As in our day, people make a lot of money on the Internet?

I have always wondered how people are gaining a fashionable trend on the Internet? You can suggest something similar – I want to try.

USA – What would happen if one million people stormed Area 51?

For those who are unaware, this (hopefully) satirical Facebook event has attracted a lot of attention, with one million people confirming their presence and about 900,000 other people saying that they were interested.

I do not imagine for a second that they will all show up, but if they did, what would happen? Does the US military Actually to kill a million naruto running towards zone 51? And if it was only 10,000 people?

google contacts – How to send to a list of people by Bcc in Gmail, but greetings start with their first names

In Gmail —

How to: send to a list of people by cci (invisible carbon copy), but in the greeting, write

Expensive …

with their names.

For example, in

Cc1: N1, N2, N3, …, Nj, …

The N1 of the 1st name of the list would receive its messages in the form:

Dear N1,

The N1 of the 2nd name of the list would receive its messages in the form:

Dear N2,

The Nj in the name will receive his messages in the form:

Dear Nj,

Hello people – everything else

Hello people .. I know it's a difficult subject, but I want to talk about low desire. Although most men do not want to discuss it, low sexual desire is a fairly common concern. The lack of interest may be due to anxiety, anxiety or stress associated with another sexual problem (such as premature ejaculation).

AOC prosecuted for blocking people on Twitter?

US Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being prosecuted for blocking people on Twitter.

"The First Amendment does not allow a public official who uses a social network account for all kinds of official purposes to exclude people from a normally open online dialogue because they have expressed points with which the agent disagrees, "said the judgment.

According to Mr. Hikind's trial, the congressman – commonly known under his AOC initials – has blocked him after criticizing him, as well as his political views.


[ Politics ] Open Question: Trump voters hate the Syrian people, Muslims, immigrants and African refugees. Therefore, Trump voters are racist. Do you understand this concept?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Trump voters hate the Syrian people, Muslims, immigrants and African refugees. Therefore, Trump voters are racist. Do you understand this concept? .

dnd 5th – Is there a monster / plague that makes people mad?

I am looking for a creature, a spirit or a plague that infects or possesses people by becoming berserk, conferring on them superhuman strength and durability, as well as an extreme amount of bloodthirsty rage.

Once enough violence has been done, the "something" moves to a new host and usually does not have a solid form (but it can act as a kind of fog or d & # 39; swarm).

The system to which the creature is destined is DnD 5th, but I develop the question to fit all editions in case 5th does not have that kind of entity. If it does not exist in 5th, the optimal modification of a working version from a previous edition is the best solution.

To isolate the "best" answer, the priority is (in order):

  1. Precision
  2. Most recent edition
  3. How the creature could be modified to integrate into the 5th system.

Search people online for free how? – Everything else

Hi guys,

Good afternoon! How are you looking for people online? I was looking for someone (a woman). I do not know much about it, I just spent a day on the train. I can clearly remember his name and his city. Is it really possible to retrieve his phone number now?

Let me know if there is a way to do it.

Mobile – Do people use QR codes?

TL; DR: do not this currently popular, but could become so in the future. In your case, I would look for an additional option if possible.

Edit: Because of the comment of RonJohn and the many people who accepted, I decided to redo the graphics in a "true" form, so that the numbers would look less manipulative. quotes a few surveys over the years and says it's on the rise:

In 2014, Adobe Systems conducted a study on the use of the QR code over a period of three months. The study covered four countries: Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Official study card:

Graph redone in Excel:
Graph showing the use of QR codes in percentage by country

According to a recent study by Statistia, in the United States alone, approximately 11 million households will scan a QR code in 2020. This represents an increase from 9,76 million scanned in 2018.

Official study card:

Graph redone in Excel:
Chart illustrating the use of QR codes in millions of households in the United States

They also highlight its widespread use in a few major Asian countries, particularly China:

WeChat – which is mainly used in China – has made the country obsessed with QR codes in recent years. The Chinese scan QR codes to make payments, obtain information, authenticate, take advantage of offers and for virtually all other use cases.

Personally, I am not too convinced. I almost never see QR codes being used (living in a European Union country), nor by people I know, nor in public.

This article from puts forward a positive point:

Many people hear "QR code" and think that "2011 called, and they want their marketing tactics to come back". they start to stabilize and even make a comeback since their huge decline in popularity in 2014-2016.

So, it looks like they are not very popular right now, but could become so in the future? Hard to say. But in your case of use, it means that it would not be a bad idea to have an alternative (because everyone may not have a QR code scanner application) ).

Concrete example

Interestingly, after saying how much I have never seen them here, I just got that in my mail today 🙂

enter the description of the image here

This is a very good example, you can clearly see how two options are given. As Bergi said in his comment on the issue, the QR link should also be provided in a human-readable form.

SharePoint Online – The People Picker Does not Display Any Suggestions

I am on the SP Online environment and have seen 2 modes of people selector.

The first mode that seems to be the default OOTB (usually for newform.aspx) is to have the predictive text with automatic suggestions. See the image below.
enter the description of the image here

The second mode, which seems to be backward compatible, is where the user field shows you buttons for checking and for the address book. This happens when I add the people selection column to a site page / page. Refer to the image.
enter the description of the image here

Is it possible to add the first mode (automatic suggestion selector) to a page / site page?

Please suggest.
Thank you