develop color photographic paper (type C) in black and white? Will I have an image?

Does anyone know what happens if I develop color photographic paper (type c) in black and white? Will I have an image?

Litcoin Paper Mini Key – Bitcoin Battery Exchange

I have two or three physical Litecoins based on Cassius Bitcoins

I have the public key and see that Litecoins are there: lightweight_smile:

They have a mini private key under the seal / sticker that I can not import into Litecoin Core

I continue to get

importprivkey (…)
Invalid private key encoding (code -5): Frowning:

Thanks in advance

identity theft – Registration paper stolen from a glove box, what types of scams are possible?

I casually left my car unlocked and intruders searched the night. They only took the registration and insurance card (Ohio, USA). It seems strange to me, because these things are not really useful to anyone except for the personal information they contain, although I do not think it's enough information to support online accounts or to make me to pass for a person. Strangely, they did not take low-stakes items like change, or high-value items like a dashboard camera and expensive sunglasses, or even plates, that would have been helpful with the recording.

What should I worry about as a result of this leak of information? paper wallet vs unique wallet

After generating a single wallet (at the address), the paper wallet option at the top indicates a different public address? Why is the public address different?

5th dnd – The Waterdeep Magic Bird Paper Object: Can Dragon Heist be opened by the Dispel Magic spell?

The description of the paper bird in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure (pp. 191-192) says:

When you write a message of fifty words or less on this magical parchment sheet and say the name of a creature, the parchment magically folds into a small paper bird and goes to the addressee you've spoken the name. The recipient must be on the same level of existence as you, otherwise the bird will turn to ashes as it takes off.

The bird is an item that has 1 life, an armor class of 13, a flying speed of 20 meters, a dexterity of 16 (+3), and a score of 1 (-5) for all other abilities. immune to poison and psychic damage.

It moves within 5 feet of its recipient by the most direct route, after which it turns into a non-magical, non-magical sheet of parchment that can only be unfolded by the recipient. If the health or speed of the bird is reduced to 0 or if it is otherwise immobilized, it turns into ash.

Two things bother me here. Once arrived at the intended recipient, the bird becomes "not magical" but can only be opened by that recipient … If it is no longer magic, then by what force is it? Is the bird sealed?

If it is simply badly written and is, in fact, magical, which keeps it sealed, then a dispel the magic spell to take off the bird, or would it turn it into ash? Or would something else happen?

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How to generate a paper wallet for a Lightning Bitcoin address?

A paper wallet is not the correct backup method for a Bitcoin address / channel on the Lightning network.

To use a Lightning network channel, you must have private keys available to your Lightning network software so that the software can sign transactions to update the channel status. Therefore, the benefit of "keeping your keys offline using a paper wallet" is not applicable: if your keys are offline, you can not get connect to the Lightning network.

In addition, to save a channel Lightning, you need more information than the key pairs associated with the address, you also need information about the current status of the channel . A paper wallet generally refers to a physical record of a unique key pair; it is therefore not designed to store this type of information about the condition of the channels.

In addition, a lightning channel is represented by a multi-sig address, of which you will probably know only one of two (or more) keys. So, printing your key on paper will be of no use to recover your funds later, because you will also need the signatures of the keys of your counterpart to be able to use the multisig output.

I suppose if you really want it, you can print the backup file of the static channel on paper, but without a good way to retranscribe this information later on your computer, this seems to be an unwise choice that may cause errors.

It is recommended to follow the backup methods implemented in popular Lightning network clients., such as IndStatic channel backups. Here are the relevant commands, from lnd v0.6.0

exportchanbackup Get a static channel backup for a selected channel or for all known channels
verifychanbackup Check an existing channel backup
restorechanbackup Restores an existing static channel backup to one or more channels

Manufacturers of China paper playing cards

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Javascript Rock, Paper, Scissors – Code Review Stack Exchange

I've built a simple JS class with functional methods that create a set of stones, paper and scissors.

I would be happy to receive a review without opinion in terms of optimal code, and thanks for your time!

Rps class {
Constructor () {
this.signs = {1: "rock", 2: "paper", 3: "scissors";
this.winMatrix = [
randomizePlay () {
const keys = Object.keys (this.signs);
returns 1 + Math.floor (keys.length * Math.random ());

to play(){
return this.roundResult ([this.randomizePlay(),this.randomizePlay()])

roundResult (resultArray) {
leave victorious = {};

if (resultArray[0] === resultArray[1]) {
return "rematch";

this.winMatrix.forEach ((value, index) => {
const p1Result = resultArray[0];
const p2Result = resultArray[1];
const p1WinMatrix = parseInt (Object.keys (this.winMatrix[index]));
const p2WinMatrix = parseInt (Object.values ​​(this.winMatrix[index]));

if (p1Result === p1WinMatrix && p2Result === p2WinMatrix) {
return victorious = {1: p1Result}
return victorious = {2: p2Result}
return victorious;

const theRpsArray = [];
const theRpsAverage = 0;

let rps = new Rps; ()

Transparent Darkroom Paper – Exchange of Stacks of Photographs

I am looking for a product that I used in college to produce transparent B & W prints in a dark room. He used the traditional dev, stop, fix process and the final image could be backlit. I've done some research on the web, but with the billions of ink jet and digital options, I guess it's a needle in a situation of help?