5th dnd – Can you give up your prepared action to take an opportunity attack instead?


Nothing in the Opportunity Attack or Opportunity Attack Rules suggests that they exclude each other beyond the use of his or her reaction, which does not occur. is used only to launch the opportunity attack or to take the action prepared. Therefore, you can give up using the fireball prepared to launch a second-hand attack if you wish and if circumstances permit.

Using his reaction to the attack of an opportunity consumes his reaction until his next turn, so that the prepared action can not be undertaken. For prepared spells, the character will not recover the used slice of spell and may technically remain focused on the prepared spell, although they can not trigger it without an unspent reaction. Any prepared actions that have not been taken can not be more than the beginning of the character's next turn, as explained in the player's manual errata:

Ready (page 193). You have until the beginning of your next turn to use a prepared action

Therefore, in practice, a character loses his prepared action when he launches an attack by opportunity, unless he has a feature allowing him to launch an opportunity attack without using his reaction (as the Combat Fighter Tunnel Style of Underdark UA).

3.5nd dnd – Do pets cause opportunity attacks when sending contact spells?

Looking now online, I found this:

If the master is level 3 or higher, a pet can assign touch spells. If the master and the pet are in touch when the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his pet as "touch". The pet can then cast the spell as the master could. As usual, if the master casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell will dissipate.

Can someone tell me something that explains whether or not they cause AOOs in a rule book?

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5th dnd – Is a character having the feat of the Arm Master of Arms can launch an Opportunity Attack against an unseen creature that enters their range?

The second advantage of the Arms Master's exploit (PHB, p.168) is as follows:

While carrying a sword, a halberd, a pike, a quarter of a man or a spear, other creatures cause an opportunity attack when they reach your reach.

The usual rules on opportunity attacks stipulate:

You can make an attack of opportunity when a hostile creature you can see moves out of range. To create an attack opportunity, you use your reaction to launch a melee attack against the provoking creature. The attack occurs just before the creature leaves your reach.

Obviously, Firearms Master allows you to use your reaction to launch an opportunity attack when a creature comes in your reach in addition to the attack. opportunity that any character can do when a creature leaves it. However, does the Firearms Master's Opportunity Attack follow the same restriction on the need to see the creature, or can that attack be made even without seeing the creature that enters it? radius of action?

If an Invisible creature enters the range of a character with the stab Master's feat, can the character launch an opportunity attack against that creature?

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5th dnd – Is a character with the exploit of War Caster able to call a lock with Call Lightning instead of launching an opportunity attack?

No, War Caster does not let you do that

Unfortunately, War Caster offers the following benefits:

When the movement of a hostile creature causes an opportunity attack on your part, you can use your reaction to: to put a spell on to the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a cast time of 1 action and must target that creature only.

When you use your action to call lightning as described in the Flash Appeal spell, it does not cast a spell; it's its own kind of action, manipulate a spell that has already been cast and that is not covered by War Caster.

You can not use the reaction offered by War Caster to launch Flash appeal like a new spell, that is, since Flash appeal do not just target that specific creature; Lightning has an effect area, so it can potentially target multiple enemies, even with only the initial lock, and you can continue to use the spell to hit many different targets during its duration.

5th dnd – Can a Level 6 Druid with the Warlord Gift use Lightning Call Lightning as an Opportunity Attack?

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pathfinder – What magical items give the owner the opportunity to own other people like Possession spell?

Very few items for Pathfinder

The tiara of control allows you to take possession of constructions.

The wearer of the banner can assume direct control of the building as a complete action, controlling all the actions of the construction possession. The holder may terminate this control at any time with complete freedom. The wearer can remove the crystal from a construction as a standard action, which allows him to use the crystal on a different construction and to make control of the construction to his original master.

In addition, magical staves with the Possession The spell should also allow this, as long as the spell is also on the character's spell list. However, none of the officially published litters comes with fate.

Apart from that, no published item allows you to affect a creature with Possession, not even among the artifacts. Your best bet would be to summon a creature that has that ability by using a magic item, such as an Ataxian, Avatarana, or Psychemental.

What magical items give the owner the opportunity to own other people like fate?

Pathfinder or dnd 3.5 items accepted. Are there any items that allow the wearer to possess another as he / she throws the "Possession" spell?