big sur – How to view my custom VPN service listed in a terminal in order to export it?

When I execute this command to list my network services:

networksetup -listallnetworkservices

I only get Wifi, why my VPN configuration is not listed here (it’s in the Network Preferences list) ? And how can I get it listed in the terminal ?

My goal is to export it via a terminal, edit the configuration manually ion a text editor and re-import it.

Does the Order of Scribes wizard’s "Master Scrivener" feature remove the need for costly material components?

The Order of Scribes wizard’s Master Scrivener feature provides the ability to create a magic scroll of 1st or 2nd level (TCoE, p. 78):

Whenever you finish a long rest, you can create one magic scroll by
touching your Wizardly Quill to a blank piece of paper or parchment
and causing one spell from your Awakened Spellbook to be copied onto
the scroll.

The spellbook must be within 5 feet of you when you make the scroll.
The chosen spell must be of 1st or 2nd level and must have a casting
time of 1 action. Once in the scroll, the spell’s power is enhanced,
counting as one level higher than normal. You can cast the spell from
the scroll by reading it as an action. The scroll is unintelligible to
anyone else, and the spell vanishes from the scroll when you cast it
or when you finish your next long rest.

Does casting a spell through the scroll created this way require material components? For example, could I cast Find Familiar or Arcane Lock through the scroll without having to spend the 10gp / 25gp component?

php – Magento2.4.2 Create order Programmatically not working

I’ve tried a viral solution and followed this

The quote is created successfully but error occurred when place order

$orderId = $this->cartManagementInterface->placeOrder($quote->getId());

And the following error occurred

Type Error occurred when creating object: MagentoInventoryIndexerModelQueueReservationData, Argument 2 passed to MagentoInventoryIndexerModelQueueReservationData::__construct() 

must be of the type int, null given, called in /var/www/html/magento2/vendor/magento/framework/ObjectManager/Factory/AbstractFactory.php on line 121

differential equations – optimization of second order ODE with more then one parameter

I want to optimize second order ODE with more than one variable

Exp(2*alpha*x)*D(theta(x), {x, 2}) + (2*alpha + A)*Exp(2*alpha*x)*
D(theta(x), x) - B^2*(theta(x) - thetaa) - C*(theta(x) - thetaa)^2 + D*Exp(2*alpha*x) == 0;

With boundary conditions

theta(1) == 1, theta'(0) == 0.20;

Here A, B, C, D are parameters. I want to maximize theta(x) for different parameters
I have no idea how to do it please help me

list manipulation – Replace points on a grid with numbers to maintain order

I am DMing a game of DnD and one of my players is really into fear effects, which is cool, but the effect of having monsters suffer from the “panicked” condition gets tedious to render via dice rolls.

The rule is, on the battle grid the monster will run for 1 square in a random direction, then from that new position it will move into another random adjacent square. repeat this process until its moved its full move speed.

movespeed = 6;
points = Point(
   NestList({(#((1)) + RandomChoice({-1, 0, 1})), #((2)) + 
       RandomChoice({-1, 0, 1})} &, {11/2, 11/2}, movespeed));
Graphics({PointSize(Large), points}, 
 GridLines -> {Range(0, 11), Range(0, 11)}, 
 PlotRange -> {{0, 11}, {0, 11}}, Axes -> True)

I have written some code that shows me the squares the monster moves through, but I would love to replace the little black dots with numbers like “1”, “2”,…,”6″ so that I know the path it actually took.

analytic number theory – What’s the average order of the reduction of a section of an elliptic curve

Suppose $E$ is an elliptic curve over $mathbb Q$ and $x in E(mathbb Q)$ is not torsion. We can reduce $x pmod p$ for a prime $p$ of good reduction and it will have some order $n_p$ in the group $E(mathbb F_p)$. Has there been any work on the asympotitcs of the average of $n_p$ for $p < X$ as $X to infty$?

More generally, suppose $x,y in E(mathbb Q)$ are two linearly independent sections and let them generate subgroups $G_x(p),G_y(p) subset E(mathbb F_p)$ for a prime of good reduction. Have the asymptotics of the average of $G_x(p)cap G_y(p)$ been studied?

This question seems tangentially related.

abstract algebra – Finding the smallest positive integer n such that Sn contains an element of order 11

I know how to find the n for the orders like 60,30,12…
But the orders which are prime numbers like 11,13,…, I doubt them; the answer is 11 right?
(Since I know that S8 has the element of order 15, so I think my answer cannot be true)
(thank you in advance)

dnd 5e – Summon Greater Demon: Can I order the demon to tell me its true name?

It would appear so

It’s hard to know if it’s intended or not, but it is a consistent way to interpret the rules, depending on how you interpret p.54 of the Monster Manual, which tells us that:

A demon can be forced to disclose its name if charmed

There are two ways of reading this into your question:

  1. This specific rule overrides the general rules of Summon Greater Demon, and tells us that the only way to get a demon to disclose its true name is by charming it. The demon under your control via the casting of the spell is not technically charmed, so you’d need to charm it in order to learn its name
  2. This rule describes one possible way of learning a Demon’s name, but there are others. This makes sense because the paragraph in question also lists ‘ancient scrolls’ as a possible way of learning a Demon’s name. It’s consistent that threats, bargains or other means of control could also be used to illicit a demon’s name from the demon itself.

I’m sympathetic to the second ruling; I don’t see anything to suggest that the charmed condition is the only way to get a demon to tell you its name. Since the spell places no limit on what the controlled demon can be commanded to do (ie. commands are limited by what the demon can do), it follows that you can command the demon to tell you its name.

This seems counterintuitive and might be unintended – it would be unusual for the spell to specify that ‘the demon has disadvantage on this saving throw if you say its true name’ when the spell gives the means of learning its true name, albeit at the cost of an action at the start of the hour-long casting time.

I wouldn’t allow it at my table, but from what I can see it’s totally aligned with the RAW

Edit: I’ve been reading some other opinions on this, and I’m not 100% sure that it isn’t intended.

It’s also worth noting the absence of any rules which dissuade the caster from harming the demon, or causing it to cause harm to itself. Many creature-control spells allow the saving throw to be repeated or cause the spell to end if the caster or their allies harm the charmed creature, and explicitly forbid commands that will directly imperil the creature. This spell has no such caveats: You could literally summon a demon and command it to stab itself in the face with zero penalty. Considering that this is the extent of your control over the creature, it’s consistent to infer that you could ask the demon to tell you its name.

How can I reverse create Quote for Order in Magento 2?

I want to validate some data in the quote using rule conditions, but the quote gets delete after a period of time.
How can I reverse create Order -> Quote programmatically?

How can i insert custom tracking url in Order confirmation Email Template?

I want to insert my custom tracking url in Order Confirmation email and url is
i put code like this

Track you Order here:Vitalticks Order Tracking Page

But it is not redirecting to the custom url.
Please help me to solve this issue.