How can I make this transition between pages using vanilla javascript?

The fact is that I would like to know how on this site they manage to make a transition between the pages by clicking on an image, I realize that they change html so they do not do it not with one, but I can't figure out how they do it so that the animation continues to make the change. Help 🙁

Admin / Frontend White Pages

I am trying to install a magento 2.3.3 site on Windows and no content is generated for my page. I have followed many different methods to solve this problem. I changed the realpath variable from the validator and more. When I inspect the page, it is the only code that is generated, apart from the head.



My admin page also has the same code. As far as I know, no errors were logged in the var / log files and no php errors were generated.

Help me, please. Everything would be appreciated

sharepoint online – For SPO, is there currently a way to change CSS classes for modern pages?

For modern SharePoint Online pages, is there a way to modify the modern CSS existing on the pages (I think the fabric user interface is the actual style, not just the CSS style used to give classic pages a modern look)? Not what I saw with extensions, where they add CSS to the top of pages overall instead of alerting existing classes in CSS on modern pages.

Any direction would be appreciated (Extensions? SPFX? React Script Editor? PowerShell?) I asked quite a few questions and there just isn't a lot of information to be this subject. There are special web parts that its

Among the many pages I have made, the one below needs the left navigation bar removed, white space all around the deleted titles, top links removed, the full screen cursor extended , etc. I really want to be able to completely modify the UI fabric as I want. Looks like Microsoft doesn't want that … YET.

enter description of image here

SharePoint Designer is a step for SPO. Placement

Unknown pages reported by Google Analytics

I have a website hosted by GitHub Pages, it's a statically generated website, and deployments happen by pushing new static code on my gh-pages branch of my GitHub public repository.

I recently started looking at Google Analytics data and found a lot of visits to pages that are not part of my website.

In the screenshot below, you can see lines 24, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36, these are not all existing pages.

unknown pages

I don't understand how this can happen, I ask GA to show me the title pages, and these pages have a title, so I guess these pages, at some point, existed in my website.

But there is no suspicious activity in my gh-pages branch validation history.

I wouldn't be alarmed if the reports were for non-existent URLs, because anyone can write a random URL in their browser and ask my 404 page to report it. But here we are talking about page titles.

How can this happen?

Can I create a default Apache name server for wildcard pages / characters on shared hosting?

Experts apologize for seemingly noob question, but I'm stuck:

So we have shared hosting on cpanel with a dedicated IP on say What we want is to download a default HTML file somewhere, which is used for all domains that use, as name servers, without our having to make a DNS entry for this domain in our server. Is it called the default apache page?

To clarify: We have registered and as name servers (glue records) by pointing them to the dedicated IP of our hosting. What configuration should we do on our server so that if, … displays the default file without us having to make an entry for random domains on our server. Much like the operation of domain parking companies.


What are referring pages?

Hello friends,

What are referring pages?

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What are referring pages?

Hello friends,

What are referring pages?

Newsfeed – Modern Sharepoint: the author of the article (author signature field) does not update the pages of the article

The author of the post that appears on the pages of news posts is supposed to come from the hidden field "author byline", so I used Sharegate to mass change the field of blog posts migrated (from classic SP online to modern). The update worked fine when viewed in the site's page library, but the news pages still display the original created by or changed by the user.

Besides manually editing each page, does anyone know how to change the author of the message?

seo – What structured data to use on pages with multiple news?

I have a page that lists 15 news items briefly, and if you click on one of them, you can read the entire article.
Right now, I'm using CollectionPage (you can see it here: hu% 2Fnode).

I have been using this for a while, but now I am starting to wonder, maybe it is bad practice.

Are you okay here? Or should I use NewsArticle (I use it when you read the whole article), or something completely different?

Prevent people from inviting you to like the pages?

Is there any way to prevent people from inviting you to like Facebook pages? I do not wish to receive these notifications.

enter description of image here