SEO On-Site Optimization Keyword Research, Title and Meta Optimization, Image Optimization etc for $80

SEO On-Site Optimization Keyword Research, Title and Meta Optimization, Image Optimization etc

My Experience: 6 years in SEO
Why Choose me: It will save your time and money to get services from professional, Guaranteed Results!

What you will get in this service:

  • SEO Audit 
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitors Research
  • Keywords Filtration and Finalization
  • Optimize all your website according to selected Keywords
  • 100% Guaranteed Professional Work
  • Any services related to seo..

Just contact and lets start the work!


On-site placements to abandon cart message on mobile website

i’m working on a mobile web experience for food ordering solution. Where and in what form would be a good place in the website in itself to place the reminder. Due to certain limitations, i’m not able to use email or notifications for this.

DACENTEC >>> Dedicated servers – From $ 25 / month – 24/7/365 on-site assistance

The Dacentec difference


  • 7 days without asking questions money back guarantee for accounts without spam or abuse.
  • 7 day grace period for non-payment.
  • No notice period for cancellations. Cancel at any time.
  • No excess bandwidth charges. A warning without penalty, then a choice to upgrade the service or limit the bandwidth.
  • No long-term commitments or lock, if your business model changes, the end customer cancels or if you just decide to do something different, you can cancel all or part of your services with us.
  • Special offers and special offers can be ordered by new and existing customers, you can even cancel your old service without penalty.
  • Flexible billing terms, pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Select the payment date that best suits you.
  • The 24-hour configuration SLA, even on weekends, ensures that you have the resources you need when you need them. Most servers are delivered within hours.
  • Dedicated VLAN, your resources are not in a "pool" with the resources of other clients.
  • Sales and on-site support 24/7/365 in North America
  • Gigabit ports


Discover the new Dacentec website. The new website provides a better look and feel as well as better website navigation for our customers.

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All dedicated server accounts

  • SLA at 99.99% uptime
  • Replacement of equipment, including disc, is free during the rental period
  • Free KVM IP loan on request
  • Remote restart
  • Automated operating system installations
  • Bandwidth graph
  • Monthly Gigabit Port 10 TB transfer.
  • / 29 IP addresses (with justification) – Additional IP addresses are also available for ordering


Unmanaged Supermicro 4-Bay E3-1270 V3 32GB 2x2TB SATA Rent Only –


Supermicro 4-Bay 2xL5520 48GB 2TB SATA or 240GB SSD


Dell 2XL5420 16 GB 2×2 TB unmanaged


Unmanaged Supermicro 6 bays Opteron 1385 8 GB 2×2 TB special rental only (Bonus 4 TB FREE) – Limited availability


IPv4 IP (with justification)See all our IP rates HERE

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Google Datacenter Card
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  • 23,500 square feet specially designed stand-alone facility with hardened perimeter
  • 14 inch thick solid masonry walls
  • Designed for high density and high availability
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certified
  • Custom rooms, suites, half wardrobes and full wardrobes
  • Premium mixed bandwidth
  • Multiple tier 1 backbone providers with various entry points
  • Power protection by UPS (N + 2) and double backup diesel generators with emergency fuel

IP test

Test site

Test files

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Contact information:

801 Main Street NO
Lenoir, North Carolina USA

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Full online optimization and technical SEO services for $ 29

Comprehensive onpage optimization and technical SEO services

Wondering why you're still not on the first page of Google after spending a lot on link building? Look, you can have the best website on the face of the web, but without strengthening its structure on the page, it will remain stagnant without SERP movements. Its design can be done right, lead generation, link building and reputation management team can be top notch, your content marketing can be the best online, or your media and display advertising can be well planned but without incorporating a solid onpage SEO strategy, your efforts might as well be doomed to failure.

Natural referencing on the page helps search engines to locate, understand and index your site. It increases the tendency for all links to succeed and is the easiest way to optimize your web pages. so you're ready to rank and drive traffic to your site.

The following will be taken into account when you purchase this SEO service online;

Title tag optimization
Optimization of the meta description
Optimization of meta keywords
Verification of duplicate content
Optimization of alternative text
Optimization of anchor text
Optimization of H1, H2 and H3 tags
Optimization of bold text
Image optimization
Sitemap creation
Checking and correcting the speed of the site page
Creation and optimization of Robots.txt
Meta Tag Check Robot
WWW redirect check
Internal link check
Canonization check and fixes
Fix custom 404 error page
Language meta tag verification
Optimizing keyword density
Link creation suggestion
Mobile view optimization
301 redirects
Appropriate URL structure
Google Analytics
Configuring Google Webmaster Tools
Configuring Bing tools for webmasters

It is rare to find a webmaster who also knows all aspects of page optimization. This requires a good mix of expert experiences with first-rate research skills. And since we specialize in both, we are confident that we are the best choice to give your website a solid foundation. The price quoted on this service is per page, discount available if your website has more than 50 pages.

See you inside. . .

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There's a viral joke among SEO service professionals: the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of the Google search results. Due to popular requests, I put this little guide on the best way to use my services and a host of others that I recommend to improve your ranking.

