Startup Business Food Delivery for Sale! Low overhead costs and excellent home-based business.

Business Delivery Startup Business for sale.

Dish Out


Be on the new wave in the
Restaurant Food Delivery Service Industry!

Company Overview:
Deliver meals from local restaurants and receive delivery charges plus the percentage of the cost of the meal. Low overhead costs and a great home-based business. It's a great opportunity to run a business from your home. Especially this case!

DishOut revolutionizes the way people eat, offering the convenience of having your favorite restaurants delivered directly to your home, office or private event.

People are becoming more and more concerned about their health. We now know that when we eat healthier, we feel better, look better, live longer and are overall happier. DishOut allows people to order any type of food compared to traditional pizzas and Chinese with limited health options.

Technology exploded so quickly. At DishOut, we recognized a unique moment in which technology in the foodservice industry finally caught up with the speed, convenience and affordability that people now expect in their daily lives.

In addition to the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, exciting and proven business, here are some major benefits to being the new owner of DishOut.

Why invest in this business?

This business is located in Ohio and Michigan and can be relocated with the addition of new restaurants.

In the United States, the food and beverage sector represents $ 709.24 billion. Nearly 26 percent of Americans order food or take-out once a week, according to

Food delivery in restaurants is an online logistics system on demand logistics that takes food orders in restaurant deliveries and runs.

This company has low overhead costs and incredible growth potential. This is a starter restaurant delivery service with mobile apps.

More reasons to buy this business!

  1. Very little start up cost
  2. No brick and mortar requirements.
  3. The best and fastest home delivery service in the country.
  4. Not limited to a place or geographical area.
  5. Unlimited income potential.

What is included with this company?

  1. Field
  2. Whole business assets
  3. Whole company
  4. Complete training program
  5. Help build your market with one of our skilled professionals
  6. Advanced software for tracking orders, delivery times, drivers and customers. This software does the work for you by maintaining a low and manageable overhead allowing you to stay in touch with your customers with automated e-mail campaigns, "Refer a Friend" marketing programs and well-known e-mail campaigns. other exclusive features such as mobile apps and mobile websites.
  7. Internal optimization of SEO and marketing planning
  8. Experienced management team with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Knowledge and experience
  9. Complete marketing program to ensure the success of this business

Asking price:
Gross income: Start
Cash flow: $ 12,000
Type of cash flow: Discretionary cash sale
Inventory: $ 5000
Seller financing: No

About the company
Year of creation:
Number of employees: 1 – 3
relocatable: Yes
Franchise: No
Current real estate: Possesses

Management Training and Support:
Support and training

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