ubuntu 18.04 – nginx home page wont load

after installing Nginx, it installed without error but when i tried to check it out with http://localhost i received this error message

setStart($startTime, $startMem)->mark(‘afterLoad’) : null; // Instantiate the application. $app = JFactory::getApplication(‘site’); // Execute the application. $app->execute();

i have even tried using my serverIP, got same error Please i need help…. need to installl joomla as a school project

Magento2 Ajax change store currency and refresh total on Checkout page while change address

I want to change the current store currency by ajax and refresh the total when changing the address on the checkout page. I have successfully changed store currency by below code:


But problem is that when I am trying to refresh the total then the amount converted as per currency successfully but the currency symbol not changed. Below is the js code of refresh total:


site collection – How do I acquire a single SharePoint page in PowerQuery?

This page – Site Contents – would be really useful to me:


I want to pull this table into a excel sheet by means of PowerQuery, but when I try “Get Data” from the web address, I’m steered towards using a SharePoint Connector which won’t let me access that page.

How else could I do it?

Buying – bot/macro/Automate/etc upload videos/filehost, to series page | NewProxyLists

I have an series page, I am an uploader, I upload episodes manually, and I know that it could be automated.

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it, but it is “advanced” because it will require many things (connect with an app that can upload a file to multiple different filehosts, without using a browser/change pages> once all downloads are finished> copy links> and put the links on my page in a specific order/place etc etc

(I can pay ~210 usd or less, it DEPENDS on if the app/script has gui, parameterized to work in any file, etc)

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it

Customized for my page, although you can also change part of the page to make it work.It puts the embed link in itself, meaning that in some uploads / player as mega I must first put “embed” to the link.


seo – How can we troubleshoot why a 404 page doesn’t retain its url rather changes to another 404 page of its own?

I am working on a client website for a technical SEO audit for the first time. They have a 404 page where the URL of the missing page is not retained, instead, it goes to a separate 404 page. For example, let’s say as a user, I need to access https://www.example.com/careers , but this page is not there, so the browser redirects me too https://www.example.com/error/error/notfound?http:www.example.com. This page has all the content that a 404 page has, but the URL changes. Ideally, 404 page should not be there, that I understand, but for audit and temporary fix, shouldn’t the URL have been https://www.example.com/careers and that page should show “page not found” info? How can I check, why this is happening. Also, this page is running on a .NET platform.

8 – Conditional Show/Hide Child Terms on Edit Page

I have a content type with a term reference. The terms have child terms. On the admin editing side, I want to show only top level terms until selected, then show only the child terms for that parent.

This to prevent having a ginormously long field.

Parent 1
  Child 1
  Child 2
Parent 2
  Child 3
  Child 4
Parent 3

When a user edits a piece of content, I want to only show the parent terms initially. Then show/hide the child terms when the parent is checked.

Parent 1
Parent 2 (checked)
  Child 3
  Child 4
Parent 3
Parent 4

I’ve used conditional fields, state API, and select (other) modules. But this is showing and hiding children on the same field. So it’s a bit different.

Anyone have any advice for this scenario?

In Google Analytics, given I have a specific page, how do I track where the user went to next?

Note: I’m an analytics “n00b”.

I have a specific page on my website, say [/users/register].

Where in Google Analytics do I go to see where visitors to that page went to next?

I saw that, for that page, the was a column called “Landing“, but the number there was lower than the number of visitors?

When I looked at that page under the Landing Page report, I saw that it looked to have the info I needed as it had an Exit value… however, I don’t know what that means, and I don’t understand why the Landing number is so much lower.

Regardless I just want to see where visitors to that page went to next?

Display a certain page in a view

Here is what I’m trying to do is display a certain page in a view instead of all of the basic pages.

How would I go about doing that?

seo – How does a search engine discover/crawl a website page when requested URL loads the content via database?

I am creating a new blog website in Django. All the posts and their details are stored inside an SQLite database (one that comes default with Django). Once a post’s URL is requested, the server returns the webpage which contains the post loaded from the database. My question is, since the webpages do not exist until someone types in the URL, how will a search engine such as Google crawl the website and make it show up in the search results if it is relevant to the search? Is it necessary to provide a sitemap for this to happen?

Orangedox – Saving the page avoids the security

I’m testing the service. I uploaded a PDF document that I don’t want to be downloaded or printed. The document is at https://dl.orangedox.com/test.doc with password 12345
It works fine inside the browser, but if I go to File->Save page, the browser downloads all the content and the user can view and print the content (because the document is saved as images).

Is there any more secure option or simply doing this people can avoid you secure service?