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See FAQ are below:

Q: How many URL’s can you use in one order?

A: We Allow 10 URL per order & Unlimited inner URLs are accepted and Keywords but
We recommended minimum url and keywords

Q: do you want to see sample report?

A: Pm me so I’ll send you sample links.

Q: Do you guarantee SERP movement?

A: Obviously, we guarantee your SERP’s Growing on google search and other search engines but we didn’t giving you any guarantee your website will #1. on google other search engines.

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A: Yes, all blogs/sites are well indexed on Search engine

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A: yes these are general niche blogs.

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A: TAT is 7 business working days.

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A: We will fully refund if we fail to deliver what we claimed.

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I will 200 safe and permanent manual seo backlinks, link building for $15

I will 200 safe and permanent manual seo backlinks, link building

About This Gig

All USA Unique Permanent Links.

100% Satisfaction,Guarantee.

100% works are manual, No robot is being used.

High Authority Backlinks are still the most important ranking factor in 2019.

If you want a real boost in your search engine rankings you NEED high quality Backlinks. Low quality links from low quality sites are less than worthless; they will actually HURT your rankings. So use only high authority sites because only they can boost your sites.

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Your URL will be inserted in the account / profile details, I’m registering a new account on 200 different domains, therefore they would be 100% unique with very low OBL.

What you get:

  • Manual work
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  • Unique IP in every submission
  • Full report with login details
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Accept all type of URL

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dnd 5e – What is the most powerful permanent undead follower you can get?

Niv-Mizzet, as a Dracolich: CR 26

The only requirements to become a dracolich is to be:

an ancient or adult true dragon

… and Niv-Mizzet is described as (p. 240 of Guildmaster’s Gude to Ravnica):

the ancient dragon who founded and continues to control the Izzet League.

Then all you need is for Niv-Mizzet to:

allow (himself) to be transformed by necromantic energy and ancient rituals into (a) powerful undead (dracolich)…

If Niv-Mizzet recognizes that he may be killed soon (possibly by the massive party and army you have been amassing to defeat the him and the Izzet League), it would certainly be in his character to undergo such a transformation. The Monster Manual states…

Only the most narcissistic dragons choose this path, knowing that by doing so, they sever all ties to their kin and the dragon gods.

… and Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica says that Niv-Mizzet is:

Possessed of arrogance and vanity that matches his vast intellect and tremendous power

This procedure hinges around the Intellect Devourer’s Body Thief ability. Essentially we need to land a true polymorph on Niv-Mizzet to turn him into a humanoid and then steal his body with the Intellect Devourer. Then once we end true polymorph, the Intellect Devourer will control Niv-Mizzet in all his undead glory.

The Character

The best character to pull this off is a bard 18/warlock 1/paladin 1 with the following spells…

  • true polymorph
  • polymorph
  • bestow curse
  • feather fall
  • sleep
  • enhance ability

(alternatively, you could learn find greater steed as a Magical Secret and not require a level of paladin leaving space to be a bard 17/sorcerer 3 for Heightened Spell Metamagic)

… the following magic items…

  • robe of the archmagi
  • two spell scrolls of find greater steed
  • wand of polymorph
  • eight tomes of clear thought
  • ring of spell storing

(a headband of intellect is a suitable, and more reasonable replacement to the tomes of clear thought)

… and a large enough party to keep Niv-Mizzet busy (including sufficient spellcasters to have ample counterspells and be able to get through a prismatic wall if Niv-Mizzet decides to enclose himself in one)

The Setup

The first step is to get yourself a loyal Intellect Devourer. This is actually extremely easy.

  1. Use the first spell scroll of find greater steed
  2. Cast true polymorph turning the steed into an Intellect Devourer
  3. Wait until true polymorph becomes permanent.

Then you need to make your intellect devourer a genius.

  1. Allow your intellect devourer to occupy a host that has the capacity to study a tome of clear thought
  2. Have your intellect devourer study until its Intelligence is 30 (you should also apply as many tomes of leadership and influence and of understanding as you have in order to bolster its mental ability scores)
  3. Have your intellect devourer leave that host body, so it is ready to infiltrate Niv-Mizzet.

