Pages are not displayed in the hierarchy in WordPress "Pages"

I migrated my local website to the test environment via Plesk. When I try to see all my pages, they are sorted according to their name but not in hierarchical order. What can I display these pages as "Parent Pages -> Child Pages"?

windows 10 – Some web pages do not load correctly

I've bought a new pre-installed laptop for my friend with Windows 10 Home Edition. With the help of Transwiz, I moved his account from his old laptop (Windows 10 Home preinstalled). It seemed like it worked, but many web pages are strange to him. It seems that some scripts do not run regularly and that menus do not display as they should. In addition, some movie sites may not be streamed. I've tried three different browsers on his account (Edge, Chome and Firefox). All three encounter exactly the same errors on the same web pages. When I created a new account on her laptop, it worked perfectly with all three browsers.

This error is therefore located ONLY on his account on his new laptop. By using his old laptop, it works well. I do not see what would cause this strange mistake. Are there any account-specific settings that can solve this problem? She does not like too much to create a new account to solve this problem.

Will buy FB pages, groups, Twitter accounts with many followers

The title says it all. I will buy FB pages, FB groups, Twitter accounts with many followers. Interested in all offers and all niches. Most importantly, they are actual and active accounts / pages / groups. The language of these should be in English.
Payment by PayPal or wire.

graphics – Why use graphic illustrations on error pages?

I think this has been done for several reasons.

1. Be welcoming with the user

The 404 error never occurs in a situation where everything is fine. The same goes for connectivity errors, server shutdown, and so on.

It's the marketing, forum, social and shopping sites that do it the most. Software or business websites never do it. The reason is that these websites try to please the user every step of the way. I can not tell you how much Amazon's error page made me want to keep coming back (see Screenshot below)

Such designs help keep users engaged even during a possible "disconnection"

enter the description of the image here

2. Maintain continuity

An error page is a sign of lost connection, lost URL or problem. Because of its existence, this means a lack of continuity in the web browsing flow.

An attractive design not only keeps the theme and sympathy of the page at the same level as the rest of the website, but it also gives an impression of transparency. the Try Again, Go to the home page, Go to the previous page the buttons seem less intrusive and more like guides if a funny character or a cute dog are sitting next to each other

I also feel that the emergence of more creative empty states and the understanding of their importance have added to this trend.

7 – The admin / config and admin / reports / status pages take 4m 25 seconds to load

I'm using PHP 7.2.19 and Apache 2.4.29 on Ubuntu 18.04

PHP is running as fpm.

Every page works well except two pages above. They take 4m 25s to load each time if I connect directly to Apache.
If I use Varnish in front of it, the error message 503 "Backend" failed to the exact mark 5m. Everything else works well with Varnish.

In Apache Access Log, I get 200 status for both pages.

Where should I start troubleshooting?

magento2 – Creating custom error pages (500, 503) for Magento 2

I want to create custom error pages such as 500, 503, and so on. in a project Magento 2. I found, after turning on "ProxyErrorOverride"From the virtual host, we can use the code below in HTACCESS to redirect custom pages.

# for Internal Server Error
ErrorDocument 500 /505.html
# for Service Unavailable
ErrorDocument 503 /503.html
# for Gateway Timeout
ErrorDocument 504 /504.html

But when I turn onProxyErrorOverrideThe server sets its own page 404 instead of page 404 of Magento.

Can any one help me to create custom pages such as 500, 503, and so on? with the Magento page 404?

javascript – Result filter of BD with JS (no refresh or query on other pages)

Hey guys:

I have usernames coming from the MySQL database displayed on the screen, each in their respective div, and I have a search input indicating that when something is typed I would like divs with user names that do not match what has been typed to be hidden from the screen.

The challenge is:
Do it without refreshing the page and without asking for other pages with ajax (I can do both ways).
I would like to make this filter only with Javascript / jQuery on the page itself.

Is it like?

Thank you very much for any help.

SQL Server 2017 – Large Amount in the Buffer Pool Database Pages

We were looking at sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors using the query below

 d.(name)                                       (Database_Name),
 (count(file_id) * 8) / 1024                    (Buffer_Pool_Size_MB),
 sum(cast(free_space_in_bytes as bigint)) / 1024 / 1024     (Free_Space_MB)
from sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors b
    join sys.databases d on
        b.database_id = d.database_id
group by d.(name)
order by (Buffer_Pool_Size_MB)

And for one of my databases, this indicates (Buffer_Pool_Size_MB) = 77325 megabytes and (Free_Space_MB) = 15849 megabytes

So, about 20% of its space in the pages of the buffer pool is empty. It looks like a waste of resources


  • Is it a problem ?
  • How many free_space_in_bytes to be mitigated?
  • Are there other things to consider / consider in our situation?

seo – Does the blocking of URL parameters in the Google search console remove pages from the index?

In GSC, it is possible to tell Google how to handle the URL parameters. Google has suddenly started indexing more than 600,000 URLs with settings on our website. I've set the parameter in GSC indefinable and about 400,000 pages disappear from the index. So I thought everything was working as expected and that the rest of the pages would also be deleted. After one month, 300,000 pages are indexed again.

Should this work and should I wait or should I set pages with noindex?

header – Page breaks and separate pages in the main navigation

We are working on a website and wondering what was the best practice for this scenario. We design a website for our company and we are not sure if it is a good practice to create links to separate pages as well as to page breaks in the same menu.

I have the impression that this is more than likely to confuse the user to go to a different page or on certain points of the same page. Has anyone else ever experienced it?