Read user and Excel Update permission in site and SharePoint group

I want to read the username and access from the Excel sheet and update them in a list item level permission.

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Editing members Editing permission level

I have a list of share points where members can fill in information.

But some members are creating new columns, which has confused other users.

Is it possible to block the "+ Add column" of members?

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Would you be shocked to learn that Pelosi has said that Obama does not need any permission from Congress to launch an air war against Libya?

I'm not talking about removing a terrorist that OBAMA has put on the terrorist list and Congress has previously said it has an authorization without any congressional approval.

The launch of an AIR WAR on Libya does not need congressional approval.

I literally cannot compensate for the level of hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership.

My son got a tattoo without my permission and didn't tell me how should I punish him?

Hello everyone so my son is 21 years old and he lives in another state with his mother. He is a full time student and he gets good grades. He also works part time and pays for his phone, car and rent. I am remarried with another woman but it bothers me that my son did what he wanted and did not tell me.

Create read-only list views recursively and grant permission

There is a custom list on my SP2016 server on site. My colleagues only need read permission on a given view (with many columns) from this list, but they shouldn't see columns not included in this view. Also, on request, they should be able to create another view from their view (the columns are a subset of the columns that they can display) and give read-only permission from this new view to other colleagues without my help. And so on recursively.
Is it possible?

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terminal – How do I get write permission for the default shell command?

the defaults command normally writes an entry in the .plist file. The advantage of property list files is to keep the settings between startups. You shouldn't need to reapply them after each boot.

Therefore, you should not need to run the default command in a .bashrc , which runs at the start of each interactive shell session.

As to why you get the error: are you using a non-administrator account? A non-administrator account may not be able to write to /Library/Preferences, this is where .GlobalPreferences.plist the file is stored. (If you set a global preference for all users.)

If you are running from an administrator account, this would be "unexpected".

Permission to add files to a shared folder without permission to delete

I want to add files to a shared folder but I don't want to be able to delete files from this folder, so what permission is required?

Edit – also allows you to delete
Read – Unable to add files to my knowledge.

Android versions – how to give permission to third-party applications without adding a manifest

I am creating a system library with a few APIs that a third party application will consume. Now these APIs should have permissions to access external storage or wake up lock or read phone status. My application that will use my library and these APIs is a third-party apk and I cannot modify to add an authorization in its manifest

Can someone tell me how to add these permissions to the system library so that my app can use these APIs

Unable to assign view permission for GA360 to Google Groups

When assigning permission to Google Groups, an error "Failed to register users" is displayed. I don't know what's wrong behind the scene.

As we want to centralize our user management using only Google Identity ( Is there a way to do it?

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Access denied – user does not have permission

I have an employee who left the company and has now returned. I recreated her email address as before, but when I send her the link to share the site, she receives an error message saying that she does not have permission to Access the site.

I checked his authorization levels and they are all correct. Any suggestion?