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Purchasing – WTB Projects, Bots, SAAS, Sites, Know-how, Miscellaneous Software Unlimited budget! WELL PAYABLE | NewProxyLists

I buy Projects, Bots, SAAS, Sites, Scripts, Private Templates, Various Software that I can sell as services after:
Private, semi-private, even public.
And maybe other things online and small businesses.

ex projects:
Bot Instagram follower (I can sell followers with it)
instagram like bot (i can sell j & # 39; love)
SAAS sites, SMM panels, robots with or without APIs.
Tips related to SMM panels. (scripts, robots, sites, vendor information, miscellaneous knowledge that you think is worth selling)
you get the point.
Connections. yes, I'm even interested in relationships with people likely to own this information (tell me what your knowledge knows or does and how much you want for introduction / information)

PM me with:
Information about your project / your company / your know-how, or what you are trying to sell.
Multithreaded or not, browser-based / http-based. Bot's requirements, etc.
~ Price as your request for this. Do not make me quote. Tell me at the beginning how much you are looking for and we will leave from there.
~ Son / comments for that.
If you want a monthly payment, it is better to have an impressive return on investment or do not worry.

Source code needed for most of the project. I can also take projects without source code if you are the developer.
If you have not coded the project and you need access to the developer, I am not interested in the updates I want through you unless you are the main developer. .

Not interested in ebook methods unless it's something that can be fully automated

If you do not have such robots / items for sale, do not bother posting in my thread. Make your own!

Payment via what you want:
Paypal, BTC, ETH, Payoneer, Perfect Money, etc.

If you do not trust here, we will use an intermediary. We will share the costs.

When you contact me, please indicate what you have for sale.
Or you can copy manually paste this Skype ID live: support_42971

PowerPivot DAX: Unpaid Historical Accounts Payable

I have to calculate the days of delay for each invoice based on the date of the current title in the PivotTable.

The calendar table contains all dates from 2017-01-01 to 2019-12-31

The invoice table contains the following columns
InvoiceNumber InvoiceDate InvoiceDueDate InvoiceAmount

The billing table has an active relationship with the calendar table
Calendar[Date] -> Invoice[InvoiceDate]

PivotTable should look like this
enter the description of the image here

Bill 1234 was due on 2018-10-01, so she was late on 2018-10-07 and 2018-10-14. He was paid on 2018-10-18, so he was not late on 2018-10-31.

Bill 5566 was placed on 2018-10-13 and paid on 2018-10-18. It was late on 2018-10-14.

Bill 9877 was due on 2018-10-13 and had not yet been paid on 2018-10-31. He was late on 2018-10-14 and 2018-10-31