I will do on-site SEO for your website for $ 5

I will do on-site referencing for your website

I have been referencing for more than 2 years. I help companies directly with my SEO and I have been very successful and got great results and a return on investment on the campaigns in which I have participated.
I have different skills in this area. I specialize in On-Page, Off-Page and technical referencing. Please contact me to discuss your needs.
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Paid – $ – Search for on-site or community work | Forum promotion

I am available to work on many projects.

The prices will be based on the needs and requirements which will be quoted on a person by person basis and the level of requirements of myself.

Experience with the forum system:
IPS (Invision Power Suite), Vbulletin, PHPBB, SMF, MYBB, Kunena, WPForo

Skill sets:
PHP, Python, Mysql, Html, CSS, Javascript, webmaster, admin, moderation, publication

Symfony, Django

E-commerce experience:
Magento, Prestashop, Oscommerce, virtuemart, woocommerce

WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Modx, Concrete5

CRM / ERP experience:
Odoo, ERPNext, Vtiger

Custom coded solutions to customize a website or system in php or python are also available.

The rate will depend on what is required and will aim to fit the budget as the quotes will be based on the person requesting my services to make sure I can help you with what you may need.

api design – How to calculate the costs of an on-site API request in terms of money?

Assuming you have a client application running on thousands of clients, which represents 750 million requests for a total of 5 KB each. Let's say that for us to have figures, you have 25,000 client devices making 30,000 requests per week of 5 KB each. Change if the numbers are different.

The first cost is the cost to customers, which is a bit tricky. You transfer 150 MB per customer per week, or approximately 650 MB per customer per month. Ask the right department what your customers are paying for mobile data bandwidth. However, my ISP had two data offers: one not enough for me, another 2 1/2 times more than what I needed. I took the bigger one, so for me, 650 MB per customer would have zero cost. Having to go from the smallest to the biggest would cost me £ 3 a month. With 25,000 customers, it's between £ 0 and £ 75,000 a month.

Then your company pays around 16 TB of bandwidth per month to the server. Someone in your business pays the bill and knows how much it costs.

And then there is the cost of the server. Ask your IT staff how many servers are running the server code for this application. You have about 3,000 requests per second for ten hours a day, which can be many. Then check who in the business estimates the monthly cost of a server and you get your numbers.

Of course, you would divide 750,000,000 requests per week to get the cost per request which will be very low. I think you are really asking "how much can we secure if we reduce the number of requests by 10%", or "how much does it cost to deploy this to 25,000 other users" which will be much more tall.

Services managed as a service $ 200 / month. US Arizona Techs Hosted or Onsite Server Management

We will manage all IT environments, including proactive management and monitoring:

[url] https: //www.parksidetech.com/Managed-IT-Solutions …. | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1793471&goto=newpost

I'll do it on the SEO page with yoast optimization for $ 25

I'm going to do on the SEO page with yoast optimization

SEO on the page is a pillar of your ranking on the first page. Getting a good ranking on the search engine can become easier with the best help from the search engine optimization on the page. Basically, search engines are getting smarter every day and only site SEO can promise you to be at the top and well above your competition.

ON-PAGE optimization

→ Website analysis report.
→ Analysis of competitors.
→ Broken links.
→ Optimization title tags.
→ Meta Description tags.
→ Creation of H1 tag.
→ Modification of the Image Alt tag.
→ Creation of XML Sitemap and Robots.txt.
→ Installation of Google Analytics.
→ Correction of WMT errors.

My features: –

→ Organic traffic.
→ Marking diagram.
→ 100% money back guarantee.
→ Monthly services.
→ Support 24/12.
→ Long term relationship.
→ Always available for my clients once the project is finished.
→ SEO report card.

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Complete configuration of online optimization for WordPress site + Configuration of Yoast SEO keywords for 10 publications for $ 20

Complete configuration of online optimization for WordPress site + configuration of Yoast SEO keywords for 10 publications

I will do the WordPress optimization setup on the page, including the best permalink setup, making the website more user friendly. I will also do the SEO configuration of the Yoast plugin with targeted keywords absolutely perfect for 10 messages. Order now. Team of coders and experienced professionals who help you or your brand / company to create a great online presence.

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How much does on-site and off-page SEO cost?

Hello friends,

I have a new website, tell me, how much does it cost for on-site and off-page SEO?

Why use an on-site calculator?

It depends on the type of business. For example, mortgage lenders use a calculator so that visitors can determine what their monthly payment would be, and contractors can use it to estimate the cost of a repair or renovation job. In other cases, it 's a gadget that is really useless – you can add it as a gadget, but not having it will not make much of a difference. The site you mentioned above claims that it can give you better SEO rankings, but I do not see how it would make a big difference without more details on how it could accomplish that.

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views – Clone a table of nodes while all cloned table cells have editable placeholders on-site

To help others and myself learn new human natural languages, I want to create a program for translating shared sentences into generally all of these languages ​​("basic phrases").

However, the use of this program should require knowing the system of writing the language that a user wants to translate.

With Drupal, such a program would probably contain two types of content:

  1. English
  2. Translation

the English the content type will include a named node English, containing titles and tables underlying basic sentences:



|(node:tltle)| |------------| | Hello | | Please |


|(node:tltle)| |------------| | If | | Else |

A user can add a node from Translation the content type and this node must have the name of a non-English language; say, Russian.
the Russian the node would automatically look like this:


Dear user, please double click a basic phrase to translate it, as you assume it should be translated:


|(node:tltle)| |------------| | Hello | | Please |


|(node:tltle)| |------------| | If | | Else |

After a double translation on the spot (I'm alleging, by a user who translated correctly):

Hello → Здравствуйте
Please → пожалуйста
If → Если
Otherwise → еще

My problems

I do not know how to give Translation nodes the same structure of English node.

I do not know either how to allow the user to double-click translate locally the English basic sentence already copied in this Translation node (without going into edit mode on the spot before).

Possible solution

Unification of the contents of the nodes by a page of view:

  1. Creating a template node with a list of headers and empty underlying table contexts created from plain text fields with one or more values
  2. Manually copy this model node to the English node and Russian node and manually fill these nodes with basic terms in each language
  3. Creating a view page combining the two nodes and formatting correctly so that for the end user, the two nodes appear as two adjacent groups of underlying headers and tables (two contexts). adjacent)

This is a complicated solution requiring users to make identical architectural changes in two or more nodes each time:
Imagine that you need to update the same context group in two or more language nodes instead of making level changes in two or more columns of the same table rows, in a single node.

My question

The Views solution being difficult to maintain, is there another solution?

How long does it take for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Onsite Operations to move from deployment status to deployed in LCS?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 begins for the first time. I deploy the financial environment and on-site operations to the Sandbox environment from LCS. It is now open 24 hours a day and its deployment always says. So my concern is how long does it take?