Will my Indian passport be stamped at Bangkok Airport during my transit?

Please assume the following:

I travel from Bangalore to Singapore via Bangkok.
I am an Indian national.
I will travel with one ticket.
I will not leave the airport.
I have no check-in baggage.

Where to store the passport during a day trip abroad

What would be the best practice to keep the passport safe when going there, for example to the beach for a day trip?

I'm afraid I can't easily lose it on the beach (solo traveler).

On the other hand, a hotel room seems notoriously dangerous in my humble opinion and I think that as a visitor it is necessary to have a passport? (United States)

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Is a passport required to travel between Guam and the Marshall Islands?

Since the Marshall Islands is an associated state of the United States, do you need a passport to travel between Guam (a territory) and the Marshall Islands?

Perhaps an error in the ESTA question "Have you ever received a passport or ID to travel to another country?"

A simplified version of the question would be:

Have you ever obtained a passport from another country?

It should be easier to answer. It seems that in your case, when you are French citizens and you have never been a French citizen, the answer would be no. (If your husband received a French passport in Australia, it would not count as a different country. If he received an Australian passport, because he became an Australian citizen, it would be quite different.)

The reason why the "or identity document for traveling" is also at issue is that there are other types of documents (such as those issued to refugees) which are generically called "documents of travel". These are documents that you could use for international travel instead of a passport.

Can I use a Mauritian passport to go from the United Kingdom to Paris then from Paris to the United Kingdom

I am a British citizen born here but I have a Mauritian passport. Eurostar train

uk – Passport received at VFS without decision email

I had applied for a UK visitor visa with my wife. Today I received an SMS from the VFS office that my passport was received, but I did not receive an email from the decision that was made from UKVI Chennai. I had received, "your request has been received and will be processed" about 10-12 days ago.

Yes, I will know what happened once I got my passport, but the suspense kills me. Has anyone else had the same experience of not receiving a decision e-mail but received their passport directly?

Passport requirement for J1 visa in the United States

I am applying for a J1 visa in the USA. One of the requirements listed here


says that I need a passport with a validity date of six months beyond the intended period of stay in the United States, but I come from a country that benefits from 39; a derogation from this rule, where for these countries it is stated that I only need a valid passport for my planned period of stay.

If my planned period of stay is 3 years, but my passport expires approximately 4 months before the end of this three-year period, do I really need to renew it before applying for the visa? It is possible for me to renew my passport from the United States, so I did not know if it was necessary. I can also visit the house during this 3 year period, in case it matters.

Vietnamese passport with green card, do I need a transit visa for my connecting flight to Japan?

Looking to book an alternative flight that will require two one-way trips with a 3-hour "stopover" at NRT Airport before the connecting flight. Since I will have to check in and collect my baggage when collecting baggage, will I need to obtain a NRT visa? I guess it will force me to go through customs as I am sort of "leaving the airport".

Can I avoid going through customs if I give up check-in baggage? The flight would require a transfer from T1 to T2 and would therefore not require a visa?

Try to understand something here.

Thank you!

Can Nigerian passport holder transit Brazil from southern Africa without visa

You do not need a transit visa for Brazil as long as you have a connecting ticket and you remain in the designated transit area (for up to 7 hours). However, if you want to leave the airport, you need a visa unless you come from a visa free country.

Nigeria is not an exempt country and therefore if you want to visit the country you will need a visa.