privacy – Can a school legally track my location using a software downloaded without permission on my personal computer?

After looking around on my school email account to see what extensions for google chrome my district installed on my computer without asking I noticed a “Tracker For Chrome” software and after looking what it does, it does as the name implies, tracks my location hopefully only when using the school account and not my own, but what I do not know if this is even legal, I did not sign a consent form, I’am not using a school issued laptop, and I’am not using a school issued internet connection, but I am forced to use this account to access both my classes and schoolwork.
Below is the page on the extention installed on my deviceenter image description here

How to fix you do not have permission. Ask your web site administrator to change your permission on SharePoint Workflow

I am trying to publish workflow on SharePoint 2013. I created workflow on my local system and trying to publish to live. But it returning a warning popup. I have full control, Design and Read of the SharePoint site. Also I am a primary administrator of SharePoint central admin. This causing issues when I am selecting the below option from workflow:- i] Start Workflow automatically when an item is created ii] Start Workflow automatically when an item is changed

I re-install the workflow and checked the permission as well. enter image description here
enter image description here
Also after few hours, iis reset, if I ran workflow manually it return me 403 forbiddon error. Can anyone please advise what issues can be there in this? To publish the workflow.

magento2.3 – how to grant permission to back up from the dashboard

I’m having difficulties in performing a sql backup through the Magento panel, after confirming the system informs me that I need permission to restore baxkup

I am logged in as a system administrator

I appreciate being able to help me solve this problem.

Truecaller reads new SMS sometimes even without having SMS permission

I use Redmi 9 Prime. On that I use Truecaller app. I want to use Truecaller only for calls and strictly not for SMS. So I never give SMS read permission to Treucaller app.

enter image description here

But still sometimes Treucaller read new SMS. Dont know how come.
What can be the reason or source of getting this possible? How can I stop Truecaller strictly touching my SMS?

sharepoint online – Prevent User with Read Permission to have access to site content and site usage

I have created a group and assign the Read permission to it. I modified the the Read permission to the below to prevent the site usage and site content access.

List Permissions:

  1. View Items
  2. Open Items

Site Permissions:

1.View Pages

2.Use Remote Interfaces


Now the permission work perfectly my users do not have access to site usage and content. But my navigation on my home page does not show up. Basically the navigation is just 3 links pointing to three views of the same list. I do get access to the list when i manually visit the list thought.

I am using modern pages and list. When i set the permission “VIew application pages” my navigation come back but then i get the issue of my users being able to access site usage and site content

MySQL8 Binary installation – getting error msg "-bash: bin/mysql: Permission denied" after upgrading to 8.0.22

We have a MySQL 8 instance with Binary Installation. After upgrading to 8.0.22 (from 8.0.19) can’t seem to connect using following cmd in CLI

bin/mysql -uusername -p

error msg –

-bash: bin/mysql: Permission denied

How to remove specific user from item level permission through Rest API using power automate

There is a REST endpoint to remove user permissions from list item.

Use this endpoint:


Replace <userID> with the actual user ID.

Microsoft documentation: Users, groups, and roles REST API reference

Synced files on OneDrive if a user’s permission got removed from SharePoint

What will happen inside the synced OneDrive files if the user’s permission got removed from SharePoint.

  1. let say user A have contribute permission on siteA, and he synced files from the SharePoint site into his overdrive desktop app.

  2. and he chose to always show the files on his desktop.

  3. then UserA’s permission got removed from the SharePoint site >> so what will happen to the files inside the OneDrive app? will the user be able to view those files? or those files will also get removed from his OneDrive app, since he no longer can view them inside SharePoint?

sql server – Schemas permission in SQL DB

I am a fresh admin in SQL DB and I need to learn how to establish the security settings in SQL DB. I have encountered an issue that is somehow unclear or even weird for me.

I know that if one user has Fixed Database-Level Roles db_datareader, he or she can perform “SELECT” on all user tables in DB.

But in my SQL DB, even the user which has already been added to that role can not perform “SELECT” on any table/view unless the “SELECT” permission is explicitly granted in “Schemas settings” which implies db_datareader role does not work at all.

Could anyone please give me advice on this? Many thanks

centos6 – fork/exec /tmp/go-build310306422/b001/exe/main: permission denied

I am using Cpanel an logged in to WHM to install go on the terminal. I checked if go was installed with the go version command and it seems to be installed correctly. So I used the terminal to navigate to the folder where I have my main.go and I also have a go.mod file in that folder inside the public_html. But when I run go run main.go I get the following error

fork/exec /tmp/go-build310306422/b001/exe/main: permission denied

We are using the root account so shouldn’t it have all permissions? CentOS 6 with cloud linux according to our server provider. What could be the cause of this?