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Scanned paper has visible "missing columns"

Scanning with an EPSON Perfection V39 shows two of these missing pixel columns on A5 size paper. The scanner is brand new. Is this problem coming from hardware or software?

proof of missing pixels

UX Strategy Paper – User Experience Stack

Does any one have an example of a UX strategy document that you like?

I'm currently trying to set up a UX strategy. I review customer feedback, conduct stakeholder interviews, etc., but I do not know how to present my suggestions / UX activities.

Thank you

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Hand dryer and paper towel – the winner of the environment

We ask ourselves this question every time we use public toilets. With regard to hand drying, would it be better to use a hand dryer or paper towel?

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Beginner – Simple Rock Game, Paper, Python Scissors

I've been trying to learn python during the weekend and after gaining some knowledge, I decided to create a little game of scissors-paper-stone. I would appreciate your contribution on how I could improve my code. All comments are highly appreciated.

randomly import

def round_winner (choice):
ai_chosen = str (random.randint (1, 3))
print (choose AI {ai_chosen} & # 39;)

if choice == 1 & # 39; and ai_chosen == & # 39; 2 & # 39 ;:
back & # 39; ai & # 39;
elif choice ==> 2 & # 39; and ai_chosen == & # 39; 3 & # 39 ;:
back & # 39; ai & # 39;
elif choice ==> 3 & # 39; and ai_chosen == & # 39; 1 & # 39 ;:
back & # 39; ai & # 39;
choice elif == ai_chosen:
back & # 39; tie & # 39;
return & # 39; player & # 39;

def display_round_winner (winner):
if the winner ==> draws:
print ('This turn is tied!')
print (The winner of this round is the {winner.upper ()}.

print (& # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;
Current points as follows:
Player: {counter['player']}
AI: {counter['ai']}
Linked rounds: {counter['tie']}
& # 39; & # 39; & # 39;)

def score_checker ():
for the key, value in counter.items ():
if value == 2:
print (f # {key.upper ()} wins the game! & # 39;)
game_ongoing = False

def initializer ():
global counter
message = & # 39; & # 39;
Please choose one of the following options:
1: rock
2: paper
3: scissors
& # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

print (message)

choice_of_obj = input (& # 39; What will it be?)
if choice_of_obj in ['1', '2', '3']:
winner = round_winner (choice_of_obj)
counter[winner] + = 1
display_round_winner (winner)
score_checker ()
print (& # 39; out of bounds & # 39;)

counter = {
& # 39 ;: player 0,
& # 39; ai & # 39 ;: 0,
& # 39; tie: 0

game_ongoing = True

during the game:
initializer ()

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A five-year-old girl, rejected like a monster, lost her silvery eyes after being adopted The biggest breakfasts in the world, from Kenya to London Robert Kraft facing first-degree offenders in prostitution alley in the eastern suburbs from London, Clemson leaves no doubt about the Thrashing of Alabama National Championship

Question on the research paper of the data protection framework based on the chain of blocks

I am reading the Data Protection Framework document based on a distributed blockchain for modern power systems against cyberattacks. I do not know if the data transmitted by the smart meters to the blockchain platform are only estimates of the state, the voltage level, etc. or if it's their own energy consumption in their buildings, homes, etc. If each smart meter sends its own power consumption, how do the other nodes reach a consensus if only this smart meter displays the energy consumption readings?