croatia – How to use a bathroom in 2 parts where the urinal and toilets are separated?

During my current travels to Croatia, I used the bathroom of a cafe and noticed that the men's bathroom had two parts. The first part has a urinal and a sink. The door leading to the cafe has no lock. The second part of the bathroom consists of a toilet with a lockable door that leads to the urinal and the sink. From this configuration, I thought it was designed as such, because if someone just needed to use the urinal, he would be able to not block the toilet.

While I was using the bathroom, I closed the coffee door and used the urinal. In the middle of my business, someone came and apologized and left. I checked twice to see if there was a lock and that there was none, and there was no sign that the lock was broken. I've checked out some other bathrooms from restaurants and cafes, and those that fit the layout above did not have locks. Am I missing something?

Customs and Immigration – Importing Computer Parts into Iran

I'm going on vacation to Iran and an Iranian friend has asked me to bring some computer parts with me from Australia, the total value is about $ 700.

I will take a motherboard, an AMD processor and memory.

Will this be a problem during the passage of the customs in Iran?

calculation and analysis – Real and imaginary parts of a complex logarithm

I need to get the real and imaginary parts of the expression below with Mathematica:

$ (- i a – m ^ 2) ln ( frac {i m ^ 2} {2 a}) $,

or $ a $ and $ m $ are real.

So we have:

Refine(Re((-I a - m^2) Log((I m^2)/(2 a))), {Element(a, Reals), Element(m, Reals)})

However, Mathematica returns the command again. How can I proceed?

Cut out all the scattered parts of a file from data

If a file is scattered in pieces on a hard disk, how can we find all the parts?

Forensically in a clipping file situation where one does not have access to an operating system being run.

5th dnd – Is it a good idea to let my players control two parts?

I am new to DMing and I am currently working on a 5th homebrew campaign that I will lead. At one point in the campaign (probably towards the middle, this campaign will probably be of average length), I would like my players to create another party. This one will work for the main villain of the campaign, performing missions such as collecting artifacts and murders. My plan is to make sure that both sides meet at one time and fight, players controlling both sides of the encounter (with the exception of a DM-controlled NPC).

Is it a good idea? If no, is there anything else that could work? Do I need my party to control only the good guys in the meeting?

animation – Unity-Blender – Animate a 3D boss with some parts that become independent

I'm not sure the title means anything, but here are my thoughts:

I would like to create a boss, but most of all, I want the player to fight his head. Then, the head flies to the body and attaches to it.
Later, the boss will throw an arm to the player and the arm will chase the player, becoming independent with his own AI.

Do I have to render 3 models separately? (The head + an arm + the body)
If I do this, how can I animate the whole body when everything is attached?

Do I have to make the 3 models (The head + an arm + the body) + 1 model without the arm (Head + body) + 1 model with all that is attached?
If so, how to manage animations with these 5 models?

Well, as you can see, I'm confused.
You can not wait to read your advice on the proper way to do it.
Thank you very much for reading

dg.differential geometry – Variety of curled products with real and complex parts

Is possible to define a variety of deformed product $ M = (N, g_N) times f (F, g_F) $ or $ (N, g_N) $ is a Riemannian variety with a Riemannian metric (that is, a real variety with a real structure) and $ (F, g_F) $ is a complex variety with a Hermitian metric?

Is it possible to consider this variety of deformed product as a Hermitian variety?

His metric should be Hermitian because $ g = g_N + f ^ 2 (g_F) = Re_N + f ^ 2 (Re_F) + Im_F $, or with $ Re_N $ and $ Re_F $ I mean the real part of the $ N $ and $ F $ metric, respectively, and with $ Im_F $ the imaginary part of $ F $-metric, being complex.

postgresql – How to query parts of a pg_node_tree?

I would like to get the upper and lower limits of a partition constraint in Postgres in a query.

I found this answer: that does it with formatting and string manipulation, but I was wondering if there was a more appropriate way to interrogate parts of a pg_node_tree?

Mirror parts of the site

I build a small repository of documents for the job. It hosts internal and private content as well as public elements, with access regulated by the login of the user. It works, but when I go online, my IT department tells me that I can not have private content on a server that I want accessible on the Internet.

It may be useful to have two sites, one on the local intranet containing all the content and the other, publicly available, containing only public content.

My question is: how can I add a field, check box or button to a content type, so that when you tap it, the content is considered "public" and automatically copied / downloaded on another Drupal site (the less secure internet exposed-a). Documents that are not verified in this way remain on the inaccessible Intranet site.

uk – Can I take NEW PARTS (still in their box) PC PARTS in my checked baggage?

In the UK, security knows what computer parts are and how they look on screens. If in doubt, they may ask you to unpack an item to see it.

You should bring these items into your carry-on luggage as your valuables and fragile items should not be placed in your hold baggage. But you seem to have too much for your carry-on. In this case, you will have to put it in your hold baggage and take the risk of losing it or breaking it.

The UK will only check if you can damage the plane and the people who find it. Most components of the computer are not considered dangerous. Batteries should not go in checked baggage.

When you reach the other end, you will have to declare that the South African Customs will evaluate and bill what it is worth. No matter whether you still have the coins in boxes or packaged at home, they will judge closely whether they are new or nearly new and charge accordingly.

Never lie to immigration and customs officers because they can make your life difficult, and trying to hide the fact that they are new is a kind of lie. Some people will be able to withdraw it, the rest will be charged for new rooms with possibly extra for trying to deceive.
As you will get your hold baggage before going through customs, the part of your baggage in which you have your computer parts does not matter.

With a value of 2000 pounds, I'm pretty sure South African Customs will want you to pay.
Only if you or your husband bring them out soon, you could get away with a "temporary import", although I'm not sure how they handle that in South Africa.