[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open question: How can I earn more Instagram followers?

I have a new account for help / support and complaints to help people.
I have like 85 followers and nobody sees my messages.
How can I win followers who are not ghosts, people who will actually comment and be present.

storage – Is there an open source / equivalent utility for spoofing FCP i.e.SCSI over FC packages

I am looking for a simple tool, preferably open source, capable of generating / spoofing SCSI on FC, ie FCP packages.

I am aware of high-end products such as SANblaze, I was wondering if there was something lighter and, preferably, an open source tool that could achieve the same goal.

Mac OS: How to open a private browsing URL from the command line?

I am looking for a universal way to open the supplied URL from the command line in incognito mode by default.

As a backup scenario, I agree with some browsers such as Chromium, Firefox or Safari.

[ Politics ] Open Question: We went to a Trump rally in Texas, there were at least 1,000 empty seats in a 6,400-seat arena. Are even his Trumpanzees fed up?

Saw later that he said that thousands were waiting outside. No one was outside with the exception of the protesters.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do the Conservatives oppose higher taxes for Americans?

You, the Americans, are so rich that you can afford to have a lower net salary and a lower standard of living.

[ Movies ] Open question: Has Peter Fonda been overshadowed by his family?

Henry, Jane and even Bridget?

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: Why do men scratch their private space in PUBLIC?

[Other – Society and culture] Open question: Why do men scratch their private space in PUBLIC?

bitcoind – open source server for bitcoin wallet

For my simple bitcoin wallet, I use the blockcypher.com api.

There is a problem due to the limitation of the number of API requests. So I have to create my "api blockcypher.com", which would be used in my portfolio, but I have no idea of ​​its structure or its information. stored in the database and how it is structured. Most likely, the blockchain is scanned and a database is created for each wallet address for a quick call. A list of hashes for each portfolio may be indicated; it is then searched in the blockchain to create a transaction history. Therefore, I am looking for an open source project that I can install on my server and use for my project.

Priority in python, but other languages ​​are also possible.

Ajax add command to open a new URL

In a custom module, I created a custom form. On this form, I have an ajax button to open a specific file (.pdf).

Here is my code in a custom send function:

  $url = 'myfileUrl';
  $response = new AjaxResponse();
  $command = new RedirectCommand($url);

It's ok and the file is open when I click the button. But, the page is closed to open the file. How can I specify a "target" attribute to open the file in a new window? If this is not possible, is there another ajax command to open an external URL?

Thank you.