1. Set up email and PayPal in fullz name

2. Make a account

3. Link PayPal to swappa don’t use accounts you made the same day let your PayPal sit for a day or two(longer then better) add a debit card then try for around 300$ if your account is new

4. Find something decent price to sell (Nintendo switch . Air pods pro laptop you get the idea make sure it’s a popular item so it sells fast) you should have some type of access to the device to take verification photos

5. You can go on letgo and other selling apps to find people posting pics that won’t be on google and sometimes those idiots leave the serial exposed.

6. With that let’s say you just have the device you can take the verification pics with the device and use some one else’s pics who has like extra controllers or games(you get the idea inflate the price cause it’s a package)

7. Make sure you set the price on the lower end so it looks like a steal people will comment random questions just respond and before you know it it’s sold.

8. Money goes through PayPal and is ready for instant transfer

9. Only post one item an account from what I understand you can
make two accounts and link the same PayPal if you got a strong one that’s aged.

10. Make sure to switch up where you take the photos at don’t use the same room and try to keep your hand out the photo so they don’t try to flag you before post other than that it’s easy money. Just gotta make accounts and be patient.

11. You don’t even need a drop it’s PayPal spend it on something send the money to a friend say some one owed you. Only the account that got the money from swappa will be affected after you move it it’s gone.

12. It works like this account a sent money to account b. Account a is swappa account b is your drop. When account b sends to account c. Account c is not on the hook for anything that happens if account a charges back on account b. Account b goes negative account c keeps the money account a gets a refund. The drop account b takes the full fall.( Venmo works the same way) middle man account is the term used for these accounts that take the fall.


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Accept PayPal payment | Web Hosting Talk

Accept PayPal payment | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Accept PayPal payment


    I’m fom country that can’t accept payment using paypal

    I have payoneer

    There is a solution or website to accept PayPal and transfer money to payoneer

    Thank you

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Paypal Keeps going to Paypal CZ

Why do I keep getting sent to Paypal cz on the site and not Ireland. Is anyone else having this issue.

Paypal gave me 6 days to comply

To submit whatever they are asking. I can't because I am using my relative's account (He gave it to me). I have been using it for 10+yrs.
Have to let it go now or if you guys think of any solution, pls point me something.

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magento2 – Paypal with not allowed currency

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magento2 – Partially void PayPal authorization

Customer orders items A,B and C (Authorization payment with PayPal) Partial capture has been completed on items A and B can the remaining authorization for item C be voided or will this void the entire transaction?

Only way I can see around it is to capture payment for item C and then create a credit memo for this item.

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PayPal increases crypto limit

The acceptance of cryptocurrency into the PayPal platform was one of the reasons for the major bull market that we saw towards the end of last year, as there were many people that had a lot more confidence in the coins since it was being backed by a major payment giant. However, in a recent news article it seems that the PayPal has moved to increase the limit on crypto purchases through their platform, which was a concern for many users. The limit has not been increased to users being able…

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