calls – I want to advertise, but I don’t want to publicize my personal#…unsure what options are available? (android handset Tracfone service)

My understanding is there are options to advertise with a # that is-not my personal#, without getting a new cell-plan or new device. What I don’t know is whether I should be looking carrier-side, or android/handset side (I just swapped from a nearly-decade-long flip phone stubbornness just a couple weeks ago ;P )

Thank you for options to use “781 – 784 – 7707”, or some randomly-generated #, to ring my personal handset as if the person really dialed my real number “123 456 7890” — I know there are probably myriad options so any answer is appreciated, looking less for companies and more for what the landscape is for this (does VOIP come into play? Does it matter if I’m part of the futile crowd trying to ‘limit google use on their android’? Have heard you can “play” google-voice to do call-forwarding for free, but imagine all calls are indefinitely stored…wouldn’t really care, so long as it were reliable that I never miss a call to the business number, cannot afford it!!

How to design a Win 7-like dialog for choosing One of N options without a confirm button?

The Copy file dialog of Win 7 constitutes an approach to presenting One of N options choices to users.
This dialog, however, has been accused of being too hard to scan, and lacking click affordance.

Another approach is that of Apple OSX. The advantage here is the improved scannability and click affordance. However, it doesn’t provide room for descriptions/meta data and it doesn’t scale well.

I’m aware that the typical UI controls for presenting One of N options choices are radio buttons, however, they occur to me as being a little archaic in this context. Furthermore, they don’t provide the option to be preselected (unless a dialog confirm button is available, making it a two step process if the user needs another option than what is default selected). Here’s a mockup of this issue:

enter image description here

I imagine that clicking either a radio button, an option heading or option description selects the pertinent option and closes the dialog.

The problem with the left dialog is the lacking affordance when no radio button is selected and the resulting missed opportunity to present a default option.

The problem with the right dialog is forcing the user (in case s/he is satisfied with Option Dolor) into clicking the Dolor Option (which goes against the standard behaviour of radio buttons).

My question is thus:

  • How should I design such a choose One of
    N options dialog when I want to avoid confirm buttons?

air travel – Charged back flight with Condor back in March and now they’re trying to ask for payment. What are my options?

As a follow-up to Can I simply apply for a chargeback on my credit card if my flight was cancelled and I’m unable to reach the airline?, I was contacted by Condor today with the following email:

We have unfortunately had to ascertain that as of today your account
for flight booking / extra service xxxxxxx still shows an outstanding
balance of USD xxx. Please transfer the due amount due to the
following bank, stating the references specified below, by no later
than xx.01.2021:

If you do not pay the claim amount by the deadline mentioned above, we
will ask our service provider TESCH Inkasso Forderungsmanagement GmbH
to take over the processing of the case, without a further reminder
from us, and to pursue our claims plus any charges incurred.

The story is that I had a flight from Seattle to Prague in March that had the Frankfurt->Prague leg cancelled. I’ve called Condor a couple of times, but they’ve refused to do anything about it as they were claiming that the Frankfurt->Prague leg is run by Lufthansa and thus I should contact them for a refund. This was of course complete nonsense (my contract is with Condor, not with Lufthansa), so I asked my US bank for a chargeback which was successful.

Now, I’m 100% sure I’m in the right here as the flight did not happen on time, nor was I offered a rerouted ticket and there’s no way Condor could possibly dispute this. But what should I do about it in the meantime?

  1. Ignore? I live in the US so Condor would have a hard time coming after me, but I’d rather not hire a US lawyer to fight it in case they do somehow.
  2. Pay up? Its a relatively small amount (~300 USD), but for me its a matter of principle not to pay for a service that wasn’t provided.
  3. Try talking to them? Sounds futile based on my previous interactions back in March.
  4. Hire a German lawyer and fight it? Possible, but sounds like I’d waste more than the $300.
  5. Complain to a consumer agency in Germany or the FAA or some other government authority? If so, which one?

I’ve found a similar thread on a German forum so it looks like Condor is now actively pursuing these chargebacks. A good answer would thus be useful to hundreds if not thousands of travelers in the same boat.

macos – Why is Options button for Photos app missing in iCloud settings?

I’ve turned on family sharing and want to share photos. There should be a shared album in Photos called “Family” but it’s not there. I’ve found instructions that say I have to use the Options button in the iCloud settings for Photos, but that button doesn’t show up for me.
screenshot of icloud apps settings

How can I get that Options button to show up?

developer options – Android – Simulate displsy with cutout

The new ‘Simulate display with cutout’ feature is very useful for android development for making sure an app will work on all devices, however there are some types of cutouts I would like to try for which I am not given the option.

