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google search console – Data loss and ranking on the movements of webmaster owners

Battery exchange network

The Stack Exchange network includes 176 question and answer communities, including Stack Overflow, the largest and most reliable online community for developers who want to learn, share knowledge and develop their careers.

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Email extortion system against site owners using Google AdSense

Some site owners using Google AdSense have reported receiving extortion emails related to Google Ads.

Source Krebs

[url] https: // krebsonsec … | Read the rest of

plugins – Portal for automatic owners with publications and feeds

I'm new to WordPress and started with Bluehost.

Basically – I'm trying to do the next things for my site and I'm looking for recommendations from experienced developers:

  1. Connection plugin, free or not used. It should include login via Facebook, Gmail, username / password and phone number.
  2. For each user, I want to add 0-10 subprofiles (like cars owned by the user).
  3. For each car user, you can create an article with different fields.
  4. The user can search for particular car models and the type of message and search results displayed in a feed similar to Instagram. Where you can click on the post and open the full post.
  5. Support “likes” for each item.
  6. Support for the ability to display all cars as links (to the car page that user can customize)

Has anyone faced this kind of problems?
Thank you.

audit – SharePoint Online Audit for site owners

This is a general question about online verification / reporting for site owners

As site owners What capacity do we have to check who has been granted access to files and folders on the SharePoint site? This is not about the actual list of SharePoint site members, but rather the files and folders that have been shared externally

Quick sale / specific niche / perfect for car dealership owners

Hi guys,

Sell ​​My Website: Resell / Sell Carfax Reports.

This is best for those who own a car dealership in the United States or the EU and who receive unlimited Carfax reports.

Or you can always find someone who sells Carfax for cheap and resell it.

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You can also resell AutoCheck reports. I can give you a supplier who sells it for $ 2.

October 2November 2

Total: $ 198 – 33 Orders ($ 5.99)

August 30September 30

$ 372 – 62 Orders ($ 5.99)

$ 80 – 8 orders ($ 9.99)

Total: $ 452

P.S .: Sales from August to September are much better because I was on # 3 at Google for "cheap carfax" and then I lost positions.

Do Democrats want to remove weapons from gun owners?

No. There has never been a time when the Democratic Party wanted to restrict all guns. The purpose of gun control is to reduce the amount of weapons sold, such as automatic where the only intention of the weapon is to kill massive amounts of people. Think about it, why would a civilian ever need to use so many bullets?

buffer overflow – How is malicious code executed on Android devices without the knowledge of its owners?

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How to update the value of all shared_ptr owners?

I have a class that should store objects. These objects are stored as

std :: map > cache;

Other classes want to own these objects and ask for them accordingly by name. That is, they each have a copy of the smart pointer. But now is the time and these objects need to be reloaded from the disk. As a result, new is created and written name by name in the cache. The problem is that customers do not see this change. How do you make sure that smart pointer reset is not performed and that the updated object has been copied to the same address that it stores?

development – Define a field to edit only by list owners

To put it simply, no. SharePoint has no concept for column-level security, that's what you're asking for. You can either contribute to a list / list item and any columns belonging to that list / list item, or you can not.

To accomplish this, users often expose the list to hide the columns of the New / Edit forms or by completely extracting the list (for example, by creating new forms / changes in PowerApps) and by selectively displaying fields.

This does not remove the possibility for an individual to access the end list and edit the data directly, including the column that you do not want to edit, but in my personal experience, summarize / modify the New / modified forms are usually "pretty good".