5th Dnd – Can a College of Swords Bard Use a Flourish Flourish Option During an Opportunity Attack Caused by Their Own Dissonant Whispers Fate?

1. Yes, the caster gets an opportunity attack

As the creature uses its reaction to move away, this movement causes an opportunity attack from a creature whose scope it leaves.

You do not cause an opportunity attack when teleporting or when
something moves without using your movement, action or reaction.

In case of doubt, Crawford informally supported this decision in a tweet.

If they leave the launcher, they also provoke it and they can use a reaction to take the attack against them.

You Can See Can I trigger an opportunity attack by forcing an opponent to move out of my reach? for more examples and discussions on forced movements causing AOs.

2. No, you can not use Blade Florish during the opportunity attack.

Blade Flourish (XGtE, 15) only works when you perform the Attack action:

Whenever you take action Attack on your turn […]

The bard did not take the attack action this turn, but the action to cast a spell. An Opportunity Attack is an attack, but it is done outside of an Attack action, so it will not trigger the Flameish Blade ability.

See What's an uppercase-attacking action rather than an uppercase? for more information on the distinction between the two.

dnd 5th – Does my duplicate cause opportunity attacks?

Opportunity attacks are specified as follows (PHB, 195):

You can launch an opportunity attack when a hostile creature that you can see moves out of your reach.

On the other hand, the Invoke Duplicity function of the scammer domain clerk creates "a perfect illusion of [the cleric]".

Illusions are not creatures and, therefore, duplication does not trigger an opportunity attack.

The copy you create is a "perfect illusion of yourself". Therefore, it makes sense that an enemy who does not know that it is an illusion would try to touch him.

This is probably how I would call DM, but keep in mind that, according to RAW, no second-hand attacks will be triggered.

As stated in this question, we know very little about the illusion created by Invoke Duplicity. Contrary to many illusions, it does not even say if it is physically tangible (what illusions can be – Shadow Blade, Mirage Arcane or Simulacrum are the proof). Since other spells creating illusions explicitly indicate if things can cross them, we could conclude that by default, illusions are physically tangible. I would pay attention to that, though – this makes trivial pitfall checking using physically tangible illusions.

pathfinder – Can a mage use spell-checking during an opportunity attack?

A mage throws Shocking catch, use the arcane pool (for +1) and start the battle. The villain runs in front of the mage, and the mage gets an opportunity attack, can he use Spellstrike and deliver the Shocking catch?

The rules seem silent on this – but my instinct tells me that they would be able to unload the spell through a work area because it's a melee attack (if they hit). I just want to see if there are rules or decisions on the subject.

5th dnd – Do you have an opportunity attack with an unarmed strike at 5 feet? when holding a two-handed weapon?

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5th dnd – When can a creature's movement do I / should I attack with opportunity?

Assuming your reach is 5 feet, your opportunity attack is executed before the creature leaves the fire tile. According to the PHB (195):

the [opportunity] attack interrupts the movement of the creature that causes, occurring just before the creature leaves your reach.

Opportunity attacks are mostly about melee strikes. The range is therefore based on your melee range (ibid.):

You can launch an opportunity attack when a hostile creature … goes out of range. To use this opportunity, you use your reaction to perform a melee attack …

If you have a class or similar function that allows the use of spells for OA, unless the text explicitly overrides the "reach" requirement, you must follow the general rule above.

dnd 5th – If a Gnome rides a Dragonborn riding a horse, who can be targeted when the horse causes an opportunity attack?

We have a gnome fighter and a dragonborn bard in our campaign. The gnome sometimes puts himself in a makeshift sling on the back of the Dragonborn to shoot arrows at his enemies during the fight. Until then, I considered the dragonborn as an independent mount when AoO came along and also provided him with a blanket, if any.

Recently, the dragon dragon has received a horse. Now the gnome is on the back of the dragonborn and the dragonborn is on the horse. If the horse is a controlled mount and this causes an attack, the attacker may choose to attack the horse or dragon dragon. On the supports, the PHB declares (198):

… if the mount causes an opportunity attack while you are there, the attacker can target you or target the mount.

It seemed simple at first, but then we realized that dragonborn, not the horse, is the mount of the gnome. However, the dragonborn will never cause an opportunity attack on its own because the rule on opportunity attacks states (PHB 195):

In addition, you do not cause an occasional attack when you teleport or someone or something moves you without using your movements, actions or reactions.

In this case, neither the dragonborn nor the gnome can cause an opportunity attack because they do not move using their movement, action, or reaction. Only the horse can provoke an attack of opportunity.

If the attacker can not attack the gnome in this case, then the gnome is completely immune to the attacks of opportunity.

If the horse causes a second-hand attack, can the attacker choose between the dragonborn, the horse, and the gnome?

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