guidelines – how to implement a style guide for a team of 2 to 4 people

I have experience with three different tools for creating style guides:

The first style guide I implemented was built using Confluence. Rather, it was a library of design templates, containing templates and best practices for the most common user interface design issues. Each model contained a sample image, a description of how it worked and why it should be used, as well as associated design files. It was mainly used by designers, developers did not find it useful as there were no code examples on how to implement them.

WordPress blog with theme
At one point, we evaluated, an open source WordPress theme that makes the WordPress blog a template library tool. Developers liked it a bit because it uses CSS and HTML for sample templates that developers can use in code. However, it didn't support the use of Twitter Bootstrap in the non jQuery examples, and the designer didn't like it because it was missing some key features it would need like downloading files for the design

We are now using Patternry, a hosted style guide tool. What we particularly like is the ability to use Twitter Bootstrap in the template examples, the ability to customize the template templates and the live editor for markup and styles, this which makes it easier to mock up designs in the browser. What we don't like is that the product is still a bit immature, some features don't work as expected, there is no version control and it doesn't integrates with no external version control system.

Why do people feel the need to judge others?

One reason, one bad reason, is that people put their moral standards on others. While some things are entirely wrong to do according to general company guidelines, people judge others by the standards they set for themselves, such as body tattoos, hair styles, relationships between consenting adults.

Another reason, a bad reason, is to abandon someone else in an attempt to get up. Think of Donald Trump on this one.

Another bad reason is that someone does not understand the circumstances. Very poor people have to live in a way that others judge them to be.

Another reason, a valid reason, is when people do things that harm society. Living with government help may be necessary, but being lazy, refusing to learn, having children to make a problem worse, binge drinking and many other problems that harm society as a whole, are valid for judging whether they are under the control of a person.

People may not notice certain disabilities. There is a "system game" problem going on, where many people claim benefits when there are reasonable alternatives. In many countries today, and especially in the United States, people have been fragmented and under pressure from politics and asymmetry of wealth and demands for correction of inequality and inequality. a reaction to these requests. The American people are particularly nervous now as a whole with strong tensions and a lot of hatred.

Busy people have a chance

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Why is Donald Trump unpopular with educated people?

Because educated people KNOW how to verify lies.

Unlike Republicans and low IQ voters, who keep repeating and believing the 16,000 lies that come out of Trumps' mouth, like so much verbal diarrhea.

Trump won the election by digging up the DEAD birther and whipping him even more. FOUR YEARS, after being ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL unbolted and put to rest. Even False News has finally abandoned this ghost ……….

then Trump arrived in 2014/2015 … and decided to dig up the dead horse's corpse again and drive it to the finish line.

Then he cries and moans about Fake News … when he's the biggest hawker.

Search the site's people directory using the REST search query API

I'm trying to get all the users from the local directory and display it.
If I type this in the browser, I see all the data I need.
If I use this in my code and compile it in spfx, it doesn't work.
can i know what is the fix?

My search query

private  getUser(){
 var qurl;

   const opt: ISPHttpClientOptions = { headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json;odata=verbose'
   this.props.SPHttpClient.get(this.props.pagecontext.web.absoluteUrl + qurl, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1,opt)
   .then((response: SPHttpClientResponse) => { debugger;
       response.json().then((json: any) => { debugger;
        for(let i=0;i

I found it to be a query so I should use


                let result = res.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows;

I can get

0: {Key: "RowLimit", Value: "60", ValueType: "Edm.Int32"}
1: {Key: "SourceId", Value: "b09a7990-05ea-4af9-81ef-edfab16c4e31", ValueType: "Edm.Guid"}
2: {Key: "CorrelationId", Value: "e9c7339f-e0fd-b000-e515-bff3355a8995", ValueType: "Edm.Guid"}
3: {Key: "EnableInterleaving", Value: "true", ValueType: "Edm.Boolean"}
4: {Key: "IsMissingUnifiedGroups", Value: "false", ValueType: "Edm.Boolean"}
5: {Key: "Constellation", Value: "i4302D", ValueType: "Edm.String"}
6: {Key: "MultiGeoSearchStatus", Value: "Full", ValueType: "Edm.String"}
7: {Key: "IsPartial", Value: "false", ValueType: "Edm.Boolean"}
8: {Key: "InternalRequestId", Value: "fa2dfdc9-e705-40e3-a99e-468cedbe7d4a", ValueType: "Edm.String"}
9: {Key: "SerializedQuery", Value: "", ValueType: "Edm.String"}
length: 10

but it does not result from primary data.
if i add the link it shows in the browser
What is the solution?


[ Politics ] Open question: Blacks voted for Obama because of race and no one cared. Why are white people the bad guys to vote Trump?

[Politics] Open question: Blacks voted for Obama because of race and no one cared. Why are white people the bad guys to vote Trump?

[ Politics ] Open Question: In acquitting President Trump, what message has the Republican Senate sent to the American people?

[Politics] Open Question: In acquitting President Trump, what message has the Republican Senate sent to the American people?

People you know or haven't met yet.

Do you think people come into our lives for a reason? Or do they happen by chance in your life?

Sometimes it seems to me that I have met this person for one reason or another.

design – Displaying a large amount of content on a page that we know people don't read

Due to compliance requirements, I have to essentially post two large A4-size copies on one page on an already large web form path.

I have collected data on the current page and I know that 94% of all users spend no more than 15 seconds on the page. (It would take about 3-5 minutes to read this information, so we can assume people are browsing it)

The problem I have is that I cannot shrink this copy, nor can I place it behind multiple pages or multiple pages. However, I can try something similar to what Google did when creating an account, that is, the content can be placed in a container of maximum height that the user can browse to read.

However, when I presented this idea, I had conflicting opinions, because some people are concerned about hiding this information from customers and thus creating a bad user experience and arguing that 39; they should all be posted clearly – however, we know this will lead to more abandonment. rate.

Anyone have alternative ideas or suggestions?

Thank you so much!

Why does Trump boast that fewer people are using food stamps not to mention that he has cut food stamps?

Trump always talks to his fans. It doesn't bother them at all if he is lying, then he is lying more and more.

You may remember that when Obama created millions of jobs and the unemployment rate started to fall, the Republicans distracted their people by talking more about the "participation rate in the workplace". In a healthy economy, more moms can stay at home and take care of children. They are not unemployed in the sense of wanting a job but not finding one. But for Republicans, more people who didn't have to work were seen as a bad thing.

Since starting his campaign, Trump has behaved as if he never believed anything that he believed would be verified. He told the same dozen big lies over and over in every speech. Obama left the economy in shambles and Trump has corrected it. He has created more jobs than any president. Your average American worker gets richer more and more under his stewardship of the economy. He is called on these lies every time, but the Republicans have convinced their constituents that all the media and fact checkers are against him.