What are the best paid hosting for chatting sites?

What do you advise me, the best hosting for my Iraqi chat site

Hostbazzar.com> Shared Hosting > Affordable Price• Worldwide Locations ★ $1/m paid mo

Hostbazzar web hosting provider is one of the experienced and reliable shared hosting provider who is dealing with the feature packed
services with reasonable price. Our web hosting servers have FIRST CLASS hardware quality and are managed by skillful technical staffs.
We work dedicatedly 100% of the time to make sure our servers & service are always in good order.

Hostbazzar manage their own servers with the help of experienced techs, host with us to give you a flexible and helpful support to all users.
We also offer 30 days money back guarantee for all customers. If you are unhappy with hostbazzar hosting services, you can request for a
complete refund from the client portal.

*Cheap SSD Hosting Features :

>SD-HB1  :  $1 Per Month

-Web Space : 5 GB
-Website You Can Host : 1
-RAM : 2GB
-Unlimited Sub Domains
-Unlimited Mailings Lists
-Unlimited MySQL Databases
-SSL Support
-Zend Optimizer

>SD-HB2  :  $3 Per Month

-Web Space : 20 GB
-Website You Can Host : 10
-RAM : 3GB
-Unlimited Sub Domains
-Unlimited Mailings Lists
-Unlimited MySQL Databases
-SSL Support
-Zend Optimizer

>SD-HB3  :  $5 Per Month

-Web Space : 50 GB
-Website You Can Host : Unlimited
-RAM : 4GB
-Unlimited Sub Domains
-Unlimited Mailings Lists
-Unlimited MySQL Databases
-SSL Support
-Zend Optimizer

More inquiry visit: https://hostbazzar.com/ssd_shared_hosting.php

Thank you.

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Google Ads Clicks = Analytics Paid + Organic?

We’re using google analytics through tag manager and google ads to acquire leads. We noticed something we cannot explain and have begun doubting the validity of our data in general:

For a given month, we look into google ads and see a total of say 1000 clicks. In analytics, we can see some “paid” access and some “organic”. The supposedly strange part is, that clicks = paid + organic. That is at least roughly the case, and varies 5% up or down.

As far as we understand, “organic” is only when someone uses a search engine and clicks on us but not on an Ad we published but the “organic” search result. This is unlikely since our ranking sucks hard at this time and we could find ourselves on page 10.000 even if we wanted to. So how can organic we related to the number or Ads clicks, when organic is exactly the opposite of Ads does?

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The Venus Host Returns with a Special Full-Featured Shared Hosting Offer ($2.41/mo – Paid Monthly!)

Venus Web Solutions has returned with a special Christmas offer! They started posting LEB offers back in August and were part of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday festivities.

One thing I’d highlight is that they offer monthly pricing on their deal, and do not require an annual prepay.  If you decide to prepay for the year then there’s an additional discount.

Here’s a little Q&A to help you decide if Venus is right for you.

Tell us about The Venus Host

“We provide Professional website hosting services across Linux, Windows and WordPress Hosting platforms.  We also provide Wide range of domains at very cheap price.

We provide Free SSL certificates & CDN to all the the web sites hosted on our servers. We are using 100% SSD Disks and Our servers are highly configured and can handle DDoS attack upto 1TBPS. We provide separate disk space for the emails as per the plans you will get the additional Email disk space. We use customized control panel which is configured with the inbuilt apps like File Permission checker, Malware Scanner, Website Builder, etc. We provide more than 70 one click installs so you will get the wide range of the apps to install on your website.”

What makes these offers special?

We are accept payment for One Month or One Year.  We are not forcing the customer to pay for 5 Years or for 3 Years.  Our rates are same if you buy monthly plan than if you pay for 12 months and if you paid years you have to pay for 10 Months 2 months are complimentary for the clients who are paying for yearly plan.

We provide External Disk Space for the Email & For The Database so our client can utilize his SSD disk space for the website contents.”

Why should a customer select your company and trust your business?

“Our servers uses SSD Disks and Our hosting platforms are load balancing and autoscaling. Each website hosted on our servers accesses multi-server resources that scales to meet the websites needs. There is no single point of failure means optimal reliability is 24 X 7 X 365.

Our powerful Control panel is integrated with the malware scanner app. With the help of this you can scan your website and remove malware if any by your own Clients can Block single IP addresses, entire subnets or even countries from your site via our Powerful control panel.  Websites and VPS are protected against denial of service attacks.

Our next feature is Sitemap Generator and The Sitemap Generator will crawl a website and create an XML sitemap which you can upload immediately. This app is integrated in our Powerful Control Panel. We provide CDN for free also we support more than 70 one click installs like WordPress.”

Tell us about the history of your business.

“We have started the business and within a very short time span we have gained the trust of many customers and our clients are very much happy with our service Also our knowledgebase is very much detailed we have covered almost all the things which a user can face.  We have launched the new features free of cost for the existing clients like we recently launched CDN also Malware scanner, File Permission checker etc.”

They’re a registered company in India (GST 27BSJPK2416A1Z6).  Please review their TOS, Privacy Policy, and other legal agreements before subscribing.  If you like what you see, you can pay with Paypal and CCavenue.

Remember that the LEB community would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

Now read more to see the offers!

Shared Hosting

  • Free SSL Certificate
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  2 GB X 10 Mailboxes
  • 10 x Sub Domains
  •  2 GB SSD Web Space
  •  1 GB x 2 MySQL Database
  •  Linux / Windows Hosting Platform
  • $2.41/month
  • (ORDER)

You can read more about this special offer on their web site.

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!


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marketing – What is one tool that manages all social and paid digital media?

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  2. I run paid ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

I’d like a single dashboard/tool where I can see all of the analytics. Ideally, I can also schedule content for the social media and engage.

tools – What free and / or paid game master aids are available for a PC user running virtual games?

I’m running a d100 based game. Currently, we’re using Discord with DiceParser installed. I’ve poked around at www.Roll20.net in the past. What paid and/or free programs would you recommend for a game master using a PC to run a remote game? Some of my players are using android phones and some iPhones. My budget is very low but it would be great to see the high budget options too.

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