pathfinder 1e – Does moving a grappled foe through someone’s threatened area trigger an attack of opportunity?

If one has grappled a foe, and then succeeds on a check to maintain it, one of the options is:

You can move both yourself and your target up to half your speed. At the end of your movement, you can place your target in any square adjacent to you. If you attempt to place your foe in a hazardous location, such as in a wall of fire or over a pit, the target receives a free attempt to break your grapple with a +4 bonus.

The attack of opportunity (AoO) rules state that:

Moving out of a threatened square usually provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening opponents. There are two common methods of avoiding such an attack—the 5-foot step and the withdraw action.

  1. Does being moved out of a threatened square by someone else (in general, or while grappled) triggers an AoO?
  2. If it does, would that trigger the “if you attempt to to place your foe in a hazardous location” clause?

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dnd 5e – Can the creature from a Bag of Tricks make opportunity attacks?

The bag of tricks description includes the following:

You can use an action to pull the fuzzy object from the bag and throw it up to 20 feet. When the object lands, it transforms into a creature you determine by rolling a d8 and consulting the table that corresponds to the bag’s color.
The creature is friendly to you and your companions, and it acts on your turn. You can use a bonus action to command how the creature moves and what action it takes on its next turn, or to give it general orders, such as to attack your enemies. In the absence of such orders, the creature acts in a fashion appropriate to its nature.

The creature that you pull from the bag can act on your turn if you use your bonus action to command it. But can it make opportunity attacks?

Since such as thing likely happens on the enemy’s turn, you won’t be able to command it to with your bonus action, and it says that it acts “appropriate to its nature” if you don’t give it orders, so can it make opportunity attacks if you do or do not give it orders on your turn (if that makes any difference)?

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dnd 5e – Would a zealot barbarian’s divine fury trigger during an opportunity attack?

The Path of the Zealot barbarian (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, p. 11) gets the Divine Fury feature at level 3, which states:

At 3rd level, while you’re raging, the first creature you hit on each of your turns with a weapon attack takes extra damage equal to 1d6 + half your barbarian level. The extra damage is necrotic or radiant; you choose the type of damage when you gain this feature.

Does it work like the Rogue’s Sneak attack, in that it can trigger on opportunity attacks, since it’s a different turn? Or does the “on each of your turns” bit make it not work.

dnd 5e – Do opportunity attacks have disadvantage if I use my action to Dodge and then move out of melee range?


Until the start of your next turn, any attack roll made against you has disadvantage if you can see the attacker, and you make Dexterity saving throws with advantage.

Opportunity attacks require attack rolls, so they would all have disadvantage, as long as the attackers were not invisible.

That being said, I would recommend using disengage instead of dodge:

If you take the Disengage action, your movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks for the rest of the turn.

Now, instead of disadvantage, your opponents can’t attack at all.

Dodge and disengage both use an action. So you could do either of those for your action and still dash with your bonus action. So disengage would likely be better than dodge, unless there’s a possibility of getting attacked from range by other enemies, then dodge might be helpful for imposing disadvantage on those ranged attacks, unless you remember this clever trick: ranged attacks have disadvantage against a prone target.

You disengage with your action, then bonus action dash and get 60 feet away from your melee attackers. Then, if there are no more melee attackers within 30-40 feet of you, drop prone, and all ranged attacks will have disadvantage. When your turn comes back around, stand up and double dash for 75 feet of movement.

dnd 5e – Does the Blink spell provoke an opportunity attack from someone with the Polearm Master feat?

Yes, an opportunity attack is triggered.

Although the blink spell does not explicitly use the word teleport, I believe that teleportation is essentially what it does.

Regarding teleportation the rules for how it works with opportunity attacks without polearm master are as follows:

You also don’t provoke an opportunity attack when you teleport or when someone or something moves you without using your movement, action, or reaction. (PHB p.195) (emphasis added).

So in normal circumstances it would be impossible to for a teleport to trigger an opportunity attack. However the pole arm master feat states:

While wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, or quarterstaff, other creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter your reach. (emphasis added).

Since teleporting into someones reach involves entering their reach we can assume that the perquisites for an opportunity attack via the pole arm master feat are met.

This interpretation of the rules relies on the belief that specific beats general and that the rules for a feat are more specific than the general rules regarding teleportation/opportunity attacks.

dnd 5e – How to describe that an enemy can avoid opportunity attacks?

The way you approach this depends on how your players interact with you as the DM. I’ve used two methods that seem to work.

Rules-based Approach

If your players are rules-oriented, new to the game, or if you haven’t played with them long enough that they trust you to not make things happen “just because,” what you’re asking is difficult.

A player who focuses more on rules than narrative might feel that you are adding abilities to something that “shouldn’t” have them. They might even be aware that abilities like this exist, and be unsure whether this boss has that feature, or if you’re just taking away something that they thought they had access to. Similarly, a new player might be blindsided by this. They might have just recently learned that Opportunity Attacks exist, and be (rightfully) annoyed that the rule seems to go away just for “narrative” reasons.

For either of these players, the solution is simple. Tell them that it has this trait. It could break immersion somewhat, but that’s worthwhile for the sake of either

  • Demonstrating that you also care about playing things by the rules, or
  • Showing that what the player has learned has not gone to waste.

If your group doesn’t match these types of players, or they’ve played with you long enough to understand that you’re not trying to mess them up, you can go ahead and take the descriptive approach.

Descriptive Approach

If you choose to explain the creature’s movements, make sure to explain them in a way that clearly communicates the effect that the movements have. Just describing your monster as moving quickly or evasively doesn’t communicate that it avoids Opportunity Attacks.

That’s important because you don’t really want your players to try attacking it anyway. Doing so doesn’t cost them anything (their reaction isn’t wasted, they simply can’t use it,) but it also doesn’t benefit them at all. They end up making a decision that they think will be effective, only to find out that it isn’t. It’s better to make it clear that that decision isn’t an option in the first place, so that they don’t need to discuss or consider whether attempting it.

To rephrase, if you’re evasive about what the creature gains from this trait, they end up trying to make a tactical decision to combat it. But since there’s no downside or upside to making that choice, it’s meaningless, and is just a distraction.

I’ve used phrasing like the following successfully:

The creature strikes, then before you can react, darts back out of your reach. It’s moving quickly and strategically, keeping it’s guard up.

This phrasing is important because it calls out explicitly what the mechanics of the trait you’re describing are: you cannot use your reaction in response to its movement, and it doesn’t lower its defenses when it backs off. All this, while ideally keeping immersion by not calling out explicit abilities and rules. Then, if a player asks to attack it anyway, you can break it down for them:

You can’t make an opportunity attack against it; that’s what I meant when I was describing how it moved.

dnd 5e – Does falling cause opportunity attack?

Consider this scenario. A sorcerer climbs up a 20 foot tree and gets surprised by a large snake. The snake misses and then the sorcerer wins initiative and decides to let go of the tree branches. This results in the sorcerer falling to the ground and taking damage.

Does the snake get an opportunity attack?