I paid for 50GB icloud space

I paid by credit card to buy 50GB of space 2 days ago, and now, after two days, it shows me still 5 GB space iCloud, I have received a confirmation of payment from my bank. Please advise what to do now

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Review Serveria.com: paid but no service and no support (all options do not answer)

I'm buying a Linux VPS at Serveria a few days ago. Even after payment, my VPS order was stuck on Pending. After waiting a few hours (maybe 3-4 hours), I created a support ticket that went unanswered during the working hours of the place where the company is registered.

After the 8 hours of no answerI closed the ticket and created a billing ticket with a higher priority, assuming that I may not have posted the ticket in the correct section. Surprisingly, I was informed in less than 2 hours that the automatic procedure had failed and that they would take care of everything immediately. They asked what operating system I wanted to install and I informed them via a new response on the ticket. It was More than 30 hours since the last time I heard about it on anything via tickets.

As the responses to the ticket were very, very slow (I may have been spoiled by the good hosts who usually answer within 2 to 6 hours), I decided to contact them on skype. No help has been provided via Skype. Only silence; still waiting for an answer from them for almost 24 hours. In total, this has been around 72 hours since I paid for a service I did not receive However, I did not have any support on this question nor on a refund that I asked but which was not answered.

I understand that things are bad. I do not mind waiting. I hate that no one is communicating with his team to inform his clients of what is going on. Very disappointed! Stay away from this host! It seems to be typical at Serveria; in the past, they had ignored the tickets and provided bad customer service: https://webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1610437 – I had assumed that their service needed to be improved over the 3 years but I was wrong

Skype chat log:
(Images and videos can be provided at any time)


Customer, 9:19 am: Hello
Serveria, 9:21 (wave) 9:21: Hey there

Client, 9:21 am: I was wondering if you could send my tickets to a senior representative? I paid for a VPS (censored). Payment (censored) more than 24 hours ago. I have created a ticket to support it has not received any updates for 9 hours. I closed it and another ticket was created for billing. I had been waiting for another answer for about 8 hours now. Until now, I was waiting for an assistant.[sic] for more than 24 hours. I am very disappointed.

Ticket # 359XXX (Billing)
Ticket # 655XXX (Support)

Client, 9:31 am: Do you know what is the best thing to do given the situation? I waited a moment. Is the assigned person offline? Should I send an email directly to someone in your organization (in the affirmative, who?)?

Customer, 9:53: Hello, are you there?

Serveria, 10:39: Hi yes sorry for the delay. Your tickets are being processed at C & # 39; is in progress

Client, 10:41 am: Do you refer to the last ticket, the refund or the ones I had previously created? I have already configured with (censored)

Client, 3:29 pm: Updates?

Next day cat diary

Customer, 7:39: Hello?



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