Shared list of SharePoint team pages

The short answer is that it is not possible. If you have a list in site A and site B users need to access the list in site A, create a link on site B that points to the site list A, and grant permissions to site users B on the site A list. Your users change sites but do not really notice it. You can also use workflows to keep the two lists "synchronized", but that would certainly be more complex.

jsom – online action to add SharePoint online user to run javascript on all pages of a site collection

You can try the custom action of the user at the site collection level, where you can provide the link for the js file.

Please let me know, if you may need more information

Add a custom user action

Add a custom user action

To add the js file to the site, you can try the code below.

    Site site = clientContext.Site;

UserCustomAction customAction = site.UserCustomActions.Add();
customAction.Location = "ScriptLink";
customAction.ScriptSrc = String.Format("{0}://{1}/Scripts/HelloWorld.js", Request.Url.Scheme, Request.Url.Authority);
customAction.Sequence = 1000;


Src Script

The easiest way to add a script and mark your SharePoint and SharePoint Online

How to optimize the site which counts millions of pages?

How to optimize the site which counts millions of pages?

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google settings – Prevents Chrome from opening all web pages in a new tab

Looking at my colleague's phone, there were dozens of open tabs in Google Chrome (I do not use it). This must have impacts on memory!

It seems that each time we click on a link, it opens in a new tab.

How can this behavior be changed so that the default behavior opens links in the currently open tab? (that is, replace the page where the link was clicked).

The search has given rise to some other complaints about this behavior (an example), but no effective solution to date.

Slow Integration of Mathematica Demonstrations into Web Pages

When I integrate a Mathematica demo into my web page, the performance is very slow and slow.

For example, if I'm the video instruction and that I integrate the Radial Engine demo into an HTML page, loading takes about 5 seconds (that's fine) and when I drag a slider, it takes about 2 seconds for the image to update (that is, a big problem). This is the case even for simpler demonstrations, such as this magnetic field demonstration.

Is there a way to improve performance?

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How to get the Google Analytics report from selected pages using a regular expression?

We want to create a report about visitors to a selected set of pages.

So we use Behavior> Site Content> All Pages.

We fill some of the page names, so "FR_PLT *" for pages FR_PLT_01, FR_PLT_02 and so on. It works.

Also for "FR_Country *", for pages FR_Country_01, FR_Country_02 and so on. Works well.

But if we want to combine, so "FR_PLT * | FR_Country *", the report is empty.

What is the problem?

How to change the default "All Pages" dashboard in a tree view (reducible child pages)

I have about 150 pages and 4 levels of parent-child hierarchy.

In the WP Admin dashboard, on the All pages page, by default, All pages are displayed.

How to modify the view in a tree with more / less to reduce / decompose the child pages.

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