When I edit a comment on Facebook or Instagram do the people tagged on the edit get notified because of it?

Let’s say I have 3 friends: Homer, Carl and Lenny.

I made a comment on a party meme like: “@homer this party looks amazing!”

Then I remember to tag my other friends, so I edit the comment.

The comment now says: “@homer @carl @lenny this party looks amazing!”

Do @carl and @lenny get notified about that or will only @homer hear about it?

Trying to populate choices in drop down on PowerApps based on SharePoint People Picker field

I have a PowerApps app that connects to a SharePoint list. There is a column, Approver, that I want to use to filter a report. Approver is a People Picker field. I want to have a drop-down input box on my PowerApps screen that has the names of Approvers from the SharePoint list, so that I can filter the results based on approvers rather than typing in a name from the GAL. Is this possible, and if so, any tips on how to do this?

teleportation – How does Jumper work with Warp in terms of carrying people with you?

Someone with the Jumper (world-jumper) advantage can escort other people with the Jumper (world-jumper) advanatge, according to b. 64. You can also take warp and the warp jump enhancement, to be able to teleport on the world you are visiting. Would this allow you to bring along other people on your warps when you are Warp Jumping? Would you be able to bring Jumpers along on Warps that remain on the same world?

sharepoint online – Using multiple groups for “People or Groups” column

I have a SharePoint group of people that have a certain access in the system (let’s call the group “Verified”) and a form field (“User”) that references this group so that submitters can only choose someone in that group. The issue is that the “Verified” group is now over 8000 people and it won’t let me add any new people, but more people are getting access every day. Our SP contacts say it is a Microsoft limitation.

If I were to create a second group (“Verified2”), is there a way to merge the 2 so that the “User” field will allow anyone in either of the 2 groups to be selected? I’d rather not make that field open, as there would be no validation that the person entered in the field has the appropriate access.

Also, I have a query in Excel that pulls everyone in the “Verified” group. if I create a second group, can that query be updated to pull everyone in both groups, or would I need to create a second query?

2013 – People Picker is not taking more than 256 Characters

I do have an InfoPath form in which I want to add a people Picker Field to validate a bulk of users that is normally more than 256 char , but I always get this alerting message (Item cannot be more than 256 characters)

I am looking for a solution avoiding any coding , however I tried a work around to feed the people picker by a multi line text field that accepts more than 256 char but it didn’t help in the validation option.

analytics – Tracking how many people play my Unity game in which language?

In my game the user can change the language of the game and I’d like to know how many people play it in English, German, etc.

I’m using Unity, so possibly I would like to implement in Unity Analytics.

I was thinking about adding segments for the languages, but in that case if a user tries all languages, the user will appear in all languages’ segments. So it won’t really provide that much info.

A possible solution:

  • When the user changes language, we signal a database to decrease the old language’s counter and increase the new language’s counter.

But there must be an easier, built-in solution than this.

public key – How do I encrypt a bunch of messages by different authors, shared with that group of people?

I’m still getting my head around public/private key cryptography, and I can’t quite work out how to ask the right question to get an answer for this problem, but here goes!

  • Alice, Bob, Carol, and Dave are all in a secret society which writes exquisite corpse stories.
  • First Alice writes a line into a file; then she sends this file to Bob, Carol and Dave. Each of them might write a line too, and share it with the group again.
  • Nobody outside the secret society should be able to read their story, but each of them should be able to read the whole story.
  • After a while, Alice invites Edgar into the secret society. He can now read all the previous lines in the story, and add his own.

How would I make this scenario happen? Does each person have their own key? Is there a single key pair representing the society as a whole? Is there any reading I could do or terms I could search which would help me understand this scenario?

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dnd 5e – What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague?

DND 5.0 ed

New on 5.0, played the 3.5 edition.
Inside my new campagne the PCs are followed by a big plague. They are immune and they have a stone that can save the sick people that, otherwise NPC will die. In some way the plague will follow the PCs so they are, in some way, responsabile of the poeple who get sick. Using the stone they can heal people, but I want they do a moral decision in order to sacrifice some of their life to save people, if they want.

What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague? The only things that I have in mind is a long curse like -1 to all hit roll for a week or, more strong, heal people will cost some EXP points. (at start only few, but any time they will us ethis power ther spend more exp points)

Do you have better ideas? How can I balance this things?

Looking for Bitcoin/Crypto payment processor that will split payments (pay multiple people from sale)

I’m looking for a crypto payment gateway that will allow me to accept payment for a product. But will split the payment between multiple crypto wallets (multiple people).