How to open AOSP default launcher app Launcher3 in Android Studio?

I cloned Launcher3, which is the default launcher for AOSP:

I opened it on Android Studio and got

01:04   Gradle sync failed: Module: 'Launcher3' platform 'android-R' not found. (1 m 34 s 191 ms)

What is wrong? I made sure Android 11 SDK is downloaded

where on earth – What is the highest pass in the world that is kept open (plowed) in winter?

Winter is here (for those in the Northern Hemisphere at least), and with it comes the bane of travelers just about everywhere, snow. Furthermore, snow tends to be more prevalent at higher altitudes, due to the weather being colder there.

This means that if one is interested in driving high mountain passes and roads, one should wait for the weather to improve, right? Or, are there high passes one can drive that are kept open (plowed, sanded, salted) for traffic during the winter? Currently, the highest pass I know of that’s winter-maintained is Loveland Pass at 3655m (11,990′) on US 6, but are there others in the world that are higher still? It’s OK if the road undergoes temporary closures during winter due to snowslides/avalanches, but the slide must be cleared from the road promptly. No “temporary closures” that last all winter long!

How to add a keyboard shortcut to open a Palette

I would like to add a hotkey or keyboard shortcut to open a Mathematica Palettte, like e.g. the Basic Math Assistant. I found a number of questions like this one or this one with answers suggesting to make changes to the file. But I could not figure out how to apply these ideas to make a shortcut for a general menu command.

c++ – Visual Studio / Qt – Cannot open source file “QApplication”

I have VS 2017, qt-opensource-windows-x86-msvc2015_64-5.8.0, qt-vsaddin-msvc2017-2.6.0-rev.07. to setup.

Qt VS Tools widget is present, can make Qt Console Application.


#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QLabel>

Cannot open source file "QApplication"
Cannot open source file "QLabel" – tried, not working.


linux – How can I open a kernel shell in GNOME?

When I don’t have GNOME installed, I can log in using GNU/Linux’s text based login manager, then I’m presented with a shell. There are no GUIs running, and echo $TERM gives Linux.

Once I install GNOME and I’m logged in with the desktop manager running, I can access a terminal using GNOME’s gnome-terminal, which has $TERM = xterm, but I can’t figure out how to launch one of those original kernel-provided shells with $TERM = Linux. Does GNOME provide a way to do this, or is there any other way of accessing one of these shells while GNOME is running?

Unable to open SharePoint online site in SharePoint designer

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unity – How to Make UI Open and Close on Keypress

I’ve been working on a 2D RPG and have been trying to make a script that will open or close the public UI element that is selected in properties. I don’t receive any errors, but I do receive a warning that says:

AssetsScriptsKeyManager.cs(7,18): warning CS0414: The field 'KeyManager.activeUI' is assigned but its value is never used

Here’s the script that is connected to my canvas:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class KeyManager : MonoBehaviour
    private bool activeUI;
    public GameObject UI;

    void Start()
        activeUI = false;

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.I) && (activeUI = false))
            activeUI = true;

        else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.I) && (activeUI = true))
            activeUI = false;

user accounts – With Sharepoint hosted Excel file I’m getting the error message “trouble signing in” when trying “Open in Desktop App”

I’m unable to Open any Excel files on my Desktop Excel App from Sharepoint “Open in App” or Excel online “Open in Desktop App”.

I’m able to log into my company’s Sharepoint, and Office365 with my business credentials using my company login, which for the sake of argument I’ll call I have an old personal hotmail account that I use on my desktop, Frank**** And I have Excel Professional 2010 Desktop installed.

When I try to open an excel file from Sharepoint on my desktop with “Open in App” or “Open in Desktop App”, I get the sign in error as pictured below. Where even though signed in as Excel is stating that User acccount Frank**** does not exist in tenant ‘Mycompany’.

I’m using a newly installed Edge browser that doesn’t have me signed in on anything with my personal email, Frank****, so where is Excell getting Frank****, and why does it think I should be singing in with that, instead of opening it and singing in with my company credentials,

Excel does explicately ask for a sign in, it just does this automatically. Also, I can download the Excel file from Sharepoint or Excel online and open it with my desktop Excel with no problems.

Anyways, I appreciate the help.

enter image description here

❓ASK – What should i need to open my own exchange ! | NewProxyLists

This question is very interesting, 3 years ago I wanted to launch a cryptocurrency exchange, but my partner was not convinced and I did not continue to persevere, now I regret not having done it.
The main thing you should have is a lot of money for hosting, security, programmers, etc.

Canon 70-300mm blurry wide open at infinity – stars and distant lights

I’m having a problem with Canon T1i + Canon 70-300mm USM IS lens at 300mm and wide open at f/5.6.

Shutting night sky with a tripod I started noticing that the stars and planets are forming a “drop shape”, angled 45 degrees. Speeds between 0,5s and 1s at ISO 1600 (grainy)

I am using tripod, mirror lockup, remote shutter release and 10 seconds delay.

Started noticing it when trying to capture the Neowise comet back in July/August(?).

Yesterday night I pointed at a red light in a cell tower (a stationary light) to check if the problem occurs. And yes, the tower light is blurred at 45 degrees angle.
So, I’ve tried tilting the camera sideways, at a 90 degree angle. The image resulted in drop shape stars angled +45 degrees relative to the previous images. Mind blowing.

I am trying my best to pinpoint focus at infinity, both with AF and Live View.
I don’t know what to do, what kind of tests I should perform.
My camera doesn’t have micro focus adjustment.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Ivan

300mm f/5.6 2.5s @ ISO 1600 1