money – What’s the right answer to “Check, Savings or Credit” for an overseas card in Australia?

A few days ago, rather jetlagged, I was very stumped when the person serving me in a cafe at the airport asked “Cheque, Savings or Credit” when I handed over my (overseas / foreign card) to pay for a much-needed coffee. It actually took them asking several times for me to even work out what they were asking (jetlag + accents = fun!), and I’m still not sure what they pressed when I said “umm, mastercard?”, but it worked… Since then, I’ve found most card machines or staff asking me the same question when I’ve gone to pay.

As someone holding a non-Australian issued card, what’s the right response?

(I’d guess that I’d answer “Credit” for a Credit card, but that’d be good to confirm, then there’s also non-Australian Debit cards and pre-paid/pre-loaded cards to consider too!)

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American business, with all services rendered overseas?

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Overseas forums

Any forums like this that can be used for advertising in Chinese/Japanese/Korean?

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visas – Do I need to bring an original birth certificate with me when moving overseas?

I have recently accepted a job offer in Japan and am looking at getting my documents in order for moving there to live.

Do I need to bring my original birth certificate or will a certified copy be sufficient? I would prefer to keep the original safely with my family.

canada – How can I connect my computer DSL overseas without been block it from the company? besides VPN

I need to travel for over a month overseas and I would like to work from there, but my computer is a monitor only and need to be connected to the modem directly. Not sure if the system will block my access since my system and computer or IP address is from Canada.
Anyone knows any device or software to avoid this besides VPN?
I cannot install a VPN on my computer because is restricted somehow.
Hope anyone can guide me.
Thank you!!!

customs and immigration – Which line at British airports serves British National (Overseas) passport holders?

Jul 22 2020. Britain unveils details of citizenship offer for Hongkongers with BN(O) passports | South China Morning Post

“At the same time, it is not an unconditional offer,” Patel said, as BN(O) holders will need to be self-sufficient in the first five to seven years before they obtain British citizenship, with no access to social security.

Brexit will probably change the lines, but currently most British airports have two. Which line’s for BN(O) holders?

enter image description here

Overseas Study Loan

Overseas Study Loan – The abroad study loan is here to take care of all your problems related to financing your studies in an overseas university.

User Research – Hire UX profesional overseas to facilitate our product design process

Do you think it's wise to create a specialized product to meet the needs of the market in the new country?

Do you have the resources to create a new product from scratch despite language and cultural barriers?

I think it's better to adapt the existing product, mainly via translations. Then, try to create unified experiences that work well in any language. Since operating systems use nearly the same interfaces around the world, the main problems should be to ensure proper translations and understandable iconography. Having multilingual and native teams working on these issues should be invaluable.

What happens if OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) is not renewed? [migrated]

I read contradictory information.

1) OCI lasts all life. AGAIN-

2) OCI must be renewed each time the passport is renewed before 21 January.

3) The holder of the OCI card can go to India with OCI with his old passport without renewing it. enter the description of the link here

Now, if a person under 21 lives in India and has OCI on his old foreign passport, his foreign passport is renewed but does not renew OCI. Is this person's stay in India legal or not?