unit – How can I return a dragged object from a layer group to its original position?

I'm trying to work on a card system, I have a swipe system that works well and the cards are set up in a group of horizontal layers, however, when the player lays the card outside the " casting area ", I would like it to return to its original position before it is dragged. Due to the layer group, even if I store the original position by making it return, it produces funkiness and goes below the "hand of the map" area.

I tried the Update and Coroutine approaches using something like this:

 IEnumerator CardReturn(Transform card, Vector3 destination, float speed)

     while (transform.position != destination)
         card.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(
             speed * Time.deltaTime);

         yield return null;

transform is the transform object and destination is the origin position of the object placed in the start method.

Just to be clear, I want the card to physically go backwards, not just backwards.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Update: I tried to swap a placeholder in the position, here are pictures of what happens in this case: 1. Starting hand, 2. Placeholder in position for the card when It is drawn, 3. What happens when the card attempts to return to this position.

enter description of image here

enter description of image here
enter description of image here

photoshop – How to create a flat vector photo / photo from an original photo?

This type of color reduction has become popular with the "Obama Hope" poster, and the search for plugins under that name has produced results. Another method is to "posterize" the image to reduce the number of colors (and hope for the best) or to sample a few dominant colors in a palette, then convert the image to use the palette.

OTOH, you can't take a random photo and expect good results. This will only work with specific images, with good contrast and few colors, and probably a lot of "manual help".

Should a "Save as New" or "Duplicate" button open the new file or keep the original file open?

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Display the cstom token of a cloud-based application on rsyslog with its original syslog messages automatically as in syslog-ng

I was wondering if there was a way to display the custom token of a cloud application on rsyslog with its original message automatically as in syslog-ng without manually adding the custom token in the template or JSON file. On rsyslog, I tried with a model using% rawmsg%, but it only handles two types such as test log messages and audit log for the application when a particular user logs in directly only to the cloud-based application portal. Our requirement is that the cloud based application syslog messages are all processed with the custom token intact.

Here is the example of a tamplate that I use in my rsyslog.conf:

$ template RemoteLogs, "/ var / log /% FROMHOST-IP% /% rawmsg%"
. ? RemoteLogs

Any help on this subject is greatly appreciated.

xss – What are the risks associated with the same original policy with static pages?

I wonder what risks there are if you have static pages on the same host that don't trust each other.
A key concept of Javascript and web security is the same origin policy (SOP), which is also the reason why we should avoid XSS. If there is for example a blog on example.org with an administration interface on example.org/admin and an attacker can place javascript on example.org/foo then the attacker can execute javascript which, e.g. will create a new administrator account or perform other actions on behalf of the administrator. I generally understand how it happens.

However, I wonder the following: if the pages on example.org are all static, that is, without forms that perform actions or endpoints that act on POST requests, the SOP is still important?

I was thinking of attacks like: Can example.org/foo/ open example.org/bar/, but with manipulated content? This could be useful, for example if example.org/foo hosts downloads that an attacker can manipulate or redirect. I tried a few things, but I couldn't make such an attack. (One way could be ServiceWorkers, but they are limited by the way, which somewhat limits the possibilities.)

And are there other attacks that one should worry about in purely static scenarios?

real analysis – Show that a subsequence is a subset of the original sequence

My main question is the 4th point, but I hope you can clarify some things for me along the way.

The definition of a sequence says that a function $ a: mathbb {N} to S $ is a sequence on a set $ S $, denoted $ (a_n) $.

  1. Can i freely restrict the area of ​​function $ a $ and still call it a sequence? In particular, a) is it valid to define $ a_n $ on a finite subset of $ mathbb {N} $ b) on an infinite subset of $ mathbb {N} $?

Let's say that at each term in the sequence $ (a_n) _ {n in mathbb {N}} $, I have to define a new sequence from there. I first define a sequence $ (m_k) $ who maps $ {k in mathbb {N}: k geq n } to mathbb {N}, forall n in mathbb {N} $ with $ m_k <m_ {k + 1} $ (assuming affirmative on question 1b because the domain is an infinite subset of $ mathbb {N} $). Then, like $ (a_ {m_k}) $ is the composition of the sequence $ (a_n) $ and the increasing sequence $ (m_k) $, by definition $ (a_ {m_k}) $ is a subsequence of $ (a_n) $.

  1. Is it a good way to show that these new sequences $ (a_ {m_k}) $ are subsequences?

A set of points defined for the sequence $ (a_n) $ East $ left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right } $.

  1. How do you define a set of points for a subsequence $ (a_ {m_k}) $? East $ forall n in mathbb {N}, left {a_ {m_k}: k geq n right } $ well?

Assuming yes on question 3, the main question is:

  1. How to prove this $ forall n in mathbb {N}, left {a_ {m_k}: k geq n right } subseteq left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right } $? In other words, that the set of points defined for a subsequence is a subset of the set of points in the original sequence. I think i should take a term off $ left {a_ {m_k}: k geq n right } $ and deduce that its also in the whole $ left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right } $, but I don't know how to do it rigorously.

To give you context on my questions, I want to show that $ sup { left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right }} geq sup { left {a_ {k}: k geq n right }} $. Given that $ (a_n) $ is bounded, defines $ left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right } $ and $ left {a_ {k}: k geq n right } $ are delimited. Having $ left {a_ {k}: k geq n right } subseteq left {a_n: n in mathbb {N} right } $ I would prove the supremums as in the question Prove the supremum of a subset is smaller than the supremum of the whole.

world of darkness – Is there a difference between the original prints and the PoD (Print on Demand) source books?

With regard to source books from Onyx Path / White Wolf (for the world of darkness), is there a difference between the original prints and the source books PoD (Print on Demand)?

Basically, is there a way to tell if a source book is an original copy? Are there differences in paper or print quality? Are there other ways to differentiate them?

australia – 40 year original birth certificate

I hold my original birth certificate for Australia.

This is where I lived for the first 3 to 4 years of my life, so I have never had a driver's license or banking.

Can I use it to apply for a driver's license or bank account, etc., even abroad?

What is my best route in general to relocate, so I can return to Australia to live with support infrastructure.

sharepoint online – Highlighted content showing only original document title, does not change if title is updated

I have a Highlighted Content Web Part built into my Modern SharePoint Online page and I have configured it to display files from a document library.

The problem I have is this: if I change the title of a document directly in the document library – the new title is not updated in the Highlighted Content Web Part. It continues to display the old title, no matter how much time passes (days, months, etc.). Am I missing something?

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