When creating an instance on google cloud engine, `Permission denied on ‘locations/asia-northeast3-a’` error occurs

An error “Permission denied on ‘locations/asia-northeast3-a’ (or it may not exist)” occurs when I tried to create an google cloud engine instance from the GCP WebUI.

The problematic asia-northeast3 region and zones do exist.

$ gcloud compute regions list --filter asia-northeast3
asia-northeast3  0/24  0/4096    0/8        0/8                 UP
$ gcloud compute zones list --filter asia-northeast3
asia-northeast3-a  asia-northeast3  UP
asia-northeast3-b  asia-northeast3  UP
asia-northeast3-c  asia-northeast3  UP

I’ve checked this url and it shows asia-northeast3 is up and running.

The error message says “Permission denied” on the location, but doesn’t give any detailed explanation. As I could not find any permissions regarding this issue, I would be grateful if anyone can put a finger on where I should look into.


linux – Reasons for Permission denied on execution

I have a binary executable that I am able to run on my CentOS7 machine. I scp it to another CentOS7 machine and get Permission denied when trying to run it. I am using the root user, the file is owned by root and I have enabled all permissions (and same with the directory where I put it):

# ls -lisa notserv 
5112112 35292 -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 36136938 Sep 14 08:23 notserv
# ls -lisad .
5112110 4 drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 4096 Sep 14 08:23 .
# ./notserv 
-bash: ./notserv: Permission denied

SELinux is not enabled:

# sestatus
SELinux status:                 disabled

This other machine is maintained by a different team in the company and probably has a different configuration. My question is: what other reasons could there be for this outcome?

applications – Can WhatsApp be used without granting contacts permission?

I’m trying to install WhatsApp, but I’m obviously uncomfortable about serving up my entire address book for Facebook to trawl through.

I’ve found plenty of posts from a few years back saying it is possible, but I’m wondering if something has changed.

On opening the app and going to the ‘chats’ screen, I’m greeted with a screen saying “To help you message friends and family on WhatsApp, allow WhatsApp access to your contacts” along with a link to open my settings.

If I push the green ‘chat’ button in the bottom right, I get a popup with the same message. If I hit the ‘not now’ option, it closes the popup and puts me back on the original screen.

There doesn’t seem to be a way forward here. Does this app just strong-arm you into uploading your contacts list in order to use it? Or is it potentially a more phone-specific issue?

Request Camera Permission on iOS in Unity at Runtime

Our application built in Unity uses ARKit/FaceTracking on iOS.
We would like to request the Camera Permission at runtime immediately before it is used – and not on application startup.

What should happen
I use Application.RequestUserAuthorization immediately before the camera is used.
According to the documentation this is supposed to trigger the permission request.

What actually happens
When the compiled application is started on an iOS device, the permission is requested straight away.
If the permission is denied, it appears that all further calls to Application.RequestUserAuthorization
instantly return (without triggering another request) and the permission remains denied.

I assume that Application.RequestUserAuthorization would work as expected, if the App wouldn’t already request the permission on startup – but we do not actively trigger this request in our code.
So I guess here is my

How do I get rid of the initial Camera permission request?

What could have caused it in the first place?
For all I know, it shouldn’t be the plist-string for the camera permission.
Is it already just the imports of the ArKit libraries?
If not, how cna I even begin to look for a cause?

‘Network permission’ notifications for apps in Android 10 – turning off

I have Android 10 on my phone. In the ‘Settings – SIM card & mobile data – Mobile Data – Network Permissions’ menu, I have set wifi & mobile data access as “disable network” for some of my apps.

The problem is, when I open such an app, it shows a notification “App name is Forbidden From Using the Network” with two buttons to choose from – “Keep disabled” or “Allow”. This cannot be minimized or removed without choosing either of the two buttons.

After choosing “Keep disabled”, the nuisance does not go away. Each time the app is opened next, there is a toast informing “Network is turned off for App name. You can modiy this in menu location“. This happens every time! And sometimes (probably after a reboot, not sure) Android 10 forgets the setting for that app and the mandatory notification comes again with the buttons to choose from.

Can this behavior be prevented or at least minimized?

dynamic ui – Organizing UI elements differently based on user permission level UX guidelines

Does anyone know of any articles or write ups around this topic? I can’t seem to find any resources around this.

Think different users in the same organization that can see the same page of an application but because they have different permissions, content is displayed/organized differently.

User A and User B are using the application for different purposes but can both have access to the same page of the application. Feature 1 is crucial to user type A’s workflow, so it’s more front-and-center. While for user type B, Feature 1 is hardly used, so it’s tucked away in a junk drawer button or website footer.

My concern is that these inconsistencies in the UI would cause confusion if User A ever saw User B’s version of a page. Additionally, if a user’s permissions change, now a familiar page becomes very different.

SharePoint 2013 restrict permission to read only

I have a document library with many users, some have full access, some have limited access and some have other combinations.Note, The library has a lot of subfolders with unique permission.

I want the entire document library to become read only, Whts the easiest way to do this pls ?


Row level permission in a SharePoint list for different user groups

I have a SharePoint list and I have three groups that access the list to contribute/edit it.

I want to limit access of people at row level. Group A should only see records where col(A) = “AAA”. Group B should only see records where col(B) = “BBB”. Group C should be able to view and edit every record.
I have already built the groups, but I don’t know how to prepare the row level permission for these three groups.
Can you please help? Thanks.

adb – Revoking Bluetooth permission from all apps?

I noticed that my phone silently enables bluetooth when screen turns off. When phones remains inactive for few minutes and I click unlock button I can see bluetooth indicator showing up for around 1-2 seconds, then it disappears and Bluetooth is disabled. I have suspicions that some app enables bluetooth programatically when screen is off.

Can I revoke bluetooth permissions from all apps? (eg. using adb) Or at least check recent bluetooth activity events?

ubuntu – Writing to file permission denied when using docker command

I am using a Monte Carlo simulator program called RAT, and at the end of the run it outputs a file with the results. The problem is I am getting SysError in <TFile::TFile>: file scintFit.root can not be opened (Permission denied) when it tries to write the results file.

In order to run the program, I have to use docker to mount a few directories and get the GUI working. The command is quite long:

sudo docker run -ti --rm --user $(id -u) -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v /home/shadowgamma/Desktop/rat:/rat jamierajewski/rat-container 

After running this command, my command prompt changes from my username to just: bash-4.2$. I no longer have any highlighting of directories in the command line etc., and when I run the software, it works fine until it tries to output the results file, at which point I get the error:

OutROOTProc: Writing to scintFit.root
SysError in <TFile::TFile>: file scintFit.root can not be opened (Permission denied)
OutROOTProc::OpenFile: Cannot open the file.

I believe the issue is something to do with my command prompt turning to just bash-4.2$. I am unable to use even simple commands, it doesn’t understand sudo or gedit, which I definitely have installed and useable before I run the docker commands.

Further investigation shows when I ignore getting the GUI working and just run:

sudo docker run -ti --rm -v /home/shadowgamma/Desktop/rat:/rat jamierajewski/rat-container

It is able to make the results file no problem and my prompt does not change! So, the docker command:

--user $(id -u) -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix

Seems to be the problem! Without it, I can’t view my files using the GUI. With it, I can’t save my results. Can you see anything wrong with my docker commands?