Does anyone know how to add new cutout presets for this feature?

8 – How do I get all the options of a field?

Drupal 8.9.x still has the options_allowed_values() (a function implemented in the Options module). If the field uses a selection, check box, or a radio button widget, you could use the following code.

$field_definitions = Drupal::service('entity_field.manager')->getFieldDefinitions('entity', 'bundle');
if (isset($field_definitions('field'))) {
    $allowed_options = options_allowed_values($field_definitions('field')->getFieldStorageDefinition());

Replace 'entity' with the entity ID (for example, 'node' for nodes), 'bundle' with the bundle machine name (for example, 'article' for Article nodes), and 'field' with the field machine name.

Keep in mind that this code requires the Options module. The module using the code I shown should declare its dependency from it.

Using options_allowed_values() has the benefit that, if the field has a function returning the allowed values, that function is called. (The following is the code in options_allowed_values() that does that.)

  if (!isset($allowed_values($cache_id))) {
    $function = $definition

    // If $cacheable is FALSE, then the allowed values are not statically
    // cached. See options_test_dynamic_values_callback() for an example of
    // generating dynamic and uncached values.
    $cacheable = TRUE;
    if (!empty($function)) {
      $values = $function($definition, $entity, $cacheable);
    else {
      $values = $definition
    if ($cacheable) {
      $allowed_values($cache_id) = $values;
    else {
      return $values;

Using options_allowed_values() has also the pro of caching the allowed values. Calling options_allowed_values() for the same field (and same entity type) multiple times has a minimal impact on performance.

Want to add more options on User database schema to premade users

So I have this User MongoDB Schema, and I want to add other options to it. but if I do then the current users have to create a NEW Account to see the new changes. is there a way to update all the current users’ schema to show the new one?

enter image description here

dnd 5e – What are the options for a Cleric to gain the Shield spell, and ideally cast it using spell slots?

The options you’ve found are described correctly

Multiclassing, taking the Magic Initiate feat, talking to your GM, cheating, and getting a magic item all function exactly as you’ve described.

The strange one there is the Aberrant Dragonmark which cannot be cast using spell slots unless you are a Sorcerer. This would be similar to Magic Initiate in that you cannot use spell slots on a spell that is not associated with your class(es). The feat also does not make an explicit exception like some others do. For example, the Artificer Initiate feat:

(…) You can cast this feat’s 1st-level spell without a spell slot, and you must finish a long rest before you can cast it in this way again.¬†You can also cast the spell using any spell slots you have. (…)

Lacking similar text, I would conclude that without multiclassing into Sorcerer at least one level, you cannot cast the shield spell granted by the Aberrant Dragonmark with spell slots.

There are few other options, none of which work

The other ways to be able to cast shield at all do not allow you to cast it with spell slots. These methods are being a Githzerai from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and being a Mark of Sentinel human from Eberron Rising from the Last War. Both of these only grant the spell once per long rest though, and neither add the spell to your spellcasting list nor explicitly state that you can cast it using spell slots,

command line – Differences between Window Restart Options?

What command does Windows 10 use when selecting “Restart” from GUI menu?

Is it the same as the command shutdown /r ?

Windows Help File gives this description:

/r    Full shutdown and restart the computer

In this case, what does “Full Shutdown” actually mean?

Is this the same as shutting down and then hitting the button to boot back up or is this really just a restart?

I can’t find any commands for a restart without full shut down.

I also found PowerShell command:

Restart-Computer -ComputerName REMOTE_COMPUTER_NAME -Force

magento2.3 – Address Options > Number of Lines in a Street Address

I am experiencing a problem in my magento 2 store.
I cannot set the line quantity in Settings> Client Configuration> Name and Address Options> Number of Lines in Address
I can put any value 1, 2,3 or 4
Magento always returns only two lines as shown below.
This error occurs in all places where the customer’s address is placed, either in the admin, in / customer or at the checkout
All the basic procedures for cleaning caches, compilation and deploys were done, I even rebooted the server but nothing worked.
PHP 7.3
Magento 2.3.6

Magento is in developer mode,
exception for this error.

I did a search for street in my database and got these results in the table eav_attribute.

I just recently migrate the data from my magento 1 store and I believe something is corrupted in my database.

Magento Error