[EU-FR] – From 1 server to a full rack – Starting 29€ – Owned datacenter / ASN / IPv4

About DC2SCALE :

DC2SCALE is an independant colocation provider, based in France. Our main goal is to provide flexible, efficient and resilient infrastructure. This a neutral site.

24/7 support and remote hands available, 99,99% uptime. Our parent company also owns Harmony Hosting (AS49434), which provides IP Transit and diverse value added services that might also interest you.

Our both seen has been built in N+1 (power, cooling and UPS) using Schneider Electrics (APC) EcoAisle products.

– 1U colocation, starting 29€ depending on the power needs

– 1/4 rack, 100Mbps over 10G, 1kVA included : 249€ ex VAT

– 1/2 rack, 1G over 10G, 2x 10A, 2kVA included : 499€ ex VAT

– 1 full 42U rack, 1G over 10G, 2x 16A, 6kVA included : 999€*ex VAT

Up to a full cold air containment or private cage (with up to 250kW per site), starting 1999€

Fiber xconnect @ 225€ (NRC)

Special current offer : up to 6 months free upon qualification!

– APC AR3100 42U racks or AR3200 (colocation)

– OCP options for colocation also available

– Power : 2x 16Amp standard, 2x 32Amp option (even 32A 3Phase for higher density).

– Port speed : 1G / 10G (same price)

– Fair-use bandwidth*(option for flat port)

– Up to 2 IPv4 available and a /48 IPv6

– 24/7 remote hands available

– Switchable PDU available

– Announcement of your IPv4/ASN

– DDoS protection included up to 10GE attack (option for unlimited, based on Acorus Networks / Volterra DDoS protection)

– Rack installation service (we can setup everything for you)

– Lease2Own offers (we can sell large variety of servers, from Dell R620/720 to Dell R630/730). Do not hesitate to ping us!

Flat bandwidth options available on request :

– 0.07€/Mbps for a larger commit (like 50G)

– 0.10€/Mbps for a flat 10GE uplink

– 0.25€/Mbps for a flat 1GE uplink

– 0.50€/Mbps for a flat 100M

Prices excluding 20% VAT (if you are outside European Union or you have a VAT number, then no VAT).

Payment options

– Bank transfer

– Paypal

– Credit card (Stripe)

– Bitcoin / Ethereum

dc2scale PAR1

– West of Paris (La Defense, biggest business place)

– Former Telia site (bought in 2011)

– 2600 square-foot facility / 300 racks

– dual electrical feed (20kV)

– 1 generator (800kVA)

– UPS in N+1 mode

– nominative access card

– Carrier neutral site (Cogent, Zayo, Telia, GTT on site)

– Building in the hearth of the business Paris (La Defense)

dc2scale Paris Velizy

– South West of Paris (Velizy), one door next to Cogent’s 2nd biggest FR site

– Optimized costs facility built in 2019

– 820 square-foot facility / 60 racks

– Single electrical feed (20kV)

– 1 generator (250kVA)

– 2x power feeds (1 with UPS in N+1 mode, 1 with no UPS)

– Innovative cooling system (free-cooling and adiabatic cooling)

Wave options for Telecom use

– 10G Wave the biggest interconnection hub in Paris (Telehouse 2) @ 150€ MRC

There, for 69€ MRC you will get any ISP available on the site (xco fees).

Carriers available on-site

– Zayo (AS8218)

– Colt

– Cogent (AS174)

– GTT / Interoute (AS8928)

Our blended IP Transit offer (which is available in the following network POP, as well as colocation, but we don’t own any POP) over the AS49434 :

– Amsterdam (Serverius, NIKHEF)

– London (Telehouse Docklands)

– Warsaw LIM

– Milan

– Paris (in our own datacenters, and also in Marseille)

– Frankfurt (soon)


– Equinix SJC

– HE.net Fremont

IP Transit (on each Datacenter)

– Cogent at least 1x100GE on each Datacenter

– GTT at least 1x100GE on each Datacenter

– Acorus Networks at least 1x 100GE (DDoS protected IP transit)

– We also have some peerings exchanges : Equinix IX, FranceIX…

Our network is fully based on Cisco high end hardware with 100G capability everywhere (ASR9010 and Cisco NCS-5501-SE for Edge Routing, Nexus 9000 for distribution).

