office365 – How to Remove MS Teams Meeting from Outlook Calendar

How do I prevent a Meeting scheduled in MS Teams from showing up on the calendar in Outlook?

I have multiple Teams meetings that repeat every day and they are being echoed in the Outlook calendar. They do not represent something that needs a reminder, and I do not need to worry about conflicts with other meetings. Their presence in Outlook is accomplishing nothing except cluttering up the calendar in Outlook and making it impossible to see other more important, non-repeating items.

Is there a way to kill this “feature”.

office365 – Outlook add-in getAccessToken error 13003

I have developed an Office add-in. I have trouble with one of my customers. On some Outlook desktop clients, when the function:
OfficeRuntime.auth.getAccessToken({allowConsentPrompt: true, allowSignInPrompt: true})

I get the error 13003 (User Type not supported). I confirm that my customer is logged in with his Microsoft 365 account and that he is not on-premises. He is on a recent version of Outlook (16.0.13426.20352).

I am not sure what to do as it works well on the 2 Microsoft organizations I own for tests purposes.

Do you have any idea of what could be not configured correctly?

Outlook change message reply format (“sent by”, etc.)

When replying or forwarding a message Outlook has the default format:

    -----Original Message-----
From: Someone <> 
Sent: Date
To: Me <>
Subject: Outlook formatting

I wish to customize these fields, e.g. changing From: to Sender:. How can I do this in Outlook?

windows 10 – Running Outlook 2019 as another user

I am usually logged in as user A (not an admin). I have Outlook setup for user B (not an admin either). I am running Windows 10 version 1909.

When logged in as user B, everything works smoothly.

When trying to “run as” (using command line or GUI) Outlook as user B while logged in as user A, Outlook starts, I get a blue window with “Outlook Office 2019” and some text in the lower-left corner.

The text changes and reaches “Processing…” at which points nothing happens anymore. I can reduce the window or close it (which closes Outlook), but I can get Outlook to “properly start” and display the mails.

Any idea as to what I could do?

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Office 365 Online Archive – User has access from Portal, but not Outlook

One of our users is unable to access an online archive as part of a mailbox in Office365. I have checked their permissions and can confirm that they have both FullAccess to the top level of the mailbox and owner permission to the archive folder mailboxname:archive.

They can access the archive from the online version of Outlook, but when accessed from the Outlook client it is not visible. Just the top level mailbox. I have tried removing and re-adding the mailbox, but it is still the same.

The client version they have is “Office 365 ProPlus – version 1908 (Build 11929.20838)”.

Python outlook recipient search – Code Review Stack Exchange

I am trying to use python to search for an outlook recipient using this code:

import win32com.client

search_string = 'name'
outlook = win32com.client.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Outlook.Application')
Recipient = outlook.Session.CreateRecipient(search_string)

The problem is when the search returns more then one result i cannot resolve the name,
I would like to receive a list of the results witch the user can choose from how do i do that?

Why can’t I synchronize Outlook contacts in my Android 10 phone?

I launch Contacts app on my Android 10 phone. In there, I see contacts in my Google account I have originally used to log into the phone. I have my emails and contacts with Microsoft and want to add an Exchange ( account. I go to Hamburger menu > Settings > Accounts > Add account and I pick Exchange option from there. For reason unknown to me, the Exchange option has a Gmail icon next to it. I enter my email address and choose Next. Momentarily, I see a screen with text Getting account info, which as an Exchange logo in the middle and shows an error after a brief moment:

Can’t reach the server. Try again later, or contact your IT admin

Unfortunately I have no IT admin available to me, and I have been trying later and later for several weeks now. Upon clicking Cancel (the only option) I am put into the Gmail app (not into the Contacts app).

How can I use my Outlook contacts?

How to change colour of reoccurring appt in Microsoft Outlook 2016 without changing all other appts

I have been asked to colour code appts in Microsoft Outlook in blue and then change these to green when attended or red if they different show up for the appt. To save time the appts have been set up as reoccurring appts. When I try to change the colour all appts both prior to the one I am trying to change and subsequent appts change colour. Is there any way I can just adjust the colour of the one appt without it affecting all other appts that have been set using reoccurrence function?

power automate – How to dynamically create link to an individual email in Outlook web app when using the trigger ‘When a new email arrives in a shared inbox (V2)’?

When using the Power Automate trigger:

When a new email arrives in a shared inbox (V2)

I have access to the following message related variables:

Message ID
Internet Message ID
Conversation ID

How can I dynamically create a link so that users can click on it and go directly to the email?

I just need to know the format of the URL that will achieve the desired effect – I have tried the following but it doesn’t seem to open the individual email, just the mailbox: