New UK visa application – I have to submit my old passport with an expired visa but I do not have my old passport

I had an old British visa on my old passport and I applied for a different new visa and I now have a new passport. Of course, my document checklist requires my passport, but says to submit my old passport also if I had already obtained a visa. I have a photo of my old passport, a photo of my old visa and all the numbers, but I do not have the old physical passport to submit it.

My biometric appointment is imminent and I may be able to find my old passport later than my date of appointment. Is it acceptable to provide images / copies for the moment and then provide the physical copy later? What if I am unable to find the physical copy but can I provide images?

I may also need my old passport for 10 years of travel history. I do not have pictures of that. What do I do?

Do you need to send a passport to the New Zealand Embassy for visa (Indian living in the United States)

We ask for a visa for the trip from Australia. And thought about applying for NZ visa too. But it seems that we may have to send a passport for a New Zealand visa. (The Australian visa does not need it). Does anyone know if we need to send the passport for sure? We have to start traveling before September 26th. So, sending a passport is risky and we are discussing whether we should abandon the plan for New Zealand.

Passport – tiny tear at the edge of my passport page

You do not need to replace the passport because of this. Here are the real problems that make it necessary:

  1. Something is not legible on the main page where the photo and all the data are. Usually they roll it and so it's very, really hard to do. You must first break the laminate joint and then get water underneath.
  2. A piece is torn, which makes the number of this page doubtful. Often, they have several markers on one page so it's more difficult to sneak willy-nilly on a replacement page. Even if one of these disappears, replacing the passport takes time.
  3. It is missing a piece bulky enough to make a buffer.

Basically, your data and your history must be intact.

Tears poorly removed staples, normal wear on the edges, everything is fine. The stamp pages of my passport from my years of "digital nomad" resembled an animal nibbling at the edges. Heck, a very good friend of mine put her passport in a washing machine and everything was fine, I know, because we went together to the CBSA office in downtown Vancouver to check and they were said that everything was fine.

uganda – Over stay with a passport without a permit in the passport but married

I came with a valid visa and all peppers that they ask my country
they recreated we got married with my wife directly from home business, i had to go there and get the stick in the passport of the house but unfortunately i never do it because of other financial problems appeared there 4 years ago now we even have a 3 year old baby gal, we are now ready to fix everything, but we are afraid this will happen. Will everything be fine?

europe – As a Tunisian, the Argentine passport would create more jobs abroad

I have a Tunisian passport and I was looking to travel with my wife in Argentina to bring our child there so we could get an Argentine passport.

I know this passport offers a lot more mobility, but will allow me to find easier (or more) job opportunities.

For your information, I am an expatriate abroad and I am looking for a passport that would allow me to easily obtain work permits in most countries.

Thank you

Visa for Georgia with a Pakistani passport from the Embassy of Georgia in Malaysia

I am a Pakistani passport holder living in KL, Malaysia. Is it possible for me to obtain a visa for Georgia from the Georgian Embassy in Malaysia?

morocco – african passport + european identity card

I would like to ask a question that may be specific to my case. Please do not report this question as a copy.

Depending on the title, I am dual nationality and would like to travel to Morocco with a Moroccan passport and Italy with a national identity card (or a passport if required).

So, basically, with respect to dual nationality, I am allowed to enter and leave Morocco with a Moroccan passport and to enter and leave Italy with a national identity card, presenting a Moroccan passport to check in for the flight to Morocco and a national identity card to check in for the flight to Italy. That sounds right, because by checking Timatic, this procedure looks correct.

It has been said that this does not work in Morocco by some friends. I do not understand why because many dual citizens travel with two passports or several documents every day. Why does not it work for Morocco? Dual citizenship is not illegal in Morocco.

I ask because I want to leave more space on my European passport. I do not want the Moroccan government to know anything about me, like having another citizenship. I do not like an institution knowing my status or my business abroad.

Edit: According to Timatic, I can travel this way, but many Moroccans say the opposite. Honestly, I do not know if Morocco is a very special case, because even Americans, Mexicans or Italians, British, Anglo-Australians, etc., can travel this way. I do not understand why I can not. Very simple.

A Filipino passport holder here? Can NAIA Immigration see all passenger flights?

Is it true? NAIA Immigration can see all the flight for passengers? You plan to go to Thailand and jump to Brazil. Do you think they can see my flight of information to Brazil from Thailand?

visa schengen – name change transliteration in the passport

I hold a Belarusian passport and I intend to change my transliteration name of my mother tongue in the near future to make it more readable because I now live in Cyprus and that is important to me . so technically, it will be a different name in Latin letters (in the mother tongue, everything remains the same). A passport should be issued in Belarus and the question arises as to how I can return to Cyprus after I have changed:
Currently, I have a French visa that will be valid for one more year. will I be able to cross the border with my new passport (new name) + old passport with the current visa (old name)? thiss option 1 for me to go back to Cyprus, (and in general should i issue a new visa with the new name to travel around other EU countries, or its well with the old).
Option # 2 is to use my valid residence permit. Will I be able to enter Cyprus with my new passport (new name) + old residence permit (still valid but with the old name) + if necessary to prove my old identity passport with old name and valid French visa with the & # 39; 39, old name just in case?
After my return to Cyprus, I intend to renew my residence permit and I will do so with my new name.
thank you so much

visas – the embassy has stamped the last page (empty) of the passport

I recently received a visa from Ireland. I just noticed that they stamped the last blank page with the stamp of the embassy (it is written "Embassy of Ireland" and indicates the location of the mission). The last page does not contain any other marks and the page with the visa carries another stamp in the intended place.

It puzzles me. Why would they do this? Am I having trouble getting bad marks on my travel document?