Finally, cast sleep, feather fall, and enhance ability into your ring of spell storing so you can use it later even if you run out of spell slots during the fight.

The Fight

The fight will take quite some time until Niv-Mizzet will succumb to our strategy. As such, every party member will need to be able to chase Niv-Mizzet when he catches on to the strategy (and he most certainly will as one of the foremost geniuses in the D&D multiverse), and you will need ample clerics to keep you alive as you will become the target. The gist of the strategy is to land a polymorph on Niv-Mizzet to make the rest of the procedure easier.

  1. Cast bestow curse (disadvantage on wisdom saving throws)
    • You should also have your party attempt this too where possible, including the bane spell. This is especially helpful since your party members have space for sorcerer levels for the Heightened Spell Metamagic.
  2. Cast polymorph until it works
    • This could take a while, but your party can also help. Once Niv-Mizzet recognizes your strategy, he will be trying to counterspell these castings when possible (something he can theoretically do indefinitely because of his Dracogenius Legendary Action).
    • Eventually you will get through his Legendary Resistances and Magic Resistance to turn him into a Giant Centipede (the CR 1/4 beast of lowest Wisdom)
    • Have feather fall at the ready in case Niv-Mizzet decides to try to end polymorph via the bludgeoning damage from falling.
  3. Have a party member cast their own polymorph and end yours (if one of your party members wasn’t the one that was successful in the first place)
    • This opens your concentration for true polymorph
  4. Cast true polymorph on the Giant Centipede, turning it into a Bullywug (the CR 1/4 humanoid of lowest Intelligence)
    • your party member can now end his Concentration on polymorph
  5. Put the bullywug to sleep
  6. Use your second spell scroll of find greater steed to resummon your intellect devourer
  7. Cast enhance ability (Fox’s Cunning) and use Bardic Inspiration on your intellect devourer
    • have one of your party members cast guidance as well
  8. Have your intellect devourer use Body Thief on the bullywug
    • The will succeed 99.9% of the time (as shown in this anydice function)
    • Your intellect devourer now carries Niv-Mizzet’s statistics (as a dracolich), albeit in a true polymorphed state.
  9. Finally, simply end your Concentration on true polymorph and you now have your permanent undead follower: Niv-Mizzet the Dracolich
  10. Because your intellect devourer now has counterspell and 9th level spell slots, you can just ensure that you counterspell any attempt to cast wish to restore Niv-Mizzet’s brain and attempts to cast protection from good and evil to remove your intellect devourer.

“DOS Devices” to directory (aka permanent subst) not honored after Windows 21H1 update

Previously, I’ve been using HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerDOS Devices to add an alias from D: to C:Build. This approach discussed in the wikipedia SUBST article and similar.

After I updated to Windows 21H1 this registry setting was removed1, and even after re-adding the setting, the “D:” device is not being enumerate in Explorer, powershell, or bash-git (mingw).

I’ve reconfigured the registry1 in “DOS Devices” to add a the registry key shown below. However, this does not seem to take effect. How can I restore this ‘permanent subst’ functionality to a directory target?

Name   Value
D:     \??C:Build
  • 1 notes that the “DOS Devices” are deleted and have to be manually added back (in Windows 10 build 2004). It makes no mention of this functionality being removed. I have re-added the DOS Devices entry back and the mapped drive is still not appearing.

  • Using WinObj (from Winternals) shows the correct Name and Symbolic Link Target in GLOBAL?? for “D:”.

  • The “C:Build” directory exists with standard permissions (eg. SYSTEM full control, Authenticated Users all-but full control, Users with read access).

80 Profile Backlinks High Authority Permanent Do follow unique domain white hat SEO backlinks for $5

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Live 20+ Video Submission backlinks high authority permanent do follow link building for $6

Live 20+ Video Submission backlinks high authority permanent do follow link building

Get 20 Video Submission at Most Popular High Authority sites Manual Do Follow Permanent Backlinks

Hello! Good Day….

