views – Sticky content item on each pager page

When I set the promotion option for a piece of content to "sticky at the top of the page" and then first sort a view of content by sticky, I get a view that show my sticky content and then all other content items according to other sort settings.

But is it possible to make a piece of content sticky at the top of each page (pager)? What I want to achieve is a piece of content that is always displayed as the first item in a view, even if the view is paginated on page = 1, page = 2, …

Thank you

7 – Delete Duplicate Records from View Result with Pager

My project is set up in Drupal 7 and I use the search API to display my custom search results. In fact, I want to display the search result based on the content of two types of content, which allows me to configure the search API for this type of content and select the fields I want to search for, then select index the content.

To display the search result, I drupal the View of Index node type.
But the problem is that in my search results, I get duplicate results because some content has the same title but a different body of text.

I want to delete search results that have a duplicate title. (Custom field created by myself)

I've tried a custom solution with View hook, but it does not work properly

function custom_views_pre_render(&$view) {
  if ($view->name == 'search_books') {
   $view_ISBN = array();
    foreach ($view->result AS $key => $res_view) {
        $ISBN = $res_view->entity->field_isbn(und)(0)('value');
       if (!in_array($ISBN,$view_ISBN)) {
                    $view_ISBN() = $ISBN;

    $view->query->pager->total_items = count($view->result);


This deletes the duplicate result but gives an incorrect pagination result.

I've also tried Query query hook but that does not work for me.

function custom_query_alter($query) {

  if (isset($query->alterMetaData)) {
    if (isset($query->alterMetaData('view'))) {
      if($query->alterMetaData('view')->name == 'search_books') {
        $fields =& $query->getGroupBy();
        // Tried various fields to check which was the field creating the problem.

        $query->distinct = TRUE;


I've also tried to install the module "views_distinct" and distinguish the field of view, but it also gives me a problem of pager.

An idea how to solve this problem?

Attachment pager problem

I've created a view with a block that displays articles of a content type.
Then I added an attachment that selects 4 random items to display them on the left.

The problem is that when I scroll down to block articles on the attachment changes too (as the attachment is executed after each scroll).

An idea to stop the attachment of refreshment?

Thank you

How to make a percentage pager in the views?

I need to expose a text field to users. After a user has entered a percentage and clicked the Apply button, the view will display that percentage of rows in the view's result. How to do it? Which hook should I put in place?

8 – Views See All Pager

Depending on your situation, there are more ways to solve it.

The simplest method is to display 2 views with different paths or as a parent-child. path3 for the first and path3/path9 for the second one (you can set them as Drupal tabs this way, so that the Drupal tab can play the role of your "Show 6 others" button). Set one to only show 3 elements, the other to 9. 9. Add a text box in the Views footer of your first view and add the HTML anchor code leading to page link of your second display.

If you know a little Ajax, you can display one of the screens as an attachment with a pager offset set to 3 and use the Ajax button to display it.

You can allow users to choose the number of items to display by exposing the full or mini pager with the option Allow user to control the number of items displayed in this view and enter 3, 9 putting Items per page at 3.

In this way you will see 3 items to start, but there will be a drop-down list above your results in which users can choose between 3 and 9. If they choose 9, the page will reload to display 9 elements in the results.

By using the pager this way, you also get settings on your links, which even allows you to create links / buttons elsewhere on your site to link to a page with a particular number of results. path3?items_per_page=9.

The disadvantage for you is perhaps that there are also pager links at the bottom of the results (Previous, Next) that you may not want to display. Maybe you can hide them with CSS.

You must also search for modules related to the pager. Maybe the Views flexible pager and the pager can help you.

angular7 – Angular Pager

I have a table with a pager. I go to the second page and everything is fine, but when I want to go back to the first page, it stays on the second page. What I am looking for is that if there are 20 records in the table, I will show 4 pages each with 5 records. and that every time he returns to me, it shows me the same data
I use Angular 8 and ngprime where I have to make this change or what I do wrong I can not see what it is

html code

{{col.header}} {{rowData(col.field)}}


if (filter === null
        || filter.filtro === undefined
        || (filter.filtro.accion === undefined
        ||  filter.filtro.fecha === undefined
        || filter.filtro.usuario === undefined
        ||  filter.filtro.ip === undefined)) {
        this.getAllConsultorias(event.first, (event.first + event.rows));
    if (filter.filtro !== undefined && filter.filtro.accion !== undefined) {
         this.getAllByFilter(filter.filtro.accion, 'accion', undefined, event.first, (event.first + event.rows));
    if (filter.filtro !== undefined && filter.filtro.fecha !== undefined) {
         this.getAllByFilter(filter.filtro.fecha, 'fecha', undefined, event.first, (event.first + event.rows));
    if (filter.filtro !== undefined && filter.filtro.ip !== undefined) {
      this.getAllByFilter(filter.filtro.ip, 'ip', undefined, event.first, (event.first + event.rows));
    if (filter.filtro !== undefined && filter.filtro.usuario !== undefined) {
      this.getAllByFilter(filter.filtro.usuario, 'usuario', undefined, event.first, (event.first + event.rows));


How to add a pager to the TOP of a forum in Drupal 8?

I'm using the standard forum module provided with Drupal 8. The problem is that when I view a forum node, it displays the pager at the bottom. I want the pager to also appear at the top.

The closest I could come is the model edition "comment-comment_forum.html.twig". If I put random text at the top of this template, I can see the text appear in the right place I want. But if I put this:

{{}} Pager

So nothing is visible. So, the model how – comment_forum.html.twig does not know what is "pager".

Does anyone know where is the right place to add a pager at the top of the forum posts?

views – ajax in pager custom module

how can i use ajax in pager

$ pager = [
‘#type’ => ‘pager’,

return [
‘#theme’ => ‘news_filter’,
‘#articles’ => $articles,
‘#categories’ => $categories,
‘#count_res’ => count($nids),
‘#pager’ => $pager,
‘#attached’ => array(
‘library’ => array(

it's very urgent thank you for answering me

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search – A pager for a view with multiple attachments

I create a custom results page for the search API. To do this, I created a view that extracts 4 items and contains a set of pagers. I also have 3 attachment views that display content of a different type.

I would like to have a mini-pager at the bottom of the page that controls the 4 views. This works exactly as expected, but only if the main view exceeds 4 elements. The "next" and "previous" links appear and control the 4 views. However, if the main view contains only 3 items or less, the pager links do not appear. This means that other attachments can not advance to the following pages.

The attachment pager settings are configured to allow the following number of items: 4, 8, 5, and 10.

I would like it to display the pager all the way down if any of the 4 views exceeds its setting.

I've tried to inherit the pager and give them unique identifiers, but that does not do what I want.

Please help!