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Are the magentos free? Or how much to pay to use one?

How much does it cost to use a magento? I think about it, maybe I'll do it if it's not too expensive. How much do magentos cost?

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How can we get women to do the same job as men and end the pay gap between men and women once and for all?

To truly achieve this goal, you must eliminate the differences between men and women. It means more Mother's Day and Father's Day. Require women that they be part of the selective service, like men; if they are engaged in the war, ask them to align to prevent death on the battlefield; just like men. If a woman assaults a man, the force allowed against her should be legal and socially acceptable to stop her assault. Biological differences between the sexes must be eliminated, such as the physical strength of men over women by giving them testosterone injections, and the design must be performed in a test tube with artificial bellies.

It would be useless to give women an advantage over men. Living with a man or a woman will also have no meaning. HOORAY FOR LIBERAL FEMINIST UTOPIA!

Re Pay – Re-pay.top

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Description of the program
Clients of financial institutions sometimes miss out on debt service and loan obligations. It is no use that banks bleed money from their debtors if they can entrust this task to our company.


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If I am taxed more to pay for Medicaid For All, what will I get without me currently receiving insurance that my employer is currently paying?

I think the general idea is to completely abolish private insurance. More do not really solve the problem and more claiming to create something as vast and elaborate as the NHS from a system already in place.

You will probably be forced to have supplement diets because your health insurance plan will not cover 100% of the costs because the government does not regulate the health industry so it does not than spend money for free.

In the end, your situation will be worse than before: "Medicare for all" has become a thing and supplement plans will cost just as much as health insurance. The only difference will be that the hospitals will be massively rich and you massively poor.

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Installing Samsung Pay on Gear S3

I've tried to follow the steps here:

  • https://www.androidcentral.com/how-use-samsung-pay-gear-s3
  • https://www.stephenwagner.com/2018/08/15/samsung-pay-now-available-samsung-gear-s3-canada/

But I do not have Samsung Pay option and I can not find the configuration button.

The search for Samsung Pay or Android Pay in the store did not reveal any results as well.

Do male football teams with the same abilities as the women's national team receive roughly equal pay, including more or less?

The men's league has a turnover of 18 billion a year.
The women's league has a turnover of 300 million dollars a year.

Men earn 7% of the league's income, while women earn 11% of their league income.

This means that, overall, women earn less than women, while earning more in the leagues. In reality, women have a better contract than men, but their league is not so successful, they do not earn as much as men.

What must happen is that men must earn 11% of the income of their league, as women do.