Magento2 customer registration – CHANGE the text of the model during payment

Is it possible to change the text displayed "You can track the status of your order by creating an account". at CHECKOUT for customer registration via the MAGENTO backend?

* This must be done in the Magento back-end, because it must be localized and translated into the different languages ​​of the different stores. In addition, I am not a developer, I cannot access the code.

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This issue has been resolved at
Magento2 customer registration during payment.

But since I'm not a developer, I can't access the code. And I need a different solution.

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Pre-fill payment values ​​via Javascript (Tealium or AB test tool)

I'm trying to figure out how to pre-populate some data in the payment form via Tealium or some other JS script injection solution (ex: for AB tests).

I have for example the following field:

If I fill it with the following code:

document.getElementsByName('telephone')(0).value= whatever_value;

I can see the filled value but the form has not detected a value in the field and when I have submitted the form, it will highlight this field as if it were empty.

I tried to simulate a click:


but that doesn't help either.

How can I update the checkout fields with a pre-filled value and make sure they are taken into account by the usual checks performed on the page?

Thank you
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