How can I permanently assign a static IP address to Wi-Fi or USB clients?

I use my phone as an extended screen with x11vnc, which works as expected.
The only problem is that I have to change very often the IP address on the vnc client of my phone.
I use a Motorola g turbo Lineage 7.1.2 operating system, rooted.

Is Android able to reserve an IP address, which is possible in a router with Dnsmasq. It basically assigns the IP address and the host name according to the Mac address?

macbook – How can I permanently disable Hot Corners on a Mac?

I have a working computer and whenever I turn it on and I log in, active corners are turned on. When I inadvertently move my mouse in a corner, my screen is locked. It's happening all the time in the middle of my work.

Everytime, it bothers me and I go into the System Preferences and set all the hot corner options on no. But the next day or whenever I restart my computer, they come back! I wonder if anyone knows how to disable them permanently. I do not need to manually disable them every time I restart my professional MacBook.

Is there a terminal command or something that I can configure to prevent Hot Corners settings from resetting permanently? I imagine that, by default, my company applies settings that override the settings at reboot.

How to completely disable Chrome, permanently?

Not individual tabs, not just until I close it.

How to make sure that Chrome never emits another sound?

How to permanently remove the secure gateway service from my list of IBM Cloud software?

I was trying to recover the URL: port of a Secure Gateway, but I could not find nor launch the monitor page. Then I deleted it. However, when I try to replenish it, IBM Cloud indicates that I already have one. I wonder if anyone can help me find how to access it in order to edit and download the client?

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gnome shell – Permanently disable Ubuntu 19.04 drawers folder

I'm trying to delete the folders in the Ubuntu 19.04 application drawer.

I tried with this command gsettings set children's folder [] but it only works temporarily until a reboot is done.

After restarting the folders are again.

I've added this command in the startup applications so that it runs once the system is powered on, but it only works for a few seconds because it seems that ubuntu resets the folders to the startup and my start command is executed before it runs and the effect is brief.

No suggestion?

suspend – Apply proc / acpi / wakeup settings permanently

Is it true that to make settings permanent in Linux systems, batch processing is the norm?

Today, I found myself checking that the computer 's wake – up settings had been reset after restarting the computer. I have started to search Google for the information I need to configure a batch script so that the changes persist. However, this type of suggestion is a little universal in these types of "rare configurations". This made me very afraid that no one is talking about configuration or the software responsible for the wakeup feature, instead – inexpensive batch scripting solutions have been added that are supposed to set the parameters at startup from the computer.

Is it true that I have to configure a batch script and that there is no wake-up configuration in / etc / or any other folder to define the permanent changes kept after a shutdown or restart?

SD card – I can not delete or permanently download files

Whenever I try to permanently delete a photo from my photo gallery, a message saying "Can not delete from the device" will display. I tried to delete files by plugging my phone into my computer, but the files come back after being deleted. In addition, I also fail to download images or applications. Whenever I try to download an image or application, the message "Download Pending" will display even if I have 114 MB of free space. Is there a way to fix that?

In MS SQL Server Management Studio v17.4, how can I continue to define contours permanently?

I'm trying to hide the instructions, but every time I open a new query or restart the program, I have to manually disable it. I had disabled this feature on an old machine, but my current computer does not save the settings.

The general instructions area under intelliSense is not checked.

database – How to permanently update a Micosoft SQL Server server with the help of DBeaver?

I connect to a Microsoft SQL Server using DBeaver. I ran a UPDATE command on a table to update the number of connections of all users to 0. After running it, I ran a TO SELECT command and found that it had actually passed to 0. But, after my disconnection from the server, I noticed that the changes were not permanent because it had returned to its original value.

How to update the values ​​permanently with the help of DBeaver? This could have to do with 'View Session'. I connect using the her Account. Thanks a lot for your help.

firewall – What is the best way to permanently block an IP address?

There are some methods to block an IP address, the one I use is road. But all IP addresses are lost when I restart the operating system. I found ways to permanently block, which did not work and the operating system did not even boot up. I therefore need to create a .sh with the list of IP addresses and run this script at startup of the operating system.

I am not sure of this method, because the list of IP addresses is (would be) very long, I block 75 addresses per day, they are all robots.

This list will increase soon. What would be the best way to permanently block an IP address on ubuntu at edge? Note: the version of my kernel is 2.9, so I can not use tools like fail2ban, csf.

What I am doing right now is:

I'm using ModSecurity and when a specification rule fires, I run this code:

ip route add a hole xxx.xx.xx.xx
echo xxx.xx.xx.xx >> list_of_ip.txt

I also use the cloudflare API to block IP addresses because when they access my VPS using the host name, I need to block it on cloudflare, otherwise it will not be blocked.