noindex – WordPress / Yoast: How to solve the problem with the pagination page?

before switching to YOAST, I was using All in One SEO but I had huge problems with it. There were incompatiblliys which made it impossible to use this plugin later.

Either way, I am facing a paging problem on my website. Here is the example:



This / page / 2 poses SEO problems: double content, double h1, double description, etc.

With all-in-one SEO, I was able to define a term without tracking pages / without indexing. In YOAST, I can't find anything similar.

I guess it's a general wordpress thing.

I was able to find a "solution" for this, but that produces another problem.

If I change the steetings of the permalinks from "postname" to "default" -> page / 2 disappears. But then the links of my pages are not pleasant to read (p? = 123). See the attached example.
post name in permalink settings
bad links after switching to permalinks by default

Can you tell me how to fix it?

Thanks in advance and greetings,

How to replace the display of icons with the display of lists on the home page of an iPhone?

I don't like to select programs or other files from an icon grid ("icon display"), even if their titles are displayed under the icons. I prefer to make a selection from a drop-down list of titles ("list view"), either without icons present, or, if unavoidable, only with a very small icon at the start of each line.

Is there a way to get my iPhone XR (running iOS 13.3) to use the list view rather than the icon view on its home page?

Category – Is there a way to automatically add a product to a product page when the product gets a special price?

Is there any way that when I give a product at a special price, it will automatically add the product to a special "Sale" page on my home page without manually adding the product to anyone what type of category?
So that I can press the "Sale" page selected at the top and that all the special price items are on this page?

I hope someone can help you! Thank you ;]


views – Sticky content item on each pager page

When I set the promotion option for a piece of content to "sticky at the top of the page" and then first sort a view of content by sticky, I get a view that show my sticky content and then all other content items according to other sort settings.

But is it possible to make a piece of content sticky at the top of each page (pager)? What I want to achieve is a piece of content that is always displayed as the first item in a view, even if the view is paginated on page = 1, page = 2, …

Thank you

Google Drive PDF – How to access a specific page in a PDF open in Chrome

Quickly access a specific page of an open PDF in Google Drive with a Chrome-based browser.

that is to say.

In Mac & # 39; s Overview desktop application, Go > Go to page … allows the user to access a specific page.

enter description of image here

There is no functionality to access a specific page in a PDF opened in Google Drive.

enter description of image here

Adding the url of the document shared with a &page=11 or &pageNumber=11 setting.

multisite – How to share multimedia and page content on multiple sites? Everything I google gives me a plugin solution

I have two questions.

I want to share media and other content like pages on multiple sites.
I use multisite for translation, but some of the content remains the same, and as it is often updated, administrators must do it twice for both websites.
How can I get around this?

2nd question] Is there also a way to synchronize the content?
On the main site, I have domainDOTcom / galeria with photos.
On another subsite, I have domainDOTcom / en / gallery with the same photos.
Is there a way, once i have downloaded the Galeria page from main site, this sub site / en / gallery page is also updated with this content?

timeout – Wait for the page to load with Pupperteer in Nodejs

That makes a lambda function in Nodejs, where through Pupperteer I scrape on a page where several recordings are listed by request and recording of the tasting details.

The thing that when I give the detail button of each record, I have to put a long wait time for it to work properly (9 seconds).
Since this is a lambda function, the idea is to reduce request times as much as possible, so choose to depend on wait times for page loading ( as it takes time depending on the number of records you have or the consumption function).
I have been trying to wait for the page to load or any selected page that opens when you click on the detail but ends the query with empty results.

I leave the code used, thank you: D

for (let j = 0; j < Math.min(accounRes, byCases); j++) {
              await gpage.waitForNavigation({waitUntil: 'networkidle0'});
              html = await gpage.content();

How can I hide / disable a specific menu item and a specific page (node) in all languages ​​other than the default?

Drupal 8 site / multilingual:

There is a specific page that we must hide / disable with its menu link if the current language of the site is not the default language (English).

How can it be done?

search – How to remove animation when searching for a channel in a web page in Google Chrome for Android?

How to remove animation when searching for a channel in a web page in Google Chrome for Android?

For example, searching for "law" with the Chrome "Search in Page" feature on takes more than three seconds of scroll-down animation before displaying the first occurrence of "law" in the page:

enter description of image here

8 – Variables missing on the page – node – add.html.twig

I created two models

page – node – edit.html.twig

page – node – add.html.twig

I discovered that the {{node}} and {{node_form}} variables are missing when creating the node.

Here is my code to make the node add a form there using hook_preprocess_page.

  $variables('node_form') = FALSE;
    if ($node = Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node')) {
      $form = Drupal::entityTypeManager()
        ->getFormObject('node', 'default')
      $variables('node_form') = Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm($form);

My goal is to print the node content type name and form from the page template – node – add.html.twig.

PS. No problem on the page – node – edit.html.twig (node ​​editing page)