Output audio from mic on bluetooth headset to phone speaker

I want to get audio from the mic on a bluetooth headset, send it to the connected phone, and play it on the phone speakers. I’m aware there are different profiles and protocols to be used, but I’m unsure on how to start. What method can I use to achieve this with minimum delay?

Context: A friend of mine works in healthcare and is shouting themself hoarse while speaking to others through the PPE. If possible, I’d like to provide them with an app that lets them use their phone speakers as a megaphone to amplify their voice – If such an app already exists, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

bitcoin core – Bitcoind information about the input and output

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python – Incorrect Output. Can’t get the largest and smallest number

python – Incorrect Output. Can’t get the largest and smallest number – Code Review Stack Exchange

geometry – Wrong geometric output using Graphics when changing the order of objects

I have observed a strange behaviour with the following data for two lines and a point. Depending on the order in Graphics, Mathematica produces different geometric outputs. Does anybody know the reason for this?

x1 = {9.027522935779817, -3.0917431192660554};
x2 = {1, 18.21495327105389};
x3 = {2, 15.560747663572467};
x4 = {1, -6.116197183098593};
x5 = {2, -5.739436619718311};
one = Graphics[{Green, PointSize[0.03], InfiniteLine[{x4, x5}], 
   InfiniteLine[{x2, x3}], Point[x1]}]
two = Graphics[{PointSize[0.03], Point[x1],  InfiniteLine[{x4, x5}], 
   InfiniteLine[{x2, x3}]}]

output one
output two

usb debugging – I tried oneplus 8 pro with ubuntu: no lsusb/adb output

I have oneplus 8 pro connected to my ubuntu 20.04 box and installed:

  • vendor driver
  • android sdk
  • adb/fastboot

But different USB cables show no output in

  • lsusb
  • adb devices
  • fastboot devices

I have already reset usb-debugging and according authorization! I faintly remember having struggled with debugging authentication before…

What can I try next?

r markdown – Remove_Column from a kable table which will be output as latex/pdf

I am trying to remove two columns from the below table however when knitted as a pdf from markdown I get the below error. I am unsure if this just isn’t possible or if there is a work around.

Error in remove_column(., 4:5) :
Removing columns was not implemented for latex kables yet
Calls: … kable_classic -> kable_light -> kable_styling -> remove_column
Execution halted

OverCortTab <- bind_rows(AlexOverCortTab$table_body,OptOverCortTab$table_body)%>% 
        filter(Predictor !=""|Fit !="")%>%
        kable(caption = "Table 1: Hair Cortisol and Personality",
        col.names = c("Predictor","$\beta$","$\beta$ 95\% CI","$\beta$","$\beta$ 95\% CI","sr2","sr2 95\% CI","r","Fit"),
        escape=FALSE) %>%
  footnote(general=c("A Significant $\beta$-weight indicates the semi-partial correlation is also significant.","$\beta$ represents unstandardised regression weights.","sr2 represents the semi-partial correlation squared.","Square brackets are used to enclose the lower and upper limits of the confidence interval.","* indicates p < .05", "** indicates p < .01"),escape=FALSE) %>%
  group_rows("Optimism",3,4,hline_before=TRUE,hline_after=TRUE,underline=TRUE) ```

litecoin – no output on gettxout method [All Blocks Are Counted]

litecoin-cli gettxout "9d56b3bf179a988873fc2162d70bba44849ef822764c9049a0f722b5fdc9acc1" 1

This is the command im using to get information about a transaction.

litecoind -txindex=1 -daemon -conf=/home/litecoin/.litecoin/litecoin.conf -reindex -rpcuser=cryptosensei -rpcpassword=foo_420 -rpcport=9332 -rpcthreads=1000

This is the command i use for starting up my daemon. with the -reindex it should not re-verify the blocks. So im wondering why im getting null.

If anyone knows what the issue let me know. Also here is the response of getnetworkinfo & getblockcount


litecoin@Debian-913-stretch-64-minimal:/root$ litecoin-cli getblockcount


litecoin@Debian-913-stretch-64-minimal:/root$ litecoin-cli getblockchaininfo
  "chain": "main",
  "blocks": 0,
  "headers": 526188,
  "bestblockhash": "12a765e31ffd4059bada1e25190f6e98c99d9714d334efa41a195a7e7e04bfe2",
  "difficulty": 0.000244140625,
  "mediantime": 1317972665,
  "verificationprogress": 1.737314343731834e-08,
  "initialblockdownload": true,
  "chainwork": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000100010",
  "size_on_disk": 2217395400,
  "pruned": false,
  "softforks": [
      "id": "bip34",
      "version": 2,
      "reject": {
        "status": false
      "id": "bip66",
      "version": 3,
      "reject": {
        "status": false
      "id": "bip65",
      "version": 4,
      "reject": {
        "status": false
  "bip9_softforks": {
    "csv": {
      "status": "defined",
      "startTime": 1485561600,
      "timeout": 1517356801,
      "since": 0
    "segwit": {
      "status": "defined",
      "startTime": 1485561600,
      "timeout": 1517356801,
      "since": 0
  "warnings": ""

how can I parse the output of Google, Yandex bing? — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

how can I parse the output of Google, Yandex bing? If possible. Parse the links that will be issued on requests


  • scraping
  • parser

Number of cpu cores change in my systrace output

I have 4 cores cpu on my device,
but each time I use this command line to genetrate a systrace file :

python C:/Users/BJI/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/systrace/systrace.py freq idle -o C:/Users/BJI/Desktop/systrace

I get a different number of cores (2 or sometimes 1 core cpu),
is it only the number of active cores ?

google sheets – no query result when one of the columns used in the output never has a value

I have a query where the output involves summing two columns. If either of the columns never has a value (given a set of filter criteria in the where clause), there is no result. Why?

Here is an example sheet.

=QUERY(A2:C,"select sum(B) where A = 'ard'",0) -> result exists

=QUERY(A2:C,"select sum(C) where A = 'ard'",0) -> no result

=QUERY(A2:C,"select sum(B) - sum(C) where A = 'ard'",0) -> no result

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