15

WordPress SEO optimization onpage with Yoast

Improve your WordPress site by using the Yoast SEO plugin for ranking in search engines.

What will you get in this service:

  • Install and configure the Yoast SEO plug-in.
  • Detailed SEO audit.
  • Verification of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Remove errors from the search console.
  • Optimize, Title, Meta Description, Meta Tags.
  • Optimization of keywords.
  • XML Sitemap Create.
  • Optimized structure for referencing.
  • Open graph.
  • Canonical.
  • Robots.txt.
  • Image Alt Tags & Speed ​​Optimization.
  • Markup scheme.
  • Google Analytics configuration.
  • Be a Webmaster Site
  • Proximity of keywords

Order now:
100% customer satisfaction Quick response.


Do complete SEO Onpage optimize WordPress, Shopify, weebly, html or any type of site cms for $ 80

Perform the complete SEO optimization on Onpage (WordPress, shopify, weebly, html or any type of site cms)

I am a White Hat SEO Professional (Offpage and Onpage) with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing. You can expect top quality SEO services (onpage and offpage) and SMM consulting, marketing on my side.

I do not worry about optimizing SEO on site with a plugin or site, like WordPress, shopify, weebly, Megento, an html site, a php site or any other type of cms site.

What is the offer of my service for this offer of sale?

Complete optimization of Onpage SEO for your site.

Step -1: Configure and configure the Yoast plug-in

Step -2: Installing Google Webmaster Tools

Step 3 on Yahoo Webmaster Tools Installations

Step 4: Submit the XML Site Map and Robots.txt Files

Step 5 Google Analytics. (To track daily traffic)

Step 6 on Google Map

Step 7 Search and analyze keywords

Step 8 Finalized Key phrases Pre-optimization ranking report

Step 9 Architecture of the URL

Step 10: Identifying pages for keywords

Step -11 Meta Tags (All pages after Catg and Image)

Step 12: Google Site Map (XML Sitemap for 100 links)

Step -13 Robots.txt

Step 14 Create new pages if necessary

Step 15 Optimizing the content of the identified pages

Step -16 Rename Links

Step 17 HTML Validation

Step 18 Remove Junk Mail Code and Empty Space

Step -19 Rename the variable names according to the keywords.

Step -20 Image Optimization / Alt Tag

Once SEO optimization is complete on your page, your site will be ranked in a few weeks.

Note: For this offer, the service is limited to (page 30, post 30, image alt 100 image). If your website has a large number of post / page / image, an amount will be added for additional work.


How to check my SEO onpage?

How to check my SEO onpage?

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Rank your website with On-Page SEO for $ 5

Will your website be ranked with SEO on the page?

Looking for an SEO service? In reality, no off-page service can be proof of Google's algorithm. However, On Page SEO is still proof of Google's update. A properly optimized website can be much easier to rank on Google than a normal website.

On page SEO factors are the basis of any website. And if the foundation is solid, your website can rank among the most competitive keywords. Still most webmasters ignore On Page SEO, Google ignores these sites!

No link building technique can rank your website unless you have a properly optimized website.

Therefore, do not ignore the most basic SEO technique. Let yourself be familiar with On Page SEO optimization with your website.

I provide Onpage SEO, which includes the following:

* Title of the page: The title is the most important factor on the SEO page. I will write the optimized title for your website by focusing on your main keyword.

* Meta Description: I am going to write a friendly meta-description for Google that will increase your CTR from the search results page. For this reason, you will get more traffic from Google and other search engines.

* Internal liaison: To make sure the link juices pass evenly across your pages. (only works if you have more than one page web site)

* W3C validation report: You will get an exclusive report for your website.

* Canonical fixation: If you have a canonical problem, it can be difficult to rank the desired keywords. I will solve the canonical problem if you have.

* Optimization of IMG names and Alt tags: The naming of the images and the alt tag play an important role. I will do both.

* Optimization of friendly URLs for SEO: The URL is another important factor in the SEO page. I will make your SEO URL friendly. (work if you have more than one web site).

* Optimization of the content: I will check the keyword density of your website and adjust the content of your website for a better result.

I will analyze, fix and optimize your homepage with this basic package. If you need more pages to be optimized; include Extra during the order.

* Contact me for a custom order, if you have more than 20 pages on your site.


Your blog manager: Blog Articles, OnPage Optimization, Design, Promotion

To integrate



Link of the image:

Onpage SEO

Looking for a proven SEO expert on the page.

Must be an English native writer.

Must be able to make complete changes to pages and websites.