[ Cats ] Open question: can you take a cat to the dog park?

[Cats] Open question: Can you take a cat to the dog park?

Where can I find a similar view from a hotel room like Costa Rica overlooking Whale Tail National Park?

This is "called the lattice house of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. Absolutely beautiful. In the background is the" whale tail "national park But I have already visited Costa Rice before. Where can I find a similar view in

  1. Hawaii

  2. Japan

  3. Australia

  4. New Zealand?

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Linkin Park Frontman committed suicide | Forum promotion

There are countless Facebook posts on this news. It seems like I have so many friends who are fans of Linkin Park. Come to think of it, the guy experienced fame and wealth and he had the gall to lose his life like that. Tsk, tsk, some guys are lucky.

You don't know anything about this guy (and in case you're wondering, I'm doing it because I'm a big fan of Linkin Park and have been following them for years) so tsk tsk for you to have the courage to say this about a legend like him who has only done good in his life

this guy has struggled with life since he was a kid, he's been abused / mistreated and it's something that hurts you for life. He has been a wonderful human being throughout the creation of incredible and epic music with his group named linkin park and has sent a lot of hope and love to the world for people who are also struggling and struggling to cope with a shitty life.
The music he made with his group literally saved lives, including mine.

You have no idea what he was going through, no matter how famous and wealthy the guy was, etc.
You seem to be completely forgetting the fact that people like him are the same as us human beings
Just because he had all the things that none of us will likely have, doesn't make him invisible to the normal things that we all go through … pain, suffering, depression and other mental problems , etc.

RIP Chester Bennington

usa – Where is this park playground in North America?

I am returning old photos and I found my husband in the park's playground. Where is it?

He thinks it's the United States, but I don't remember. We live in Ontario, Canada now.

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United States – Can a foreign tourist open in Yellowstone National Park?

As a tourist from Ireland, I would like to hike for several days in the hinterland of Yellowstone / Bridger Teton, but I hike alone and I am worried for grizzly bears. I carry bear spray and a big knife hoping I never have to use them, but in the worst case, it would be comforting to know that I have a gun for my personal protection in the event of bear attack as I realize that solo trekking in this High density bear country has its risks. I can probably borrow a gun from friends for the duration of my trip if it is legal (I should, however, carry it overland from southern Utah, which is a big diversion here and back, and involves Utah and Idaho law as well as Wyoming), but I obviously don't want to break American law. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

complex dynamics – Function to regain park capacity for visitors?

I'm used to Vensim for modeling systems dynamics. To coach, I am busy with a dynamic park visitor system. Where I modeled the following stock and flow diagram:

For the equation of "maximum capacity", I defined it as follows:

maximum capacity = – (0,05 * number of visitors)

And also I set the initial value to 400,000 visitors a year maximum.

This means that the home capacity decreases by 5% of the total number of visitors from the previous year. This translates into the following diagram:

Now, I want the park to regain its capacity. I first thought of something like:

IF THEN ELSE (maximum capacity <250000, 0.05 * maximum capacity, – (0.05 *
Number of visitors))

This gives the following schema:

As you can see, this does not really prevent the ability to continue decreasing with 5%.

How can I get capacity back to 400,000 units over time?

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open question: A large trailer park in front of my house, it blocks my view, can I ask him to move?

[Renting & Real Estate] Open question: A large trailer park in front of my house, it blocks my view, can I ask him to move?

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