magento2 – how to solve 401 redirect on custom ajax on Custom tab between shipping and Payment option

I have created some steps between shipping and Payment form and add some field between then and applied ajax on that but i have facing an issue for not logged in user it will gave an error of 401 and redirect on login page on saving first field.

Will anyone help me how to successfully placed order without login.

magento2.3.4 – How to add new Textbox in payment section magento 2?

i have created one custom extension related to payment method, now i want to add new Textbox in payment section, like below image,
enter image description here

here is my html code, that i call in frontend payment step,

<div class="payment-method" data-bind="css: {'_active': (getCode() == isChecked())}">
    <div class="payment-method-title field choice">
        <input type="checkbox"
               data-bind="attr: {'id': getCode()}, value: getCode(), checked: isChecked, click: selectPaymentMethod, visible: isRadioButtonVisible()"/>
        <label data-bind="attr: {'for': getCode()}" class="label"><span data-bind="text: getTitle()"></span></label>
    <div class="payment-method-content">
     <!-- ko foreach: getRegion('messages') -->
        <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
        <div class="payment-method-billing-address">
            <!-- ko foreach: $parent.getRegion(getBillingAddressFormName()) -->
            <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
        <div class="checkout-agreements-block">
            <!-- ko foreach: $parent.getRegion('before-place-order') -->
                <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
        <div class="actions-toolbar">
            <div class="primary">
                <button class="action primary checkout"
                        click: placeOrder,
                        attr: {title: $t('Place Order')},
                        css: {disabled: !isPlaceOrderActionAllowed()},
                        enable: (getCode() == isChecked())
                    <span data-bind="i18n: 'Place Order'"></span>

please help me on this, how can done like above imgage,

CCavenue payment gateway error code 115 android

I am trying to implement ccavenue, all thing works but when i start the ccavenue gateway it show error.
What am i doing wrong here, please can find the screenshot i have attached

transactions – In Electurm, how does one watch/poll a wallet for an incomming payment to a certain address, via API?

I want to create a simple way to accepting bitcoins on my own, using Electrum. I don’t except big volume. I suppose, I’d have at most a handful of incomming payments in the beginning.

That is, I generate an address, a new one for each checkout where Bitcoin is selected as a payment method. And then I’ll need to watch an address, via API of Electrum, for an incomming payment of a certain amount. The 1st confirmation, at least, which will have to arrive within, I suppose, 1 hour.

How can it be implemented? I don’t need the code, but a high level explanation: what API to use, potential caveats and suggestions in general.


I’m aware of this – , but it won’t work for me. I’m a developer, therefore I can create a simpler solution and which I also could customise however I like.

magento2 – How to remove APS Payment Integration modify payment method option

Can you circumvent the feature where when a customer puts their credit card information into APS Payments iframe, then the customer clicks “place order” and a notification appears above where the iframe was that says “Payment Info Received (Modify)”? This step should be eliminated as it creates confusion for the customer having to click on “place order” twice.

Experience in USDT crypto payment GW?

Hi, there

We are looking to add USDT Crypto currency to our WHMCS. Any recommendations on the best option to integrate and offer USDT pay… | Read the rest of

magento2.3 – “Transaction declined, please try later”- Error while placing order using eWAY payment method in Amasty checkout extension

While placing order using eWAY payment method we are getting an error message : “transaction declined, please try later”. When we contacted eWAY support they informed us that transaction was declined as card expiry month/ year was not received in checkout. In the Amasty checkout there is no field for card expiry month/ year. How to solve this issue in payment?
Amasty checkout page

Adding a payment button to the Webform Module

I have been administering drupal sites for a while now, but it looks like I need to get into module development for my next clients needs. Specifically I want to add a Pay option to the form, where a person will have to pay before the form gets submitted (there I need to integrate a payment gateway in the form ). Also after the submission is succesfull the person should be registered to the site.

Would appreciate any pointers on how I can achieve the above two goals. I was looking at adding a custom submit handler by using
hook_form_alter() . is that a good path to follow?

New Payment Method | NewProxyLists

Dear Affiliates,

We are happy to announce 2 new bank wire payment methods.

As of today can you updating your bank wire details with or

You are able to change your existing bank wire details by contact support.

To see your current bank wire details please select profile.


php – 000 Webhost Actions after payment

I’m trying to do a payment with paypal. When I work on my local machine and run the code, payment goes through and after that it redirects to my “pago.php” file. This one has the SQL queries to insert into my orders table and deleting the items from the Cart. While working on localhost, payment goes through and tables update correctly.

Now I’ve uploaded my project to a hosting site (000 Webhost) and for some reason payments go through, I get redirected to my website and payment gets confirmed, however for some reason, the SQL queries don’t execute.

I’ve tried reducing it to a simple query to only delete, but doesn’t even do it. Here’s the PHP code after redirecting:


include '../includes/db.php';
include '../acciones/sesion.php';

$cookie = $_COOKIE('mTotal');
$uid = $row('id');
$username = $row('usuario'); 

$transaccion = $_GET('tx');
$resultado = $_GET('st');
$monto = $_GET('amt');
$clientId = $_GET('cm');

if($cookie == $monto && $resultado = 'Completed' && $clientId = $uid){
    $sql = $con->query("SELECT * FROM carro where idCliente = '$uid'");
    if(mysqli_num_rows($sql) > 0){
        while($r = mysqli_fetch_array($sql)){
            $productId() = $r('idProducto');
            $cant() = $r('cantidad');
            $nombre = $r('nombreProducto');
            $precio() = $r('precio');

            $prodArray = array($productId);

        $q = $con->query("SELECT * FROM direccion WHERE idCliente = '$uid' and main=1");
        if(mysqli_num_rows($q) > 0){
            while($r2 = mysqli_fetch_array($q)){
                $idDir = $r2('idDir');

        for($i=0; $i < count($productId); $i++){
            $con->query("INSERT INTO `comprafinalizada` (`compraId`, `clienteId`, `productoId`,  `cantidad`, `monto`, `transaccionId`, `FechaCompra`, `idDireccion`) VALUES (NULL, '$uid', '".$productId($i)."', '".$cant($i)."', '".$precio($i)."', '$transaccion', current_timestamp(), '$idDir')");      

        $con->query("DELETE FROM carro WHERE idCliente = '$uid'");





I’ve tried changing apostrophe’s, removing the cookie confirmation and just running the DELETE query. Not sure why this code is not running, and I’m not sure if this has to do with me using the Paypal sandbox.

I hope I can get some help here. Thanks