IS the electronic payment association (EPA / a scam?

Dear lok123,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with EPA. Let me clarify, to become a full member of EPA, one must register and also submit the required KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

Whether you are an individual or a business, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission's AML (Anti-Money Laundry) regulations and guidelines require that the EPA collects sufficient identification details before an ePayments account can be generated. Once the initial personal or business information has been submitted and filtered, the account is activated and a prepaid ePayments MasterCard is issued.

In most cases, applicants provide verifiable details and our team approves a request within 2 business days. However, in rare cases, our team cannot establish the identity of a claimant using our standard KYC procedures. This for obvious reasons prolong the verification process. In addition, for our members to have unlimited access to their ePayments accounts and to the advertised limits of our card program, they must provide copies of their national identifiers and proof of their card delivery addresses.

lok123, in your case, if I can ask you, please send an email to the EPA support team. The team is led by Aline Hughes – Aline (EPA), I asked Aline to investigate your case, she will join this thread shortly to answer your questions / concerns.

We are open to your comments, please feel free to share any concerns or questions you may have. The EPA team is here to help you.

Mike Rymanov
President of the Electronic Payments Association

magento2.3 – Magento 2: problem with PayPal Express payment

I integrated Paypal express payment into my Magento 2 website. It redirects to PayPal after payment. But when I log into the Paypal account, I get an error message.

We are sorry. This seller does not accept payments in your currency. Please return to the seller and choose another payment method.

Although I have authorized all currencies and the main currency is the USD.

Payment method working on magento 2.3.2 but not on m2.3.3

I use a payment method that works well on Magento 2.3.2 but when I install on Magento 2.3.3 it does not appear during payment. – DMCA ignored with the highest payment $ 65 for 10,000 | NewProxyLists

You contradict yourself
In the first sentence, the storage is 500 GB
in the second sentence, storage is unlimited.

Remote download is a mess
Category drop-down list: select a file

I added (correct) a remote URL but got an error.
I tried to add it again, but I was refused. No way to delete URLs.

Your premium prices are way too high.
Here it says 250 GB of storage … less than not premium.

Why don't you fix everything before disturbing WJ with your site?

Hide the gift card block during payment depending on the contents of the basket

I have to hide the "Apply your gift card" block on the payment / payment page. This should be hidden when the basket still contains a gift card.
I found the html code in this section, but I don't know where to set my conditions to show / hide the block.
I'm on Magento 2.

Lightning Network LND – Recover payment by hash

How to get a start Payment through paymentHash using the LND REST API? I know it GET /v1/payments returns all payments, but I would like to get one in particular, not all as there may be thousands. Thank you.

Payment – Some transactions (not all) are refused despite the fact that the banks have confirmed everything on their side

We have recently faced seemingly random transaction failures. We are using paypal payflow pro and have had problems with credit cards via the admin panel as well as the payment page. The majority of transactions are in progress, but these random outliers continue to occur. Magento error messages are not particularly useful and we have a lot of trouble fixing which can keep payments from getting through.

One piece of information we got is that the customer called his bank and he said that a transaction had been made but it was $ 0, so she canceled it.

It FEEL as if the banks were decreasing orders, but it seems too common to be true. We recently launched this site, previously a magento 1 site, now a 2.3.1 site.

How to make the type of offline payment prepaid in Magento 2?

I have created an offline payment method for the administrator. If I use this payment method to create an order, it means that it is displayed as COD as a type of payment method. But I want to do Prepaid.

How to make an offline payment method as prepaid in Magento 2?

I have created an offline payment method for the administrator. If I use this payment method to create an order, it means that it is displayed as COD as a type of payment method. But I want to do Prepaid.