I will turn any photo into a realistic pencil drawing for $ 1

I will turn any photo into a realistic pencil drawing

I go Transform your photo as it is into a pencil portrait. Provide me a high quality picture.

  • A personalized pencil drawing is the best gift you can offer to your loved ones. Surprise your wife, children,
    girlfriend and make them feel special.


  • Portrait Photos
  • Family photos
  • Couple pictures
  • Pictures of animals
  • All photos of the product
  • Any image for book
  • Image of the incident
  • Landscape photos
  • Colorful landscape
  • Architecture Photos

For any questions, you can contact me before buying and thinking.


What are some good extras for photoshop for painting

What plugins or extras, tools, etc. are available for Photoshop for painting.

partnership The painting of "Bitcoin"

My name is Aksana (5Ksana) and I am a professional in jewelry creation, decorative elements, custom clothing production, different techniques and much more. I try that my works are beautiful and touch the hearts of people what they would like to be repeated or obtained for themselves, for the decoration of the apartment, for beloved children, etc. . I have a degree in "Design" .In this area I have been working for over 15 years.
I create exclusive things for several years. All items are lovingly designed and create positive emotions for both adults and children. All the works are handmade and only include ecological materials.

I want a partnership with you.

Here are my products: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/5ksana_handmade/

The painting of "Bitcoin" of the artist "5Ksana" https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvze9FqAN6O/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

SINGLE HAND CASE FOR 5KSANA BARCARD BITCOIN https://www.instagram.com/p/BtWHcObB5jO/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Beginner Fabric Painting Drawings – Other

Caveman Art & Craft Studio is the best art and craft training center of Madurai. Professional and budding artists train with us and our artwork and crafts are exhibited in prestigious institutions. We specialize in Batik Painting, African Painting, Art by wire, Pop Art, Cutting soap, Quilling paper, pen crafts, Fabric painting, Jute Paint, Pastel Oil, Split Paint, Paintings in watercolor, Card Making, etc.

Does an image or painting work with Wild Shape?

What are the limits to seeing a beast with a wild form. Can an image, a painting, a sculpture, or an accurate description of the creature pass to "see" the creature?

Draw your photo in a digital oil painting or art illustration for $ 1

Draw your picture in digital oil painting or in illustrative art

I am a professional graphic designer with more than 5 years of experience. I have a passion for art and I like to spend most of my time doing pencil drawings and digital paintings.
I feel a great sense of accomplishment if you become happy through my work and consider this as an indication of my success.

window – Ubuntu 18.04.1 Problems painting gnome terminals on Hyper-V

I've created a new Ubuntu virtual machine based on the Microsoft Hyper-V gallery image on my Windows 10 laptop.

The tool used was "Quick Hyper-V Creation" according to the instructions provided on this link.

I managed to create the virtual machine and it worked well – no change on my part. I use the Hyper-V virtual machine console to work.

The problems started when I used the "Software Updater" graphical tool in the Ubuntu virtual machine. After the updates, the software requested a reboot, which I did.

After that, the windows of the gnome began to behave in a strange way. Windows paint slowly, as the user has shown in this article.

But unlike this user, I'm not able to display screenshots because every time I take a screenshot or I click PrtScr, all windows ( that they are visible) are completely in the final state. Then I realized that hitting PrtScr solves my problem temporarily – but I can not continue to do it.

When I installed the openssh server and I connect with putty, this problem does not exist. But this continues to do on the console.

uname -a show 4.15.0-45-generic.

perspective – How to take a photo of my painting and make it square, when the photo is square, rectangle when the photo is rectangle?

I'm trying to take pictures of my art for a year and a half. I've tried 3 different cameras (cheaper at less than $ 200), but everyone in camera is neither square nor rectangle when I need it. I have read the answers to my problem, but I am not a photographer and I do not have a photographer to ask.

My cameras have a fixed lens and I can not adjust them or other internal adjustments. The adjustments are there, I just do not know how. I adapt but I get the same result.

My latest camera is a Panasonic PowerShot 610S Supershot 20.2 megapixel camera. I have about 23 paintings online for sale, but I have to move so close that I lose some of the paint. I do not want to do that. Do you have an answer that I can apply?

perspective – How can I take a photo of my painting and make it square, when the photo is square, rectangle when the photo is rectangle?

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