Electronic authorization for the holder of a US passport born in Russia

I have a son of one year old. He was born in Russia but already has a US passport. He is also currently living in Russia. Do I need to fill out an electronic authorization form to travel to Mexico?
Thanks for your help.

eu – Can I use an Italian passport that expires in December to travel to Germany in August?

I hope someone can help me out. I have an Italian passport that will expire in December of this year. I planned a trip in August to go to Germany for 3 days. Can I use my Italian passport since it expires only in December or do I still have to be valid for 6 months in order to use it?

Thanks in advance!

usa – Return to the United States from Canada without passport

You will certainly not be able to board a flight to the United States with your PC Plus, as this is explicitly prohibited by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which has set up these.

You could theoretically get an emergency passport from a US consulate, but according to your description of where you are, you seem to be closer to the airports in the United States. Alaska than any other US consulate. In addition, the nearest consulate is located in Vancouver. If you arrive at the US border with more time, go to Vancouver.

reservations – Why can not airline tickets accept only the passport number without name?

Recently, I had a reservation and my name was so long that one thing drove another and the operators had to make changes to the booking. That brings me to this question. I've also seen many articles on travel forums about questions about first names, first names, names not matching the passport, and so on. This name problem worries me all the time because my name is overflowing.

I have the impression that putting too much weight in matching names on airline tickets can be reduced if we can check a person only by the passport number (or the document number of the trip) and completely cutting the name. I find some advantages to using a number without using names.

The passport / trip document number is a unique unique key for each person. Customers do not have to worry about entering multiple names and reducing errors. The names may be the same for two clients. I know this is a small problem, but it will reduce the use of ink if the names are omitted on a ticket and only the passport number is printed.

Is there a legal aspect to this? Or is it a traditional thing that has happened since the beginning of the plane trip and difficult or too late to change?

Passport canceled without travel history

I am applying for a visa for the UK and I have a passport canceled without visa history, and I also have the new one.

My question is: should I give details of my canceled passport without a travel history in my visa application?

USA – American visa stamped on new passport but carries old passport number

During my F1 visa application process, the visa officer asked me to obtain a new passport. So, I made a new one and I had to submit both old passports and new passports. They have correctly affixed my F1 visa in my new passport, but my old passport number is written.

If I carry my two passports, will the US Customs and Immigration Service pose a problem?

customs and immigration – US citizen traveling with a Peruvian passport

A US citizen can not be denied entry into the United States, but you can expect to be detained at the border for a while while your citizenship is verified.

It does not matter, because no airline will allow you to take a flight to the United States with only a Peruvian passport if you do not have a visa.

You should go to the US Embassy in Quito, which will be able to issue you an emergency travel document allowing you to get home.

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Passport stamps – the visa holder returns to the United States to meet his fiance

I have a B1 / B2 visa, valid for a period of 10 years.

The last time I went to the United States in July 2018, I stayed for five months and I left in December 2018.

I intend to return there by the end of July, seven to eight months after my departure. My reason for coming back is that my fiance is our citizen and I want to spend time with her. I could spend another 5 to 6 months this time. I'm worried about what that will give when I get to the border and the question of whether I will be questioned about the reasons for my return so soon

Am I likely to lose my visa since I just spent 5 months in the US and return to it so soon?

car rental – Why is a passport sometimes necessary to rent a car in a foreign country?

I was surprised that a car rental in Amsterdam requires a passport, despite booking through Expedia.com. I have no objection to the obligation: I wonder what is the purpose of the passport requirement? Fortunately, the rental company has been flexible and has accepted my passport issued by the State Department.

BTW, This is not an unnecessary requirement in the Dutch territory of Aruba.