Sharepoint 2019 site navigation breadcrumb shows incorrect URL on application pages

I have enabled the navigation breadcrumb in the master page of my site in Sharepoint 2019. When I navigate to a library inside a sub site and verify the URL on AllItems.aspx page it shows the correct url but when I navigate to the library settings page and verify the url in the same breadcrumb it only shows the url of the parent site and does not include in the URL of the subsite and the library (incorrect URL).

This behaviour is seen on all application pages only where it shows the URL of the parent site like this
http://<parent/ top level site_url>/_layouts/15/listedit.aspx?List=%7B%7D

When we click on this link it returns an error page.

enter image description here

google – SEO Safe way to permanently delete thousands of outdated pages

Our site is a huge one with about half a million pages built over the years. Many pages rank well for competitive keywords and have attracted high-quality link equity over the years. However, looking now, we have come to a conclusion that about 25% or about 100,000 pages are outdated and don’t bring us any value in terms of revenue. Instead, they cost us server resources to maintain. We are planning to remove these pages PERMANENTLY. What could be the safe way to remove them without negatively affecting the SEO of the REMAINING pages?

PS: Kindly help me with appropriate status code and duration (all at once or gradually)..

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

url – GitHub Pages não encontra a minha fonte no repositório

Enviei um site para o GitHub Pages junto com algumas fontes que serão usadas na página. A estrutura do diretório é essa:


Dentro do arquivo style.css, eu utilizo o código abaixo para importar a fonte:

@font-face {
  font-family: MinhaFonte;
  src: url(../fonts/MinhaFonte.TTF);

O problema é que o GitHub Pages não encontra o arquivo e gera o seguinte erro:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

E esse erro é bem estranho pois, se eu passar o cursor em cima do nome da fonte que deveria ser carregada — MinhaFonte.TTF:1 — ao lado da mensagem de erro, ele mostra a URL completa e supostamente correta, que é essa:

O que eu estou fazendo de errado?

github pages – I wants to know how to create python function to get _num1_ and _num2_?

github pages – I wants to know how to create python function to get _num1_ and _num2_? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

seo – Effect of 301 redirecting many pages from one directory/folder to another (same domain)?

I’d like to see the effects of 301 redirecting a bunch of pages from one path to another on the same domain. Example:

  • From:[product_id]
  • To:[product_id]

I would of course make sure to change the rel canonical tag as well.

Has anyone done this on a somewhat large scale?

If so, what were the results? I’d expect some level of bouncing around in the SERP, but how did it shake out? Net positive effect on your rankings? Neutral? Negative?

I’m curious to hear any war stories. I’ve heard from others and read in Google rater guidelines that different parts of sites can be judged independently, and I’m curious to see if the same content will rank differently given a new URL path.

Youtube videos are not working on Simple Products PDP pages

Any simple product that has a video assigned to it, will not play the video. If you are looking at the config product then videos play without issue.

Magento Version 2.3.5-p1

PHP issue passing results of variables from one function to another in same file but works on other pages

I am having an issue accessing my global variables inside the same file where the variables exist. However, they work just fine when I call the same variable in other files. To call the variable in another file I have used the required_once to call my file where the globals are located and then called each variable I need individually like global $example_vairable.

The issue is that when I use global $example_vairable later on in the same file where I defined global $example_vairable it does not work. Inside of another function on the same page I have called my variable global $example_vairable and then just tested with either an echo or a var_dump. echo shows no display and var_dump provides a bool(false) telling me I have an error but I have no idea where or why.

This is in wordpress so I am using my functions file where my variables are located. Here is my code:


function Total_Result(){
    global $total_result, $resultx;

     $resultxs = array($resultx);
     $total_result =  count($resultxs(0));
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'Total_Result' );

Then the function on the same file (functions.php) that I am trying to call the global from:

add_action("wp_ajax_getvendorresponsestatus", "getvendorresponsestatus");
add_action("wp_ajax_nopriv_getvendorresponsestatus", "getvendorresponsestatus");

function getvendorresponsestatus() {
    global $wpdb, $endResult,$total_result ;
    if(isset($_POST('action')) == 'getvendorresponsestatus'){

                    echo $total_result;
            echo $endResult->posted_by;


I have also tried to pass the variable in the function itself but it too doesnt work.

add_action("wp_ajax_getvendorresponsestatus", "getvendorresponsestatus");
add_action("wp_ajax_nopriv_getvendorresponsestatus", "getvendorresponsestatus");

function getvendorresponsestatus($endResult, $total_result) {
    global $wpdb;
    if(isset($_POST('action')) == 'getvendorresponsestatus'){

                    echo $total_result;
            echo $endResult->posted_by;


redirects – Redirecting old website with multiple pages to a one page website

I’ve created a website for a client, they said they didnt’t care that SEO would be affected so I decided to create a completely new website with a different structure than their old website.

They said that they had no traffic to their website anyways, but they are ranking first for their company name(a pretty unique name).

Their old website had 3 pages that I basicly merged into a one page website and uploaded with a different domain name. This website isn’t ranking very well yet however it was just uploaded 2 days ago.

Can I redirect the entire old website to the new one and keep their SEO ranking or will it be penalized after doing so?

How can we find 404 pages on a website without google search console or conducting a crawl?

How can I find 404 error pages on a website to which I don’t have access to conduct a crawl on or check google search console?

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