STEP 1;-There are currently potential customers on the web looking for a product or service like yours. The main reason why you are not "making sales" is that you have chosen the wrong keywords. Get an appropriate professional keyword research service here

2ND STEP;- SEO on the page helps search engines better understand your website, to assess whether your content would be relevant to people looking for information on your keywords. Serious about your business, optimize your site here…cal-SEO-Services

STEP 3; – Start your foundation links, with brand profiles and authority links on over 700 popular platforms on the Internet with this service here…-Rank-In-21-Days

STEP 4: – NOText step is to become social. Social signals indicate that people are discussing your brand, which improves your ranking in SERP because search engines see social signals as reliable. Get social with service here

STEP 5: – The next action is to trigger your link building with POWER links, but don't repeat this step too much. Perfect service for this can be found here…-With-Strong-PBN


I will do on-site SEO for your website for $ 5

I will do on-site referencing for your website

I have been referencing for more than 2 years. I help companies directly with my SEO and I have been very successful and got great results and a return on investment on the campaigns in which I have participated.
I have different skills in this area. I specialize in On-Page, Off-Page and technical referencing. Please contact me to discuss your needs.
I offer a free pre-audit of the home page, before starting the SEO project


Paid – $ – Search for on-site or community work | Forum promotion

I am available to work on many projects.

The prices will be based on the needs and requirements which will be quoted on a person by person basis and the level of requirements of myself.

Experience with the forum system:
IPS (Invision Power Suite), Vbulletin, PHPBB, SMF, MYBB, Kunena, WPForo

Skill sets:
PHP, Python, Mysql, Html, CSS, Javascript, webmaster, admin, moderation, publication

Symfony, Django

E-commerce experience:
Magento, Prestashop, Oscommerce, virtuemart, woocommerce

WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Modx, Concrete5

CRM / ERP experience:
Odoo, ERPNext, Vtiger

Custom coded solutions to customize a website or system in php or python are also available.

The rate will depend on what is required and will aim to fit the budget as the quotes will be based on the person requesting my services to make sure I can help you with what you may need.

api design – How to calculate the costs of an on-site API request in terms of money?

Assuming you have a client application running on thousands of clients, which represents 750 million requests for a total of 5 KB each. Let's say that for us to have figures, you have 25,000 client devices making 30,000 requests per week of 5 KB each. Change if the numbers are different.

The first cost is the cost to customers, which is a bit tricky. You transfer 150 MB per customer per week, or approximately 650 MB per customer per month. Ask the right department what your customers are paying for mobile data bandwidth. However, my ISP had two data offers: one not enough for me, another 2 1/2 times more than what I needed. I took the bigger one, so for me, 650 MB per customer would have zero cost. Having to go from the smallest to the biggest would cost me £ 3 a month. With 25,000 customers, it's between £ 0 and £ 75,000 a month.

Then your company pays around 16 TB of bandwidth per month to the server. Someone in your business pays the bill and knows how much it costs.

And then there is the cost of the server. Ask your IT staff how many servers are running the server code for this application. You have about 3,000 requests per second for ten hours a day, which can be many. Then check who in the business estimates the monthly cost of a server and you get your numbers.

Of course, you would divide 750,000,000 requests per week to get the cost per request which will be very low. I think you are really asking "how much can we secure if we reduce the number of requests by 10%", or "how much does it cost to deploy this to 25,000 other users" which will be much more tall.

Services managed as a service $ 200 / month. US Arizona Techs Hosted or Onsite Server Management

We will manage all IT environments, including proactive management and monitoring:

[url] https: // …. | Read the rest of

I'll do it on the SEO page with yoast optimization for $ 25

I'm going to do on the SEO page with yoast optimization

SEO on the page is a pillar of your ranking on the first page. Getting a good ranking on the search engine can become easier with the best help from the search engine optimization on the page. Basically, search engines are getting smarter every day and only site SEO can promise you to be at the top and well above your competition.

ON-PAGE optimization

→ Website analysis report.
→ Analysis of competitors.
→ Broken links.
→ Optimization title tags.
→ Meta Description tags.
→ Creation of H1 tag.
→ Modification of the Image Alt tag.
→ Creation of XML Sitemap and Robots.txt.
→ Installation of Google Analytics.
→ Correction of WMT errors.

My features: –

→ Organic traffic.
→ Marking diagram.
→ 100% money back guarantee.
→ Monthly services.
→ Support 24/12.
→ Long term relationship.
→ Always available for my clients once the project is finished.
→ SEO report card.

Note- [After all, your website will start getting search engine ranking in no time. If you have any questions, contact me.]


Complete configuration of online optimization for WordPress site + Configuration of Yoast SEO keywords for 10 publications for $ 20

Complete configuration of online optimization for WordPress site + configuration of Yoast SEO keywords for 10 publications

I will do the WordPress optimization setup on the page, including the best permalink setup, making the website more user friendly. I will also do the SEO configuration of the Yoast plugin with targeted keywords absolutely perfect for 10 messages. Order now. Team of coders and experienced professionals who help you or your brand / company to create a great online presence.

Christmas SALE: 50% discount

Order now and make your website search engine friendly with Perfect Onpage Optimization