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Hi guys

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How to convert plain text file to PDF on command line in Windows 10 without paying money?

All I want is to transform a .txt with a proportional font (minivan / Courier New / Fixedsys / whatever) and a fixed column width (80 characters) to be transformed into a correct PDF document, so that it can be printed or shared as a PDF.


  1. It should run on the command line (no manual steps).
  2. Must be free.
  3. Must really work! This last point is very important.

i tried numerous open source tools for this over the years, even if I was naïve enough to think that I could convert HTML with semi-advanced CSS to PDF – it seems laughable now – when my requests are infinitely smaller now when i have the most basic type of document that exists: plain text!

pandoc seemed extremely promising, but after spending countless hours trying all the "PDF conversion engines" it supports, and a million different variations of the settings, it wouldn’t honor everything just never choose my font, instead of falling back on a default font that completely messed up the resulting PDF. As such, I have to conclude that this is yet another broken tool that does not deliver at all on its promise of converting plain text to PDF.

It seems to be such a simple and routine task that I almost expected it to be provided by the operating system rather than third-party software, but apparently not …

Although it is not a requirement, it is an advantage if it also works on other operating systems.

Is paying for litespeed useless?

I paid around $ 300 to have litespeed and its cache on my VPS server. But later, I found that there are open litespeed and similar things … | Read the rest of

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How to visit Jewel in Changi during a stopover without paying a supplement?

If I have a layover of more than 5 hours at Changi Airport, what is the procedure for visiting Jewel and the Rain Vortex without paying a departure tax?

If this is not possible, what else can I see, for example from a train?

AdSpyGlass has stopped paying – Adspyglass is a scam

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Long story short. In early November 2019, I had $ 85 in my adspyglass account.
I asked 3 times for payment and they told me that I should get it on November 10 or 25.
In December 2019, I had $ 80 on my account ($ 5 left for any reason), for any reason, $ 5 left. I asked them for the payment and they told me that I would get them on December 10, on December 15 I asked for the payment again, they told me that I should get them on the 25 December.

For the moment, we have done nothing.
On January 2, I asked for it again and they told me that my payments were being sent, but there was a problem with their exchange. On January 5, they told me that payments will be sent on January 8 that an agent will return from vacation.

Today, January 9, they told me that payments will be sent on January 10, which may have become a scam.

I don't post from November lets be faster.
Some screenshots:


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windows – How can I get an artificial "woman" with a soothing human voice to speak to me on my computer, without paying any money?

I am currently using eSpeak.exe to be able to do (essentially):

espeak "This is an arbitrary sentence."

He talks about the rope, but all the voices supported (as far as I know) all sound like cold, dead robots, giving me a scary, post-apocalyptic feeling rather than the warm "AI secretary" that I desire. It makes me reluctant to use it a lot, as it sends a cold chill down my spine every time.

Isn't there really such a "modern" "voice program" that works on the command line, doesn't cost money and sounds like a human woman instead of a soulless machine? I've been hearing very natural sounding robot voices for many years now, but I suspect they cost $ 59,998 / month and are only available to companies that spend at least $ 4 million per quarter and employ at least 5000 employees … I'm just a lonely guy with a cheap PC and an empty wallet.