We can deliver up to 100G ports with a minimum commit everywhere of 1%, with DDoS protections options (based on Serverius, Qrator Labs, Acorus Networks and Voxility)

Website : https://dc2scale.fr/en/ or email me directly : olivier@dc2scale.fr

postgresql – Non-Super user permissions required to allow a user to create a schema within a database that is owned newly created user

I’m able to run the following as postgres or any other user which has SUPERUSER (“dba1” has SUPERUSER in this case)

psql -U dba1 dev << SQL
create user udev1;
create schema udev1 authorization udev1;

what is the minimal set of discrete privileges required for dba1 which would enable dba1 to create a new user “udev2” and a schema owned by that user “udev2” in the dev database?

License owned by Whmcs


I sell licenses owned by Whmcs The license price is $ 100 USD

Thank you.

dnd 5e – If a body owned by a Magic Jar user is Feebleminded and the owner leaves the host body, who was Feebleminded?

Consider that I have a host using magic pot, and that while I own the host, I am subject to the stupid spell and fail my save throw.

For whatever reason after that, I decide to leave the host body and return to the container of magic pot. Well, now the question arises: who continues to suffer the effects of stupid?

License owned by WHMAMP


I want to sell my 1x WHMAMP cPanel Master Reseller Plugin license.

Type: Possessed.
Renewal cost: $ 49 per year (support / update expired in 2019)
IP change cost: $ 10

Payment method: PayPal or Bitcoin.

Ask for a price: $ 210 (negotiable)

Thank you.

Web Development – Is it possible to host a website on a domain that is not owned by a registrar?

If a registrar does not own or manage a URL, can I still buy that domain and host my own website for help? If a URL does not belong to a registrar, how can I host my website with the help of this URL, if possible?

Is there a utility to use URLs that are not owned by a registrar for a personal website, for example to add this URL to the DNS registry in order to redirect it to the IP address of my server?

Sorry for the questions overload :]

dnd 5th – Can a cadaver owned by a Dybbuk be transformed via Turn Undead?

RAW, Turn Undead should work on a dybbuk with a corpse

The rules governing the possession of the dybbuk specifically state that:

The dybbuk is now actually the possessed creature. His type becomes undead (…)

When he owns a corpse, he is an undead creature. No additional description or rule gives it immunity against Turn Undead or other effects that specifically target or affect non-living creatures. If she were immune to such things, the rule that her guy would become undead in the first place would make little sense (with the exception of her interactions with the mechanisms of her life). raise the dead, as indicated in the comments).

Outside of a corpse, the dybbuk is a demon; inside a corpse, he is undead, with all the mechanical implications that entails. If the dybbuk does not want to be vulnerable to the destruction effects of the undead, he should free the body.

Why do some Republicans disagree with the benefits program of small businesses owned by a woman?

Then go into business with a woman and put her name on it …

In a world where women have been used and abused forever for the interests and personal interests of men, one would think that this angle would not take the rocket in the air.

It is not uncommon for a couple to start a business and to name the wife as the main owner, probably for these reasons.

New DirectAdmin Pricing Proposal for Owned License


I'm opening this post to request a small license change.

Currently, the license owned costs $ 299 the first year, then $ 99 (optional, if you want updates and assistance).

But as you know, some customers never send any request for assistance to the company. Instead, they use Google, forums, or hires system / developer.

That would be great, DirectAdmin offers 2 different renewal fees.

For example:

Price of the DA license held: $ 299 the first year
Optional upgrade and technical support fee: $ 99 per year
Optional update fee only: $ 45 per year

What do you think about this?

graph theory – Helly vs. Strong Helly owned by Hypergraphs

I do not quite understand the difference between the Helly property and the Strong Helly property. For example hypergraph
H (V, E), V = {1,2,3} and E = {(1,2), (2,3), (1,3)}
has a non-empty set for each pair of intersection, which allows it to be qualified as Helly (but not Helly's strong); however, this triangle hypergraph is not considered a hypergraph of Helly. Any insight and correction would be appreciated.