Trump admitted blocking foreign aid to Ukraine unless unearthing an opponent. Do you think it's ethical? Without deviating?

It is not just an unethical act, but an abuse of power that is an even more impenetrable offense. Of course, the trolls (as was already the case for Bocephus) will deviate by accusing other people of similar crimes, but that does not excuse and in any way lessen the myriad serious crimes and offenses committed daily by Donald Trump.

Congress should continue with impeachment. I guess they're waiting after 2020 because the Senate is so partisan that they could excuse everything, but a prior acquittal would guarantee a majority in the Democratic Senate for a second vote on the impeachment. The people elected this congress to dismiss, and it should continue.

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dnd 5th – How can I temporarily blind an opponent with the command spell?

I love the lot orderand I'm looking for a way to get someone to go blind temporarily. Yet, for my life, I can not find a solitary verb that means closing my eyes. It's funny how the English language is bad, haha.

What order can I give with the order a spell to temporarily blind an opponent?

dnd 5th – How far does a creature have to move for abilities that trigger after charging an opponent?

Some creatures with extra ability are attached to their attack if they move a certain distance to their opponent before attacking. Take the example of the Gorgon, it has the ability to Tramble Charge:

Trampling load. If the gorgon moves straight at least 20 feet to a creature and then hits it with a bloody attack on the same turn, that target must make a Force 16 save or be knocked out. If the target is tilted, the gorgon can perform an attack with his hooves against it as a bonus action.

When it says 20 feet in a straight line to an opponent, how much should it be right? Should the last 20 feet of movement of the creature be in the same direction? Or is a movement model like East, Southeast, East or Southeast considered to have been moved directly from 20 feet to an opponent?

dnd 5th – Can we attack for having suffered damage after facing an opponent?

To the first question. Yes, "If you can perform multiple attacks with the Attack action, this attack replaces one of them." (PHB 195) So yes, you can attack again if you struggle with your first action. You are not limited to who you are attacking, so anyone on hand, including the opponent struggling, is fine.

Your opponent is only frozen in place. This is the only restriction. It can attack you or attack anyone else if they are within range.

Advantage and Disadvantage work normally, but nothing has been added because of the grappling hook.

Not for the moment, unless you have a special spell or class function that assigns them. For example, the grappler exploit adds additional tasks to the grappling condition, such as the restricted addition.

So basically, as part of your attack action, you can catch someone, this only sets his speed to 0. That's about it all. There is other things you can do, but that largely depends on class features or prowess to support it. The WOTC forums contain much more information in the Grapple Handbook than Ruut indicated in his response.

pathfinder – Does a Snake Sword user get an AoO for an opponent moving from one threatened square to another in range?

In general, if a creature threatens an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 15m around it and a normal enemy takes a regular move action to move 15m from the creature to 10m from the creature, the creature loses some 15m. enemy causes an opportunity attack on this creature. creature. Then, in turn, the enemy normally continues his movement in the creature's endangered area, do not causing new attacks of opportunity for his normal movement.

Act of the enemy to get out of a square that the creature threatens to cause an opportunity attack of the creature is enough to prevent the creature from making new Opportunity attacks against that enemy in response to the enemy – this turn – more squares that the creature threatens.

(An enemy may avoid provoking opportunistic attacks for his move, for example by crossing a 5-foot step or performing a Tumble Skill test.)

However, in the case of the homebrew snake sword that the DM has approved, while it is in whip mode, the snake sword bearer does so do not threaten an area with it, even if the wearer is able to make attacks against enemies up to 15 feet away. That's because it works – unless the GM decides otherwise – as a normal Scout whip. The description of the snake sword makes specific exceptions to the way that melee weapons normally threaten an area.

Note: The whip is widely considered a sub-equivalent weapon. (See also here.) Although the whip-snake has some advantages over a normal whip – inflicting lethal wounds on an armored target is certainly a good start! – This player suspects a PC brandishing a sword sword long sword sword much more often than in whip mode.

Can you dare to believe what the socialist Ilhan Omar, an opponent of Islamofist Islam raging, said about the September 11 attacks now?

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