I am offering you high authority Video Submission by this service. I am sure you are looking for Top quality Video Submission Service for your website and video, then You’re welcome to my service. I’m a Video Submission Expert and I have list of high authority video submission website list where I can submit your video. You must get high quality Backlinks, more organic visitor and must help to rank your website in Google.

You know video submission are most important task because submitting your video to different high authority video submission site must rank and bring lots of organic traffic to your website. High Authority Video Submission Backlinks are very much essential for Earlier Rankings and if you have posted Your Video content on High DA PA sites and create manual Backlinks then It will be very much helpful for you to Rank Your Site fast.

Note: Top Video submission site are included with this service

  • Vimeo
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Etc.And many more….

This Service Includes-

Ø High Authority Video submission Backlinks

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Note: Strictly Not Allowed any Gambling, Adults, Porn & Illegal Sites.


Get 20 + Infographic image submission high Quality low spam score sharing website permanent dofollow for $6

Get 20 + Infographic image submission high Quality low spam score sharing website permanent dofollow

20 Info graphic image submission high authority low spam score sharing website permanent dofollow


Welcome to my Info graphic Submission
We all know high authority manual permanent info graphic submission are most important back links for your website because it must help to rank your website and bring lots of organic visitor. As I am expert I know very well how to submission your info graphs on high authority website.

I promise I must submit your info graphic on high authority low spam score website.

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Top 10 Infographic Submission Sites List for 2021



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This service Includes:

  • High Authority Info graphic submission
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80 Infographic image submission high authority low spam score sharing website permanent dofollow for $5

80 Infographic image submission high authority low spam score sharing website permanent dofollow

Welcome to my Infographic Submission

You know high authority manual permanent infographic submissions are the most important backlinks for your website because it must help to rank your website and bring lots of organic visitors.


Build 50 PBN Tumblr Expried High PR DA/PA 30 + Permanent Homepage for $20

A PBN is a collection of high authority websites that you have complete control over and all of which link back to your money site.

Permanent Homepage PBN Links On DA 30 To 25 TF We are one of theBiggest and Most Successful SEO service provider on source-wave. ​As of right now SEO Team consist of 20+ SEO and Link Building expert and we have always updated our link building method to make sure that it will always work with the latest search engine algorithm changes. This time we are providing most updating and powerful links building service that will 100% trusted any search engine dominated.

Typically PBNs are made of expired domains Tumblr Zombie 2.0 that have great backlinks and therefore pass high levels of link equity to your money site.The Image above shows how you have multiple sites in your PBN (blue, yellowand green) all linking to your Money site (the main site that you want to rank in the search engines) as well as other authoritative sites in your niche. Are PBNs a black hat strategy?Yes. You will hear many “gurus” claim that this is not a black hat strategy in order to sell their courses. However, let’s be clear on this– any form of intentional link building is against google’s guidelines.

F, A, Q:

Are these real domain ?

Yes, These all are real PBN Domains.

How Many URL & Keywords Do You Accept?

Yes, We Accept 1 URL & 5 Long Trail Keywords.

Do you use all unique domains?

Yes, We use only high DA PA TF CF Metrics Domain.

Would you promise the high quality of your links?

Yes, We definitely guarantee the highest quality of our links.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, We will provide a Complete Report in Excel sheet.

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15000 Permanent Web 2.0 PBN PR9 – DA 70+ Edu Do-Follow Backlinks with unique Domain for $99

15000 Permanent Web 2.0 PBN PR9 – DA 70+ Edu Do-Follow Backlinks with unique Domain

I will Provide 15,000 High Quality Web2.0, PBN PR9 – DA 70+, Edu Do-Follow Backlinks With High DA/PA website.

I will create PR9-7 backlinks using High Authority Domains. The best way to get higher rankings in Google is by getting backlinks from high authority sites that Google trusts. Backlinks will remain a vital Google ranking factor. But, effective link building is now about trust and popularity. Only high-quality backlink.

Service Features:

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What Will You Get:-

  • 200+ Web 2.0 Blog
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