Parts list with creation date

I am looking for an up-to-date list of all coins / cryptocurrency. Their is but I'm interested to see when they've been made public.

Other information, such as the list of trading platforms, would be nice.

Why, when I use wget for a website, does it download additional parts of the site?

j & # 39; uses

wget -mirror

and want to download all the contents of the subfolders of the current location, that is, "/ here /". But instead, this command starts from

and download everything that is a subfolder of the website, which means not only from / under / but from any other existing subfolder and its contents. Someone knows of a better command to do that? And why this command does not work? Just curious.

The parts of the site could not be loaded …

In fact, it's not that difficult if it's written from git-go for Lynx. Once the html feature is available, css and javascript are improvements. Do you really think that coding for Lynx is an excessive investment for underperformance? Do not forget that Lynx is an excellent proxy for assistive technologies. If it works for Lynx, it will work for screen readers and braille rendering engines, and so on. The actual representation is not the value of 0.000001% suggested by your hyperbole. I would say that Lynx is a good proxy for an audience seven times bigger.

I would not expect you to modify the site at this stage of development, but I would expect annoying notices to be limited to endangered pages. I do not visit, or at least not yet, the areas you mentioned above, so I have no idea of ​​the problems that result. If I go and my addon blocks a necessary component, I doubt that it would bother me to receive the reminder. This is not the case in the forums I visit.


How can I extract parts in bitcoin sv test node?

I've created a test node with the help of Bitcoin SV, but I can not get any room from any faucet.

Is there a way to extract the piece in a knot?

MS Word Quick Parts Document Properties Release Date vs. SharePoint 2013 Library Edit Date

The difference between the Quick Parts release date and the change date and the publication date of the SharePoint 2013 library has been completely lost in Google. When a document is approved, the publication date of Quick Parts is not updated with the date on which it was approved. It's in the header. So, what is this metadata? How can I get the SharePoint release date and the modified date in the Word document?

sharepoint enterprise – How to fix a browser displaying horizontal scrolling after inserting a list of Web Parts?

I have this list of named resources web parts that displays 5 columns of 500px fixed width, it has a vertical scrolling.

it's in tabular form and

// I tried to edit the css file by resizing the table and td one way or another, it works, but the horizontal scrolling on the screen does not disappear.

// I've also tried to adjust the width to the area and edit the css but the same does not work, horizontal scrolling is still there.

Q> Is there a way to fix the Web Part List view without affecting the browser?
screen capture of the browser and web component list

Free WCAUCET Parts –

Hello, who know Freebit, it's the same, with the same payment, but you do not get free WSAT, but WFAUCET … …. to your address Wave …
It looks like the same owner who pays steadily, after that, that the faucet was close.

Yesterday it was a new start-up …. you are extracting free WFAUCET parts, no investment, just leave the tab open, if you visit the site sometime on a day when you are active and your mining will do. ..

Free WCAUCET Parts –

dg.differential geometry – Integration by parts on an angled manifold

Assume that $ M $ is a compact variety with angles, where each hypersurface is an integrated submultiple. So, do we have an integration by piece of identity? that is to say.
begin {align *}
int_M g ( nabla f, X) dvol = int _ { partial M} fdvol _ { tilde {g}} – int_M g (f, div X) dvol
end {align *}

with $ f in C ^ infty (M), X in Gamma (M, TM) $. I know that this identity is valid for the boundary areas of Lipschitz, but it's very difficult for me to know if a domain with angles is a special case of a lipschitz domain.

Command Line – Whenever I make a commit in git, two parts of the editor open

I have configured Sublime text 3 as a text editor for git. For some reason, when I run any command that opens the text editor, two windows open.

Here are all the commands that I executed during the initial configuration of my git

(And of course, I filled in the content that I was supposed to do.) That's exactly what I've been provided as part of the Udacity course that I am.

configure Git with your name

git config --global ""

configure Git with your email

git config --global ""

ensures that the output of Git is colorful

git config --global auto color.ui

displays the state of origin in a conflict

git config --global merge.conflictstyle diff3

git config --list

Setting up Sublime Text 3

git config --global core.editor "C: / Programs / Sublime Text 3 / sublime_text.exe & # 39; -n -w"

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing or knew what could happen.

huobi parts not listed

some parts of HUOBI give me the following error:
Error: The market "MDS / USDT" is not available on HUOBI. (line 238).

I own these parts in huobi and all have errors

no idea on this one.

thank you Bruno.