8 – How to "place" and order commercially by program?

When you make a payment through the Commerce administration interface; orders are not completed. I can see a Place Order button when viewing a basket order; that seems to do the trick. I have to do it in the code.

I know I have to react to the commerce_order.order.paid event but I don't know what to do there.

I found this article: How to programmatically update the order status? which suggests that I should "apply a transition". But the suggestion doesn't work.

I opened a new question on this because I specifically ask about "placing an order"; while this question was about simply changing the status of the College.

sequence – Magento 2 – Order ID always ZERO

When I click on "Place order", the order ID is always 0 and therefore fails after the first order because the order ID already exists.
TABLE SEQUENCE_ORDER_1 gets 0 in appendix
I do not know why and I have spent centuries browsing through all the files that deal with the sales sequence and I have come nowhere.

does anyone have an idea?
Where is the ORDER ID assigned for the first time?

main.CRITICAL: Failed to save order 000000000: single constraint
violation found [] []

How can I create a string containing an exclamation as text and ignore it! as an order?

I am trying to write a script to plug characters into a form. Text does not print as it is written. If I put the chain! Whoareyou! 4 it displays hoareyou. He drops the character after the !.

^ j ::
To send,! Whoareyou! 4

Example: hoareyou

partitioning – How to create volume for a disk on diskpart for windows 10 in order to be able to format the disk in fat32?

I made a partition on disk 2 after cleaning it up. I tried to create a volume for this disk, but none of my code attempts worked, for example, "create a simple volume size = 20,000 disk = 2 partition = 1". I also need to convert the drive to dynamic in order to format the volume as fat32. It says: "The command you selected is not available with this version of Windows."

magento2 – Magento 2 plugins (interceptor) beforeCancel () making the order cancellation bug

I have created a plugin that intercepts the interface cancel function Magento Sales Api OrderManagementInterface, interception of the plugin before the cancel function is called.

My problem is that when my module is activated, I cannot cancel any order, nor from the page admin / sales / order / view / order_id / 10 or from the list of commands.

For example, when I click on the Cancel button, the text "You have canceled the order". is displayed but in fact the order is not canceled and always has the status "waiting".

I have a custom table that refers to sales_order table, but the attribute referencing the table has action on the delete cascade

                    ('nullable' => false,
                    'unsigned' => true),
                    'Reference to entity_id of table sales_order'
                    $installer->getFkName('my_custom_table', 'sales_order_id', 'sales_order', 'entity_id'),
                    $installer->getTable('sales_order'), /* main table name */

But even with the action on removing cascade, before canceling an order, I delete the record that refers to the canceled order.

After canceling an order, the order is not deleted from the database and its status is canceled, so I don't understand how my module can make the function bug work 39; cancellation.

The purpose of my beforeCancel function is only to delete the record with a particular identifier from the table referencing the sales_order table and to add it to another table without reference.

calculus – What is a representation of higher order differential forms?

Partial derivatives on a point variety $ P $ can be considered as equivalence classes of curves crossing $ P $ with the same speed. Likewise, first order differential forms ($ dx $, $ dy $, you know), which are double to partial derivatives, can be thought of as equivalence classes of scalar fields whose gradients at $ P $ are the same. This provides an extremely natural way to construct the inner product between a partial derivative and a differential form: it is simply the derivative with respect to the parameter of the composition of the parametric curve with the scalar field, $ frac {d} {dt} f (s (t)) $, rated at $ P $.

That's fine, and that helps ground the subject, but are there similar representations that can be constructed for higher order differential forms, like $ dx wedge dy $?

postgresql – Are the triggers and their results visible in the same order as the original operations?

I created a simple trigger

    id int,
    v1 text,
    v2 text

    id serial primary key,
    v1 text

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION emit_event_for_v1()
RETURNS trigger AS '
        IF OLD.v1 != NEW.v1 THEN
            INSERT INTO events (v1)
            VALUES (NEW.v1);
        END IF;
        RETURN NULL;
' LANGUAGE 'plpgsql';


INSERT INTO data VALUES (1, '', '');

After that, I launched many clients (25) making numerous updates (500 each) on the
The data.

UPDATE data SET v1 = $1 WHERE id = 1

with $1 being $WORKER_ID : $ITER_ID. In the end, I checked that the last
event inserted (SELECT id, v1 FROM events ORDER BY id DESC) corresponds to the current
data status (SELECT v1 FROM data WHERE id = 1).

I also checked that id of the last event is equal to the number of updates
((25 * 500). And it is.

My question is, does it work? Results of insertions into triggers
still visible in the same order as the original update that triggered the trigger?
Or did I just get lucky in my tests (like 50 times in a row)?

Magento stuck while executing the order

enter description of image here

My Magento order for compilation is blocked What should I do and what is the problem ??

Order grocery / takeout, etc …

Which services do you trust or use the most to order groceries or takeout and have them delivered? What types of fees are there and is there a place to tip via the app or online?

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3.4 changes the message & # 39; Sorry, no quote is available for this order at the moment & # 39;

My question is identical to this Magento 2: Sorry, no quote is available for this order at the moment Change message
but the answer is not correct.

I want to change the message to something like “ please enter the postal code to see the rates & # 39; & # 39; I have tried to extend Magento_checkout and modify the file magento_checkout / web / template / shipping.html where the message seems to be defined and also the basket in magento_checkout / web /template/cart/shipping_rates.html but the Standard message is always displayed on the frontend.

anyone know how to change it? Thank you