Is it a good practice to make the connection, reset the password and save the indexable page?

I am working on an audit for an online business and their login, reset the password and save the pages are indexable in google. Is it necessary to index them in Google?

mysql – TTFB on a very slow specific PHP page only on the production server?

I have encountered a very strange problem with a particular admin page in my WordPress plugin. The page displays a series of reports generated from a custom report table, and then shows it to the administrator user (it runs from around 16,000 rows).

The problem is that the Ubuntu GCE production server running the same Apache 2.4 / PHP 5.6 configuration takes about 30 seconds open a page of 282 KB (28.5 KB gzip).

I even went so far as to create an Xdebug performance profile and add page content performance logging (from any report creation request to a printout of the final HTML table). I can not guess why the TTFB takes so long. It is a Google Cloud virtual machine with 2 cores of 7.5 GB.

My local production server on my iMac works very quickly, like the rest of the entire website on both development / production servers. This must have something to do with MySQL queries but the timing and even the Xdebug performance profiling I've run are not aligned with the actual TTFB.

FetchDetails = 86 ms
GetTodayHourly = 27 ms
GetDailyTotal = 17 ms
GetReferralBookings = 86 ms
GetReports = 682 ms << TOTAL

For reference, GetReports function covers the entire duration of generating the content of the page, HTML and MySQL queries included, using microtime (true) at the time.

enter the description of the image here

As far as the server is concerned, it is a GCE virtual machine with 2 cores and 7.5 GB with moderate traffic:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Apache 2.4.39 with gzip enabled.
  • PHP 5.6.40 with op-cache

How to fix the error .htaccess page not found?

I have a .htaccess file in the root directory.

My URL is

and I want it to look like

I have tried to rewrite the URL but it does send me to 404 error.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^ movies / ([0-9]+)? $ movies / index.php? id = $ 1 [L, QSA, NC]

SP 2016 Enterprise – The article page does not display all content

I have an article page with the body layout only. The only fields are the Title and Content fields of the page. The Page Content field only displays a Document Library Web Part.

I modified the page to add rich text content before the Web Part.

When I preview the page, it displays the rich text content and the Web part. When saving or archiving the page, rich text content does not display. Edit the page, all content is visible.

I do not see anything strange in the HTML / source code. This does not happen on every article page of the site collection, only a few.

Deleting all the content and re-adding it does not solve the problem. When deleting all the content, I validate that there is no more HTML / source code left.

At this point, when there is only rich text content in the Page Content field, the rich text content is not displayed when saving or writing l & # 39; archiving.

How can I correct this article page?

How to fix a broken page sharing button?

When I try to share a message in a group, I separate from my Facebook page, it does not work anymore. I've shared it hundreds of times until this problem starts last Saturday.

I can share when I visit a group and I can share something from a group I visit but I can not share my own page with any of my common groups.

Am I stuck? Is it temporary?

Popular adult humor website with 100,000 page views per day

Here is the sale is a popular adult humor website – 9GAG2.COM

It has an established public built over 4 years and receives approx. 19,000 unique daily visitors with a monthly income of approx. 750 USD (I can provide Exoclick data from 2018-01-01).

Please contact me for more information on the site, access to Google Analytics, advertising information, digital transfer information, etc.


Why are you selling this site?

Personal reasons (the girlfriend has a problem with her). The site has good potential and has reached the top 40,000 Alexa with 24,000 unique visitors per day between July 2018 and October 2018. Since then, I have gone down the ranks and the current Alexa rankings is between 60,000 and 70,000 with around 19,000 unique visitors per day.

How is it monetized?

Third-party ads

Is this site provided with social media accounts?


How long does this site take to run?

About 2-4 hours a week.

What are the challenges of managing this site?

Main tasks: moderation of comments, approval after publication and publication.

Website traffic is stable, mainly from high-level countries, with 19,000 unique visitors per day. This is a great opportunity to own this asset, which can be used to boost the growth of other sites and / or for monetization with third-party ads on itself.

9GAG2.COM offers adult fun content presented in the form of static image, GIF format and video format.

Registered users download material.

  • About. 100,000 daily views (Google Analytics verification)
  • About. 19,000 unique visitors a day! (Google analytics verified)
  • Best Website by Alexa Analytics
  • Established over 4 years of development
  • High-level country traffic
  • Stable traffic

The content displayed is branded and each video and image has a logo or website URL promoting long-term exposure.

The site attracts high-level countries and ranks in Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.


The website generates direct revenue through third-party advertising and has also been used to drive traffic to other websites (increase of 20,000 unique visitors per day for direct sales / high-rate third-party ads / growth of the website for resale).

Third-party advertising records most impressions from higher-level regions.

The website is built on WordPress.

The sale:
– You will receive the complete 9GAG2.COM website with the domain as it appears on the day of purchase. The transfer of the domain, the database and the support material will take approx. 2 weeks.

– In addition (if necessary), a 30-day assistance on the website will be provided. It includes reviewing and updating the site with new publications, user management and provision of general assistance.

-The sale will be made via an escrow service for the safety of both parties.

What is the best architecture in a microservice ecosystem for a dynamic page whose data is provided by other services?

How can we get a loose coupling in the scenario below:

We have an online store that sells finished types of products (eg, film, music and book) for which we have adopted a microservice architecture. The website has a different page for each type of product (one for movies, one for music and one for books). We want to have separate teams, each focusing on one of these products and having full authority over its business concerns.

The problem lies in the design of the home page. Our home page is a dynamic page with different lines that can each contain one of these products. For example, one day we can have a row "New Movies" at the top, then a row "Most books sold" underneath. Another day, the first line is dedicated to music, etc.

Which service and which team should have control on the homepage? Should we have a separate service (and probably a team under Conway's law) for this?

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any URL ends with? random-post = 1 automatic redirection to another page

In my site, many URLs are terminated by? Random-post = 1 automatic redirection on another page

Also do with the home page
This is not redirect to

I have to stop randomly on my site