Drupal 8. Select all nodes where the date is greater than the current date and the event repeat option is empty

I have the type of content "event". In this type of content, I have a date field, provided by the Date Recur module. As a result, I have a date range: start date and end date of the event. Date Recur also provides an option to repeat the event. I have to select all the event nodes where the date field is greater than the current date and the event repeat option is empty or select all the nodes, where the option rehearsal event is not empty.

My code:

$ current_time = Drupal :: service ("date.formatter") -> format (time (), "custom", Ymd TH: i: s & # 39; Ymd TH: i: s & # 39; ;);

        $ query = $ this-> db_connection-> select ('node__field_type', 'n_f_type');
$ query-> join ('node_field_data', 'n_f_data',
& # 39; n_f_data.nid = n_f_type.entity_id AND n_f_data.type = n_f_type.bundle & # 39;);

$ query-> join (& # 39; node__field_event_dates & # 39; n_event_dates & # 39;
& Nt; n_event_dates.bundle = n_f_type.bundle AND n_event_dates.entity_id = n_f_type.entity_id & # 39;)
$ query-> fields (& # 39; n_f_data & # 39;
$ query-> condition (& # 39; n_f_type.bundle & # 39; event & # 39;)
$ query-> condition (& # 39; n_f_data.status & # 39 ;, 1);
$ group_and = $ query-> andConditionGroup ();
$ group_and-> condition (n_event_dates.field_event_dates_value, $ current_time, & =;
$ group_and-> condition ('n_event_dates.field_event_dates_rrule', '#'; & # 39; & # 39;);
$ query-> condition ($ group_and);
$ group_or = $ query-> orConditionGroup ();
$ group_or-> condition ('n_event_dates.field_event_dates_rrule', '% RRULE%', 'LIKE');
$ query-> condition ($ group_or);
$ query-> range (0, 500);
$ events = $ query-> execute () -> fetchAll ();

Please, anyone can help me build the correct query because the current query returns an empty array.

Best option when you need multiple RDP connections on different IP addresses

I need several remote desktop accounts. All different IPs

Is this the only option to buy Windows VPS packages? … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1772763&goto=newpost

Sync – Bitcoind Node crashes after using the -dbcache option

You allocate way too much dbcache. If you allocate 4000 MB to dbcache, you will use all your RAM and it will crash. Your operating system needs RAM, Bitcoin Core itself needs RAM outside of dbcache. I strongly recommend you do not set a dbcache at all, because 4 GB is not enough to handle a larger dbcache, other uses of RAM by Bitcoin Core, the use of the operating system and all which can run on your computer.

I suggest you start Bitcoin Core without dbcache and check your RAM usage (using top or the Ubuntu system monitor). See how much RAM is used and how much is free. Then you can set a higher dbcache if you have enough free memory.

With two-factor authentication, is an e-mail address or backup phone a good option for recovery?

Having several recovery options is very important. If you have lost passwords for an online service such as Roboform (Password Manager), all your data has disappeared. It will never be recovered.

To answer your question, the backup email is sort of appreciated in your main email. If hackers can discover it, hack both, you will totally lose access. Backup codes are something you can store somewhere without relying on backup emails.

The only problem you may experience with 2FA is when you go abroad and that roaming is disabled or can not be acquired.

Command Line – xargs: Invalid option – "o"

I was trying to run this command to fix yet another error (impossible to use a ticker – the input is not a terminal nor the correct type of file):

kubectl get pods -n foobar | grep baz | awk # {print $ 1} & # 39; | xargs -J% kubectl exec -it -n foobar% / bin / bash

Which resulted in the following error:

xargs: Invalid option - & # 39; o & # 39;

I was able to execute the command correctly on my Mac Mojave, but not under Ubuntu 16.04.

According to the xargs website, there should have been an -o option:



Reopen stdin as / dev / tty in the child process before running the command, thus allowing this command to be associated with the terminal while xargs reads from a different stream, for example. ex. from a pipe. This is useful if you want xargs to run an interactive application.

grep -lz PATTERN * | xargs -0o vi

But man xargs did not show this option.

The changelog does not mention any changes to the flag.

My version of xargs on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

xargs (GNU findutils) 4.7.0-git
Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
GPLv3 + license: GNU GPL version 3 or later .
It is free software: you are free to change it and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
Written by Eric B. Decker, James Youngman and Kevin Dalley.

The "Tools" option of my Visual Studio code is missing

I was trying to make some changes to the Visual Studio code and I was looking for a developer command prompt for Visual Studio Code through a Start Menu search on my Windows device, but it was not included in it. not.

I've decided to search for it alternately in the Tools menu but there is no Tools option on my device. How can I bring the tools option?

My VS code

customization – How to remove a custom option from a parent theme in a child theme?

Suppose you like a theme but want to make changes. You make a children's theme. At least you do it if you follow good advice. So now you have a kids theme. You are satisfied and you want to share. There is just one small problem: one of the customizer's commands makes no sense with the changes you have made.

How to make the customization control of the parent theme disappear for your child theme?

5th dnd – The yuan-ti action option Polymorph in Snake does it require concentration? How long is it?

No, because the concentration is not part of the effect.

Cast a spell:

Each spell description begins with a block of information including its name, level, magic school, casting time, range, components, and so on. and the duration. The rest of a spell entry describes the effect of the spell.

Then, under "Duration":

The duration of a spell is the duration during which the spell persists. A duration can be expressed in revolutions, minutes, hours or even years. Some spells specify that their effects last until they are dispelled or destroyed.

Some spells require you to stay focused to keep their magic active. If you lose your concentration, such a spell ends.
If a spell must be maintained with concentration, this fact appears in its entry Durationand the spell specifies how long you can focus on it. You can end the concentration at any time (no action required).

The Yuan-Ti capacity mimics the effect of Polymorph, not any other aspect of the spell.

sharepoint online – RenderListDataAsStream – Option to limit the number of rows for groups

I use RenderListDataAsStream to get document library data with a grouped view. Once the group is expanded, I want to load all items in this group, not just the specified amount (item limit) in the display settings.

"https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sitename/_api/web/Lists/getbytitle('Title')/RenderListDataAsStream?IsGroupRender=TRUE&DrillDown=1&view=bb2f25d1-0766-a85--F17% 23Group2% 3B% 23 ";

This query will only return 30 items in Group2 & # 39; from the library. How can I replace the limit of items?

sharepoint enterprise – Site Copy Option – Content and Structure Management

We use 2016 On Prem

I would like my admin users to be able to copy a subsite via Conent And Structure

However, they do not see the copy option, they only see move. As a site collection administrator, I can see a copy

Does anyone know what is the minimum permission required for the copy option to be available?

Thank you