Web Development – Is it possible to host a website on a domain that is not owned by a registrar?

If a registrar does not own or manage a URL, can I still buy that domain and host my own website for help? If a URL does not belong to a registrar, how can I host my website with the help of this URL, if possible?

Is there a utility to use URLs that are not owned by a registrar for a personal website, for example to add this URL to the DNS registry in order to redirect it to the IP address of my server?

Sorry for the questions overload :]

dnd 5th – Can a cadaver owned by a Dybbuk be transformed via Turn Undead?

RAW, Turn Undead should work on a dybbuk with a corpse

The rules governing the possession of the dybbuk specifically state that:

The dybbuk is now actually the possessed creature. His type becomes undead (…)

When he owns a corpse, he is an undead creature. No additional description or rule gives it immunity against Turn Undead or other effects that specifically target or affect non-living creatures. If she were immune to such things, the rule that her guy would become undead in the first place would make little sense (with the exception of her interactions with the mechanisms of her life). raise the dead, as indicated in the comments).

Outside of a corpse, the dybbuk is a demon; inside a corpse, he is undead, with all the mechanical implications that entails. If the dybbuk does not want to be vulnerable to the destruction effects of the undead, he should free the body.

Why do some Republicans disagree with the benefits program of small businesses owned by a woman?

Then go into business with a woman and put her name on it …

In a world where women have been used and abused forever for the interests and personal interests of men, one would think that this angle would not take the rocket in the air.

It is not uncommon for a couple to start a business and to name the wife as the main owner, probably for these reasons.

New DirectAdmin Pricing Proposal for Owned License


I'm opening this post to request a small license change.

Currently, the license owned costs $ 299 the first year, then $ 99 (optional, if you want updates and assistance).

But as you know, some customers never send any request for assistance to the company. Instead, they use Google, forums, or hires system / developer.

That would be great, DirectAdmin offers 2 different renewal fees.

For example:

Price of the DA license held: $ 299 the first year
Optional upgrade and technical support fee: $ 99 per year
Optional update fee only: $ 45 per year

What do you think about this?

graph theory – Helly vs. Strong Helly owned by Hypergraphs

I do not quite understand the difference between the Helly property and the Strong Helly property. For example hypergraph
H (V, E), V = {1,2,3} and E = {(1,2), (2,3), (1,3)}
has a non-empty set for each pair of intersection, which allows it to be qualified as Helly (but not Helly's strong); however, this triangle hypergraph is not considered a hypergraph of Helly. Any insight and correction would be appreciated.

How to check that TPM2.0 is not owned and that TXT is enabled in ubuntu16.04?

Is there a command to check the property owned by TPM2.0 and the enabled property for TXT in ubuntu16.04?

We use TPM2.0, Intel TXT, Ubuntu 16.04 and DL380Gen10 Server

The biggest forum you have owned? | Promotion Forum

about us

Promotion Forum is a webmaster forum that focuses on internet marketing to help webmasters and administrators make their website perform.

On Forum Promotion, you can develop your website by posting ads on our directory, by buying free ads or by trading. You can also ask the help of experienced webmasters in our discussion section.

dnd 5th – What happens if you cast a resurrection spell on a cadaver owned by a dybbuk?

A possessed corpse is not a valid target for resurrection

the resurrection The spell requires you to do the following to work:

You are touching a dead creature who has been dead for at least a century, who has not died of old age, and it's not undead.

Possession of a cadaver by the Dybbuk has the following consequences (Tome of Foes of Mordenkainen, p.

The dybbuk is now actually the possessed creature. His type becomes undead, although he now seems alive, and he earns a number of
Temporary health points equal to the maximum of the body in life.

Possession lasts until the loss of temporary hit points (which
point the body becomes a corpse
) or the dybbuk ends
possession using a bonus action

A possessed corpse is a creature, not a corpse: and a dead man moreover. So, a resurrection spell cast on a cadaver occupied by a dybbuk would not be cast on a valid target and would simply fail. To successfully resuscitate a corpse, you must first expel the dybbuk.

Nyon on 12 amber owned by Aurum Land

Nyon Condo is a new residential development project launched in January 2019. Nyon @ 12 Amber is a property owned by Aurum Land, a subsidiary of WOHHUP.

Nyon on 12 Amber is a rare freehold exclusive development with a total of 92 units, including one- and three-bedroom unit types. It will have facilities on the ground deck and on 14 floors with stunning views of the sea or the Singapore skyline, where we use the Sky dining room.

The location of the showflat condo in Nyon should be around Amber Road. This development is also located near the Tanjong Katong MRT station, just a 1-minute walk and a MRT stop from the Parkade Parade Shopping Mall and Medical Suites. Getting to the CBD and the MBFC is also convenient, with a short 10-minute drive on the Marina's coastal highway.

The price of condominiums in Nyon should be between $ 2 100 and $ 2,300, which makes it really affordable for a new freehold launch in this market.

Contact the 2019 Singapore condo launch team at https://www.condolaunchsg.com/properties/nyon-condo/ or leave us an interest on your site to be in touch with you.

Purchase – License owned by WHMCS (brand / unbranded)

Are you alive? :)

Yeah? Are you ok too? I paid you at August 5th !! After that, no more response, no reply to my messages or emails! I opened the dispute on August 11th! 6 days???? Again SIX days, do you understand? Where have you been???

So I'm the bad guy who wants a lot of licenses and keeps the money too. But you! You're an angel! The perfect sellers!

I confess that I was impatient with hkm20009. But this transaction takes 1 or 2 days, I think. Or I'm wrong?

I have an old ebay account and an aliexpress account, where I am 100% positive. I am very often using PayPal, I have been a member since 2007. I have never had any problems with the sellers. But here everyone is perfect! Communication is not important to you!