apache kafka – Effective options for creating flow joins (with large time intervals)

Use case: I have to join two feed sources (for example, orders(order_id, order_val) and shipments(shipment_id, shipment_val)) based on an identifier (order_id = shipment_id) and generate a new event shipment_order(id, order_val, shipment_val)

Note that the gap between events can be huge (1 year to 2 years)
Ex: order(order_id = 1, value=1) could happen today, but the shipment(shipment_id=1, value=2) could happen after a year.

I'm exploring models to achieve such long and efficient flow joins:

  1. Store events on DynamoDB (or any other datastore) and reissue events via DynamoDB feeds (usually changed data capture), when a DDB command event or a DDB delivery send arrives, I check DynamoDB for both events using the DDB event ID and perform a join and issue a new dispatch_order

  2. Using Kafka Stream with large windows (2 years)


  1. What are the good models for making such large window joins (am I on the right track considering the options above?)

  2. Is it recommended to join a two-year window in Stateful systems such as Kafka? (what are the implications?)

Note: Let's assume that the system processes about 200 million events a day with peaks. For efficiency, I mean overall efficiency in terms of time and costs (and compromise).

How to 2 separate pages have 2 separate default sort options

My site is currently using a custom default sort with WooCommerce. I need one page to have a different default sort without changing the other. I want this solo page sorted by average rating. How can I do this?

adb – "Manage root access" missing in LineageOS 16 development options

After a new installation of the official version of LineageOS 16.0 on September 19, 2019 (the first flash version was MIUI 9.6.27), I can not find "Manage root access" in the developer options.

After formatting and advanced cleaning, I installed LineageOS, Open Gapps Pico ARM64 for Android 9.0 and Magisk 19.4. Now all three seem to work properly and I have been able to grant root access to the AdAway and Titanium backup via Magisk. But I could not handle root access in the development options.

So Installed "addonsu-16.0-arm64-signed (.) Zip" from this LineageOS page, via TWRP. However, after a reboot, the access management option at the root is still missing. This is not even displayed as a grayed out option, it's just not there.

On the "Trust" screen, it says "Root Access: Disabled" just below SELinux: Enforcing. My phone is Mi 5s Plus 6GB / 128GB.

I would like to grant root access to ADB. Is this possible via a terminal emulator (on the phone)? Is there a command for that … because I can become root "by su" in the terminal emulator via Magisk.

Thank you very much in advance.

design – Options for creating a library of images for products

I do not even know how to formulate this question.


I build a platform for product companies to use that will take online orders from their customers. It's a pretty simple concept, but the hardest thing is to import their stocks. Let's say that the company sells wine. Importing their wine list is one thing, but how do I choose the wine image to display for each product?

It seems absurd to force them to choose an image for each product. Not only do I think that the business owner should not have to choose an image, I do not trust him to choose a "good" image. If I let them choose an image, it will open the flood gates so that images of poor quality invade my SAAS.

SAAS is intended for a specific sector, namely wine sellers. Thus, in a perfect world, the business owner will download his products via any spreadsheet, and the system will be smart enough to associate product images with products.


What are the options for building an image library for something like the wine industry? The obvious solution is that we manually start to choose the images for the most popular wine products, and then expand the list as companies insert products without images. I am a developer, so everything I do manually hurts me. Ideas on other strategies?

Sigma – Improved Entry-Level Equipment – Best Options for a Budget and a Lens in Relation to the Camera

I would say that if you keep filming with a crop sensor camera, using 100-400 in most situations would be fine. 150-600 may be a little too long on a compact camera, ie placing the subject in the frame requires a careful aiming of the lens. In addition, 150-600 is heavy.

However, if wildlife does not move quickly, 150-600 on a tripod or monopod could be wonderful, and a tripod or monopod can support the weight of the lens.

Your choice, but I would not start walking around with a crop sensor camera and a 150 to 600 mm lens. The weight is just unnecessarily big.

I understand however the need for a 150-600 on a full frame camera.

Before you buy 150-600 for a camera, carefully trim all the photos you have taken with the 50-200 mm lens. Then calculate the effective focal length of the cropped picture. Only this way we can certainly answer if you use the 400-600 end of the 150-600 or if 100-400 are enough. I would not tolerate the additional weight of 150 to 600 compared to 100 to 400 if only 15% or more of the photos actually require a focal length> 450 mm.

If you buy a used Canon lens, go for the Canon 100-400 (the mk2 is sharper but more expensive) or the premium 400 mm. If you buy a new Canon lens, consider the 400mm / 5.6 primer. The Canon 100-400 is not close to the $ 900 price level if bought new.

finder – Means to share folders from a Mac host to Mojave Guest on Virtualbox (using the NFS manager or other options)?

I have the host Yosemite and the virtual computer Mojave Guest via Virtualbox. I wish to share the host files with the guest. I know that there are at least three methods, but none of them has been successful. I am not an expert and it took some time for Mojave to be invited to Yosemite after several unsuccessful attempts with Parallels 10. The three ways I am aware are:

  1. Guest Additions: I have installed guest additions and have added directories in the "Shared Folder" settings of Virtuabox. However, I can not seem to find the shared folders in the Finder in Mojave – they should just appear under a shared network file no?
  2. NFS Manager (https://www.bresink.com/osx/NFSManager.html)
  3. or configure a Mac server by configuring Mac settings through the file sharing section.

What is the simplest / best way (among the above or in other ways) and is there a video / step-by-step guide on this?

plugin development – Sanitizing array in the wordpress options page

I have a table like that

(select_post_template_repeater) => Array
            (0) => Array
                    (0) => post
                    (template) => Array
                            (0) => Array
                                    (0) => 234




Is this the right way to disinfect that?

$sanitary_values = array();
        if (isset($input('select_post_template_repeater'))) {
            foreach ($input('select_post_template_repeater') as $key => $value) {
              sanitize_text_field($value (0));
              intval( $value('template')(0)(0));
            $sanitary_values('select_post_template_repeater') = $input('select_post_template_repeater');

How to get the customizable options of Magento 2 with the REST API

I have customizable options in configurable products. How can I get it via the REST API?

enter the description of the image here

magento2.3 – Customize shipping options by product

I have to limit the shipping options for some products. For example, I want my site to come with ups. However, some products can not use ups and must select a different option.

Ultimately, if a basket contains products that may skyrocket and others that require a different shipping method, then the user will be able to ship certain products with one of the shipping methods available. on the site, and restricted products with another method. .

It seems that since the shipping method is a website scope attribute, it can not be configured by product through the magento administrator. Therefore, my needs can only be met by a custom code or an extension.
What is the best solution for my needs?

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